Clean Room Carts – Selecting The Right Carts For Your Needs

clean room carts Clean room supplies are hard to shop for. You need something that can be sanitized to a proper level and something that won’t degrade and contaminate your environment. Whether manufacturing medical supplies or microchips it is going to be the same. You need the best quality clean room goods that you can get. So, where do you start? In this article we’ve collected a few clean room carts, a staple that you will need for any clean room, and if you like what you see then the suppliers can also offer you a variety of other supplies in order to meet your specialized needs. Without further ado, let’s talk clean room carts!

What do I look for in clean room carts?

Polyurethane wheels are good. Stainless steel is always an excellent choice. Some offer bio-resistant surfaces and include low-humidity containment. Another important factor is going to be what the cart is transporting. Do you need to transport glass or chemicals, for instance? Maybe you need to get some computers into your clean room. It’s all going to depend on your needs and so we will be including an assortment of carts to give you an idea of what is out there and a general figure as to what such items will cost. Let’s start simple and we’ll work out way up.

General Utility Carts – MW Series 100 Stainless Steel Utility Carts by InterMetroclean room carts

View an MW series cart

First we should start with the basics. Not all clean room carts need to have fancy features. Sometimes a simple utility cart will do and that is exactly what you get with the MW series. Don’t let the design fool you, these are small but heavy duty, with a load rating of 375 pounds in each cart.  These carts feature a split-sleeve construction as well that lets you adjust the shelves as needed, so they are good for transporting a number of items of different sizes. The shelves and handles are made of stainless steel for easy sterilization and the duty casters will help you roll your cargo smoothly to where it needs to go. Plastic shelving and dividers are optional additions to this cart style and they start at around $354 so they are a good, economical choice for keeping in your budget. Check out the listing for more details on available sizes.

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Computer carts – Terra Universal Stainless steel computer carts

View a Terra Universal computer cart

clean room carts Just because you are in a clean room doesn’t mean that you can get by without computing power. This cart meets that need with its special design so that you don’t have to risk transporting expensive machinery on a cart that wasn’t designed for it. These carts feature some excellent features, such as a BioSafe design that incorporates continuous seams and a super-smooth finish so that contaminants have less of a chance of accumulating on them. The materials used are easy sterilized, as 304 stainless steel is used in their construction and you even get stainless steel casters for rolling the carts around. Two of your wheels lock in place if you need it and these carts come with other nice features like retractable keyboard trays and a 10″W x 18″D x 20″H storage space for your tower. All in all, it’s exactly what you need to safely transport that expensive desktop to where you need it to be. These carts start at about $1576 should you decide that you would like to add one to your own clean room/ manufacturing environs.

Chemical transport carts – Terra Universal Polypropylene Chemical Transport Cartsclean room carts

View Terra Universal chemical carts

Clean room environments often require the transport of chemicals such as acids for etching important parts. This is an area where you definitely can’t skimp. A general utility cart just simply isn’t equipped for the safe transport of such things. These carts, by contrast, have a number of features that will help keep your clean room both safe and compliant while fulfilling your needs. These carts start out with robust construction, utilizing polypropylene for chemical resistance and to act as a flame-retardant surface. A containment reservoir with valve is also included and recessed receptacles are integrated into the design to catch any spillage and move it to your reservoir. Even the transport casters are acid resistant and there are 3 standard configurations available to ensure that you can transport most standard container sizes. These carts start at $1683 and the available link will give you more specific sizes and upgrades which are available.

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Glassware carts – MetroMax i® Glassware Carts by InterMetro

View Intermetro Glassware carts

clean room carts Last, but not least, we have an example of gkassware transportation which you may employ in your clean room environments. First of all, these carts are corrosion resistant and anti-microbial so they will keep your clean room clean and Microban antimicrobial protection is also incorporating in the touch

“These carts are corrosion resistant and anti-microbial.”

spots and your shelving for added protection. Reinforced with 304 stainless steel corners, the main body is polymer based, and these carts are available in tote or basket configurations in order to fit your specific needs. A special shelf is included in order to catch any spillage for these units, which is useful, but we should note that you will need to purchase the casters for these carts separately. They are not included in the beginning $467 price. Despite this, if you need a good clean room cart for glassware then this is an excellent choice!

What Role Does a Clean Room Air Shower Play in Maintaining Cleanliness in a Clean Room?

A clean room air shower plays a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness within a clean room environment. The clean room air shower importance lies in its ability to remove contaminants from personnel before they enter the clean room. By creating a high-velocity, filtered air stream, the air shower effectively removes particles, dust, and other pollutants from clothing and exposed surfaces, ensuring a clean and controlled environment for sensitive operations.

In conclusion

In this article we have advised you on a number of cart styles for incorporating into your clean room environs. These are just examples to give you an idea of the general cost and of what kind of standards that you will want to look for in the carts which you finally purchase. Remember, contaminants can take your clean room down for weeks and shut your productivity down, so when it comes to your supplies you will want to choose only the best and, of course, the cleanest!

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