Clarke Welders Review: Welding Equipment Types, Parts, MIG Welders & ARC Welders

A 40 year of span and counting, is already enough to prove the existence and worth of the Clarke welders. This heavy welding tool manufacturer has always rendered state of the art products and services which are all done with thorough research, development as well as high standard quality control. With its variety of high standard products the possibility of making it more popular to consumers is obtainable which has been proven based on the different Clarke welder reviews and past testimonial. Basically, this heavy tool manufacturer is an international company which has branched on two of the most influential countries in the world, Canada and UK. These branches are known to be the Clarke welders UK and Clarke Welders Canada. Clarke Welder’s provide products which consumers can rely on as they seek the best welding equipment available.The Benefits of Clarke Welder Products

Generally, nothing is constant in this world but change is something which can be very much applicable in many ways. This notion can be very well supported with the help of the Clarke welder products benefits and advantages which include:

  • Most used heavy welding equipment in terms of home renovation and improvements.
  • It is very important especially in terms of increasing the home’s real estate value.
  • It gives a great warranty period which is 10 years on the rectifier and transformer while 2 years on the rest of the parts.

Clarke Welders Best Products Available

Welding or the process of fabrication of metals has already existed for ages, although its original forms are not those which are commonly used today. The sculptural process is the ability of combining two or more pieces of metal together in order to form a strong bond that can be a very good structural foundation in all areas of life, literally from housing to transportation as well as in manufacturing to repairs. Based on research, there two of the well known process of welding, Arc welding method and the Mig Welding method, wherein Clarke international has its own versions of welders and products.

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The Arc Welder Products and their Reviews

  • Clarke WE6490 – Arc 95E, Type Welder– This product operates at a standard of 120 volt in a household outlet.
    • It has a thermal overload protector system which is automated, that ensures the safety and security of the user.
    • Having a dial style adjustment, which varies from 30 to 90 AMP welding range, its capacity to weld can reach up to 1/16’ or 5/64’ welding rods that can accommodate a maximum metal thickness of 3/16’ mild steel welding.
    • Included in the package are:

1)      A face mask

2)      Welding and grounding leads

3)      Chipping hammer brush.

  • Clarke We6534 Arc 220V 210te: This professional welder tool features a 1ph – 220 volt input with an amperage that varies in order to provide a better welding regulation. Specialties:
    • It also has a turbo fan type cooling method which is good for utilizing it at complete productivity.
    • Its automatic thermal safety switch, as well has become its advantage, as it prevents overload.
    • Also includes a face mask, chipping hammer and brush.
  • Clarke WE6523 – 130EN-120 Volt/ Flux-core/Welder- It is 110 volt Arc welder which is best as a proficient welding gear for self projects.
    • It has a 4 power settings and fan cooled system with a tweco type torch that can weld different kinds of metals such as steels, aluminums, cast iron and stainless steels that has up to 3/16’ thickness.
    • It also has an automatic thermal overload protection that can maintain the safety and security of the consumers.

Types of Mig Welder Products and Reviews

  • Clarke 180EN Mig/Fluxcore 220V Kit: Considered to be a new product, Clarke 180EN has a new factory box that can be easily changed from Fluxcore welding to gas welding which can weld up to ¼ inches.
    • With its wire speed control system which works electronically and 6 variable heat setting, welding steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and cast iron would be very easy.
    • The package usually includes a welding cart, welding gloves, regulator kit as well as welding helmet.
  • Clarke 190EN Mig/Fluxcore 220V Kit: Some features of the Clarke 180EN are somewhat similar with this product. The major difference between them:
    • Mig Gun which is a non-live type which includes inbuilt gas shut off as well as its hard metal casing & input of 230V, Sixty HZ, twenty-five Amps and 1ph which is quite different from the Clarke 180EN Mig.
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30 Different Clarke Welders Parts

One thing that most consumers loved about Clarke products as well as its company is the way they educate and teach their clients regarding there products as well as its mode of providing services. Thus, in addition to its main goal which is to provide exceptional welding processes, information regarding the different Clarke welder parts is provided in the products manual section that can be viewed and downloaded in instruction books and user guides in order for the consumers to be educated on how the sculptural process of metals or thermoplastics is done. Stated below are the 30 different Clarke Welder parts which consumers can feel free to explore and learn from:

  1. Input Cable or Plug
  2. Handle
  3. Feeder
  4. Roller
  5. Right panel
  6. Spool holder
  7. Holder retainer ring
  8. Holder
  9. Flux core wire
  10. Side panel
  11. Left panel
  12. Torch grommet
  13.  Welding current switch
  14.   Knob PCB Assembly
  15. Cable clamp
  16.   Torch
  17. Ground cable
  18. Ground clamp
  19. Main switch
  20. Main PCB
  21.  Dividing panel
  22. Wire feed motor
  23. Rectifier
  24. Thermostat
  25. Choke
  26. Lower panel
  27. Transformer
  28. Face mask
  29. Dark lens
  30. Brush

Performance Counts

Given with all these important facts mentioned above, it only shows that Clarke Welding products have already proven their worth with regards to providing state of the art services to its consumers. This performance has marked on millions of people that have already tried their products which have become the foundation of trust and the credence relationship between the manufacturer and its consumers. Yet, although there are already lots of websites who have reviewed and stated their comments regarding the benefits of Clarke products, consumers can still view the company’s own product reviews through the Clarke welders website which can be easily browsed and search on the internet.

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