Clamp Strainer Guide: Fencing Tools, Crimp Sleeves, Ezepull And Ezecrimp Reviews

Clamp strainers are most commonly associated with creating a solid and sound metal fence, however the word strainer can have several other connotations.  These variations will sometimes become confusing, especially if the buyer has no idea of their uses and what form of strainer is appropriate for their task. Some strainers works better that others, some are easier to use and there are those that can even be tedious sometimes. For the most part clamp strainers can be used by anyone, however if you are attempting to work on a fence that is electrically charged it would be best to seek additional assistance. All in all a product that works and can provide the best quality and durability must be the one that will be sought after to get the job done properly.

Purposes of Strainers

Strainers are usually associated with the sole purpose of food preparation, like filtering flour for baking cakes or straining the solid particles of tea before drinking.  Sometimes these home use strainers are also used in making jams, baby food and sauce. The truth of the matter is this is only one type of strainer, and not the type that we will be focusing on today.

Clamp strainers are used to help professionals and homeowners create a fence that is durable and with withstand all elements.  As most fences are constructed of wire it can be difficult to ensure, by hand, that your fence is strong enough to withstand escaping animals or prevent invading intruders.  For that reason a clamp strainer is used to ensure that your fence is taunt and that there is no room for manipulation after it has been set.

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Strainers are most commonly constructed out of metals, such as stainless steel. They are often constructed out of materials that are durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, depending on the type of strainer.  Take caution in purchasing a clamp strainer to be used on an electric fence as some are not equipped to handle the voltage and it could travel to the handler. Ask a hardware specialist which tools are appropriate for working with fences that are electric.

A strainer could mean to filter or refine, or the other meaning for the word is to tighten. The products that are produced to tighten are called in line fence strainers or simply metal clamp strainers. The specific purpose of fencing is to keep the predators away from livestock or farm products that are still in the field, and to keep out intruders. For those professionals who stake their livelihood on protecting their livestock it is important to ensure that fences are secure and made of only best equipment possible, including a good clamp strainer.

Clamp Strainers

Here are some examples of clamp strainers one can use in creating a perfect tension of the wires that are used for fencing.  900mm Sheep Strainer Boards & Sets is a complete set of fencing materials that includes all accessories including a clamp strainer. The different types of fences it can create will depend on the preference of the buyer like the electric fence, mesh wire, and fencing panels. More information about the product is available at

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Rockler Universal Fence Clamps which is available at and is one of the clamp strainers used to protect a fence from breakdown. The wide footing of the product will not damage the surface of the original fence where it will be attached. This clamp strainer will not be in the way while working because it does not reach over the top of the fence when being placed. The product has a lot of uses and can almost fit all standard size fences.  Consumers who have used this clamp strainer say that it is easy to operate and reliable compared to tools of its same caliber.

While these are just two common fence clamps, there are fence clamps suitable for all your fencing needs, and each at various price points.

Other Accessories and Clamp Strainer Tools

Tru Blu fencing equipment is also responsible for manufacturing some of the most high quality clamp strainers on the market, and providing clamps for every job. The company supplies professionals with everything from the actual clamp strainers to wire dispensers and crimp sleeves. Here is an overview of what the company has to offer to assist you with all your fence making needs:

Crimp sleeves

These aluminum built crimp sleeves are ideal in the construction of a strong and sturdy fence.  They are a better alternative to the typical figure and knot meeting that is done when creating a wire fence.  These crimp sleeves are only suitable however for wire that is 2.5 mm thick.

Ezepull Fencing tool

This four in one tool can do the work of many.  It can act as a crimp joiner, staple puller, wire cutter, and it can even assist in wire stripping for fences that are going to be electric.  With so many uses a tool like this has to be easy to handle and small so that it can fit into most fencing.  Consumers who have purchased the Ezepull agree that this tool is the ultimate sidekick in creating fences.

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Ezecrimp Fencing tool

This multifunctional fence-making tool can serve a variety of purposes when creating a solid enclosure. Not only can it join wires, but it can be used to cut off excess at the tips of a wire and strip off cable from an electrical fence.  Like the Ezepull fencing tool the Ezecrimp can do the work of many and is raved for being a great all in one tool to create a fence.

The Right Clamp Strainer

It is important to understand all your needs before purchasing a clamp strainer.  There are some brands which offer strainers with different features and of different qualities, so choosing the right one can either save you money or another trip to the hardware store.  You must be certain that you are choosing the right clamp strainer for your fence-making needs.

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