Chromium Crusher Review Guide: Titanium Grinder & Sharpstone Comparison

When looking for a good herb grinder there are several things that you need to look out for. Grinding capacity, storage space for the ground up herbs, and durability are some things to keep in mind, as well as any other features you might specifically need in a grinder.

Something you may not have heard of, but is well regarded in the field of herb grinders, is the Chromium Crusher. You will find out what makes it so great and how it compares to other grinder brands. Hopefully this will help you decide whether a Chromium Crusher grinder is the right choice for you.

Chromium Crusher grinders are high-quality herb grinders that promise to give an efficient and essentially effortless grind every time. The outer case is made of heavy and durable black chrome alloy and, unlike other grinders that use aluminum cases, Chromium Crusher grinders can survive a couple of drops without so much as a dent. The grinder also has uniform, diamond shaped teeth that grind herbs to a nice consistency, and a deep catch chamber for grinding up more herbs at one time.

Where to Get Chromium Crusher Grinders

You can buy your own Chromium Crusher grinder from the Official Chromium grinder website and other authorized online outlets; you can also buy them used or brand new from eBay. Chromium Crusher grinders are available in most head shops at very affordable prices as well. But before you purchase your own grinder you might want to compare the Chromium Crusher with other brands of herb grinders to see if they are really worth the money.

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Below is a simple comparison between the Chromium Crusher and a leading herb grinder brand that can help you decide.

Chromium Crusher Review

If you want durability then you should get a Chromium Crusher grinder. Unlike other grinders that are mostly composed of aluminum, Chromium Crushers are made from a composite alloy of stainless steel, aluminum and black chrome. When holding it in your hands, the Chromium Crusher is heavier and actually feels sturdier than other brands.

Chromium Crusher grinders come in 2, 3, 4, and 5 piece sets. The 3 piece and above grinders include a fine mesh attachment that effectively collects crystals so they do not get mixed up with the ground up herbs. Another feature that is great about Chromium Crusher is the deep container used to collect the ground up herbs; when you compare it with other brands of the same size, the Crusher is almost 50 percent deeper. This means you can grind up a lot more herbs at one time than other grinders.

How Chromium Crusher Compares with Other Brands

To give you an idea of how Chromium Crusher fares against other famous brands, here is a comparison between it and another highly regarded brand of herb grinder, Sharpstone.


First, take the look and feel of these two grinders. Based on design, the Chromium Crusher with its glossy black chrome finish looks a lot better than Sharpstone’s polished aluminum. The Chromium Crusher also feels more durable than the Sharpstone, primarily because the former is heavier than the latter. So in terms of style the Chromium Crusher beats the Sharpstone.

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We all know that looks are immaterial, so let’s consider their performance. The Chromium Crusher has diamond-shaped teeth that grind the herbs very consistently, but if you compare them with those of the Sharpstone and its almost spiral-shaped grinding teeth, the Sharpstone can grind herbs finer. The Sharpstone also has fewer holes in the grinding components; this means that the herbs stay longer inside the grinding chamber, allowing them to get ground up more. But if you want a coarser, chunkier grind in your herbs then you should choose the Chromium Crusher that has lots of bigger holes in the chamber. So it all depends on the type of grind you’re looking for from your grinder.

When you compare the grinding pieces of both brands, the sides of the Sharpstone’s has ridged edges, which prevents plant matter from sticking to the sides and clogging up the grinder. This feature is not present in the Chromium Crusher which is why it tends to clog up quite a bit. So in this battle between Chromium Crusher vs Sharpstone, Sharpstone wins.


The Chromium Crusher, with its heavy black chrome outer casing is, highly scratch resistant; it can even survive drops from relatively high places without getting a dent. But the grinding teeth of the Chromium crusher, because they are made by forging two separate pieces of steel together, is somewhat  less durable than the teeth of Sharpstone grinders, which are cut from a single piece of stainless steel.


Now how will the Chromium Grinder stack up against Sharpstone when it comes to price? As you may or may not know, Sharpstone is one of the more expensive grinder brands, along with the other top brands like Space Case, Titanium Crusher, and MondoMulcher. You can expect to pay upwards of $20 for a nice grinder from Sharpstone. But if you look at a similar model of Chromium Crusher, it is a lot cheaper than Sharpstone grinders. You can find great deals on affordable Chromium Crushers that are almost $10 cheaper than a similar grinder from other brands. So in the price battle, the winner is undoubtedly the Chromium Crusher grinder.

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Chromium Crusher Grinders

Based on the comparison between Chromium Crusher vs Sharpstone, it turns out that there are certain benefits in the Crusher that are not seen in Sharpstone and vice versa. The Chromium Crusher grinder comes out on top regarding looks, its large catch chamber, and in price. But it falls just shy when it comes to grind quality and it is almost at par with other brands in durability; there are some consumer reviews about the teeth plate falling off the Chromium Crusher when cleaning out the grind chamber.

Deciding on whether you want the Chromium Crusher grinder actually boils down to personal preference, because some people like their herbs coarsely ground, while some like them fine. That seems to be the biggest difference between the Chromium Crusher and the other, more expensive brands.

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