Cheap Gauges Including Auto Meter Gauges, Fuel Gauges And Auto Accessories

Auto gauges are some of the most important accessories on vehicles today. They are the indicators that measure and display to the driver the different temperatures, levels, and performance of different parts of your vehicle, enabling drivers to get a good idea of just what is going on underneath the hood of their vehicle. There are several different types of auto gauges in vehicles today. Some of the basic gauges are the engine coolant gauge, speedometer gauge, ACC gauge, AWD gauge, as well as a variety of others. You can pay a visit to to be introduced to several of these different types of gauges. There are many companies on the market that produce and distribute auto gauges. It can definitely be a tough job trying to figure out the best and cheapest gauges from a wide range of products. These auto gauges can differ in color, design and shape. The measurements conducted by auto gauges are essential for an auto driver. It is important that drivers know these measurements for their own safety, and the productivity of their vehicle. Gauges not only show you the necessary data regarding speed, fuel, air, pressure, temperature, dimensions and distance covered but can also save you from getting into accidents or running out of necessary fuel.

Automobile companies put stock gauges in each vehicle they produce; each company tries its best to provide the market with latest features for producing gauges that can provide even more accurate measurements. Though there are some minor differences among these companies and their products, the core benefit is the same. Vehicles, especially those used daily or as work trucks, can take quite a beating and require constant supervision of their gauges. More importantly, it’s imperative that these gauges function accurately to avoid any complications or problems with your vehicle’s engine and operation. Just because they need to perform well, though, does not mean they need to be expensive. You can purchase many quality auto gauges without having to spend a lot of money. Here is a little information you may need to know, or may not be aware about the various types of auto gauges, and how they can save you time, money and energy.

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Here are some examples of cheap auto gauges on the market today.

  1. Autogauge 52MM Oil Temperature Gauge: This gauge measures the temperature of the oil in your vehicle. Its key characteristic is the presence of Smoke Lens. It is a complete product with an electronic sender.
  2. Augogauge 60MM Exhaust Gauge: This is an exhaust gauge that has an adjustable warning facility. The product has selectable illumination of ultra-bright white or orange color. The product contains a smoke lens and an electronic sender.
  3. Equus 8257 White Boost/Vacuum Gauge: This product is able to give the auto drivers the genuine readings in harsh circumstances. The gauge is constructed of aluminum bezel. This gauge is also able to measure pressure either in PSI or in bar. The product is also capable of measuring manifold vacuum pressure in Mercury inches. Mounting is quite simple, due to the twist-on ring mount designing. The digits are available in black and silver colors.
  4. Legacy Lamp1 1000 Watt 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit: it is one of the more popular products on the market right now. Its characteristics are very much essential for any kind of auto drivers. For the product description pay a visit to

On the internet you can find loads of information regarding many cheap auto gauges, but it helps to have a little bit of knowledge about the brands. There are also a few new brands available now, and to ensure their staying power as competitors, a lot of these newer companies offer lower prices on their products. While most are genuinely good quality auto gauges and meters, some may not be quite up to par. It helps to know what you’re looking for.

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Automotive Fuel Gauges

Arguably the most important auto gauge on any vehicle, an automotive fuel gauge, also called a gas gauge, meters the level of gasoline your vehicle has in its tanks at all times, thus ensuring drivers are aware when their fuel level gets low and they need to fill up. Though it is commonly used in cars, it can be used in any tanks too. The fuel gauges used in cars consist two important parts: the sensor unit and the indicator unit.

The sensor unit uses a float linked up to a potentiometer. When the fuel tank is empty the float drops. It slides a communication with the resistor and increases the resistance at the same time. Once the fuel has reached a certain level, the sensor sends a “low fuel” warning to the indicator. The indicator does exactly what its name portends; it indicates where the level of fuel is currently located from information received from the sensor on the driver’s gauge. When the gas tank is full, the indicator will point to the ‘F’ on the gauge; similarly when the tank is empty the indicator will point to the ‘E.’

Obviously, this gauge is inherently responsible for letting the vehicle’s driver know when fuel is running low; when it doesn’t work properly there exists a possibility of running out of gas, which can compromise the efficiency of the engine, not to mention strand the driver when the vehicle ceases to operate.


Another necessary gauge found in all vehicles is the speedometer. This gauge derives the speed at which the car is moving from the rotations of the tires per minute. Obviously this gauge relies on the tires being a certain size, so if you modify your vehicles tires, replacing them with larger or smaller sizes, this gauge will become inaccurate. Also, after time these gauges may require calibration. It’s important that the speedometer always be as accurate as possible, to ensure that the driver knows their true speed.

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Once the gauge has determined the rate of the car’s speed that speed will be depicted on the speedometer in the vehicle’s dashboard.

Auto Meter Gauges

Auto Meter has been a trusted name in the field of auto gauges for over 50 years. Both their analog gauges and their digital gauges are superb and are equally popular among the company’s customers. Auto Meter has continued to provide high quality products to its customers over the years. If you’re interested in looking at more of their quality line of auto gauges, you can visit this website for more information:

If you are seeking replacement or new cheap gauges for your automobile, there are plenty of retailers who can provide you with just what you are looking for.

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