Chainsaw Reviews Guide: Stihl, Ratings, Poulan, Husqvarna & Electric Chainsaw Ratings

Typically, in terms of doing activities which involve cutting down trees and chopping it for kindling, axes are considered useful in doing just that; yet, because such equipment entails too much energy and precision from its user, it is now highly recommended for a chainsaw to be used as an alternative. Yes, this could be a lot more expensive than the former, but rest assured that it will spare you considerable amount of time and energy needed to accomplish such task.

Now, if you are one of those folks who live in small towns and love to grow trees and bushes in your courtyard, trimming will certainly be included in your daily routines. So, you will need a tool to help you cut off the undergrowth and allow it to grow in a more creative way. Chainsaws are of great assistance to you. Electrical energy, compacted air, oil, gas, water and other hydraulics are applied to operate the said equipment.  Existing for almost 90 years, this device has been continuously upgrading its features and is now currently considered as one of the many bestselling home enhancement tools of all time.

Types of Chainsaws

Obtaining a chainsaw can be a little more challenging that you think it is. First, you must consider a lot of factors before you decide on acquiring one. Remember that any purchase has its own profits and shortcomings; and it all depends on the quality and efficiency of the type of chainsaw you pick out according to your needs.

ü  Electrical Chainsaws

  • Advantage: This type of chainsaw can be operated indoors without the risk of doing any injury to its user.
  • Disadvantage: Unfortunately, its usage is restricted and cannot be use over and above 150 feet from an electrical access. Also, when the weather is damp or soaking wet, it is not at all advisable that you use such type of chainsaw.
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ü  Gas Chainsaw

  • Advantage: The tool usually cuts faster than the other types and it can function anywhere outdoor and can even be used during rainy or snowy weather.
  • Disadvantage: However, this type of chainsaw is heavier (the parts of the chainsaw itself and the amount of gas needed to activate it add to the total weight of the apparatus). Also, added care is essential to make it as functional as it has always been. The fact that its two-cycled engine is so loud which causes it to vibrate as well as release exhausts that cannot also be disregarded.

ü  Cordless Chainsaw

  • Advantage: Chainsaws of this sort are the lightest. It is very convenient especially when you need to carry it anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Disadvantage: A cordless model allows you to only cut and limb small brushwood. It is not convenient for major logging purposes; mostly just for flimsy works.

Reviews of Chainsaw Brands

Depending on the type of work you want done, there are a lot of successful brands of chainsaws to choose from that actually provide the excellence, dependability and capacity of the machine you are looking for. Here are some reviews of the top selling brands of chainsaws that will help you decide what style you favor the most and the one you are willing to invest your money in.

ü  STIHL Chainsaws

  • Globally acclaimed as the number one marketing product of chainsaws these days. Its components are personally manufactured and engineered by the producing company. Its anterior hand guard is created in a sense that there’s a decrease risk of injury cause to its user. The comfy handle and bumper strikes allow any person to manage the device easier while cutting. It also has built-in mufflers that help lessen the noise it produces and a flash arrestor device that diminishes its giving out of sparks, when active. Furthermore, the control, anti-vibration and brake system of STIHL chainsaws functions effectively and promptly, without any difficulty at all. And more remarkably are its air filters, which stays as clean as ever even after every use. Prices range from $350 and up. For more details about product reviews, visit
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ü  HUSQVARNA Chainsaws

  • Created with the help of skilled operators, Husqvarna chainsaws are popular because of their highly developed low mass mechanical engine. With its extraordinary strength and durability, it thus improves product output without burdening its user with additional work load. It appears multipurpose compared to other brands; allows usage for heavy duty log works. With its key features that include valves for decompression and hydraulic pump, the 3hp powerful engine can be started easily and will let anyone cut trees that are 2feet in diameter. An injection filter keeps dirt from the machine for a long time. Also it runs so smoothly that vibration isn’t easily felt.  For safety purposes, it is guaranteed that the chainsaw break and catcher system is very effective; thus, minimal risk of injury is possible. It also holds a built-in oiler which spontaneously lubricates the chain. Prices start from $299 and above. For more details about product reviews, visit

ü  POULAN Chainsaws

  • With its incredible ability to cut woods in a very rapid pace, Poulan chainsaws were remarkably noted by so many customers, considering the fact that’s its reasonably priced in contrast to other chainsaw brands. It offers a 4hp engine control system and is very light in weight which allows easy cutting and pruning of trees in different approaches and performing other household tasks; also, without the trouble of using gas as power supply for it is basically electrical and can be plugged in any outlets of 120volts capacity. However, safety is assured because of its double insulation property as defence for electrical blow. It is completely manufactured with high quality control features. The handle, brake, oil lubricator and filter are of similar efficacy with other chart-topping chainsaw brands. It retails for as low as $100. For more details about product reviews, visit
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Finally, if you already have your own chainsaw for usage, it is equally important that you remember how to take care of it. Accordingly, doing a maintenance check-up should always be constant and not limited to how often you use the tool. If you have spare time and if it’s not much of a hassle to you, you can always sharpen it up with an electrical chainsaw sharpener or even work on it manually with a hand pile. The important thing is you don’t put your money to waste and allow the chainsaw to easily deteriorate.

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