Chain Link Fence Review Guide: Wire Fence, Galvanized, Black Chain & Fence Fabric

Looking for a chain link fence and a price that suits you is a highly important job because these fences can help to keep unwanted guests out, and they help to keep your property and goods secure. When you are on the lookout for some chain link fence prices you need to consider a few options:

Is the type of fencing you require readily available or will it have to be manufactured specifically for you?

Are you looking for the right materials for your chain link fence?

Is the fence going to last you for years without needing repair?

Can the chain link fence stand all kinds of weather and keep your buildings/goods/animals safe?

You need to consider all these options but you also need to consider the price of the fence because this can help to determine the quality of the fencing that you buy. You will find a wide range of prices wherever you search on the internet; it may make more financial sense to buy your chain link fence from abroad because despite the delivery costs it may still work out cheaper.

Popular Fences

The Master Halco Chain Link Fence is quite a popular fence and can give you fifty meters of security while it stands at forty-eight inches high. This is quite a tough chain link fence and has even been galvanized before it was weaved to ensure that it does not rust and it is further protected from damage. While being relatively cheap, this particular fence which can be found here  is only suitable for residential properties so you may need to look elsewhere if you want a fence that is very strong and sturdy.

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For a much stronger chain link fence you should consider purchasing the ‘Galvanized chain link Fabric’ from, this is a very strong and sturdy fence that is meant for business or home use. Not only has this fence been galvanized but it has also been knuckled too and that helps prevent sharp edges and burrs. This product is very heavy so you should be prepared to pay for the shipping costs; however there is a limit as to how much fencing you can have shipped at any one time simply due to its weight.

Chain link fence installation

What about the installation process?  When it comes to installing a chain link fence it is vital that you ensure that install your chain link fence correctly as this can help to increase the effectiveness and life of the fence that you have paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars for. You can find a guide on how to install a chain link fence here this will also help you to ensure you have the correct products and tools for the job.

If you someone to do the chain link fence installation for you then you will need to have a look around for some quotes. Doing the job yourself can prove to be tricky but if you have found the right type of fence and you have the tools to complete the job then you may want to give it a try.

Wire fence prices

The Keystone Steel and Wire Red Brand High-Tensile Field Fence is a rather good wire fence that is sold for $186.43 on, and is suitable for use in a field as the name suggests. Because this fence has been made to keep animals in rather than people out, you may not get the security that you need if that is what you are looking for. This is however, an excellent wire fence that will help to keep your animals where they should be while it remains strong and sturdy at all times.

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The G&B Econoline Galvanized Welded Fence is considerably cheaper than the aforementioned fence and it is idea for use in areas where you do not need strong wire fencing, but rather to mark a border or to keep smaller animals in. Because the fence has been galvanized it will give you that added touch of security but it may lack the height that you need, having said that, it is great value for money and is sold on for just $39.15.

For A bigger choice take a look at Menards prices

If you would like to take a look at the Menards prices for chain link fences then you will see there is a vast range, the prices begin at $86 and go as high as $692, there are many different types of chain link fences for sale and the price reflects the length and type of fence you buy as well as the quality of the product. The most expensive product is the 144’’ x 50’ Galvanized fence that will provide you with 50 feet of fencing while it stands at 144 inches high, and comes with 2 inch holes. The cheapest fence that you can buy is the 42’’ x 50’ Galvanized fence that will give you pretty much the same level of protection but the holes are a little bigger at 2 and a quarter inches. It does however work out much cheaper to buy the longer fence if you have a lot of ground to cover, rather than a lot of smaller ones.

What about black chain link fence prices?

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If you are interested in buying a black chain link fence then you will find a good range of those at there is only one make of chain link fence available, but they do come in four different prices, depending of course on their length and height. The most popular of the black chain link fences is the 42’’ x 50’ vinyl coated fabric that is sold for $124.00. The downside to this product is that it is made from extruded PVC and not galvanized metal; it is however a pretty tough fence that can last for many years.

Buying your chain link fence from popular stores

The Yardguard Gauge Chain Link Fabric can be found at Home Depot, Home Depot prices are lower than some and this particular fencing costs only $219.00 and you will get a six foot by fifty foot fence that is suitable for home and business use, it isn’t the strongest fence but is good for lighter jobs.

If you want a good variety of chain link fences at a reasonable price then you should take a look at Lowes prices and the selection of fences they sell. There are three different colors available at many different lengths and strengths. The downside is the prices that you pay is dependent on where you live and these could vary drastically due to product availability.



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