Central Pneumatic Compressor Guide: Parts, Tools & Airbrush Reviews

Central Pneumatic is a product line produced by Harbor Freight.  They actually produce several store brands, including Chicago Electric, Central Machinery, Drill Master, U.S. General, Central Hydraulics, Haul-Master, Western Safety, Pittsburgh Tools, and One-Stop Gardens.  Private label store brands make up 80-90% of all their products with Central Pneumatic air compressor parts being no exception as parts are found in several retailers, in store and online. Central Pneumatic reviews online often speak of the great value.  While these parts are not the highest quality, they are often call the best air compressor parts for the money, as they are often less expensive than their big name competitors. No matter what your application, when you need an air compressor, you can find the right one by looking for a Central Pneumatic compressor.  The easiest place to shop the wide variety of air compressors available is to go directly to harborfreight.com.  There you will find the complete line of Central Pneumatic compressors, tools, and Central Pneumatic air compressor parts, including complete pump assemblies.  Looking quickly through this site, I found compressors for the Central Pneumatic airbrush, including a kit with the air brush and compressor together.  I was able to find compact and portable compressors like the 150 psi, 1.5 HP, 6 gallon pancake style compressor designed for professional use.  For the construction worker looking for a high volume air compressor, I found a 420 cc, 30 gallon, 180 psi compressor with a dual stage pump designed to keep up with multiple air tools at once without losing pressure, costing valuable time waiting for the pump to catch up.  They have great 12 volt air compressors that come with an air hose, chuck, and pressure gauge, all neatly packed into an attractive carrying case to keep in your vehicle for emergency tire fills.  These attractive, high volume compressors are perfect for the off-roader who prefers to air down large tires for trail use, but then wants to air them back up quickly at the end of the trail for the drive home.  I even saw a pneumatic paint shaker that is easily portable and perfect for the professional painter.  Imagine the time and effort that would be saved by having this tool!  It would even be great to use for creating custom colors at the customer location.  Harbor Freight has even produced a portable abrasive sprayer!  Combining all of these tools with a quality Central Pneumatic compressor and a truck would create a portable business capable of stripping, painting, assembling and/or building almost anything.  Central Pneumatic has all the air tools and compressors needed to support your current business, or create a new one.  Just shopping through their compressors and tools, I have been able to think of several business ideas that I know could be successful, expecially with these quality tools backing me up!

Central Pneumatic Air Tools

Central Pneumatic air tools can be found in several online stores, as well as retail outlets.   Harbor Freight manufactures a large variety of air tools with the Central Pneumatic name, including a long reach air scraper, air needle scaler, high speed metal saw, 3” high speed cut-off tool, a compact air needle scaler, air punch flange tool, pneumatic spark plug cleaner, pistol grip air shears, 16 gauge air nibbler, air file, variable speed multifunction air tool, air grease gun, 3” laser air cut-off tool, as well as all the attachments and replacement parts for each of these tools, and more.

Central Pneumatic Airbrush

One of the greatest air tools they make is the Central Pneumatic airbrush.  This airbrush is inexpensive, yet built with professional quality.  The chrome-plated brass airbrush is built to last a lifetime with an anodized aluminum needle cover, comfortable grip, and slim design.  It is easy to clean, and works with a continuous 30 psi.  The air flow is adjustable for different effects and coverage.  It comes with a 5 cc metal cup for your paint, as well as a 22 cc glass jar.  It also includes a metal hanger, and all comes in a custom-fit storage case to keep all your parts together, organized, and safe during transport and storage.

Amazon.com Products

The first Central Pneumatic air compressor on Amazon.com is the Oil-less Pancake Air Compressor.  It is rated at a max of 100psi and has a 3 gallon tank.  This inexpensive unit sells for only $47.49.  The tank has a drain valve to release trapped moisture.  It has an easy-to-read pressure gauge, and thermal overload protection.  The Oil-less design makes it low-maintenance, as the “pancake” style construction means this low-profile design will take up less space in your shop.  It is portable, and easy to move at only about 20 lbs.  The built-in accessory storage keeps your accessories close and easy to access for quick changes while you work. The next Central Pneumatic item you will find on amazon.com is the Professional Mini Oil-less Air compressor.  Rated at 58 PSI, this compressor is perfect for the included air brush kit.  The $249.99 price tag is not only fair, but a great bargain for the small, portable, professional air compressor, and high-quality, professional-grade airbrush. Finally, there is a 17 piece air hose fitting accessory set by Central Pneumatic.  For only $14.99, this great deal includes male and female attachments for quick connection of air hoses and tools.  The solid brass fittings rotate to help eliminated twisted hoses.  Also included are 2 gun tips, inflating nozzle and needle, pressure gauge, and dual wheel truck type chuck. The reviews list this as a good quality set with everything you need as a starter set to go with a new compressor.  They feel the price is outstanding for a brass set.

Which Air Compressor Brand Offers Better Parts and Tools: LeROI or Central Pneumatic?

When it comes to finding reliable leroi air compressor parts dealers, it is important to compare them with Central Pneumatic in terms of quality and availability. Both brands have their own advantages, but it ultimately depends on one’s specific needs. It’s worth researching and reading customer reviews to make an informed decision.

How Do Speedaire Compressor Parts Compare to Central Pneumatic Compressor Parts in Terms of Quality and Reliability?

When it comes to quality and reliability, speedaire compressor parts all you need. Compared to central pneumatic compressor parts, speedaire products are known for their superior performance and durability. With a reputation for excellence, speedaire compressor parts are built to last, ensuring long-term efficiency for any pneumatic system. Trust in speedaire to deliver top-notch quality and reliability for all your compressor part needs.


Harbor Freight has a great line of quality products for a great price in the Central Pneumatic compressor, Central Pneumatic air compressor parts, and Central Pneumatic air tools.  If you are looking for professionally designed, quality products without paying the professional price, look no further than the Central Pneumatic line of tools.

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