Cemex Concrete Guide: The Company, Productsm Locations & Jobs

Cemex is one the most reliable and largest service provider companies of building materials in the world. It is a trusted name for producing, distributing and selling all kinds of building materials for commercial and residential use alike. Cemex is the leading supplier of cement and ready mix concrete. It is the third largest manufacturer of cement in the world. It has customers in over fifty countries and trade relations with nearly one hundred nations worldwide. Cemex was founded in the year 1906 in Northern Mexico.

Within just three years it produced almost double amount of products of its first year. The amount became fourfold within 45 years; Cemex concrete has become a very high-demand product, and today the company has more than 45,000 employees. Providing superior customer service is the main reason for its rapid growth and huge popularity. It is important to note that they are the largest company for producing White Portland Cement in the world, which is quite a feat in itself.

The company collaborates with customers, raw material providers, colleagues and other partners to develop and fulfill a common goal, which the company claims to be the core of all relationships. Cemex is honest, responsible and respectful towards everyone, individuals and organizations. The company aims to be the best in both the building material industry and creating the best possible relationships.

Worldwide Cemex Locations

Cemex has businesses in more than fifty countries. The countries are Mexico, United Kingdom, United States of America, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Argentina, and many more. Cemex is the largest ready mix concrete provider in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, France, Czech Republic, Argentina, Austria, and Costa Rica. It is the second largest cement producing company in Puerto Rica, Colombia and Panama. It is the cement market leader in Croatia, Dominican Republic, and Egypt. Europe’s largest construction market is Germany which is highly dependent on their concrete as it is the market leader of building materials. Cemex is the leading producer of raw materials of building materials in United Kingdom, Israel and Poland. It is the only cement producer company in Latvia. The company’s most attractive market is located in Thailand.

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Cemex Concrete

Cemex is mostly renowned for its concrete. Concrete is one of the most important materials for any construction work. It is necessary for different shaping, and it’s a durable product too. It is also considered as the most attractive material for any kind of construction. Cemex is more than a concrete company, just as Cemex does something more than just manufacturing. Their concrete uses modern technology and knowledge to generate customized concrete solutions. Innovation is the key of the uniqueness of Cemex concrete in the field of concrete manufacturing. The company develops many admixture solutions of chemicals for different application and purposes. The concrete produced by Cemex is undoubtedly stronger and more fluid than that of its competitors. The durability and workability of this concrete is the best in the market. The variations of concrete in Cemex include SCC (Self Consolidating Concrete), crack resistant concrete, Ultra rapid hardening concrete, pervious concrete and many more.

As a manufacturer they believe that continuous development is the key factor to be the market leader. Each and every regular interval the company presents new and more developed concrete to the customers of the construction field. Cemex continuously works on developing innovative concrete solutions that improve the sustainability of concrete structure. As a result of this operation, customers get the benefit to design a number of varieties in their construction job.

Cemex Concrete Jobs

There are many different possible applications for Cemex concrete:

  • The Harbors and Bridges type of Cemex concrete is a high performance based concrete which needs low maintenance. This concrete is essential for industrial purposes because it is highly acid resistant, robust and more durable.
  • The concrete manufactured by Cemex for constructing roads needs less maintenance on average when compared to other brands. They also need less energy to illuminate the street. Such concrete is also able to keep the urban areas cool by decreasing heat effect.
  • For proper and successful water management Cemex develops pervious concrete which allows flood water and rain water to be filtered, which then results in reduced flooding for areas of the world that get large amounts of rainwater.
  • The company also develops self-compacting concrete which has the ability to improve the strength and durability of building and housing structures.
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Rinker Concrete

Rinker was an Australia based manufacturer of building products. The company was founded in the year 2003. But shortly, it was acquired in the year 2007 by Cemex (Cemex Australia Pvt Ltd). Formerly the company was enlisted in NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and ASE (Australian Stock Exchange). For conducting a worldwide business, the Cemex company decided to acquire Rinker as it was popular from the beginning. Rinker was basically popular for manufacturing Concrete Pipe Materials. Under the supervision of Cemex, currently Rinker has three major product divisions: Readymix, which produces concrete and it’s components in Australia, Humes, which manufactures concrete products for Australia, and Rinker Materials Corporation, which does essentially the same things the other two do, only in the United States, most commonly Florida and Arizona. Today Cemex has the honor for being the market leader of manufacturing concrete pipes and box culverts, with Rinker Concrete making a great contribution to this success.

Lafarge Concrete

Lafarge Concrete is one of the biggest competitors of Cemex. Lafarge is a France-based industrial company. The company was formed in the year 1833 by Joseph-Auguste Pavin de Lafarge .The product line of this company includes concrete, cement, aggregates and gypsum, just like Cemex. By 2010 it became the second largest company of cement manufacturing. There are some key differences between the concrete produced by Lafarge and that of Cemex: Lafarge is more business oriented than Cemex. The product variation of the two companies does not vary too much. Lafarge is also strongly standing on the base of innovation. It operates its business through huge profitability.

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