Reviewing The Hakko 936: Heating elements, Reviews, Tips, and the Weller wes51

When you’re looking for a relatively cheap soldering station that also works well for you, the Hakko 936 is one of the more popular choices; it is a good piece of machinery that meets a lot of your soldering needs, without being as expensive as many others and it only takes about fifteen seconds to […]

Brazing vs Welding vs Soldering Guide

Introduction Joining two or more pieces of metal has pretty much been a part of all the metalworking we encounter in society.  The reason for this activity is a necessary means in order to come up with the required size, shape, and especially strength in producing certain metalwork.  There are many ways with which metals […]

Soldering Aluminum Guide: Wires, Cans, Tubing, Copper And Silver

Soldering aluminum using conventional methods can be tricky and difficult but it can definitely be done. Aluminum has low melting temperature so its component will be less distorted in soldering as compared to brazing and welding. The process of soldering aluminum does not require the use of fluxes, rather it entails thermal spray, the typical […]