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Reviewing Makita Batteries: Power tool batteries, Lithium Ion, 18v and 24 v batteries.

Makita batteries are essential if you need to keep your Makita tools up and running smoothly, and the Makita 18 Volt 3.0 AH Battery Pack that comes with 2 batteries could do the job quite nicely for you. Priced from $150-$300 depending on where you shop and what offers they have on, you could get […]

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Baby Fence Guide: Indoor, Play Area, Corral, Gate, Play Yard & Baby Pool Fence Reviews

Keeping your baby safe at home at all times should be a top priority. His whereabouts and activities should be closely watched and monitored, especially when he starts to crawl and move by himself. It is a very crucial phase of his growing up years as far as safety is concerned because he starts to […]

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Caulking Bathtub & Shower Tips & How-To Guide: Removing Caulking, Caulking The Surround & Recaulking.

Caulking is the process of keeping the water from escaping through very tiny cracks or loss joints of pipes or seams of different types of structures. The term also refers to closing up gaps in seams of buildings and similar structures to keep out insects, water, dust and air. There are other meanings of the […]

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