Thatch Rake Review Guide: Rolling, Power, Dethatching, Lawn Thatch, Vigoro Thatch & Bamboo Rake

A thatch rake is an implement used to remove dead grass in your lawn.  Dead grass and other small leaves tend to settle in-between the healthy grass and if left alone, it will destroy the healthy grass in the process. Thatch or dead grass and moss usually accumulate when the grass was trimmed earlier and […]

Mantis Tillers Reviews: Stihl, Garden Tillers, Mini Tillers, Parts and Reviews

A garden tiller is a machine that is often referred to as a rotary plow as it electronically plows through fields or gardens using a rotating device. They have been around since 1912 and were invented to provide a hassle free method of tilling your garden or farmland. Although there are huge plowing machines for […]

Garden Fence Ideas Guide: Vegetables, Edging, Decorative, Landscaping, Deer & Picket Fencing

While most of us would never think of fencing as being something of intricate detail, it actually is for a homeowner and avid gardener.  In selecting the appropriate types of fence to protect your landscaping the possibilities are endless. Chain Link Fencing The most common type of fencing material –and also the cheapest– is the […]

Brush Cutters Reviews Guide: Best Garden, Home & Petrol Powered Brush Cutter Reviews

A brush cutter is a necessary implement in any household, not only in rural but in some urban areas where grass and other weeds tend to destroy the natural beauty of the landscape.  Many commercial property owners also contract the services of landscapers to weed their property; this is done by brush cutters to a […]

Electric Poultry Fencing Review Guide: Kits, Wire & Electric Fence Sale Guide

When considering electric poultry fencing to serve as an enclosure for poultry, be sure to look at all of the information.  Electric fencing wire offers several benefits for the chicken farmer or hobbyist who’s looking to keep the flock together and keep predators out.  Additionally, poultry fences are all usually fairly standard in type and […]

Moore Maker Knives Review Guide: Knife Accessories, Cowboy Knifes and Fence Building Equipment

Moore Maker Knives are the products of Moore Maker INC., a company based in Texas that belongs to the Moore family. The company has been in the hands of the Moore family for generations.  Moore Maker is proud to serve their consumers with a wide variety of personal and cowboy tools which are durable and […]

Rototiller Review Guides: Honda, Rotary, Craftsman, Electric and Sears Rototiller Reviews

Gardens are rewardingly beautiful as they offer freshness, give foods, help to cut down the monthly grocery bills, make you feel refreshed, revitalized and healthy, and gives you an excuse to spend more time out of the home. But sadly maintaining your garden can be quite a tiresome process as it involves a lot of […]

Electric Fence Supplies Guide: Cattle, Horses, Electric Fencing Manufacturers, Insulators & Supplies

An electric fence is used as a method of enclosing your property to stop people or animals from exiting and or entering. This works because of either a sensor- so if you put one on your pets neck, they hear a loud, obnoxious buzzing sound from the gate and refrain from going near it- or […]

Toro Power Shovel Review: Curve 1800, Shovel Plus, Parts, Video & Toro Snowblower

Perhaps one of the most often used tools for agriculture, construction and even gardening is the shovel. Basically, shovels are manually operated tools that are comprised of a broad scooping blade, usually with thin sides, that is affixed to a metal or wooden handle of average length. Its blades are commonly made of solid metal […]

Fiskars Punches Guide: Squeeze, Paper, Border, Hand And Circle Punch Reviews

Fiskars is a company that provides quality hand tools to its customers. These tools range from lawn equipment to craft tools such as, Fiskars paper punches. These punches allow crafters to create clean cutouts of different styles and shapes. Fiskars is the oldest company in Finland, having been established in 1649. Since their creation, this […]

Felco Pruners Review: Pruner Parts, Bypass Pruners And Loppers Guide

Pruner is a hand tool, a sort of scissors that is used mostly for pruning plants, trees, shrubs and any other kind of tough vegetation. It is mostly used in gardening, farming and arboriculture, but obviously even the average homeowner who has a few bushes in their yard is eventually going to need a good […]

Tiller Rental Review: Prices, Tractors Tillers And Rototillers Guide

If you are planning on preparing your garden for their next batch of crops, you need to till the soil so that it will be easier to plant the seeds. But if you have a substantially large garden, breaking the soil by hand will really be a chore. You need a mechanical advantage to make […]

Goat Fencing Guide: Supplies, Costs, Ideas and Requirements

Whether for a pet goat, milk goat, or breeding goat, goat fencing is necessary to keep them from getting into everything. It is a commonly held fact that goats are known to get into everything and most likely at least try to eat it. Goats also need to have grazing available to them in order […]

Dog Electric Fence Review Guide: Installation, Wireless & Dog Training Advice

Dogs need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy, and it is very necessary that they are provided enough space to explore and run freely. They should be allowed to move around the lawn or backyard to loiter and play, but you cannot be very sure that they will remain within your borders if you […]

Cheap Fencing Guide: Ideas For Cheap Wire and Wood Fencing Options

Having a sturdy fence around your property is ideal for you to protect your home and everything that comes with it. Usually people today prefer putting up their own fences in order to save on the cost, as having one installed is very expensive indeed. The cost can even soar into the thousands, depending on […]

Garden Fencing Ideas Guide: Vegetable Garden Fencing For Deer and Dogs That You Can Do Yourself

It is always frustrating when a gardener finds that the local wildlife is eating all of his hard worked veggies right out of the garden, but there are garden fencing ideas that can help.  Of course, the gardener may try other options before installing a garden fence.  Plenty of animal repellent is available for gardeners […]

PetSafe Dog Fence Review: Reviews, Fence Collar & Troubleshooting

A fence is used to keep in pets and block out the neighborhood for a little bit of privacy. What if a person does not want to build a fence, but pets still need to be contained in an area to keep them safe? That is where PetSafe fences come in; they are low maintenance, […]

Chicken Fencing Review Guide: Poultry Wire Fencing Ideas & Height Guide

Are you looking for a way you can supplement your monthly income, or at the very least make sure that your family never goes hungry? Then poultry farming may interest you. For years, people have been raising chickens in their backyards either for their eggs or their meat, maybe even both. Chickens are quite low […]

Invisible Fence Batteries: Electric Dog Collars & Invisible Fences for Dogs

Invisible fence batteries are the power behind the entire invisible fencing system around a home.  Pet owners who are training their dogs to remain in the yard without wandering, and who prefer not to put up fencing, often rely on these underground electronic fences.  These fences are made up of three basic parts, the transmitter, […]

Sod Cutter Rentals, How They Work and What Are Their Prices

When you are tasked to cut turf or grass with thick layer of soil and roots, the best tool to use is a sod cutter.  This tool is important to landscapers because major sod cutting jobs are involved in lawn rearrangements and changing landscapes.  It is very ideal for cutting even and identical widths of […]

McLane Edger Review: Guide To The Belt, Blades & Parts Of This Gas Powered Edger

To some people mowing the lawn alone will not be enough, trimming and edging usually follows to give the lawn a more becoming look. Trimming is done to cut the grasses where lawn mowers usually cannot reach like walls, fences, light poles, trees or any other areas that there is something in the way of […]

Wolf Garden Tools Guide: Garden Products, Power Tools & Suppliers

A garden is a place where you can spend your days close to nature. It is where you can spend Sunday cookouts with your family and friends and relaxing afternoons, and where you can grow your own beautiful flowers beds and your own vegetables to support your healthy lifestyle. A beautiful garden is a perfect […]

Rototiller Rental Guide: Garden & Lawn Tiller & Aerator Equipment Rental Rate Costs

When you’ve got yourself a garden larger than 50 sq. meters you automatically require the use of a rototiller. A rototiller basically allows you to aerate the soil of your garden, making it ready for: Any kind of seed plantation whether it is a simple grass bed or a bunch of oak trees. It is […]

Rogue Hoes Tool Review: Garden Hoe Types Including Scuffle & Heavy Duty Hoes

Gardening is one of the most heartening activities and a beautiful garden is sure to bring a sense of tranquility within you. To maintain a beautiful garden however, it is necessary that you possess a good gardening hoe like the rogue hoe. Although seemingly simple tools, garden hoes are quite useful and some gardeners even […]

Cultivator vs Tiller Guide Plus Mantis Tiller Cultivator Review

Introduction A cultivator is a metal frame with teeth whose purpose is to cultivate the land for gardening or agricultural purposes. The teeth are inserted into the soil as the cultivator is dragged through the soil by the operator in order to cultivate land. Cultivators are designed in such a way that they do not […]

Lawn Dethatching Rake Review: The Best Rake, Lawn Aerator & Landscape Rake

Keeping your lawn alive and healthy becomes a challenging task for a homeowner if they are unprepared to fight an ongoing war. The constant refueling of fertilizers and the heavy firepower of mowing and maintenance brings on at taxing toll for many unprepared gardeners. A key component of this battle revolves around the management of […]

Fiskars Pruners Loppers Review: Pole & Tree Pruner

Introduction One of the most popular forms of outdoor scissors are actually used in gardening and are known as pruners.  Pruners are similar to strong scissors that are used to trim and cut unwanted branches and leaves of trees, scrubs and more. These tools are commonly used when harvesting, gardening, flower organizing, or participating in […]

Lawn Dethatcher Rake Review: Manual vs Mechanical, Bluebird, John Deere & Attachments

Introduction Making a lawn look good can sometimes be tedious.  The right equipment will be needed in order for the process to be less burdensome.  Thatching is one of the methods that will give a lawn and garden a nice clean look, but doing it wrong will make the vicinity bare and quite troublesome to […]

Best Garden Small Rototiller Review And Comparisons

Introduction Gardening is one of the oldest hobbies which dates way back before our history is written, it was very much a part of the ancient Roman and Assyrian cultures. It was even considered as a special privilege for the upper and middle class society during the 18th and the 19th centuries. Today, gardening not […]

Telescopic Fiskars Loppers Review Including Powergear, Anvil, Felco & Ratchet Loppers

Introduction Loppers are a kind of scissors employed for pruning sticks and small branches and Fiskars Loppers are very popular nowadays. They’re the largest kind of manual backyard cutting device available on the market. They are often operated with two fingers, and along with handles are close to 65 cm long. Some possess telescopic handles […]

Bahco Pruner Shears Tool Review Including Saw, Pole And Head Parts

Introduction According to Bahco the daily work of a craftsman is dependent upon three important things: expertise in the concerned field, professional pride and the quality of tools one uses. The tools should be able to withstand rigorous and harsh working environments and they should never fail the craftsman even if they are doing a […]