Sears Air Compressor Product Review Including Craftsman Models & Manuals

Air compressors are a vital piece of machinery and they can come in many different sizes with different levels of pressure and abilities. For use in carpentry in the home workshop or in the work place there is a Sears air compressor available for every job. The Craftsman 3 Gallon Horizontal air compressor is more […]

Quincy Air Compressors & Other Models Including, Westinghouse, Titan & Palatek

Air compressors are vital tools when it comes to working in a wide range of industries and when working on projects around the home. If you’re looking for an air compressor that is going to be used a lot then a Quincy air compressor may work well for you. The Quincy reciprocating air compressor model […]

Dewalt Air Compressor Review Guide: Portable Electric, Reviews & Shop

If you’re in need of an air compressor that is strong and sturdy while delivering a good range of PSI then you should consider the DEWALT 4 ½ gallon 200 PSI hand carry compressor, this particular air compressor comes with wheels which means it is very portable even though it gives you up to 200 […]

Devilbliss Air Compressor Review Guide: Coleman, Air Power Company Parts, Generators & Pressure Washers

When you’re looking for an air compressor to help you use any kind of air tool then the devilbliss air compressor EXFAC200 may be what you are looking for, particularly if you do not require one that has a large psi, this particular air compressor has a psi of just 125, it’s ideal if you […]

Speedaire Compressor Parts Review Guide: Portable Parts, Compressor Manual & Dayton Compressor Parts

It seems that there are a lot of Speedaire compressors but not enough parts gauging from the number of panic-stricken owners. Is it really a problem with supply or suppliers? Apparently the problem lies in the older models of the compressor and the current source for Speedaire compressor parts may not always have the parts […]

Porter Cable Compressor Review: Parts, Troubleshooting, Bosch and Senco Air Compressors

Compressors are machines that can decrease the volume of air or other gas. They come with an array of classifications that can be applicable with the different aspects of power tools. As described by experts, compressors are similar to pumps because of their comparable function, that being to increase the pressure on a fluid as […]

Ingersoll Rand Compressor Parts: Replacement Parts, Manual and Dealers

Ingersoll Rand is a multi-billion dollar global company that has been committed to providing its customers with superb technological innovation. Compressed air systems, pumps, fluid handling systems and high quality tools are the product lines of this diversified company. For 135 years it has been Ingersoll Rand’s tradition to continuously manufacture technologically advanced equipment and […]

Coleman Air Compressor Reviews, Parts And Colemans For Sale

An air compressor is a machine that builds up the amount of air in a specific space. By boxing in the air, the air pressure builds. This turns into a force that could be harnessed for a variety of purposes, from manufacturing and industrial to commercial and personal purposes. The human lung is the original […]

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Parts Guide: Pump, Small, Husky, Kobalt & Porter Cable Parts

Campbell Hausfeld has been providing quality industrial and residential tools since 1836. They are responsible for manufacturing everything from sprayers, to staplers and even air compressors. It is their air compressors that are synonymous with greatness and truly work like a dream.  If you are an owner of one of their quality compressors and find […]

Air Tanks For Compressors Guide: Replacement 12 Volt And 60 Gallon Tanks

An air tank, or a pressure vessel, is a closed container used to store hold pressured liquid or gas which is being used in various applications in big industries as well as for ordinary home use. There are different types of air tanks for compressors such as horizontal tanks, portable tanks and vertical tanks. Horizontal […]

Schulz Air Compressor Review: Industrial & Home Pumps And Parts

Introduction If you are looking for a reliable air compressor for whatever purpose you have in mind, the brand that you can trust is Schulz air compressors. With Schulz the only thing that you will get is a guarantee that you will get more than what you expected. Schulz has been in operation for more […]

Keser Air Compressors Review: Parts, Prices, Brands & Maintenance

Introduction Kaeser Kompressoren, founded in 1919, is the leading manufacturer of air compressors. Since the time it was founded, Kaeser air compressors have provided air compressors with innovative technologies and impressive designs. Rooted to its German technological heritage, Kaeser places specific focus on high-quality standards which ensure durability, performance and efficiency. With such heavy attention […]

Eaton Air Compressor Guide: Piston, Compact, Air Drye And Reviews

Eaton Compressors and Fabrication Inc. have become synonymous to quality air compressor machines.  They have been dedicated to manufacturing quality but reasonably priced equipment and arranging product shipment throughout the entire North America. Part of its commitment to its growing clients and customers is the provision of a comprehensive warranty for parts and services, which […]

LeROI Air Compressor Review: Parts, Dealers & For Sale Guide

One of the most trusted brands in air compressor machines is known in the industry as LeROI Air Compressors.  The company has been around for several decades, almost beginning the time when compressed air was starting to be used widely, and has produced quality and reasonably priced products that earned the trust of customers in […]

Air Compressor Parts Guide: Husky, Kobalt, Ingersoll & Campbell Hausfield Reviews

When working on an air compressor, all manufacturers will recommend using only genuine parts.  The simplest way to find parts is to check with the source of the air compressor, but sometimes you would like to “upgrade” or use parts that are rated better than the original parts.  You should always be cautious of the […]

Central Pneumatic Compressor Guide: Parts, Tools & Airbrush Reviews

Central Pneumatic is a product line produced by Harbor Freight.  They actually produce several store brands, including Chicago Electric, Central Machinery, Drill Master, U.S. General, Central Hydraulics, Haul-Master, Western Safety, Pittsburgh Tools, and One-Stop Gardens.  Private label store brands make up 80-90% of all their products with Central Pneumatic air compressor parts being no exception […]

Air Compressor Pump Reviews Plus Parts And Replacements

An air compressor pump is a machine which converts electrical or gas power into kinetic energy by pressurizing and compressing air.  There are several different types of pumps that are used for different purposes.  Often, a compressor pump will be connected to an air tank to store compressed air at a predetermined, set value.  By […]

Air Compressor Oil Reviews Including Types, Synthetic And Jun

When you purchase an air compressor you can choose between a motor that needs oil or one that does not.   If you have purchased a compressor that needs oil, the company usually will include a bottle of oil.  The problem is that one bottle of oil will not last the life of the air compressor.  […]

Husky Air Compressor Reviews Including 26 Gallon, Pro Air And Portable

Husky Air Compressors no longer are made.   Campbell Hausfeld took over the Husky line before it was dropped.  In this article, I will review the Campbell Hausfeld lines, and draw some comparisons to the Husky equivalents. Campbell Hausfeld has been in business for over 170 years, and produces high-quality, reliable air compressors and air tools.  […]