Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Parts Guide: Pump, Small, Husky, Kobalt & Porter Cable Parts

Campbell Hausfeld has been providing quality industrial and residential tools since 1836. They are responsible for manufacturing everything from sprayers, to staplers and even air compressors.

It is their air compressors that are synonymous with greatness and truly work like a dream.  If you are an owner of one of their quality compressors and find yourself getting so much use out of it that you need new parts, Campbell Hausfeld has just what you need to get it back to new again.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Parts

Additional replacement parts are available online for those operators who get plenty of use out of their machine. You do not have to worry about purchasing a brand new machine if just a part or two is not working properly, a replacement can make your compressor good as new.  Among those parts are the following:

  • Gauges- You can purchase larger, smaller and more precise gauges in the event that you are having trouble with yours, or are just having trouble seeing the digits. They range in price from $11 to up above $20, based on what model you select.
  • Filters- There are also several types and sizes of filters which are ideal for all makes and models of their air compressors.
  • Safety valves- For those compressors that seem to need a replacement safety valve there are several models online.
  • Pressure switches- If the pressure is off on your air compressor, Campbell Hausfeld sells several that are ideal for your machine.

Purchasing a Campbell Hausfeld Replacement Part

If you are seeking replacement parts for your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor you are sure to find a wide variety of items on their site

Depending on your specific model of air compressor you will need to use Campbell Hausfeld’s handy site tool which is very easy to use. You will enter your model number or name, like the Campbell Hausfeld powerpal air compressor, and you will get the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor parts list that is right for your model.  It will even help you find the parts on their site to make it an easy online shopping experience. As if that wasn’t enough the site’s prices are quite competitive in the hardware industry, and that goes for their replacement parts too!

The Campbell Hausfeld site provides parts for all forms of compressors made by the brand.  Perhaps most frequently replaced by owners and operators of air compressors is their pump systems, so Campbell Hausfeld air compressor pump parts can all be found through their easy to navigate site.

Other Air Compressors

Even if you don’t have a Campbell Hausfeld air compressor there are several other models of compressors on the market, each of which has their own available replacement parts.  Take a look at some of the following popular air compressor manufacturers and the replacement small air compressor parts they offer their clients.

While there are some parts that are difficult to find, like Ingersoll rand air compressor parts or Devilbiss air compressor parts, there are some brands who make replacement parts available for all their users through both stores and online.


Husky is yet another popular company that creates tools of all kinds, one of which is the small air compressor.  Their air compressors physically appear different than other brands, but they are durable and often last through decades of use.

Perhaps the most beneficial part of finding Husky air compressor parts is that they are easy to find.  The hardware store Home Depot is just one of the exclusive retailers of their parts, and if you don’t live near one of these stores you can certainly find them online straight through the Husky website.


Kobalt is another commonly used brand of air compressor, and they are also responsible for the creation of other work and hardware tools.  Their air compressors are intended to be for both industrial and home use, they are well-built and easy to use.

Kobalt is another brand that makes it rather easy to find parts for.  Kobalt air compressor parts sell online with low shipping rates, or they are also found through several hardware stores in North America.  If you shop online with Kobalt you can ensure that you are getting a genuine part which is made precisely for your model of compressor.

Porter Cable

Porter Cable is a popular brand that has been making hardware tools for over 100 years. They specialize in creating products that are strong and multi-functional for the working man or woman.  Their air compressors are popular and can be found in stores across the world.

Porter Cable parts can be found anywhere, both online and in several hardware stores.  Porter cable air compressor parts are easy to find online through their website.

Purchasing Genuine Parts

One important thing to remember when you are purchasing any kind of small air compressor replacement parts is to seek out genuine and real parts that are going to work with your compressor.  There are several businesses who sell fake parts that are not designed to the specifications of your machine. When you get them they are going to be useless, and there may be some unwritten clause in their return policy regarding the return of these parts.

For that reason it is important to seek out genuine part retailers for your specific model of air compressor.  Going directly through the manufacturers is always recommended, whether you are purchasing in store or online you can be sure that if they are made and sold through the manufacturer they are genuine.  Double check when you are making a purchase that you are able to return the part should it not work with your specific model of air compressor.  Major hardware stores typically understand and can exchange products that are opened if they were not what you were looking for.

If you are searching for replacement parts for any make or model of air compressor it is important to go through a reliable dealer where you can be sure your products are genuine and are going to allow you to replace your air compressor properly.

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