Brinkmann Flashlights Review Guide: LED, 10 pack and Spotlights

Are you looking for a Brinkmann flashlight to take with you during camping trips or just keep in your car? With such a wide array of models to evaluate, compare and choose from, finding exactly what you want and need can almost be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. With so many criteria to take into consideration – brightness, durability, size, design – it is easy to get confused. Before making the purchase, review all that is out there on the market.  This is the only way you can make an informed decision, which you won’t later regret.

Incandescent or LED?

The whole point of keeping a flashlight within reach is to never find oneself stumbling blindly through the dark. Imagine the frustration then of seeing a flashlight flicker, fade out and die just when it is most needed. Dependability is a key criterion in evaluating handy tools like flashlights and it is only right for product innovation to focus on making it even more reliable.

When it comes to dependability, Light Emitting Diodes or LED has answered the call of the market. LEDs are more commonly seen in large colorful digital signs or in tiny buttons in electronic equipment. Interestingly enough, one of the first difficulties in using it for something brighter like flashlights is the color.  It was not until recently that LEDs came in white and the first few models were cost-prohibitive.  But the technology has certainly come of age. LED today generates blue light but paired with a micro-thin coating fluoresces it looks as if it gives off white light.

LED flashlights boast of endurance of some 100,000+ hours, which translates to 11 years of continuous light if the voltage and power are ideal. Unlike Incandescent flashlights which give off more heat which cuts their lifestyle, LED flashlights quite simply last longer and are less likely to let you down in the dark.

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There is one criterion though where incandescent bulbs reign over LEDs. No matter how bright LED bulbs have become over the years, incandescent bulbs still shine brighter, so to speak. This is evident in the popular Brinkmann maxfire lx flashlight, which has consistently been regarded as one of the top incandescent flashlights on the market.

Choosing Based On Function and Feature

Your choices of Brinkmann flashlights then will have to be guided by the purpose of your purchase.  Are you a lover of the outdoors and need a long-lasting light during explorations? Are you buying it for your home in case there are emergencies or break-ins? Are you buying a flashlight to keep in your car just for safety?

The model you choose must serve your purpose for getting a flashlight. Lucky for you, Brinkmann keeps a long roster of models both with LED and incandescent bulbs.  Below are some of the most highly recommended Brinkmann flashlights to buy based on their strengths.

  • Long-lasting LED flashlights by Brinkmann

For the same consumption of power, LEDs can give you continuous light for longer hours than incandescent because it generates less heat. Also it is more energy efficient, because for every watt, LEDs give off more lumens. More lumens, more light.

The Brinkmann flashlight, 3 Watt LED – 3AAA Aluminum Flashlight, is powered by a triple-A battery and can run for seven hours straight.  This one claims to be 30 times brighter than the standard, 5mm LED flashlight, but compared to the other Brinkmann LED flashlights, this does not even last that long.

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The Brinkmann flashlight model, 1 Watt LED – 3AAA Flashlight, boasts of a superior 30-hour run time, a feature common in the best of Brinkmann LED flashlights.  Brinkmann, Single L.E.D Flashlight, for example, ups the ante by claiming to last for as long as 50 hours on a single set of batteries!  It is said to have a battery life 20 times longer than regular 3 AAA flashlights and the best of LED bulbs which last 100,000 hours.

  • Brinkmann flashlights Different Lighting Styles

Some Brinkmann flashlights include accessories that give users a variety of light.  The 3 LED Aluminum Series 2D Flashlight by Brinkmann comes with the capability to enhance night vision with red filter lens and a blue filter lens which can shine through water and glass. The utility of such features may not be essential for all users but many users with more active lifestyles will find these to be a great value adds.

The 4 LED Dual Focus Flashlight is another unit with several lighting options. It is designed with 4 White LEDs for ten times longer battery life; 3 white LEDs for a wide beam; and 1 white LED for a narrow focused beam.  Just like the previous model mentioned, a red and blue filter is included in the package.

As mentioned earlier, high-intensity incandescent bulbs (like Krypton or Xenon) are still the favorite in terms of lighting. More than just having really good light emission, many of Brinkmann flashlights also come with spot-to-flood adjustable beams, giving users the option to instantly switch lighting styles based on their need. Legend 2-C Flashlight by Brinkmann is an example of a great incandescent flashlight.

  • Materials of Brinkmann flashlights
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Most flashlights are enclosed in either aluminum or plastic outer casing. If you want a tougher outer casing go with flashlights made from anodized aluminum but if light and colorful is what you want, then plastic flashlights, with a variety of shapes and colors, are for you.

Brinkmann flashlights whether made from aluminum or plastic are proven to be highly resistant to both water and shock.  Legend 2-AA Flashlight is an example of a great unit made from a combination of rubber and plastic. It comes in a bright yellow color (very functional in the dark) and is no less inferior in quality. Brinkmann’s Legend 2-AA Flashlight can give you continuous light for as long as 50 hours as well.

Because this tool is handheld, manufacturers also put a great emphasis on the ease and tightness of grip that the flashlight design can provide.  Rubber sleeve or knurled grip for secure handling is common in Brinkmann flashlights.

Brinkmann not only creating flashlights, the company also manufactures their lights for other purposes, like the Brinkman gas grill light, which can be used to light your grilling area for use even on the darkest of nights. Commercially, they even sell Brinkmann spotlights, which are intended to light up the night sky to public attractions and events. The company has certainly crossed the line from home products into the field of multi-purpose lighting.

Whichever of the Brinkmann flashlights you choose, the Brinkman flashlights 10 pack or a mere single LED, be sure that you have properly studied the features of what this manufacturer is offering. And again, always know what you want.

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