Brick Prices Guide: Masonry & Used Brick Online, Home Depot and Lowes Costs

Brick is an undeniably integral component in almost any type of construction endeavor.  As such, it is obviously important to know and understand the different types of bricks to be used, as well as the prices corresponding with each.

There are many different stores, both physical and online, at which professionals and hobbyists alike can purchase bricks. But, as any of us who has undertaken a project, whether on a large or small scale, that has involved the use of building materials, it is necessary to have at least an estimate of not only the materials needed, but the cost thereof. And just as important, build a budget around that cost.

Just because you’re on a budget for whatever your project may be doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality for cost. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good quality bricks; likewise, you don’t have to go out and dig up your own clay and water or buy concrete mix and mold your own bricks to save money. All you’ll need to do is search around the various home improvement stores, like Lowe’s or Home Depot, to ascertain their brick prices. A little bit of research and investigation will go a long way toward helping you to determine what brick cost you’ll be willing to pay in order to accomplish your task.

Home Depot Brick Prices

Home Depot offers both clay and concrete bricks for its customers; it’s really up to you what kind you’ll want to use in your home improvement or construction task. There are several types and sizes of each type of brick, so Home Depot brick prices can vary a bit.

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Clay Bricks – Home Depot offers several different types of clay bricks, each with different prices depending upon brand and size thereof. So, obviously you’ll need to determine what length, width and depth you’ll need for your bricks, to determine which ones fit your project needs. Here are a few of the prices you’ll find for Home Depot clay bricks:

  • Oldcastle 7-5/7 inch by 2-1/4 inch by 3-5/8 inch clay bricks are rated for building foundations or above-grade masonry walls. They are sold for $0.65 each.
  • Oldcastle 8 inch by 4 inch by 2 inch cored clay bricks are rated for constructing foundations or above-grade masonry walls. They are available for $0.49 each.
  • Redland Brick K&F Mohawk 8 inch by 4 inch by 2 inch clay bricks are perfect for home improvement projects and are $0.65 each.

Concrete Bricks – Home Depot also has several varieties of concrete bricks and blocks for your home masonry needs; here are a couple of concrete brick prices from Home Depot:

  • Gagne and Son 2 inch by 8 inch by 4 inch concrete bricks are colored red for a clay façade and are incredibly strong and durable, perfect for shoring rebar before concrete is poured. These concrete bricks are available for $0.35 each.
  • Oldcastle 7-3/4 inch by 2-1/4 inch by 3-3/4 inch concrete bricks are rated for above-grade masonry walls and foundations and are sold at Home Depot for $0.35 each.

Lowe’s Brick Prices

Lowe’s is another home improvement store that offers a selection of bricks from which the hobbyist or the professional mason can choose to use in their project. Their prices range from the Oldcastle 8 inch by 4 inch by 2 inch Red Cored Concrete Brick, sold for $0.49 each to the Novabrick 100 square foot pallet concrete bricks that are found in all natural stone shades from rusty red to marble white. These monoliths are available at Lowe’s for $582.86.

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Masonry Brick Prices

If you’re looking to have a professional come in and install your brick for you, there are going to be associated costs. The masonry brick prices may differ from those you purchase yourself, as they will be joined by labor costs and anything else that might be necessary. So, if you are looking to build a brick wall for instance, the brick wall prices will be different depending on whether you build it yourself or if you have to shell out masonry brick prices. The average cost of a genuine brick wall is around $40.72 per square foot of brick installed. Depending on your mason, your brick supplier or theirs, this brick cost could end up being more or less than that estimated number.

Used Brick Prices

Sometimes when we think in terms of “used” or “pre-owned,” we tend to think cheaper and of lower quality. While cheaper is generally true, at least from the monetary aspect of the word, lower quality is not really an issue with brick. The beauty of brick is that it is a time tested and lasting masonry substance, and as such can hold up a wall, be used to pave a drive or walkway, or create stonework that will last. This is true whether the brick is 20 minutes old or 20 years old. Not to mention that brick ages, generally speaking, simply beautifully. The older it gets, the more character brick can attain. So if you’re looking to add an old-world quality to your brickwork, used brick may not only be more economical but more aesthetic as well. Another great quality about used brick is the fact that it is effortlessly “green.” In this day of conservation and recycling, utilizing used brick in your masonry project means that no energy or materials were used in your purchase; you can feel good in doing a little something extra for the environment, while still accomplishing your brickwork project.

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Used brick can be found essentially anywhere, but your best bet might be looking online for larger quantities. Depending on the age and the material of the bricks, not to mention their former location, these bricks can have a wide variety of prices.  If you’re interested in ordering some used brick, or at least getting an idea of used brick prices, you can check out the used brick section of the Sepulveda Building Materials product catalog.

Brick Prices

Depending upon the size of your masonry project and the types of materials you use, as well as the supplier of those materials, brick prices can vary distinctly. It is important to determine your project’s budget, and then whittle down your options until you’ve come up with brick prices that not only fit within your budgetary demands but also within the requirements of your project’s safety and durability. A little bit of research and some careful consideration could net you a huge sense of accomplishment, from both your home improvement and your wallet.

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