Braun Grinder Review: KSM2 or KMM30 The Best Burr Grinder Coffee Maker?

The Braun brand name echoes in modern-day technology with decades of proficient product quality. The German engineering that has set Braun-made products apart from its competition is fully exemplified in the Braun grinder and its extended product line. The consumers having clearly decided on what brand appliances they want in their kitchen, has had a resounding impact on the Braun identity.

When only fresh ground coffee could be accepted, count on Braun coffee grinders to deliver exquisite results each and every time. Don’t let inferior coffee mills dissuade you from having your unique blend of freshly ground coffee beans. The splendid coffee output is enough that its aroma alone could re-awaken your senses.

Braun for Your Morning Call

Selecting premiere coffee beans from the most ravishing coffee farms and strict organic distributors is just half the job. To get the optimal potential of your gourmet or imported coffee beans you must treat it with the finest equipments on the market, to extract the full richness of the coffee bean.  The majority of the competition just does not live up to Braun’s innovative coffee line.

Seeking Superb Aroma?

The Braun aromatic coffee grinder allows its users to take coffee brewing to the next level. Amateur drinkers and coffee connoisseurs alike, would both be able to appreciate the easy set up and maintenance that comes from Braun‘s ingenuity.  The engineering of the unit for the consumer’s safety is evident, since the grinder would not be able to operate until the lid has been fastened and secured. The Braun grinder KSM2 is an aromatic power house boasting, a 150-watt motor that grinds coffee beans with a very powerful yet gentle finesse. For those mornings where one cup of coffee just does not cut it, the unit can house more than ten cups of coffee to get the job done. When coffee is no longer needed, the design makes it as simple as a rinse on the lid and grinding cup and it’s ready for another day’s work. The power cord has its own unique compartment by which it can be stored away after brewing. This Braun grinder dominates the market with consumerist benefits such as:

  • Small product design, which means quicker clean up, less counter clutter and easy storage.
  • Speedy grinding, allowing for quick coffee solutions all day long without any over-heating issues.
  • Durability, stainless steel blades, keeps the unit running smooth years after your first drink is made.
  • Affordable elegance, an economical trial tested technology that brings quality and beauty to the kitchen.

The Best of Burr Milling!

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘burr grinder’ it doesn’t mean that the Braun coffee grinder KMM30 is not for you.  Burr grinders are devices that don’t grind by blade chopping, which may lead to inconsistency and overheating, but uses the rotating motion of an abrasive surface to crush and in turn grinds the product down to a uniform consistency. The overheating of any coffee bean ruins its core essence and in turn ruins the overall taste and aroma of the bean. Using a burr grinder prevents this occurrence. If this sounds like the more thorough blend you were looking for, well then expect the ultimate experience with the Braun burr grinder. It brings the quality associated with Braun to the world of fine coffee grinds.

Be assured that the unit packs in all the professional features to satisfy all your coffee cravings. It’s fourteen setting dial allows you to choose the exact type of grind you are in the mood for, from a fine espresso grind to a more grainy grind for a different taste.  A timer is conveniently incorporated as the power switch which allows for maximum control of the end result by merely adjusting the time. Just like the KSM2 its cord has its own storage below the unit which lessens the hassle of dealing with the cord. The Braun burr grinder not only fits a particular niche of coffee devotee’s but can very well be for a beginner as well.  The unit has a loyal following of consumers that talks about how it has:

  • Multipurpose milling, burr technology can be used to grind spices, herbs and coffee alike.
  • Adjustable grinding, providing a one product solution for all coffee needs.
  • Market innovation, only product providing a full coffee experience with half the size and noise of other industrial products.
  • Reliability, consistently getting fine grinds over years of usage truly gives value to its name.

Secured Investment

With 90 years in the business and over a 100 internationally renowned awards, Braun has learnt a thing or two on customer satisfaction and consumer service. Should the quality of your Braun product ever come into question, you won’t have to worry about getting assistance. From Braun grinder spare parts and accessories to product user instructions and manuals, nothing beats the complete package of support that you would have at your disposal.The exceptional website service tool allows you to find replacement parts in a matter of minutes and be away with any technical difficulty that may arise.

The wide variety of Braun grinders makes it no reason for you to be using any another appliance to get the job done. The model Braun grinder KSM2 comes in two color flavors and knocks out the competition with heavy hitting features like high speed grinding and light-weight compact design; making it an easy purchase for anybody concerned about their morning java, or gifting it to a friend who truly needs a better brew. The model Braun coffee grinder KMM30 has the perfect build that can cater to all your coffee needs, with industrial size features in a counter-top size. It is that dependable appliance that you can trust on to provide you fresh coffee each time you need it. Braun sets the standards while others can only follow it, andonce you have had the experience of operating a Braun grinder you will start to understand the identity behind it.

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