Braun Coffee Grinder Review: Grinder Replacement Parts, Spice Grinder, Burr Grinder, Lid & Manual Guide

Braun is a brand which has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It is the leading position in the home appliance. Among their popular products are the Braun coffee grinders. There is a variation in the Braun coffee grinders and each of these coffee grinder has its own features according to your desires. Braun coffee grinders are the first choice of coffee-lovers when they go to the market to select a coffee maker/grinder.

The first thing in the morning or when you are back from work, the delicious aroma and the fresh taste of the coffee makes you feel energetic and fresh. A cup of homemade coffee with the beans you grinded yourself manually in one of the Braun coffee grinders will give you the taste you want. These coffee grinders are simply ideal for coffee-addicts. The various Braun coffee grinders include:

  • Braun 3045 coffee grinder
  • Braun 4041 coffee grinder
  • Braun 4045 or KMM20
  • Braun 3045 or KMM30
  • Braun 4041 or KSM2 (Aromatic Coffee Grinder)
  • Braun 4041 or KSM4

You can get the Braun KSM2 model in both white and black color from Amazon. They are both available in new as well as in used models through this site. The best thing about this model is the safety that it will not start automatically until the lid is secured.

Braun Coffee Grinder Parts

When you have made up your mind to buy a Braun grinder machine, you need to make sure that you have the receipt and the warranty card for the after sale services. Also make sure that it has the Braun coffee grinder parts available and if there is some fault in the machine, you may find the replacement part. So make sure you check all these things and you do not end up having a coffee grinder from a cheap store which gets broken after sometime and have no guarantee from the store. Also make sure that the coffee maker you are buying is original Braun made and not a copy of Braun as it will not have a warranty and would be of cheaper material.

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Braun Coffee Grinder Replacement Parts

If one of the parts of the coffee grinder gets broken, your machine will not become useless. You will not be required to buy the whole new machine again, simply get the broken tool from the Braun coffee grinder parts by entering the model number of the machine. You can find the replacement part of each of the above given models on this site: By simply clicking on the model number, you will be directed to the parts page where you will find each and every part along with the price however there are some parts which are not available. You can also get the replacement parts from the Braun store directly.

Braun Burr Grinder

Among the various Braun coffee grinders, the Braun burr coffee grinder is the most famous and the most purchased Braun product in the market today. In this grinder, you will find two very fine stainless steel blades that will grind your coffee to a much higher standard than other burr coffee grinders available in the market today. The upper blade rotates at a set speed while the other blades remain stable beneath the coffee beans and due to this reason a very high quality flavored coffee is produced from it. The blade in the burr grinder rotates at a slow speed but it is faster than the other conical burr grinders. The reason for having the lesser speed is that less heat is produced at the time of grinding due to which more flavor gets preserved in the coffee. Besides when the blades rotate at a slower speed, the less beans will cling to the inside of the coffee grinder and this will make the cleaning process easier.

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Braun Coffee Grinder Manual

With each Braun coffee grinder, you will get a free Braun coffee grinder manual which will help you to operate the machine easily. Usually there is no tough work involved in the process of the grinding the coffee beans yet the manual book is added so that the machine can he handled as required and less damage is occurred. If you have lost your coffee grinder manual and you need to look for something important then you can find your model’s coffee grinder manual from Braun’s site:

Braun Coffee Grinder Lid

Though you can get almost all the replacement parts of the Braun coffee grinders but if your require Braun coffee grinder lid then you can get it from these sites: On this site, you will not only find the lid but various other parts of the coffee makers would also be available. You can also get the lid from Amazon, It is also recommended to contact the seller from where you have bought the coffee grinder or you can directly visit the Braun site for getting the genuine grinder lid.

Braun Spice Grinder/Coffee Grinder

There is a KSM2 model by Braun which is a coffee as well as spice grinder. The main features of this product are as follows:

  • There is a stainless steel blade used
  • Contains a transparent lid
  • There is a safety switch which allows one hand operation
  • Particular space for cable storage
  • 220 Volts and 150 Watt motor
  • Total weight of the unit is 3 lbs. while the height is 8.5 inches
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A lot of people who have tried the Braun coffee grinders have fallen in love with coffee and once you will try the fresh grounded coffee by the Braun coffee makers, you will get addicted to it. As plenty of people say that there is some noise of the machine when it grinds but it is not what wakes up the family, it is the smell of the fresh coffee which forces the family to leave the beds. If you drink coffee than a Braun coffee grinder is a must for you so that whether you are at home or at office, you can make the fresh grounded coffee and can enjoy the fresh aromatic coffee.

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  1. I have a vintage Braun Type 4045. It has recently started to leak grounds via the hole where the electric cable enters the grinder. I can’t see how grounds are getting there. I also can’t see how to get the grinder apart.

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