Bottle Cutter Reviews: Kits, DIY, Patents and Prices

A bottle cutter can help you to create a wide range of crafts that can be used around the home and elsewhere. The Generation Green (G2) bottle cutter is a reasonably priced tool that will let you cut bottles as well as jars that hold up to a maximum of 5 gallons. You can easily score the bottle that you want to cut and the makers of this product have come up with a good way of helping you to easily separate the bottle and the piece you want removed.  The glass cutter attachment has been known to break off or become damaged, but they are very easy and cheap to replace. This product usually costs between $18-25 and could prove to be very useful in helping you to create the crafts that you want.

If you’re looking for a bottle cutting kit then you might want to consider Ephrem’s bottle cutter deluxe kit, as it is not as basic as the G2 bottle cutter, the kit compromises of a strong bottle cutter that is made from metal, a bottle neck adapter than you may or may not want to use, an instruction booklet and a few extra pieces such as a candle, to help you with your designs. Bottle cutters help you to create the pieces that you want and you aren’t just limited to cutting the ends of them and inserting a candle. There are so many things that you can do, and this bottle cutter will help you to achieve your goals. Make sure that you buy this deluxe kit from a trusted website as there have been complaints from people who have paid for the deluxe kit and received the basic one. With a price of about $35, the deluxe kit is a little more expensive than some, but it does come with a few added extras that might please you.

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A glass bottle cutter with some added extras

if you’re looking for a glass bottle cutter that comes with a few extras then the Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter might be what you need, this cutter sells for about $27 and with it you will get a reference guide, sanding sheets, two cutting wheels and so much more. This is a good glass bottle cutter that will help you to make use of the bottles that you have lying around, and help you to feel that you’re doing your bit for the environment. There have been a few disappointing customer reviews stating that this bottle cutter does not score properly, but there have also been a few happy customers who have never had a problem. When you come across a negative review or two, it might be worth your while looking elsewhere to see what other people say about the product, so you get a good idea about whether or not you think the Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter is worth the money.

For an extensive look at how a bottle cutter works, you might want to refer to this page as it serves as a guide and can help you out if you are stuck, or you just want to know a bit more about cutting bottles. The bottle cutter used here is part of the Ephrem’s bottle cutter deluxe kit, but a lot of the kits you can buy are fairly similar, so it shouldn’t make too much difference. Because it contains photographs and an easy to read guide, you should be able to determine whether or not bottle cutting is something you are interested in, and it also serves as a bit of an advertisement for the bottle cutter than is featured.

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Your new bottle cutter kit

A bottle cutter kit is what you need to help you to get started and the Generation Green Luminary Bottle Art Kit will probably be the kind of thing you are looking for. This kit can help you to brighten up your home, work space or help you to make gifts for other people, and is priced from $9.99 to $19.99 depending on where you shop. Although this is not the most expensive kit, it is a pretty good one; you will however be disappointed if you expect this bottle cutting kit to contain a bottle cutter.  The Generation Green Luminary Bottle Art Kit markets itself as being suitable for bottle cutting kits, and could be a bit misleading at first site.


Safely use a diy bottle cutter

For a bit of help and advice when it comes to using a bottle cutter, you might want to take a look at this site, it shows you how to use a diy bottle cutter and has clear photographs and explanations that make the entire process relatively easy to understand. This site also gives you a list of the tools you will need to do the job and complete it successfully.


Where to find bottle cutter patents

if you would like to have a look for a bottle cutter patent in case you have made one yourself and you want yours to be different from the rest then you should take a look at as this site will show you what patents already exist, giving you the opportunity to fine tune your bottle cutter so that it’s completely unique.

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Comparing bottle cutter prices

if you are still serious about buying a bottle cutter and transforming used and old bottles into something quite artistic and helpful, then you may be interested to know that you can compare bottle cutter prices. A good number of products are listed here and you will get the opportunity to see what you could be charged for a wide variety of bottle cutters. Shopping around always pays off, so it’s vital you have a look and compare the prices and the products before you hand over your cash.


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