The Bosch Radio PB360S: Best Jobsite Radio For All?

If you’re thinking of getting a Bosch radio, then I recommend the PB360S the most of all models. While I commend Bosch for their excellent quality job site radios, this particular model stands out in many ways. But like what I always say in my reviews, I can’t say that without backing it up with facts!

So I did my research and tests to show you how the Bosch job site radio works and if it’s truly worth the price. After all, my aim is to help and make sure you get something worth YOUR needs. Read on to learn more about my Bosch job site radio review now!

A Summary of the PB360S Bosch Radio

For me, I del like the best radio from Bosch is the best job site radio among all brands. As you can see, this is going to b a pretty positive review, considering the features offered! Not only does it have the sound quality, but other necessary features that make it worth the investment.

bosch radio

From power tool batteries down to the handy charger, the radio is complete and has what you want AND need. Just focus on your job while enjoying the tunes without the worry of its batteries draining anytime soon.

The body is pretty sturdy, having a strong protection frame with a subwoofer and four speakers. The radio also comes with four AC outlets so there’s no need for a power bar.

But of course, the radio does have some minor issues, such as its sound power and its charging capability. Furthermore, it’s one of the more expensive and heavier compared to other job site radios. But I’ll be getting more into these details in the next section so read on!

The Benefits of the Bosch Radio

Why get a Bosch radio Bluetooth? This particular model comes with amazing benefits like:

1. Charges Your Batteries

This is one of the only radios that acts as a battery charger, too. It’s great if you don’t work near electric outlets.

2. Extremely Durable

The body is water and dust resistant, also heavy-duty to withstand any falls with its sturdy aluminum/rubber roll cage.

3. Heavy-Duty Sound Quality

It’s the only job site radio with four speakers and a subwoofer, offering the surround sound for you to feel lows.

4. Acts as a Power Bar

The radio can also be used as your power bar in case you forgot it or choose not to bring it with you.

5. Plays MORE Music

You’re able to connect your gadget and play media through the AUX cable included with the radio. It also accepts USB sticks!

Bosch Radio Parts

bosch jobsite radio

I’ll be showing you the three main parts of the Bosch radio and its body. It’ll give you an idea of what it looks like and how each part performs:

1. Power Bar

The radio has four AC outlets which are non-GCFI, which you can use as long as your radio’s plugged in. It’s protected using fold-down covers to prevent dust and water from coming in, too!

2. Charging Station

You can find the charging station behind the radio side, with an opening that’s secured well. The design may make it difficult placing and removing the batteries, though.

3. Media Center

There’s an area you can charge or plug your small gadgets or hook it up to the radio. You can charge your gadgets via USB, or play media via AUX. There’s a velcro strap to secure your gadgets!

What Everyone’s Saying About It

So, what does everyone think about the Bosch radio? If you look at all the customer reviews almost all of them average at about 4/5 stars! After analyzing constructive reviews, here’s a summary of what they thought:


•Superior sound and radio quality to top brands

•Has a built-in charger

•Extremely durable


•Needs AA batteries for radio presets

•Poorly-designed media center

•Can’t have you play music through USB but through AUX only

But what about my own verdict?

I also recommend that you get a Bluetooth add-on than us the AUX, though this is personal preference.

Well, I absolutely love this radio and agree with all the positive comments! It comes with the amazing sound quality that has me enjoy my work. Plus, it’s multipurpose, charging my batteries while belting out tunes.

However, I’m weirded out as to how the USB connection can’t have you play through, just charge it. I also recommend that you get a Bluetooth add-on than us the AUX, though this is personal preference. Other than that, I enjoyed the radio.

How Does the Bosch Radio Compare to Others

When you compare the Bosch PB360S to its other predecessors, you can see it’s better. However, it’s more expensive and bigger than the rest. While this may be a small issue, it also means that it comes with superior quality and durability.

In terms of the specs, here are the main differences to learn about them:

The PB120 is affordable and a good option if your radio is always close by. It’s the smallest and lightest option weighing three pounds with a 12V Li-Ion Battery. It can run for up to eight hours on its two 5-watt speakers.

The PB180 is a great option if you value longer runtime on one charge. It has a whopping two days runtime on its 18V Li-Ion battery, weighing less than four pounds.

bosch radio bluetooth

The PB360S is the best among all for its versatility and charging capabilities. It utilizes 14.4 or 18V Li-Ion batteries BUT weighs 25 pounds!

Wrapping It Up

The Bosch work radio endures the job site environment easily with its extreme features and quality sound. When thinking about the PB360S Bosch radio, you know that this is a unit to last. It’s got the IP rating of 54, which would stand up to almost any weather. Furthermore, it’s dust resistant and withstands high-pressure jets, which worksites definitely need.

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I hope that this article on my Bosch radio review helped you find what’s best for you. So don’t wait any longer and invest in a unit for yourself now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own Bosch work radio reviews, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!