Bosch Multimaster Tool Review Including The Blades And Adaptor Of The Oscillating Tool

If you are DIY enthusiast or a simple handyman, you must have always wished for a tool that could be used to make vertical cuts and also sand simple work pieces. Luckily, your search for the perfect DIY tool is now over. With Bosch Multimaster you can cut, sand and scrape without the hassle of handling different tools at a time. The Bosch Multimaster Tool is an ideal companion for DIY projects such as:

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Tile installation
  • Wood trimming
  • Model making
  • Lumber cutting

Also its ease of maintenance and numerous benefits makes it an essential tool for any workshop.

Features of Bosch Multimaster

The Bosch Multimaster Tool is a handyman’s tool that is filled with various features and settings. Amongst its many features includes:

The oscillating tool, Bosch Multimaster, is fitted with hi-grip rubber material to enhance ease of use and handling. Moreover, it is shaped in a manner which makes it easier to control and at the same time also perform accurate cutting processes.

A well-known and technologically advanced oscillating function through which the Bosch Multimaster blades achieve cutting, sawing and sanding. Its oscillating technology is well on par with other multimaster tools such as the Rockwell Multimaster.

Bosch can also be fitted with a variety of blades such as:

  • The knife blade
  • Saw blade
  • Scraper blade or the long-range fine teeth blade

However, it is not just limited to that. Bosh Multimaster blades come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, similar to Fein Multimaster blades. You can easily find a blade for your need from the varieties available.

  • With Bosch Multimaster, the blades can be fitted at varying angles, which makes it easier to cut or saw at hard to reach places. The best part about it is that the angle is completely customizable depending on your needs. Within a spin of 180°, you can fit the blade anywhere. Of course, assembling and dissembling blades on to the oscillating tool is also quite an easy task.
  • Another added benefit of this tool is that some models do not require an actual cord for operation, i.e. they are cordless in nature. For these models, you just charge them separately and use them whenever you require. This is a handy feature to have when you just don’t have a long wire or you need to cut in an area without electricity. The oscillating power for cordless models is a bit lower, but they are able to perform the tasks equally well as the corded models.
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Buying a Bosch Multimaster

The issue with getting an oscillating tool is that there are a lot of products available on the market and figuring out the one right for you is quite a tedious process. Even if you have decided on the brand, deciding on the right model makes all the difference. When getting a Bosch Multimaster, it is important to make the following considerations:

  • Consider what power you are looking for– Normally the multimaster products come in ranges from 9.5V to 18V, and of course the higher powered ones have more voltage. But you should remember the higher the increased voltage, as it would cost you in utility bills. You might not even need a higher-powered one if you just need to do simple cutting and sawing, and as such a simple lower-powered tool might be just fine.
  • A good consideration- A good consideration would be to not take to hear the advice of most reviews. Most of the time the reviews are written by fans of either brands and they use them to only thrash the rival product. Both the products have their own features and merits.
  • What you want- It is also quite important to consider whether you want a corded model or a cordless one. Most corded models are of higher power and offer greater prowess in cutting and sawing. In case of cutting in hard to reach places or remote areas, corded models are quite useless. The cordless models often provide greater power but there is also the issue of battery back-up. However, the battery back-up on the Bosch Multimaster cordless model is just enough for most projects.
  • Money matters- The amount you are willing to spend also matters a lot when deciding on what to buy. Most people assume that the more expensive a product is the more quality it has. While this is true for some products, it is not as true in the oscillating tool industry. The prices are largely reflective of the brand name you are getting and usually all brand names offer the same products with different prices. If you are looking for an economical, dependable and feature-rich oscillating tool, the Bosch Multimaster should be the best choice.
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Using the Bosch Multimaster Tool

The manner in which these operate is fairly simple and requires a very short learning curve. All you need to do is, mount the blades and flick the switch right on top and you are good to go. However, there are a few tricks and tips that could make the experience even better:

  • There is an option to vary the oscillations and power of the Bosch Multimaster. Similar to the Fein Multimaster FMM 250Q, all Bosch Multimaster Tools have the ability to vary the pressure you want to apply onto the blade.
  • The blades you get make your work stress-free. Look at the material you are cutting and depending on it you might want to get your blades. You can even cut steel with a diamond-coated blade.
  • You should also remember that you can use these blades instead of Fein Multimaster Blades for your Fein. If you have a Fein Multimaster FMM 250Q or another Fein product, all you need to do is get the Universal Bosch Multimaster Adapter, and fit it on the Fein Multimaster. With that you are good to go with any Fein or Bosch Blade on your multimaster machine.

The Bosch Multimaster Tool is an ideal machine for quick handyman operations such as sawing, cutting and scraping. You can even use it for knifing actions and even much more depending on the blades you get for it. On top of all these benefits, it is also quite economical and comes at half the cost of most other multimaster tools. If you are upgrading your old multimaster or thinking of buying your first one, the Bosch Multimaster is an excellent and definitely recommended choice.

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