Bosch Jackhammers Review: Brute, Demolition, Parts, Bits And Repair


A jackhammer is a pneumatic tool combined with a chisel that is typically combined with pressed air, the more modern jackhammers use electric motors. There are also some large jackhammers used on the construction sites that are physically large machines run by hydraulic power. These bigger machines are used to break larger elements like pavement, rocks and concrete. However, it is important to note, that modern jackhammers do not have the ability to drill rock. Bosh power tools are a known name when it comes to the jackhammers and drills. It is the North American branch of the largest power tools and accessory manufacturer in the world.

Bosch Jackhammer Models

While there are several makes and models of jackhammers on the market, here are just a few of the most frequently used models.

Bosch 11304K Brute 15 Amp 1-1/8-Inch Collared Hex-Breaker Hammer with Cart

The Bosch Brute jackhammer is a quick and a quiet machine, much quieter than the gas/air powered hammers. This jackhammer is actually quite easy to operate and there is no feeling of tiring or fatiguing pain afterwards. It is slightly heavy, at about 60lbs, for a single person to lift, but two people can lift it from one place to another in no time. As an added benefit it comes with the cart which makes its transportation very easy. Electrically powered this jackhammer is much more convenient and easy to use than a gas or air-compressed powered hammer.  The solid structure makes this jackhammer durable and powerful, so you can handle even some of the toughest demolition jobs. With the capability to chew through more than 6 inches of concrete, dirt and rock the Bosch Brute jackhammer will help complete any job in a matter of hours, and with ease.

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Bosch Jackhammer (11335K 35 Lb)

The Bosch 11335K is an ideal set including a jackhammer, pointed chisel (400mm), carrying case with wheels, articulating auxiliary handle, grease tube and a cleaning rag.

The handle contains a vibration shock absorber so that it reduces the vibration to about 40% in comparison to the other jack hammers. The handle contains multiple positioning grips which make the performance of the machine great for various angles, horizontal and vertical alignment as well. Also the handle is large which makes the control and handling much easier. The handle can rotate at 360 degrees which makes this jackhammer ideal for a wide range of movement along with the operator comfort.

There is a well-positioned lock on the switch which avoids the unintentional shut off of the machine. The Bosh Jackhammer 11335 weighs just over 35 lbs. Bosch has redefined this machine as one of the best performance, vibration reducing and durable products on the market. The excellent performance and the ability to work both in vertical as well as horizontal angles make this Bosch top of the line.

Bosch 11335K 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer Kit

Bosch Demolition Hammer (11316EVS SDS-Max)

Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

This Bosch Demolition Jackhammer is one of the favorites as it is very user-friendly. This tool does only one job so it may not be very versatile but it knows how to do this one job and performs it well like nothing else can. It weighs less than 23 pounds but it is very powerful. It offers a range of impact energy from 4.4lbs to 18.4 ft. /lb transforming the concrete into dust.

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The good thing about this machine is that you are not required to exert pressure on it and if you do the machine would slow you down. To operate this jackhammer you need a firm and steady pressure to provide you with the best results. The handle of the machine is generously padded which avoids you from absorbing the maximum vibrations and also the handle rotates 360 degrees so you can move it in the position which is most comfortable to you.

You also have the variable speed dial which allows you to choose from the six speed settings. You can choose it to make a hole in anything you want from plastic to concrete and the machine will keep your set impact constant from no-load to load conditions. The chisel locks in 12 different positions allowing you to optimize the working angle. Since it works with electricity so it is also known as Bosch electrical jackhammer.

Bosch Jackhammer Bits

New Bosch SF4621 4-5/8-Inch Self-Feeding Bit

Bosch SF4621 4-5/8-Inch Self-Feeding Bit

When you need a clean and accurate hole in the wood, pipe or anywhere else, then this self-feeding bit by Bosh is quite reliable as it is for faster and easier cutting, even in the wet wood. Bosch is now offering around 13 bits which come in various sizes, from 1 inch to 8 inches in diameter. All of these bits come with replaceable coarse threaded tip which makes the holes even more accurate and consistent. Now each bit comes with a replacement kit which includes additional threaded screw tip, hex wrench and a set screw.

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Bosch Jackhammer Parts and Repair

Since Bosch is so widely recognized their parts are also available for resale alone. There are separate Bosch jackhammer parts for different models. Like if you are looking for a bearing housing then you can order it separately. And similar other parts like bearing fans, screw plug, insulating housing, all are available individually.

There are separate Bosch jackhammer parts available so there is also an option of repair if something happens to your machine. All recently purchased machines are covered under warranty and you can return it to the store from where it was purchased it. You also have an option to call a technician to see what damage has taken place in order to repair it. There is also a Bosch brute service kit available for you to change the small parts which may suffer the effects of wear and tear over time. Bosch jackhammers are built strong for tough purposes, so fixing your jackhammer is rare. The fact that you can replace or call a technician for help at any time only adds to the value of Bosch products.

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