Blueberry Rake Buying Guide: Harvester Types & Reviews


Perhaps one of the most important occupations in the world is farming, as farmers are used to harvest the source of our food. In the past they had to work very hard cultivating the crops, but now with the help of different agricultural instruments farmers can grow more food than ever before. The implementation of agricultural instruments has lessened their work load and made harvesting crops much more lucrative.

Small harvests of berries were particularly difficult to work with as there are thousands of berries in a crop that must be harvested in just a short amount of time.  Picking all those berries by hand is a difficult and backbreaking work for harvesters without the help of a harvesting tool.  For that reason the blueberry rake has been created to help speed up the process of collecting berries with the quickest amount of time and the least damage to the blueberry plant, like a personal blueberry harvester.

The Development

The current history associated with Maine’s blueberry crops perhaps began using the first initiatives at mechanization within the 1970s. The industry’s sluggish and continuing transition to harvesting devices was created smoother through 15 many years of labor from the few 1000 Latinos, mainly Mexican, who yearly journeyed here to be able to work per month raking blueberries.
Many plantation workers explain wild blueberry raking as the most actually painful farming work in the United Kingdom because from the unavoidable as well as excruciating back pain brought on by spending nine or more hours stooping to achieve ground degree.

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After years of such aches and pains blueberry rakes finally became a conception and an implementation for all professionals. Creative rakers possess improvised rake adaptations to lessen somewhat the requirement to bend over and also to increase the actual yield for each sweep from the rake.

Types of Blueberry Rakes

There are two main forms of blueberry rakes that are available on the market: high bush rakes and low brush rakes.  They are differentiated based on the types of crops that you will be harvesting berries from.

HighBush Rakes

High bush rakes are most commonly used to pick berries that are cultivated for commercial sale.  These are the berry bushes that provide the blueberries that we often see at the local supermarket.  High brush blueberry patches are planted by individual harvesters and are commonly harvested with heavy duty blueberry rakes as there are typically more berries.

LowBush Rakes

Lowbush blueberry rakes are typically used to pick berries that are grown naturally in certain parts of the country. These rakes are more affordable and are smaller; they don’t hold as many blueberries as the industrial rake.

While each rake is ideal for different crops there are many consumers that swear by the use of the lowbush blueberry rake and its ability to remove all berries from the bush with the least amount of damage to the plant.  Lowbush rakes, according to consumers, are also easier to handle and maneuver than the highbush rakes. Not to mention most consumers sell them at a more affordable price as they are not as high-tech.

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Buying a Blueberry Rake

There are many blueberry rakes on the market for sale, whether you need one for your personal crop harvesting or the weekend blueberry picking. There are several companies that provide quality highbrush and lowbrush blueberry rakes online at some great price points. If you are looking for low prices on blueberry rakes for a sale a great place to start your search is online where you can compare prices for this harvesting tool. Also, if you are new to the profession or hobby you can also learn about what types of blueberry rakes are right for you to consider purchasing.

Sites like and have some simple rakes for various prices, and these sites are great for getting harvesting, growing, and planting information on berries as well. You can look up your blueberry rake plans and uses through their site and find out exactly if the blueberry rake you are looking at is suitable for your needs. Some of these websites are run by blueberry harvesters that have personal experience using various rakes can connect with potential clients regarding questions or concerns about their own picking experiences.

Blueberry Harvester for You

Hand blueberry harvesters are growing in popularity, and as a result there are more and more companies selling these products. Hands harvesting blueberries may be estimated to require as much as 550 worker-hours for each acre as well as in 2011 expenses for around $1 per pound. Labor expenses are projected to increase while blueberry prices are required to decrease. As the actual blueberry business expands across the country finding sufficient hand selecting laborers throughout the peak crop season can become an issue. For that reason a blueberry harvester is recommended for those who have extensive blueberry crops that must be harvested for sales purposes.

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Maine’s Blueberry Rake

Maine is perhaps best known for their production of blueberry crops. It is no shock that Maine’s blueberry rake production is also the highest in the country, as farmers that harvest the berries best understand how to pick the berries. Certain communities have even developed traditions of joining together during picking season to help their local farmers harvest their crops before the berries turn bad.  Maine’s blueberry rake incorporation is a must during these times as the rake is pushed through each bush and is used to gather up as many berries as possible. The more berries the more to enjoy and the more money to be made.

As you can see the blueberry rake may not be a tool we use often in our daily lives, but it is a necessary and appreciated tool for the hardworking berry harvesters each time their crops are ripe.

Whether you are harvesting blueberries for your personal pleasure or to support the marketing desires of consumers, the use of a blueberry rake is perhaps a godsend.  After all purple fingers don’t have to be sore fingers.

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