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There are different types of lathe machines, some are specifically made for wood and some are made for metals. A Birmingham lathe is made to perform projects that concern various types of metals. A lathe is a handy tool when you are looking at a restoration project of old cars and other similar work which spare parts are not available anymore. Besides using this machining piece for professional work it can be also utilized by hobbyist to do fun projects that meets their fancy. These can include a hammer copper planter for home decorations, punched metal arts that can be placed into the wall, a greeting card that is embossed in metal, and cut outs made of metal either for decorations or other purposes. Usually fun projects include the use of materials that are very small and may require technical knowledge.

Birmingham metal lathe will function at its optimum in making small parts by following the steps provided.

1. In order to accommodate the size of the material, the chuck and jaws will need to be set. Birmingham lathe accessories are available to use in changing the jaws of the machine. This is made possible by loosening the screws that holds the jaws of the machine and simply sliding it out and replacing it with the ones that are needed.

2. In order to accommodate the size of the material, the chuck and jaws will need to be set. Birmingham lathe accessories are available to use in changing the jaws of the machine. This is made possible by loosening the screws that holds the jaws of the machine and simply sliding it out and replacing it with the ones that are needed.

3. When the material is already placed in the jaws of the Birmingham lathe tighten it by using the chuck key. If the lathe machine comes with a foot tightening mechanism by stepping on it the jaws will tighten on the raw material and hold it in position. The clearance must be enough between the tool and the tool turret.

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4. There will be a necessity to turn off the safety mechanism of the Birmingham lathe machine when doing small materials for the operator must get close in doing the job. The operator must make sure that the raw material is doing its spin concentrically.

5. Before the machine starts cutting on the material make sure that the inputs are accurate. This will ensure that the chuck will not be damaged even though that the safety switch is off. Once the chuck is damaged this would mean a major repair and it will be costly. This is one of the concerns if small materials are used in operation of the Birmingham lathe.

6. Once the first output is done check for accuracy of the dimensions if it follows as specified there will be no need to watch over the next material that will be placed on the jaws of the machine.

Types and Makes of the Birmingham Lathe

The machines are produced by different countries like Taiwan and China, the Lux Brand Lathes is the one that is made in Taiwan. It’s a very good precision engine with castings that are certified Meehanite. The machine is equipped with metric and inch gear boxes so there will be no need to change gears when doing metric work and the next job requires English measurement. Some Birmingham lathe parts come for free with the purchase of certain products, these includes a face plates, 2 and 4 jaw chucks, rear splash guard, tool bax and leveling pad. Once the decision to purchase is made there are optional accessories that are available to add to the cart like the digital read outs, taper attachments, 5 C collet closer, and the halogen work lamp. Detailed specifications of the product are available at

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The China made product is the Birmingham Model YCL 1236 Geared Head Engine Lathe with Removable Gap with the some of the following features and specifications.

  1. The bed swing over is 13 inches.
  2. The cross slide swing over is 8 inches.
  3. Gap bed swing over is 18 ¾ inches.
  4. The width of gap is 7 7/8 of an inch.
  5. The distance between the centers of the machine is 40 inches.
  6. Hole thru the spindle is 1 3/8 inches.
  7. 12 choices of spindle speeds from 70 to 2000 rpm.
  8. Net weight of the machine with stand is 1200 lbs.

More details are seen at

Upon receiving the machines it is important that the person knows how to install the product in order for it to work with precision.  Here are some suggestions in how to install these precision machining products.

  1. When unpacking the Birmingham lathe check for manuals and other parts that may be left behind before discarding its packaging.
  2. Consider the weight of the machine. Make sure that the area that it will be placed on is stable and can carry its weight a concrete floor is the most ideal location.
  3. To ensure that the weight is distributed on the headstock and tailstock pedestal turn the leveling screws counter clockwise.
  4. Use a leveling guide to ensure that the machine is equal on all sides with a clearance of .00005” per foot increments nearest to the headstock.
  5. By adjusting the leveling screws of the headstock the bubble of the leveling guide will center at zero angle. This can be done by turning the screws clockwise with the use a wrench.
  6. To know when the machine is angled correctly the reading should be zero in both tailstock and headstock.

These are just some suggestion when positioning the lathe machine  has the complete details in properly unpacking and preparing the lathe for use.

Finding the Right Birmingham for You

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No matter which country made the Birmingham lathe in can still be found on the directory of CCC Birmingham. When a person will type this on the internet and then press search different types of company listings will appear under this category. A large number of companies have registered to the website in order to gain advantage of this internet marketing arm. It shows maps and locations of all the companies that have availed of their services including the makers of the Birmingham lathe machines. The official website of the CCC Birmingham is

Before you decide which late is right for you, you should always check out product and model reviews to find the right fit for your needs.  Learning from what other consumers already know is a great advantage.

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