Best Portable Whiteboard Options For You!

portable whiteboard Ideas are tricky things. Sometimes we get a real doozy and it needs to be developed. So, what is the best way to hang on to and chase an idea? Why, a whiteboard, of course. Also good for teaching, communicating metrics, and more, they truly are useful to have whether for the home or the office. In this article we are going to help you to find the perfect place for quickly jotting down and building on your ideas. Let’s talk about the best portable whiteboard options for you!

What should one look for in a portable whiteboard?

When it comes to selecting the right whiteboard then you need to evaluate the full usage that you would like to enjoy. Do you simply want a place that you can write? A few examples of some other features that are popular in portable whiteboards are as follows:

  • Magnetic surface – Allows you to affix notes, diagrams, magnetic letters, and more.
  • Reversible – Some whiteboards flip over so that you have a bit of extra writing surface just on the other side.
  • Rollers – If you want to move your notes and work in another part of the house or the office, it’s always better to roll then to have to disassemble and reassemble.

Now that you’ve got a good mental image of what you will be using your own whiteboard for, let’s discuss some of our favorite picks.

VIZ-PRO Light Magnetic Tripod Whiteboard/Flipchart Easelportable whiteboard

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Our first humble entry is this VIZ-PRO magnetic whiteboard and it measures in at 24″ x 36″ inches. It’s got all you need to get started plotting  out your next book, teaching a concept, or whatever else you feel like doing… just add the markers. This whiteboard is very much portable, with an easel-style tripod for elevating your new creative space. This model also fits a flip chart upgrade if you decide that you’d like to develop an idea with a progressive display of your notes. It’s a great way to communicate an idea that you’ve flushed out in order to attract enthusiasm and possible investors. This Whiteboard can also be hung with a plastic hook that comes with it should you prefer and will not break the bank at its affordable $59.99 pricetag. 

Tripollo Standing magnetic whiteboard

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portable whiteboard Our second entry is this Tripollo standing magnetic 28” x 40” inch whiteboard and it’s a nice little bargain. This one doesn’t need an upgrade if you would like the flipchart, as it is included with the price, and this model rotates a full 360 degrees. It also comes with an elastic clip, flipchart hooks, and a marker tray at the base so that you can keep those markers handy. You’ll be ready to go with this model as well, asw it comes with 3 pens, 1 eraser, and 6 magnets. The stand folds up for easy travel and for $99.95 it’s practically an impulse purchase. What will you be writing on yours? 


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CREATIVE SPACE Standing Mobile Whiteboardportable whiteboard

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Now, let’s say that you like the idea of having your own ideas whiteboard but you need a little more space? Portability can sometimes be expressed in mobility, so why not go with a larger whiteboard with wheels? The Creative Space standing mobile whiteboard is an excellent choice in such a case. So, what kind of features do you get when you start to get into more premium whiteboards? Let’s start with the size. This whiteboard’s dimensions are 48” by 36” inches, so you’ll have plenty of space to work in. It is also reversible just in case another idea hits you out of the blue. The wheel are durable, constructed of steel and silicone for smooth rolling and included in the package are a few extras that you can put to good use:

  • Erasable weekly planner to keep track of goals and appointments
  • 24 magnetic dots for attaching additional notes
  • Magnetic ruler
  • Magnetic eraser
  • 10 washi tapes for creating graphs
  • Wall mounting kit
  • 1 mystery surprise gift from the manufacturer

 Just add markers and you are good to go. This set retails for $249.99 and it’s worth every penny.

Luxor Mobile Dry Erase Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminum Frame and Stand

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portable whiteboard Our final entry is the largest mobile white board and while it is portable in the sense that you can roll it around the office or your house that will be about the limit of it. That’s because, while you can roll it around, this model actually has a working space of 96” x 40”. That’s a whole lot of workspace and so the manufacturer has made sure of its durability. This whiteboard comes with a sturdy aluminum and steel

“ A smooth surface where erasing your work is never a chore…”

frame which includes a tray space for your marker and the painted steel surface resists ghosting while providing a smooth surface where erasing your work is never a chore. This unit comes with 4 casters, two of which have locking breaks, and there is also a lock for when you reverse the whiteboard so that it stays in place no matter which side of the board that you are using.  If you want something that looks truly professional  to use in your workshop or home office then this might be the board for you. Cost-wise, this will set you back about $362 but with its sturdy, quality construction you will be enjoying the use of it for a long, long time.

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Some final words

In this article we’ve discussed the best portable whiteboards for collating ideas, teaching, and more. Sometimes the motivation of mounting an idea for constant viewing is exactly what we need to push ourselves. Don’t believe us? Well, get yourself a small whiteboard, write an idea on it, and see what happens. Within a week you’ll find that you are adding more and more notes and before you know it, your idea might be a business plan. Just try it and see!