Best Paint Stripper Guide: Furniture, Automotive, Mediums, Silent & Varnish Paint Stripper Reviews

If the paint of your wall has faded, and there are peels and cracks on your wall then you might consider repainting the whole surface. Before a fresh coat of paint can be applied to the wall, you have to prepare the surface and get it ready for paint stripping. If paint stripping is not done to the surface prior to applying a fresh layer of paint, the wall will have buildups and it will affect the appearance of the surface. If you want to paint strip your wall or any other surface in the best way then you must try the best paint stripper.

There are various techniques to strip the paint of the wall, furniture, automotive or any other surface. If you choose the most suitable technique or a combination of two or more techniques for the paint stripping job then that would be very helpful for you. There are a wide variety of paint strippers available on the market today. A list of the best paint stripper medium from the General Chemical Corp. is as follows:

  • Aluminum Paint Stripper:  This paint stripper is used to strip aluminum and remove paint from it. This paint stripper can be used to remove powder coat from aluminum, or any other non ferrous metal, without having an adverse effect on its surface. The aluminum paint stripper also serves as the best automotive stripper as it can be used to refurbish the used cars to put them up for sale. The classic and vintage car owners can also use this type of stripper to restore their old car and make them look as classy as before. The water based aluminum paint strippers have superior cleaning ability, and it does not contain any flammable solvents or phenols. It is economical to use and its bath life is more as compared to other solvents.
  • E-coat Stripper 9410: This paint stripper is specially made to remove the E-coat Powder Coat from aluminum, steel and any other ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Electrocoating, or E-coat as it is popularly known, is a method of painting that uses electric current to deposit paint on the surface. This stripper does not have any adverse effect on the galvanized surfaces if it is used on them. It is very helpful to remove the epoxy coating by lifting film from the substrate. It has very low probability of causing airborne health hazards. This multi metal paint stripper removes the e-coat as a solid.
  • Latexsol 6840: Latexsol 6840 is an eco-friendly latex paint remover that can be used to remove paint from uncured and cured latex. It can also be used to remove the epoxy coatings from various kinds of substrates. Before you use the latex stripper, you should do a small test to determine if the paint is based on latex or not. Apply some xylene to the sample; if the paint contains latex, the sample will dissolve for the easy stripping. If the paint does not contain latex, the sample will remain as it is and it means that it is based on oil.
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Choosing the Best Varnish Stripper

There are various varnish strippers that are available in hardware and paint stores, home centers, and variety stores. There are both the good ones and the inexpensive ones available in the stores. All these varnish strippers do the work of softening the surface, and sanding and scraping the surface but you should choose only the best varnish stripper to do your work.

The methods of removing paint and varnish are enumerated below:

  • Removing using chemicals – Before you apply a fresh coat of paint or varnish, you have to remove the old coat. Removing paint and varnish using chemicals is one of the best paint stripper methods. The chemical paint remover or varnish remover can be used to soften the surface where the fresh coat is to be applied. After the top layer is softened, it can be washed away with water or can be removed by scraping. The chemical varnish and paint remover are available in a variety of stores on both liquid and semi-paste forms. The liquid paint removers can be used to remove the upper layers of the paint. This type of stripper is suitable for removing just two or three layers of paint as it dries up quickly. The liquid form of paint stripper is considered as the best stain stripper as it can be used to remove the stubborn spots from the surface after it has been washed. The other kind of paint stripper, the one in the form of semi-paste, is thicker and so it can be used to remove the thick layers of the paint. It can be applied to wooden surface to remove the heavy layers of paint on the furniture. Water based strippers should not be used to remove paint from the furniture as it can damage it. So semi-paste paint stripper should be used and it is considered as the best furniture paint stripper.
  • Removing using sanding – Sanding is also a method to strip off the paint and varnish from different surfaces. Power sanders or hand sanders can be used to sand away the upper layer of surfaces. Hand sanders are suitable for small jobs but if you want to do bigger ones, the power sanders are the best for that job. Sanding is an easy and quick method of removing paint from the surface but if it being used on the furniture then the chances are high that a thin layer of the wood can also be scraped off.
  • Removing using heat – Heat is another method of removing the layer of paint from the surface. The heat from the heat guns or other special electric paint removers can be used to destroy the film of the old paint. This makes it easier for scraping the layer of paint from the surface of wood or any metal. The heat paint remover is also considered as silent paint remover as it does not involve noisemaking techniques.
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There are different paint stripping techniques widely available but you should choose only the best paint stripper method to remove the old paint from the surface you are going to apply fresh paint on.

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