Best Multitool Review Guide: Leatherman, Oscillating, Power Multitool & Gerber Multitool

A multi tool is a hand tool that mixes and matches a variety of other small tools in one handy, often flip out form. They are very useful for workers of all types, such as artists, builders, carpenters and even electricians, and save a lot of hassle in having to bring many tools around with you. Since all the tools you need are in one handy flip out mechanism, there is no need for huge, bulky carrying cases to hold all your tools in anymore.

They come in all different shapes and sizes, and many come in a variety of colors. Also, there are many different brands of multi tool out there. Some, obviously, are going to be a lot better than others while some will equal the standard you get out of a Christmas cracker, so be warned when purchasing one of these multi tools!

Why You Need the Best Multi Tool for Your Needs

There are so many different brands of multi tool on the market, and many of them are for completely different purposes. It’s essential that you select one that has the tools you need provided in it and one that has a good warranty period or has a proven durable track record. You want to be sure that your tools will be able to withstand harsh conditions, including being able to stand up to constant use.

While you might be more inclined to purchase a more inexpensive multi tool, be weary as a cheaper price tag often comes with flaws and might not last as long as it should. While you don’t want to spend 100s on a multi tool, finding the best tool for the best price is always recommended.

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Best Brands of Multi Tool

It would also be very useful to know of which brands of multi tool are the best to buy and what makes them so much better or worse than other models online. You can always search reviews and products endlessly for hours to find the best multi tool review, but here is a list of the best ones and the most well known ones so you can find one to suit your tastes in tool for your line of work or your ordinary, everyday hobby. The following are just a few of the multi tool brands often found on the market.

  • Leatherman Multi Tools

Leatherman have been around for a while but are still one of the most famous brand names out there in the tool industry, for incredibly obvious reasons. All their tools are top notch and made of only the best material possible for the task at hand and can be found in stores nationwide.

They have a very good set of heavy duty multi tools, known as the Crunch, the SuperTool 300 and the Surge. All of these have multiple, hard working tools within them, specifically for a line of work that would be very hard on tools like industry work or building. They have pliers, wire strippers, knives, anything you need for the task at hand. All you have to is select the best Leatherman from one of those three you’d like from their availability online.

They have other types of tools too. They have full sized ones, for reasonably big products and used mostly by professionals. They have pocket sized ones, for people who are on the go constantly. They also have little keychain multi tools, which are best for people who just want one, just in case something goes wrong and they need a multi tool quickly.

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Some of the reviews for Leatherman products are astounding. Here is an example of what one satisfied customer had to say about their Leatherman multi tool and why they thought it was the best.

Much easier to use with one hand and a little more ergonomic too (e.g., easier to reach and open individual components, easier one-hand access to outside blades). – Tom

  • Kershaw Multi Tool

While Kershaw seem to deal mostly in lone knives and lone high quality blades (as you can see from their site), they make some pretty neat multi tools on top of that!

Their multi tools focus solely on many different kinds of knives in one handy contraption, which is great for kitchen work and cooking in general. This means that you won’t have to have separate knives for cutting butter, meat and vegetables, because they are all in one little mechanism.

Many people think this is the best multi tool for knifing purposes and it is a very big competitor on the market right now. Please consumers often leave comments such as this:

…if you’re looking for a multi-tool that takes your work as seriously as you do, then Kershaw’s Multi-Tool is the only way to go. With its solid construction and superior engineering, you’ll be able to depend on it for years and years to come. –B.J.

  • Gerber Multi Tool

Gerber are rather famous for their knives and military gear and make some fine multi tooled knives to top it all off.  They have fifty two different types of tool and many of them are multi tools with various different knives you need for the wilderness on top of cooking in your own kitchen.

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There are quite a few reviews circling the internet for this brand in particular. Here is a consumer’s perspective of one of the best Gerber multi tools available.

I like this tool (Legend) for around the house projects. I especially like the one handed opening of the knife and scissors. Doesn’t seem like much, but when you have what you need to cut in one hand, and you get your tool out with the other – it is incredibly useful. -unknown

What other Multi Tools are Available

One type of multi tool you may be interested in is the oscillating multi tools. The best well known brands for these are the Bosch, Fein MultiMaster and Milwaukee. Power multi tools are also very popular these days. The best brands to buy for these are Dremel, Sog and Leatherman do a few too!

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