Best Garden Small Rototiller Review And Comparisons


Gardening is one of the oldest hobbies which dates way back before our history is written, it was very much a part of the ancient Roman and Assyrian cultures. It was even considered as a special privilege for the upper and middle class society during the 18th and the 19th centuries. Today, gardening not only serves as a hobby, which provide a sense of connection with nature and the environment, but also as a significant source of food supplement and medicinal herbs. This is why it is taken seriously by most homeowners that tend to and nurture their gardens with the help of modern tools like a small rototiller.

Small rototillers are used in homes as well as in small public and commercial gardens. It is specifically designed for light garden plowing and harrowing jobs. The back breaking tillage and tough manual labor are no longer a problem with the use of this lightweight but powerful machine. It also gets the job done in a considerably shorter amount of time. This tilling equipment is powered forward by a 1.5 horse power petrol engine with rotating thorn- like blades. It is not equipped with wheels so to control the movement of the machine, an adjustable tine is attached behind the blades. It serves as the breaks to achieve the appropriate speed going forwards. The operator of the machine has the control of the force used on the machine so the operator has full control of how he wants his garden soil tilled or prepared for growing crops or flowery plants.

Mini rototillers or garden tillers are newer models of compact agricultural cultivators. These power tillers are also popular among small farm owners aside from home gardeners. Not only is it inexpensive as compared to two-wheeled and four wheeled tractors, they are also a lot easier to handle and to maneuver. Garden tillers can be either electrical or gas operated. Usually electrical rototillers are more lightweight, but sometimes power cords become bothersome. With gas powered rototillers no power cords gets in the way with your work but these units are a lot heavier.

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Electric Rototiller and the Environment

For promotion of environmental awareness issues electric rototillers are highly recommended for your garden plowing needs. Gas powered machines greatly contribute to air pollution and with the  increasing public participation towards  going green, the use of electric rototillers can be the best choice, next to doing it by hand. Although, some degree of power might be lost, because gas powered models are more powerful and heavier than the electric units of the same range. But it does not matter that much if it means that you are doing your social responsibility to protect our ecological system.

Best Small Rototiller Brands in the Market

Among the best small rototillers brands are the Mantis Tiller, Stihl mini tillers, and the Troy Bilt tillers.  Each has great features to fit your garden tilling requirements. Preferred models for the Mantis brand are the Fast Start Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller and the Mantis 4-Cycle Honda Powered Tiller. These models are both very lightweight and yet powerful enough to till even the most compacted soil. Transport, storage and maneuvering are no longer your concern because of their compact sizes. For Troy Bilt brand, the big red 12 inch 305cc Briggs and Stratton 1450 series, TB154 9 inch 6.5 Amp Electrical Tiller and the TB 146 EC 12 inch 4-cycle gas powered tiller are among its best sellers. It also has a Honda engine powered model which is available at great price points.

Honda tillers are slowly gaining popularity among gardeners because of their extraordinary features and durability. It is a given fact that Honda is an iconic brand as far the engine industry is concerned. It has been trusted for its efficiency for all its product lines and Honda tillers are among them. The units are guaranteed operator friendly with several safety and comfort features. Controls are easily reached, it has folding handles for easy storage and is equipped with transport wheels for smooth and easy mobility. With Honda tiller’s known efficiency, you get perfectly tilled soil in just a single pass. The FG 110 Mini Tiller is its small wonder model for home gardening; it even offers different attachments and accessories for more versatile jobs.

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Small Rototiller Reviews and Comparison

Prior to buying your new garden rototiller identify which type of tool suits your needs best. Consider the size of your garden or lawn area so you do not spend on an either too small or too big equipment piece for your garden in mind. It is also very important to determine the composition and texture of your soil. This is because some models are not suited for hard and densely compacted soil. Furthermore, certain tillers are self propelled by their wheels, making them easier to control even you are working on uneven surfaces or if the machine comes in contact with debris, rocks and other materials in the soil. Other kinds of small plowing equipment like the mini tiller are usually more powerful and heavy duty units making them ideal for small farm owners. It is more economical and more practical to use as compared to four wheeled tractors, and yet delivers the same cultivating quality.

Small Rototiller Sale/Small Rototiller for Rent

To find the best deals on your tilling requirements without taking much of your time, you can search online. There several rototiller stores that offer a wide variety of trusted models and brands on the market today. You can gather adequate information first from them before finally deciding which one is best for you. They can provide important details like pricing range and warranty stipulations for most models available in stores. Better yet if you want to get the real feel of it, you can visit the nearest retail store in your area. While some online stores offer shipment or delivery arrangements at very affordable costs there is nothing like trying it out for yourself before you have to buy.

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If you are not sold on buying a new piece of garden equipment you can opt to rent from your local tool rental stores. You can even negotiate on rental rates whether per hour or per day basis. Be sure to check that your rented unit is in good working condition and ask for instruction manuals and contact numbers in cases of unexpected breakdowns.


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