Best Corded Drill To Buy Guide: Reviews For Home Use, Angle Drill & Drill Drivers

When you are shopping for a drill, for personal or professional use, it is important to keep in mind the reviews of whatever brand and model you are considering.   Several sites and businesses claim that they sell the best corded drill on the market, but anyone can say anything about what they sell.  For that reason it is important that you seek out third party reviews and find out what drill is most suitable for your needs.

Corded Drill Reviews

While spending an extra half hour of your busy day seeking out corded drill reviews may not be at the top of your list it is important if you are seeking to find the most quality drill for your money. There are several websites that are dedicated to offering you brand information and reviews from actual consumers on specific models of drills.

One such site is, which is dedicated to informing consumers on models of drills, cordless or not, that are sold be various brands.  The idea is to inform consumers so that they can make the determination themselves of what the best corded drills to buy are.

Another site, and the more popular of the two, is  When you search for corded drills on their site you are directed to various brands, and in-depth reviews from real consumers who have purchased that specific item thorough the website. The star rating system is of particular use for a quick reference as to which drills ranked highest among consumers.

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You can also check out the specific manufacturer’s websites for testimonials and reviews from consumers.  Keep in mind that if there are not quotes around a statement and it is not cited, then it is not a real testimonial from a consumer. While most manufacturer’s websites are legitimate and always offer a great deal of information you must always be weary of what you read.

Drills and Accessories

If you are looking for a specific drill with an added feature or accessory those reviews and products can also be found online with just a little searching.  Simply typing in a search engine looking for the best corded drill for home use will provide you with several options to search through.  You may have to weed through some of the sites to legitimately find the right drill, but eventually it will surface.

Corded Drill Driver

When shopping for the best corded drill driver perhaps one of the most useful sites is  Your results will wield five drill drivers that are available on the market today, and the reviews and ratings that they have been given by actual consumers. The following five appear on said list:

  • Rigid 3/8 in. corded driver
  • Ryobi 3/8 in. VSR clutch driver
  • Hitachi D10VH 3/8 drill
  • DeWalt DWD 110K
  • DeWalt DWD 115K Heavy Duty 3/8 VSR

While each of these drills was ranked among the best for various reasons, some of these same drills were awarded as the best corded drill with clutch also.  It is information such as this that should be relevant to your research for the all around best corded drill.

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Cordless Angle Drill

Say for instance that you are looking for a cordless drill, a cordless angle drill to be precise, your search  can be done much in the same manner as other drills.  At professionals even break down some of the most beneficial and durable right angle drills on the market, determining that some are better than others for certain projects. Some of those drills include:

  • Milwaukee 3107-6 ½ Right angle
  • Makita DA4031 ½ inch angle drill
  • DeWalt DW960K-2 3/8 in. cordless right angle

Oddly enough the site directs you back to as a great vendor of these angle drills, and at a great price.

As you can see, regardless of the specifications that you may have for your next drill, there is plenty of information online to help you make a decision that your money can be well worth for years to come.

Best Corded Drill 2010-2011

In taking a look back at 2010, if you are wondering what drill was raved as the best corded drill of 2010, you need not look any further than your computer. actually claims that there was a tie between the two best drills on the market at the end of last year: the Makita ½ inch DP4000 and the Milwaukee ½ inch 0234 Magnum. The Milwaukee Magnum is raved as being one of the most durable and powerful corded drills on the market, not to mention with easy to operate and easy to change brushes.  The Makita, on the other hand, has an even more powerful motor than the Magnum, and it is designed to give the operator maximum comfort in use.

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Now that 2011 is coming to a close, it is important to assess some of the best corded drills of 2011, especially before the arrival of the holidays. Because there may still be some corded drills releasing before the year is up you would need to do a comparison between expected models and the Magnum or the aforementioned Makita.  By comparing the specifications you will be able to determine whether or not the 2010 corded drills really do still outweigh any of the newer models on the market.

Now that you have a firm understanding of the way research online should be conducted when searching for a corded drill, it is important to begin.  If you are shopping for someone else it would be wise to also research return policies and procedures, in case you don’t purchase the right drill.  Whether the drill is for someone else or for yourself, you should also take into consideration any warranties that the manufacturer sells with their corded drills.  Typically these will cost a little more, however they can save you the cost of replacement down the road should something happen to your drill.

Finding the best corded drills may feel like a chore, but taking a little extra time to find the right one will save you a lot of headaches in the end.

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