Best Barn Door Rollers Of 2023 Guide

barn door rollersA lot of work gets done in the barn. Sometimes you’ve got your hobby lab there, other times it’s a workshop, or maybe it’s just some plain old feed or other type of storage. Whatever the use you are getting out of your barn, there is no reason that you cannot give it both efficiency and style. To that effect we have collected two of our favorite barn door rollers in kit form that you can acquire, utilize, and enjoy. Without further ado, let’s talk about barn door rollers kits!

What should I look for in a barn door kit?

When it comes to selecting a barn door kit there are a few things that you want to make sure to look for. Some attributes that are important factors to consider are as follows:

  • Weight capacity – Barn doors are heavy-duty and also, just plain heavy. You need to ensure that the barn door roller kit that you select is going to be rated for the weight of the door which you intend to use. Something cheaper might work, sure, but it’s better to avoid potential issues and purchase a roller kit that has more than the needed capacity and thus is likely to last much longer than an inferior unit.
  • Durability of materials – What is your roller kit made of? Iron and carbon steel are going to be the winners in this category, with our personal preference going to the iron. You want something that is made to last and iron can pass the tests of time.
  • Thickness rating – The barn door roller kit which you select will need to be able to not only support the weight of the door but its particular thickness. With that in mind we recommend that you keep your door measurements handy as you consider the models that we will display for you to ensure that your favorite roller is going to be a good fit.
  • Movement control – You need to make sure that the door only moves through its designated space of operation. If proper stops are not in place then your door can become damaged, requiring you to either implement a ‘home fix’ or worse, requiring replacement of the rollers or having to repair a damaged door.
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Homlux Sturdy single sliding door barn roller kitbarn door rollers

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Our first entry is the Homlux and they aren’t kidding when they say that it is sturdy, as the rail and rollers are designed to hold up to 350 pounds. Anti-jump discs help to keep the door on the rollers and a simple guide in place helps to keep the door from swinging. The additional weight capacity of this model means that you are not limited to using this for a barn, as you can incorporate some fairly rustic and fancy doors inside even your own house to give it a southwest look and feel. As far as technical specs, this model is good for doors with a thickness of 1 3/8  – 1 3/4, so if you are looking for a heavy capacity barn door roller kit that looks nice then this might just be a good fit for you!

Genius Iron single-door barn door roller kit

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barn door rollersOur favorite model has a weight capacity of only 220 pounds and fits door widths of 36” to 40” and thickness of 1 3/8” to 1 3/4”. We have to admit a weakness for the iron construction, both for its durability and looks, and it is easy to install with a standard U.S. stud spacing of 16”. The nylon wheels keep the operation quiet so like the Homlux this is excellent for house use as well. A door stop and a floor guide are present so that you can ensure proper operation without fear of swinging or de-railing

“You can ensure proper operation without fear of swinging or de-railing.”

and the unit comes fully assembled and ready to install in minutes. Best of all, this hardware is handcrafted and designed to last and thus it reigns as our current favorite when it comes to barn door kits.

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What do I need to install a barn door?

For installation of most of these barn door roller kits the instructions are fairly simple. Aside from safety items such as a good pair of work gloves and some eye shielding if you are worried about the drilling portions, you will need the following tools (note, add a router to this list if you want to bevel a mounting board):

  • Drill and bits
  • Drill Bits
  • A reliable level
  • A Reciprocating saw
  • A Tape Measure
  • Your trusty socket set

Standard Installation instructions to use with most kits

  1. First, attach your mounting board to the top of the barn door opening, utilizing the wall studs if you can (as this is going to be supporting that heavy door!)
  2. Trim the track for your door as needed, it should be twice as long as the door is wide.
  3. If your track is not pre-drilled (or if you want to add additional reinforcement) then now is the time to drill the holes you require.
  4. Install the track above the opening of your barn door and add the spacers which will facilitate movement of the door on your new track.
  5. Now you want to affix the hanger rollers and hang your door on the new track, as well as any additional steps required per your models instructions.

Some final words

In today’s article we’ve shared a few tips and tricks that will assist you in selecting the right barn door for you. Now you know what to look for, what your installation will likely entail, and you’ve got a few prime examples of some of the quality models which are out there that you can use to install and properly utilize the barn door that meets YOUR specifications. We hope that this information will be put to good use and that you will get many years of unfailing service from the barn door roller kit which you select. We wish you the best!

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