Bench Sanders Guide Plus 1×30 & 1×42 Belt Sanders Reviews

sanderA sander is a power tool which is used to smooth out the surface of a material, whether it is a wooden surface or a metallic one. A sander as the name suggests uses a sand paper to smooth and remove any burrs or paint from the surface of the material to obtain a fine finish. They come in different shapes and sizes varying from small hand held devices for small scale work to large industrial machines. There are many different types of bench sanders available some of them are listed below:

  • Flap bench sander
  • Belt sander
  • Disc bench Sanders
  • Oscillating bench sanders
  • Straight line bench sanders

A belt sander uses a belt for smoothing the surfaces; the sanding paper is attached to the belt. A belt disc sander uses rotating discs and the sanding paper is wrapped on the disc. There are also bench belt sanders that are the same as the belt sanders the only difference is that they are mounted on a table top.

A stationary bench mounted belt sander on a table is known as a bench sander. The object which requires smoothing, paint removal or a fine finish is held by a worker and is rubbed against the mounted sand paper. A bench sander provides fast finish for relatively big objects. It is mostly used in furnishing workshops for different materials like wood, plastic and aluminum.

There are lots of companies around the globe that manufacture different types of sanders and they are readily available for sale. There are numerous bench sanders reviews available on the internet, and it is a good practice to read those reviews before buying a product as they give the details which are not otherwise available. It is also a great way to identify problems that other users have encountered, which is not possible without actually using the product.

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Bench Sanders Australia

The Ozito Company is an Australian based company founded in 1993; they have been providing power tools and other products to Australia and New Zealand, so if looking for different types of sanders in Australia or New Zealand Ozito is a good option. Just Tools is another supplier of power tools in Australia they’ve a long history and have a wide range of good quality products. They’ve been operating in Melbourne for over 32 years now.

Bench Sanders UK

For buying the sanders in the United Kingdom you can use the Sipuk online service as they’ve a fast and timely delivery, and a wide range of products. Agros is another retailer with a good record, there are other retailers and online services available for UK as well, but Sipuk and Agros have proven records and a great customer service reputation.

There are different sizes of belt sanders available on the market the most popular among them are the 1 x 42 inch belt sander and the 1 x 30 inch belt sander. The difference between the two is the belt length.

There are many models the most popular are the KALAMAZOO 1 x 42 inch belt sander, JET 1 x 42 inch belt and bench sander and Enco 163-4512 1 x 42 inch sander.

Recommended Bench Sanders Products

Kalamazoo 1 x 42 in. Sander

Several owners of this Kalamazoo model claim that it is an excellent tool that is ideal for sanding.  Operators have stated that it runs quietly and that there is no awkward rattling or shaking as there often is with other sanders during operation.  The high quality Baldor motor, utilized rotating ball bearings to help the motor run smoother and quieter than other models on the market.  The quality of the belts is also raved as being very high quality and capable of 1000 grit for even some of the toughest projects.

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Grizzly H6070 1 x 30 in. disc sander

The 1 x 30 inch bench sanders also have lots of models from different manufacturers that have received praise for their durability and performance.

Grizzly has become synonymous with quality when it comes to creating sanders that consumers can’t get enough of.  Many of these same consumers claim that they will never buy another brand of sander for the remainder of their careers.  This particular Grizzly model is called excellent and it has an exceptionally sturdy and durable design that helps it to last much longer than its expectancy.  Consumers also claim that the belt strength and durability from this same brand is exceptional.

Purchasing a Bench Sander

If you are looking for bench sanders for sale there are several places in which they can be purchased.  Several hardware and specialty stores will have some models of bench sanders available for you to see up close before you purchase.  However, if you are looking for a variety and seeking the opportunity to search through numerous models of sanders in one location, perhaps the internet is your best solution.

While you can purchase a bench sander straight through the manufacturer, like Grizzly, you can also purchase them from some websites that are dedicated to selling this kind of hardware.  The advantage to purchasing a bench sander from a manufacturer is that you know you are getting the real sander and these purchases typically come with an extended warranty.  Not to mention if you do business with the manufacturer they can often help you in making the right decision between their products for your needs.

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Some online shoppers recognize that oftentimes when you purchase a large item, like a bench sander, directly from the manufacturer that you are typically going to pay the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  The MSRP is typically slightly to excessively higher than some other websites online that sell sanders.

It is recommended that if you are going to purchase through the internet or in-store that you do a price comparison between various retailers, as well as a product comparison.  Be sure to read the fine print carefully, as there may be hidden clauses restricting returns, exchanges, warranties, etc when you are purchasing a sander from any retailer.

Your next sander purchase should be a happy and exciting time, careful purchasing and selecting of the right product will ensure you will be pleased for many years to come.

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