Beam Vacuum Review Guide: Central Vacuum Systems, Parts & Cleaners

vacuumUsing a beam vacuum in the home or office is a much easier and convenient method of helping to keep the rooms dirt-free, and they are proving to be increasing popular when new apartment and office blocks are being built. The BeamQ Power Team Central Vacuum is a very good model and even comes with LED headlights for those hard to see places and a telescopic wand that makes vacuuming so much easier. The cost of this beam vacuum is quite high, but for the price you do get a useful tool that won’t give you many problems and will save you dragging a heavy regular vacuum around.

The Eureka economy power head attachment kit is of course a considerably cheaper vacuum, but at the same time it is also a lot lighter than some of the other more expensive models. Although this power head attachment kit is not as strong and sturdy, it does promise you years of hard work and reliability.

Understanding central vacuum systems

A lot of information about central vacuum systems, how they work and how they can benefit your home, office space, or wherever you choose to use them, can be found here  plus there is also a short video for you to watch that can help you to further understand how central vacuum systems are used.

The central vacuum systems 475 watt deluxe power unit can help to bring your beam vacuum to life, it is a powerful unit that is suitable for homes that have up to 3000 feet and it has a very easy mechanism that ensures you can empty it very easily and this can sometimes be half the battle. The price is not a bad one considering the capacity of the unit, but I would advise shopping around to ensure you get the best deal.

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Make life easier

For use with one of the best beam central vacuum systems, you can buy an attachment that you can use in your garage. The AirVac deluxe garage/car tool kit makes life so much easier if your garage is a distance from the house, or having an extra attachment will make your life a bit easier. You can leave your regular hose in your house and use this one specifically for your garage and car, meaning there’s less chance of dirt being carried by foot to and from your house and garage. Although there doesn’t seem to be as much power in the AirVac deluxe garage/Car tool kit, you will still find that it picks up the majority of the dirt that you wish to vacuum away.

The Electrolux central vacuum stretch hose kit is another useful tool and in fact it comes with a few more attachments than the AirVac deluxe garage/Car tool kit, it does cost slightly more but in principal it works just the same. Despite the fact that it can be reluctant to stretch out, the 32 feet hose is still pretty easy to use and can save you having to carry your other hose and its attachments to another part of your home or building.

What about the parts?

From time to time we will all need to replace some of the beam vacuum parts, fortunately there is a wide range of these parts available for us and the Beam Q power brush and wand is a really good one. The downside to this power brush is that it’s not suitable for the round hoses, but it’s very good at its job and is worth the cost despite the lack of attachments. This power brush can be found here and is ideal if you do not need to replace every part of your beam vacuum system.

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If the previous power head seemed a bit too pricey for you then the Centec electric brush power head 14 inch may be just what you have been looking for. It comes in at a much lower price and promises to deliver the same standard as the more expensive models. What’s more is that it will even tell you when the area you have been vacuuming is clean, thanks to some excellent sensors that come with this power head. The only downside is that you could find the power cord on your Nutone hose to be too short,  so you will need to buy an adaptor, but this shouldn’t be a problem as you will save a good few hundred dollars when you buy the Centrec electric brush power head.

The complete set

When you’re looking for some beam vacuum cleaners and not just the parts and accessories then you should consider the Beam 012266 BeamQ power team central vacuum as it comes with a power head and hose, plus the LED lights that have helped to make it so popular are also included. This hose is sold at about the same price as the Beam Q power brush and wand which means you get a great deal on a product that is sure to last you a good few years without much trouble. Buying a complete set such as this obviously works out cheaper than buying the various attachments but you will need to make sure that there are some replacement parts readily available so that you can buy those rather than having to pay out for an entire beam vacuum cleaner again.

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What about the service?

When it comes to installation and servicing, you need to make sure there are some experts to hand when you need them. There are such experts that can come and fit your entire beam vacuum system into your home, office etc. and do a very professional job while giving you tips on how to look after your beam vacuum system and what to do if and when things go wrong. One such service can be found here and you will see they go into great detail about how they can help you should you need a hand with installation and repairs.


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