Bahco Pruner Shears Tool Review Including Saw, Pole And Head Parts


According to Bahco the daily work of a craftsman is dependent upon three important things: expertise in the concerned field, professional pride and the quality of tools one uses. The tools should be able to withstand rigorous and harsh working environments and they should never fail the craftsman even if they are doing a near impossible job.

This is where Bahco comes in; they provide a wide range of high quality durable tools which are used for different types of working fields around the world. The company has specified their main aim to be the providers of “The most valued productivity solutions in the world,” and they’ve been working to achieve this since 1886.

Bahco Pruners

The company’s pruning tools are considered to be among the best tools available on the globe. The quality and durability of Bahco tools is no doubt top notch. Research done by the company to obtain the best model available is tremendous; they hire top professionals for their research and use only materials of the highest quality. Only after proper research into the design, model and the materials do they launch their product on the market.

The company has a wide range of hand pruners which fall under different categories and sub-categories. But, the most important point that sets them apart is the customization capability of the Bahco pruners. The company allows you to select the size of the handles of your pruner, the blade for your pruner and you can select the size, shape and material of the blade for your pruner. You can also select the type of spring used in your pruner, so you can have a tight or a loose spring depending on your grip strength and personal preferences that you might have. These choices make the tool specifically designed for you which means you enjoy working with the particular tool, achieving the desired result hence reduced tension and greater work efficiency.

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The main features that the company offers its customers include:

  • Choose Spring Tension
  • Choose Hardness of the spring
  • Ergonomic design
  • Size of the Blade
  • PX, PXR and PG series pruners are also available

The PX series is a professional form of the ergonomically modeled PG pruners of the company but, they’ve the option of replacing its parts such as handles, blades and springs. The PXR series has all the features of the PX series with an additional feature a rotatable handle. The PG series pruners are similar to the PX series without the option of replaceable parts.

Bahco Pole Pruners

In 1934, Bahco pruning tools invented the Bahco pruner pole. The main reason for the invention was to be able to easily prune trees above normal height without using a ladder. It is basically a pruner attached on the end of a pole. The attachment at the end of the pole is known as a Bahco pruner head. What sets the Bahco Pole pruners apart from its competitors is the fact that they have very strong metal blades of high quality, and the blades are double beveled cutting edges. The first bevel makes sure that the cutting is very easy the second bevel gives high strength to the blade so it is hard to break and doesn’t requires sharpening for long periods of time. This also allows the blade to be re-sharpened numerous times. The cutting edge and the anvil blade have a non- loosening bolt thus allowing perfect alignment.

Bahco Loppers

The Bahco Company also manufactures loppers for professional use. These loppers have straight cutting heads which helps in fast and accurate cutting and the handles are made up of aerospace aluminum which is very strong and light weight. The design of the lopper’s blade is such that it is mainly used for aggressive cutting which is achieved with much less effort but still provides clean and measured cuts.

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Bahco Hedge Shears

The company manufactures two types of shears, one with a straight blade and the other with a waved blade. The straight shears have long blades which are very sharp. They can trim almost any type of hedge and are excellent for tightly packed hedges. The wavy shears feature two sharp blades with a wavy shape, the wavy shape traps twigs and prevents them from slipping away from the blades during cutting. These shears work great to clip and trim all open hedges.

Bahco Pruning Saws

The Bahco manufacturers have a wide range of saws which include saws with comfortable handles, pole saws that are commonly used with pole extensions, folding saws etc. The teeth of the saws are sharpened to precision, which ensures excellent and efficient sawing quality. The Bahco Laplander folding saw is perhaps the most popular saw among the company’s many products.

Bahco Pruner Parts

In the unlikely event that you need to replace a part of your Bahco pruning tools the Bahco website sells individual portions of their pruners.  Everything from cutting blades to springs and pulleys are all available for low prices.  They also provide their users with detailed explanations of how to install these pieces and online assistance in the event that they run into some trouble.

Aside from additional Bahco parts they also sell accessories that are intended to help you keep your tools working in optimal condition.  The following are just a few of the accessories that are available for sale online:

  • Bahco tool lubricant
  • Bahco blade sharpener
  • Bahco plastic and leather holsters
  • Bahco cleansing solution
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The vast history of the company is a solid guarantee of its products, because obviously if a company has not been providing quality products it will not have a vast history. Therefore you can find numerous Bahco pruner reviews on the internet. If you’ve decided to buy a company’s product it is advised to first read the reviews available on the internet. These reviews give you the details of the product which otherwise are hard to find and with the information you can select the most appropriate and cost effective product for yourself.

You are sure to be pleased with your Bahco products, just as their millions of other consumers are.

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