Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Review Guide: Transmitters, Sensors, Gauge 1279 And Accessories

The Ashcroft pressure gauge is a piece of equipment you need when working or handling steam equipment. It is important for it to give precise temperature readings otherwise so many aspects would fail from overheating to the opposite situation of unable to know if you’re wasting time because the ideal heat level is not being achieved. Most commonly used in manufacturing plants and work places where heat is a common factor, if a pressure gauge fails, the safety of anyone working in that area is questionable. On the other hand, one can go overboard and use the Ashton pressure gauge even if it’s not needed. This is often seen wherever a pump is installed as a necessary part of the system but it does not always mean you need to have the Ashcroft pressure gauge.

How to Determine if you Need the Ashcroft Pressure Gauge

It isn’t just about whether you need an Ashcroft pressure gauge but how many of these you would need. With a process known as instrumentation designing, you can determine how many Ashcroft pressure gauges you need and where to put them. The goal of this procedure is to have less rather than more. Don’t think that having more than what is necessary makes your work place safer. It may just make it look like something out of a Hollywood studio set.

  1. Start by stop buying and installing pressure gauges, vacuums, sensors, and a transmitter every where
  2. Ask yourself: what information will this reading give me that’s so important?
  3. If you just need a piece of equipment to tell you something is working, then that is not what a pressure gauge does. If you need to know whenever pressure drops or to help you realize that pressure drops regularly especially if you are cleaning the equipment and switching it on and off.
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Why You Need an Ashcroft Pressure Gauge, Ashcroft Vacuum Gauge

There are two reasons why the Ashcroft pressure gauge and Ashcroft vacuum gauge are so important:

  1. Measure vibration
  2. Measure water condensation

In your home, you need the Ashcroft pressure gauge and Ashcroft vacuum gauge to find out if your water pipes are freezing. The biggest headache you could encounter if you don’t know is the plumbing problems that would ensue not to mention the damage to your gauge housing.

Two Kinds of Designs

A pressure gauge comes in two main design types:

  1. Traditional gauge
  2. Filled gauge
  • Longer
  • Fewer parts
  • Has a liquid inside, usually a viscous oil

The Ashcroft pressure gauge like the Ashcroft pressure gauge 1279 has a kit conversion which means it is bought as a traditional gauge but the kit can transform it to a filled gauge.  The filled gauge is safer because it prevents condensation by dampening the pointer vibration.

Also known as the Duragauge pressure gauge, the Ashcroft pressure gauge 1279 has a grade of 2A with plus/minus of 5%. It is preferred by most because of superior heat and chemical resistance, Teflon coating, stainless steel parts and self-locking pointers.

The Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Accessories

Generally, the Ashcroft pressure gauge accessories enhance the safety measures of your equipment. One would be the shut-off valve which allows you manual control. If you want you can also get a second valve to drain the condensation or steam and to calibrate your pressure source.

There are other accessories like siphons, sensors, chemical seals, and transmitters. All of these either prevent corrosion, leaking, absorption of pressure shocks and fluctuation, steam tracing or freezing. With the use of chemical seal, you can position the pressure gauge in a place more easily accessible with the help of capillary tubes.

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There are 4 kinds of chemical seals: offline, self-cleaning, extended, and wafer. If you are going to install any kind of accessories, don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek professional help.

Who is Ashcroft?

Edward Ashcroft is the man behind the introduction and success of the Ashcroft pressure gauge products and accessories. His main concern when he began working on his version of pressure gauges was to create safer instruments. His first attempt 150 years ago is known as the Bourdon tube pressure gauge. That started it all for Ashcroft Inc.

As the company grew more popular, they began to introduce more products like thermometers, gauges, switches, transmitters, seals, calibration equipment, transducers, and control equipment.

The dream of Edward Ashcroft was recognized and respected worldwide. You see his Ashcroft pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, transmitters, and other accessories in water treatment plant, paper and pulp factories, semiconductor plants, medical labs and application facilities, power plants, food processing kitchens and commissaries, chemical plants, and commercial and residential homes.

The company recognizes that each location where their products are used is independent of each other. This means that there is no one set-up that is identical to another. Thus, the company has a team of professionals and experts that clients and customers can approach either by mail or email. Their technical know-how will be essential to the successful use of their equipment in your particular case.

Their customer service offers the following in-house services:

  • Product application
  • Product cross-reference
  • Product inquiries
  • Deliveries for bulk orders

Ant through their certified partners and representatives in the field through hardware stores, they offer the following

  • Training
  • Education
  • Calibration
  • Delivery
  • Facility surveying
  • Calibration
  • Application
  • Seal assembly
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Potential Problems with Faulty Installations

Unless you have prior experience with setting up steam and temperature equipment, you could end up with a messy problem. Ashcroft estimates that 20% of their customers fail to install to equipment properly which causes the equipment to vibrate or pulsate unnecessarily. However over and above these problems, there are worst case scenarios:

  • The liquid fill could leak or spill out from excessive vibration
  • Inaccurate reading
  • Harm and damage to the environment

Thus, while Ashcroft pressure gauge and other products are highly regarded in the industry, it must be used with caution and safety in mind.  You can rely on Ashcroft but you have to let them help you install your equipment properly. Once done, you get to enjoy years of fruitful and dependable use.

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