Ashcroft Gauges Review Guide: Mechanical & Digital Pressure Gauges including Canada and Australia

Under extreme “pressure” of seeking the best digital or mechanical pressure gauges? How much do you know about Ashcroft Gauges?

A wide battery of cost-effective and commendable control and measurement products are manufactured and made available by Ashcroft Inc., including gauges, switches, thermometers, control and calibration equipment, transducers, and instrument isolators, and diaphragm seals. Each of these products has “become the benchmark in pressure and temperature measurement,” as Ashcroft Inc. echoes in its online service, reflecting years of experience in the industry of providing quality Ashcroft products for “wastewater treatment facilities, biotech and pharmaceutical labs, medical applications, semiconductor facilities, refineries, power generation plants, food processing plants, pulp and paper mills, chemical manufacturing plants and the host of support companies that serve these industries.”

Pressure Gauges

Ashcroft pressure gauges are an extensive line of quality pressure gauges of benchmark status in terms of performance, durability, reliability and, of course, pricing. This range of products includes test gauges, process gauges, industrial gauges, differential gauges, sanitaryt gauges, stainless steel case gauges, and commercial gauges, all of which are of the highest “Ashcroft” standards. Ashcroft mechanical and digital pressure gauges, as well as an innovative stainless steel pocket test gauge, would be some good choices if you are in pursuit of gauges perfect for providing precise measurements. Ashcroft offers the Duragauge® line of pressure gauges for industrial purposes, general service, duplex, and low-pressure gauges highly recommended in a wide variety of situations and uses because of their high levels of reliability and accuracy. Ashcroft commercial pressure gauges are built with exclusive features such as TrueZero™, FlutterGuard™, and the patented PowerFlex™ movement and are laudably durable as these gauges are made from bronse or brass, stainless, or beryllium copper. A family of sanitary gauges with mechanical and digital styles and with electropolished stainless steel case is also available. If you’re interested in finding out more about the innovative line of Ashcroft gauges, you can check out product details for a researching various products and their consumer reviews.

Digital Pressure Gauges

Among Ashcroft’s leading, source-of-pride digital pressure gauges include 2084, 2086, and 2089 Precision Digital Test Gauge; 2074, 2174, and 2274 Digital Industrial Gauge; D1005PS General Purpose Digital Gauge; and 2032, 2132, 2232, 2036, 2136, and 2236 Digital Sanitary Gauge. The 2084, 2086, and 2089 Precision Digital Test Gauge is a line of pressure gauges of three-inch dial size and 316 stainless steel connection and with menu-driven display to enable configuration of update rate, language, and dampening. Ashcroft’s D1005PS General Purpose Digital Gauge is also of interest because of its thinfilm sensor element with internal diaphragm as measuring principle; noteworthy features include full-scale terminal point accuracy, easy-to-read four-and-a-half digit display, chemical-resistant Noryl® case, on/off feature, field calibration capability, and high proof pressure. The 2236 Digital Sanitary Gauge boasts such features as weatherproof case suitable for wash downs; extra large display; and a password-protected menu that is incredibly easy to use, the menu of which with display options, engineering units, and menu configure feature.

Selecting Pressure Gauges

In order to correctly pick out the best out of the bunch in the current market, various considerations must be taken into account when selecting the pressure gauge deemed most suitable to the job. Per Ashcroft Inc., accuracy is one, current industry standards being 0.25% through 0.10% full-scale accuracies, although such may vary among industries. Other points to bear in the head are connection size and location. NPT, DIN, JIS, BSP, and SAE are among the various connections available. Since the best obtainable support is needed for process pressure gauge of dial sizes 4 1⁄2” dial sizes or larger, a 1⁄2” NPT connection often comes and is supplied along with it. A noteworthy example of such four-and-a-half-inch process pressure gauge with a 1⁄2” NPT connection is Ashcroft’s Type 1379 Duragauge®, a solid-front black-aluminum case gauge with cases coated with black epoxy to withstand most environmental conditions and with 316L stainless steel wetted materials. The patented Duratube™ with as-welded-tube construction that controls stress for longer gauge life and the patented PLUS!™ Performance, in addition to other valuable features such as burn-resistant cases and Teflon-coated stainless steel rotary-geared movement, makes the said Ashcroft product a formidable and competitive opponent among other gauges in today’s market. In choosing pressure gauges, it is equally important, in a similar note as in other factors, to consider mounting options such as stem mount (lower connect), wall/surface mount (lower connect), panel mount (back connect), U-clamp flush mount (back connect, for panel mounting), and front flange flush mount (back connect, for panel mounting), as per Ashcroft. Speaking of dial sizes, space limitations, readability requirements, and required gauge accuracy determine dial size, which customarily ranges from one and a half to sixteen inches in diameter.

Condensation, water, ambient temperature, humidity, airborne particulate, and chemicals can all affect gauge performance, and such environmental aspects hence should not be regarded as trivial in weight. For instance, temperature of the gauge’s surrounding area may affect the accuracy and integrity of the gauge. Temperature extreme conditions can similarly cause particular problems and are therefore best avoided in whatever case.

Gauge Product Distribution

Ashcroft is among the gauge industry’s leaders in innovation and technology as regards designing state-of-the-art line of products apt for the emerging requirements of today’s market. Ashcroft products are widely and internationally disseminated through the following trustworthy distributors: Corix Control Solutions Inc. and Westech Industrial Ltd. (for switches and transducers/transmitters only) in Alberta, Canada; EB Horsman & Son in British Columbia, Canada; Trans-West Supply in Manitoba, Canada; Tubecraft, Div. of K&D Pratt Group Ltd in New Brunswick, Canada; Tubecraft, Div. of K&D Pratt Group Ltd in New Foundland, Canada; Tubecraft, Div. of K&D Pratt Group Ltd in Nova Scotia, Canada; Chess Controls, Inc., Conval Equipment Ltd, Inter-Technology, Inc., Process & Steam Specialties, Trans-West Supply, and Viking Instrument & Control Ltd in Ontario, Canada; Conval Quebec Ltd, Industrie L.D. Inc., and Les Industries GLM Inc in Quebec, Canada; and Austral Powerflo Solution Pty Ltd in Australia, among others. The reader is highly suggested to check Ashcroft’s website for concrete and thorough information with regard to the aforementioned distributors, including their complete address and contact details, as well as other distributors in some countries other than those already mentioned.

Other leading manufacturers of quality and reliable low-cost single and differential pressure gauge products for various commercial and industrial applications include Dwyer Instruments, Inc. (Michigan, Indiana;, AMETEK U.S. Gauge (Feasterville, Pennsylvania;, Digivac (Matawan, New Jersey;, Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group (Asheville, North Carolina;, and Automation Products Group, Inc. (Logan, Utah;, all of which have been serving major pressure gauge markets with renown reputation and well-appreciated years of service. AMETEK U.S. Gauge, for example, has been in the business of supplying competitively priced quality products and services for 100 years, including pressure gauges, liquid filled gauges, and precision test gauges, to name a few. If you’re at all interested in following up on these products, you can always check out Amazon to get some product details and their prices. (1) Auto Meter 2343 Autogage Mechanical Tire pressure gauge, (2) Beta 1919RM-F Spare pressure gauge for filters, (3) Sunpro CP8216 StyleLine Mechanical oil pressure gauge, and (4) Auto Meter 4312 Ultra-Lite Mechanical Fuel pressure gauge.

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