Air Tanks For Compressors Guide: Replacement 12 Volt And 60 Gallon Tanks

An air tank, or a pressure vessel, is a closed container used to store hold pressured liquid or gas which is being used in various applications in big industries as well as for ordinary home use. There are different types of air tanks for compressors such as horizontal tanks, portable tanks and vertical tanks.

Horizontal tanks

  • Ready for painting, primed
  • Usually ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Rated for 200 pound per square inch (psi)
  • These tanks can be used for ordinary pump or motor by re-directing the supply line through braided steel supply hose
  • Usually there are 2 holes for bushing

Portable Air Tank

  • Ideal for emergency jobs especially in remote locations
  • Despite being portable in size, it available in heavy duty, industry grade and wheeled models
  • Rated for 100 psi
  • Compact and lightweight, includes regulator and gauges

Vertical Air Tank

  • Rated for 170 to 200 psi
  • Ready for painting
  • Drain cock is sold separately

Replacement Air Compressor Tanks

Replacement air compressor tanks from competent and reliable manufacturers can be availed from equally trusted online stores and companies. There are a variety of tank models to choose from which are all especially designed to suit your requirements. These are usually universal tank replacements and some may not be psi rated by ASME but all are guaranteed to ensure efficient and cost saving operations for its customers. Other tools and accessories which are essential for your business operations, aside from replacement compressor tanks, are also offered to complete equipment necessary for your business. An online company which has been servicing its clients for 45 years is Air Compressed System, and they have a full line-up of essential equipment, and it is manned by experts and knowledgeable staff.

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Air Tanks for Compressor Sale

Air tanks for compressors can be purchased from reputable online stores which are specializing in air compressor air tanks. A complete line of best sellers and other affordable models are available with special discounts from 20% up to as big as 60% markdowns. One of the leading and popular online air tanks store is Air Compressors Direct, an affiliate of Power Direct, Inc. Among its best seller models includes Iron Horse 10 gallon portable air tank with model code IHT-10, Pro Force 10 gallon portable air tank model FT10 and Speedway 5 gallon portable air tank with model number 7296. Sales personnel from this online store can give their fearless recommendations on which model or brands are the best, because they have been in this business for quite a long time so they know which ones are great and which ones are scraps. They also offer 6 month installment plans without interest and they have a very helpful buyer’s guide page which gives its potential customers informative details to help them determine which model is suitable to their specific requirements.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

Having a central pneumatic air compressor at home guarantees that any minor or major work that requires use of air compressor will be done in no time. It is should be regarded as basic and necessary because it is designed to be used for various kinds of air tools. It is versatile equipment which is used to power handy tools like spray guns, sanders, air cutters, nail gun and air caulk guns. With a central pneumatic air compressor around, you can do either simple job like inflating tires or major improvements and repairs like wall and window renovations like a pro. Not to mention that this will save you a lot of money because there is no need to hire somebody else to do the job for you because you already have what you need. All it will take is a little skill and patience from your end and you will do your family a very good favor by being a practical, reliable and sensible person.

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12 Volt Air Compressor Tanks

12 volt air compressor tanks are ideal for 1 gallon air tanks, most models are oil-less, maintenance free and capable of 130 power per square inch. This equipment can support most pneumatic tools like nailers and staplers. It is also the best tool for all your recreational needs like inflating balloons and water floaters, inflating bike and vehicle tires.

60 Gallon Air Tanks Compressors

These are an industrial and heavy duty equipment with a 5 horse power motor, 175 psi, ASME coded to guarantee safety and covered with a standard factory warranty of  two years.

Air Compressor Tank Review

The different types of air compressor tanks have different applications but are all getting popular reviews from their users. It is recommended however to determine the tools that you need so the appropriate compressor could be matched with it. For home use, a portable system is highly recommended for easier operation. Usually home jobs do not require heavy duty and industrial type equipment, so why waste the money.

Vertical tanks are ideal for stationary and major compressor jobs, as they are usually larger in size and cannot be moved around easily. Horizontal tanks, on the other hand are also ideal for larger stationary compressor task but being horizontal, it takes up more space. Pancake style is more portable being flat and compressed, and a wheelbarrow is highly mobile and compact in design and ideal for lighter air compressor jobs.

Since different air tank compressors are designed for different applications, using portable and low voltage types should not be used to do major compressor work. For example, 12 volt models are for lighter jobs only. High powered spray guns, for example, would not be suitably run on a 12 volt model, and it can do long-term damage.

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Before purchasing any tool or equipments, it is best to get the opinion of industry experts so your time, money and effort will not be wasted. Many online stores are more than willing to provide their potential clients with helpful tips and information regarding these products. Spending a little time to weigh things before investing on an air tank for a compressor will definitely go a long way.

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