Air Compressor Pump Reviews Plus Parts And Replacements

An air compressor pump is a machine which converts electrical or gas power into kinetic energy by pressurizing and compressing air.  There are several different types of pumps that are used for different purposes.  Often, a compressor pump will be connected to an air tank to store compressed air at a predetermined, set value.  By storing the air in a tank, it will allow the use of various tools at once, and act as a buffer to provide more consistent air pressure and allow the compressor to stop running when optimum pressure is reached and the demand for air is reduced or halted. Air compressors are used for tools such as nail guns, power sprayers, or other small tools.  The air compressor pump is the heat of this tool.  Pumps vary in how they compress the air to be sued.  The type of pump varies depending on how much pressure is needed, and how quickly is must be produced. You can see the vast difference in air compressor pumps easily when you consider how it is being used.  For example, the pump used for inflating tire or filling balloon varies greatly from the air compressor pump used to supply oxygen to patients in a hospital.  Likewise, it is a very specialized pump that is used to produce oxygen for scuba diving use, and it is quite different than the air compressor pump in an automobile that is used for air conditioning. A compressor pump is basically divided into two categories: oil lubed and oil-less.  An oil lubed system is an older technology that is cheaper and quieter than oil-less systems.  The oil-less system, however, is more recommended for its better technological improvement and faster compression.

Air Compressor Pump Parts

There are several air compressor pump parts to be considered when rebuilding or repairing them.  These parts include the air filter, ball valves, check valves, manifolds, pilot unloader valves, pressure gauges, pressure switches, pulleys, regulators, safety relief valves, throttle controls, as well as internal pump seals and pistons.  Whenever possible, it is always recommended to replace parts with original manufacturer parts, or at least parts rated with the same standards.  Using inferior or incorrect parts can lead to damage to the compressor pump, and possible injury during failure.

Replacement Air Compressor Pumps

Replacement air compressor pumps can usually be purchased from the manufacturer, although there are several companies that produce these pumps.  If you are going to perform an air compressor pump replacement, you are going to want to ensure that the pump you are using is either the same, or has the same input and output ratings and connections.  If you are not going to replace the pump with the exact same model, you will want to replace it with a model with the exact same or lower output configuration, or you may cause failure in other components.  When you bought the air compressor, the motor, pump, lines, tank, and other parts were designed to work with the pump it came with.  Air compressor pump replacement with a higher output pump may cause failure of these other components that can result in costly repairs, injury, or even death.  This operation should only be performed by a trained technician or, at the least, someone knowledgeable and experienced.  Compressed air can be dangerous. Products

The first air compressor replacement pump listed on is the Campbell Hausfeld VT471400AJ Twin Cylinder VT Pump.  This pump does not include the flywheel.  It is rated at a fantastic 4.6 out of 5 stars, and is available for only $201.57.  The filter is easy to change to keep your intake clean, and the solid cast iron cylinders are built for longevity.  There is a dip stick and breather at a side port for easy oil fill, and the ball bearings are designed for at least 3,000 hours of reliable performance. The customers who reviewed this pump were happy with their purchase, and found it works great.  One of them stated that their first pump lasted for 13 years, and purchased this pump to replace it, finding that it installed with no modifications necessary, and it worked flawlessly. The next pump is the Campbell Hausfeld VT2030 Twin Cylinder VT Pump with the flywheel included.  This model is very similar to the previous one and sells for just little more at $265.09.  This, again, is a cast iron, 2 cylinder construction.  This model is built to handle a 3 HP motor, and is an oil-lubricated design.  Like the previous model, it has an easy to change air filter, dip stick and breather in side ports for easy oil fill, and ball bearing construction designed for 3,000 hours of reliable operation.  Unfortunately, no one has reviewed this product yet, but we know the reliability, long history, and reputation of Campbell Hausfeld, and are confident this model will perform as advertised, and better. The final pump on today’s list is the North Star Air Compressor Pump.  This is a 569cc pump capable of 22.9 CFM at the maximum PSI.  This high-output model sells for $589.99.  It is rated for a powerful motor up to 7.5 HP.  The after cooler ensures less wear on your tools by providing dry, high-quality air at the pressure you need.  Replacement pump parts are available through Northern Tool Parts Department.  This is an oil-lubricated, cast iron cylinder pump designed for long life and 100% duty cycle operation.   To dissipate heat effectively this pump employs an aluminum pump head.  The included flywheel is designed to be sued with two single-groove belts, and it features oil sight glasses and a canister-type air cleaner.  This is truly a professional-grade, high-output pump that, unfortunately, nobody has taken the time to leave a review on yet.

Are Coleman Air Compressors Compatible with Other Air Compressor Parts and Replacements?

Coleman air compressor reviews and parts reveal that these compressors are highly compatible with various air compressor parts and replacements. Whether you need a new hose, regulator, or valve, Coleman offers a wide range of options that seamlessly fit their compressors. Investing in Coleman ensures hassle-free integration and smooth operation of your air compressor system.


Air compressor pump replacement and replacement parts are usually available through the original manufacturer of the air compressor.  When replacing a pump, or any component, it is important to be sure you replace them with OEM or equivalent components.  The operation should be completed by a trained technician, but if you are going to insist on taking on this task yourself, be very careful to ensure proper installation and follow all instructions, as compressed air can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.

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