Air Compressor Parts Guide: Husky, Kobalt, Ingersoll & Campbell Hausfield Reviews

When working on an air compressor, all manufacturers will recommend using only genuine parts.  The simplest way to find parts is to check with the source of the air compressor, but sometimes you would like to “upgrade” or use parts that are rated better than the original parts.  You should always be cautious of the parts you use, insuring that the part is rated to handle the pressure or volume of air as the original part, or more.   Likewise, you should never replace pumps or motors that create more pressure or volume than the rest of the components can handle.  Always be careful when working with compressed air, as pressurized air can be dangerous.

Husky Air Compressor Parts

Husky air compressors and parts are a brand name built specifically for Home Depot.  The compressors and parts are made by several different manufacturers.  The easiest way to get the proper replacement parts is to go through Home Depot.  If you do not have a Home Depot available, you can order directly from their website.  Two other major sources for Husky air compressor parts is Master Tool Repair and Global Compressor Parts.

Kobalt Air Compressor Parts

Kobalt air compressors and parts are the brand name for Lowe’s.  Just like Husky is made by several manufacturers for Lowe’s, Kobalt is made by several manufacturers for Lowe’s.  Lowe’s is the most reliable, simplest source for Kobalt air compressor parts.  If you are comfortable ordering online is a good source for replacement parts, as are Master Tool Repair, Global Compressor Parts and Air Compressor Parts Online.

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Parts

Ingersoll Rand air compressors are sold by various dealers.  You can find replacement parts at, MSC Industrial Supply and Industrial Air Power.  Ingersoll Rand produced their first pneumatic device over 135 years ago, and they continue to produce quality, long-lasting products.  They have grown to be a global leader in compressed air technologies.  They take pride in providing the best service and helping customers be more productive.  They work hard to understand your business and needs, and create the best possible tools that will be most beneficial for your demands and expectations.  Ingersoll Rand does this with a large variety of tools including small reciprocating air compressors as well as stationary and portable air compressors.  They have built a worldwide reputation of creating reliable and trustworthy products that will increase your business’ success while saving you money.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Parts

Campbell Hausfeld air compressor parts are easiest to find directly from their website, where you will find complete online assistance and ordering.  You can find the nearest service centers, as well as search for part names or part numbers.  If you do not know the name or part number of what you are looking for, you can page through the complete line of manuals for all the products they sell, which will include part descriptions and blow-up pictures of every air compressor.  Campbell Hausfeld has really done a great job of providing the best possible website to assist you in finding the part you need, or the nearest service center to help you get and keep your air compressor working as well as it did the day it  was made.  Sears is a major distributor and repair center for all Campbell Hausfeld products.  If you have a sears store nearby, that may be your simplest, nearest source for Campbell Hausfeld air compressor parts.  You can also order parts directly from their website. Products

The first thing you will find on when you are searching for air compressor parts is the 25-piece accessory kit from Campbell Hausfeld.  This kit comes with a case and includes a tire gauge, ball pumps and air blowers, as well as several adaptors and tips commonly needed with a new air compressor purchase.  This kit sells for less than half the list price at only $19.57. Reviews of this product list it as a great buy, quality products that are well built.  They feel it is a good bargain. The next air compressor part you find on is not an actual product, but the 2009-2014 World Outlook for Parts and Attachments for Air and Gas Compressors and Vacuum Pumps Excluding Laboratory Devices.  This is a paperback version selling for $795.  This is a listing of all parts for 200 countries.  It gives the estimates of demand, potential industry earnings, and percent share the country is of the region and of the globe.  While not something for the average user, this report is meant for people in the business of dealing with air compressor parts. The next listing for air compressor parts is the ¼” male compressor ball valve commonly used on most air compressors as the drain valve for relieving moisture from the tank.  For only $5.99 this high quality valve is a great buy.  The o-ring free construction will last for a long time, since the o-ring is usually the part that fails.  This valve should last so long it will usually never need replacing again.  The threads come with thread sealant applied, so it is ready for installation as soon as you get it. The reviews of this product are positive, stating that the valve is high-quality, heavy duty, long lasting, and one customer even stated that he wishes he had purchased this long ago.

Are Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Parts Compatible with Husky and Kobalt Air Compressors?

Yes, campbell hausfeld air compressor parts are compatible with Husky and Kobalt air compressors. These parts are designed to fit and function properly in different air compressors, making replacements and repairs hassle-free. So, whether you own a Campbell Hausfeld, Husky, or Kobalt air compressor, you can rely on Campbell Hausfeld air compressor parts for seamless compatibility.

Where Can I Find Replacement Parts and Dealers for Ingersoll Rand Compressors?

If you own an Ingersoll Rand compressor and are in need of replacement parts or dealers, finding reliable sources is crucial. Luckily, a simple online search for ingersoll rand compressor parts or ingersoll rand dealers will provide you with a plethora of options. Many authorized distributors and websites specialize in supplying genuine Ingersoll Rand compressor parts, while dealers can assist you with any inquiries or professional advice related to your compressor.


Be cautious when working with and repairing air compressors or replacing air compressor parts.  If you are not a technician, or experienced in repairing air compressors, you will be best served by finding the nearest service station.  They will, as you should, be sure to replace parts with components that are designed to work within the specifications and standards of the surrounding parts.  It is always best to replace air compressor parts with original equipment, provided by the manufacturer.  Since that is not always practical, and sometime you want to replace parts with “better” ones, be sure to check your specifications carefully to avoid failures that can cause injury or death to the operator, or other bystanders.

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