20 American Made Tools And Their Companies! [Infographic]

20 American Made Tools And Their Companies 20 American Made Tools And Their Companies Many of us who are craftsmen learned what we know at our grandfather’s knee, taking in knowledge from another era where the idea that something was ‘American made’ was important. It meant something, you know? Solid, reliable, and guaranteed to last… This is still true and you can buy American made products if you know where to look. Let’s talk about 20 American made tools and their companies for the discerning craftsman!

How to know the ‘real deal’ from the fakes

The trick is a little research. Always Google a company that you are interested in and don’t forget to mention the specific tool. This is because some tools (some you’d least expect, sometimes) may outsource where they get their parts. It can get tiresome, sometimes. According a report from the New York Times, there is not even a fee for saying ‘American made’ when it’s not really the case! Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you and have categorized some American made tools and their companies to help ensure that you can get genuine American made tools if you like. If you want durability that often comes with a lifetime guarantee (and that sure is hard to get, these days), then take a look at these gems we’ve collected!


Our first category is going to be your workspace. Whether you have a full garage or a crafty niche in one of your rooms, you will need products that you can depend on. Here are some great American-made choices!

Tool #1 – Accu Brand Fold-up Wall Tables

Our first listing comes from Little Rock, Arkansas and it’s a space-saver. Empty space is a luxury and not one we can always afford. Whether you need more space or simply want a small, serviceable, and durable workspace, Accu-Brand has got you covered. Their fold-up wall tables only protrude about 6 inches from the wall but fold-out into a durable workspace, capable of supporting up to 500 pounds! If you want a dedicated workspace that isn’t a space-hog, Accu Brand might be a good fit for you!

Tool #2 – American Workbenches

Working out of Charleston, South Carolina, American Workbenches can provide you with workbenches of their own design or even perform some custom work. These are built to last, as well. Heirloom quality, they can provide you with a workbench that your grandchildren or great grandchildren will be taking advantage of for their own projects someday. Built American and built to last!

Tool #3 – Wall Control Organizer systems

Wall Control of Tucker, Georgia, has you covered when it comes to metal pegboard organization. Their pegboard panels are slotted, galvanized steel and they are available in a number of different finishes. Sure, you can go with wooden pegboard if you like, but if you want something ultra-durable that you can also use with magnetic options then consider Wall Control’s offering for your organizational needs.

Tool #4 – Yost Compact Bench Vise

Some of the best workbench setups come with a vise and a sander and Yost of Holland, Michigan has got you covered on the first part. Vises of various sizes, depending on your needs, may be found on their site and you’ll appreciate the durability, efficiency, and heft of the available models. Take a look at their offerings and see for yourself!
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Everyday Usetools manufacture

There are some tools that you’re going to be using every day and you want to know that they are aren’t going to disappoint you. Here are some everyday tools made in the good old U.S. of A. that will get the job done and which you won’t have to replace after a year of disappointed use!

Tool #5 – Hardcore Hammers

Not just American-made, but innovative to boot! Hardcore Hammers are a pleasure to work with and come with a waffle-style strike surface that provides with a superior strike whenever you whack a nail. It also has magnetic spots where you can hang nails or even simply line one up by placing the flat end on the surface and driving it home. These are just a few features, however. We highly recommend that you take a look and see all the features. You’ll be glad that you did.

Tool #6 – Derma-Safe Folding Utility Razor

Derma-Safe of New Jersey offers some excellent foldable utility razors, every bit of which is made in the USA. They are ultra light and perfect for your tool belt or to simply keep in your pocket for everyday use. It’s a tool you don’t think about until you don’t have one, so why not get a nice one so that you won’t lose it?

Tool #7 – Proto Wrenches

With the exception of some high-end screwdrivers imported from Europe, Proto’s tools are American made and with
“Proto’s tools are American made and with safety in mind”
safety in mind. With no-slip grip and many multi-functional wrenches, the odds are high that they’ve got some wrenches you’ll want to have in your own toolbox. Check out their ratcheting and combination sets and you won’t be disappointed.

Tool #8 – Montana Drill Sets

Montanta Brand tools are top-notch and made in the USA. They have a number of nice tools but one example that you might like is extremely practical for every day drilling. Their Cryo drill bits are cryogenically treated, making them less likely to crack, provide greater torsion strength, and improve the life of the bit overall. Solid and dependable, we think that you will like Montana’s bits.

Tool #9 – Channellock Plier Set

Hailing from Meadville, Pennsylvania, Channellock offers many American-made tool sets, including some excellent Plier sets to match your most useful configurations. Whether you need standard, needle-nose, or ‘clip and grip’ styles, they’ve got the individual tools or combination sets that will do their job well for a long, long time.

Tool #10 – MegaPro’s Original 15-in-1 screwdriver

While some of their tools do come from Canada, this screwdriver is 100% American made and comes with a lifetime warranty. It has 14 tips for the most popular screwdriver use and the shaft itself serves as a ¼ “ hex driver. Check it out if you want a solid screwdriver with a lot of function.

Tool #11 – Best Made Co.’s 15” Toolbox

Best Made Company is from New York and they specialize in durable tools and more, designed to last a lifetime or more! Their 15” toolboxes are nothing short of excellent, hand-made in the USA with spot-welded, 22-gauge steel which you can get with a powder metal finish in navy, red, or black. If you want durability and function in a vintage package then this might be the next toolbox for you!
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Detail oriented Tools

Every craftsman knows the importance of paying attention to detail. We’ve included some American made options in this regard that fit the bill perfectly. Let’s take a look!

Tool #12 – Crick Tool Levels

Since 1980 this East Texas company has been providing American made tools that you can depend on. Their levels are accurate to within .015” and are customizable. You can get them in African Walnut or Beech wood, for instance, or even engraved as gifts for that hard-to-buy-for craftsperson in your life. Give Crick Tools a peek and see what you think!

Tool #13 – Mag Eyes Magnifying Headbands

Sometimes you need to do some serious detail work and nothing is quite as useful as a hands-free magnifier. Headbands like these give you the perspective that you need to make sure that everything is well-placed exactly where it needs to be. Everything is manufactured and assembled in the USA, so you can get one with confidence and take advantage of the view which they’ll provide.


Craftsmen, Survival Enthusiasts, and even just the occasional tinkerer all appreciate a tool with many uses… as long as they are solid and function as-advertised. We’ve got some to share with you which fit that description perfectly.

Tool #14 – Trucker’s Friend Survival tool

Innovation Factory offers this American-made multi-tool that is solid, functional, and was originally designed for Truckers. You can use it as a hammer, an ax, a spanner, a wrench, a tire chain hook, and more! The handle is fiberglass and the body itself is resharpenable, heat-treated steel. Great for emergencies!

Tool #15 – Bear and Son Cutlery Multitools

Bear and Son Cutlery offer American made knives and multitools that are handy to have around. For instance, the Bear Jaw model 155L comes with pliers, an electrical crimper, wire cutters, a Phillips head screwdriver and more, all in a convenient, folding stainless steel package. It’s the kind of thing you can keep in your pocket to really be prepared on those times you don’t want to lug around the tool chest. All of their blades and multitools come with a lifetime replacement warranty as well and isn’t that a breath of fresh air?


Doing a bit of painting at home? If you’d like a little American made help to go with that, we’ve got some company and item suggestions that might just do the trick!

Tool #16 – Purdy Paintbrushes

Purdy of Portland, Oregon has been around since 1925 and they know a thing or two about painting. With putty knives and other accessories, they also offer handmade brushes for
“Purdy of Portland, Oregon has been around since 1925”
when you only want the best. With wooden handles and any bristle type that you need, be sure to consider them if you want to make sure that even your painting tools are All-American.
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Tool #17 – Can Gun Paint Sprayers

Can Gun offers paint spraying attachments made from recycled plastic and yes, they are American made. Designed to fit over a standard aerosol can they give you the control that you need to get your painting done quickly and neatly.

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We do have a few entries that we wanted to include in a more general category, so welcome to the ‘miscellaneous’ section. Here you can find an item or 3 that you might not have considered.

Tool #18 – Atlas 46 Workwear

If you are looking for American made tool vests, chest gear, or general workwear then look no further. Atlas 46 can provide all these things and more. It’s good to know where your clothes are coming from and these days sources such as the All-American view advise that even gold-rush inspired Levis are mostly made in China, Italy, and Japan. Based in Fenton, Missouri, Atlas prefers to manufacture in the USA and they’ve got what you need so be sure to take a peek and see what they can offer.

Tool #19 – Eklind Hex Keys

Since 1923, the Eklind Tool company has been providing American made tools from their factory in Franklin Park Illinois. They provide hex keys and NOTHING BUT hex keys, so if you want a durable set (and they have compact folding sets as well) then consider Eklind, they are well worth your time.

Tool #20 –Park Tools Bike Multitool

Park Tools offers their All-American made bike multitools and they are darned handy. All designed ‘Swiss-army knife’ style these tools ensure that you are a craftsman who enjoys a little exercise on the side that your bike is prepared for emergency repairs in a durable, pocket style. Check it out and see!

Some final words

In today’s article we’ve talked about American made tools; where to find them, where some of the companies are located, and what kind of quality to expect. We hope that when you are restocking your garage that you’ll keep some of these selections in mind. Durable, innovative tools are what keep those projects running and get you finished in time and let’s face it, it is nice not to have to replace your tools all of the time. Buy them once, take care of them, and spend the next few years putting them to good use.  Just don’t forget to share what you know. There’s nothing quite like fixing or making something with your Granpa’s tools!

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