Steel Gauge Thickness Guide: MM Charts & Conversion Tables

Steel gauge actually refers to the standard thickness of a sheet metal which follows an inversely proportional relationship between the gauge and thickness; in which the gauge increases when the sheet metal’s thickness falls and vice versa.

Steel or Sheet Metal

Steel is an alloy made up of different kinds of elements; but iron presents the greatest value compared to other components such as carbon. Sheet metal on the other hand is basically metal designed into thin quantities used for metalworking. The customary range gauge of a metal sheet is from a scale of 35 going down to 6. Nevertheless, in some situations sheet metal’s thickness can vary significantly which is then called foil or leaf. Thickness that is more than 6mm or 0.25 inches is called plates. These materials can be usually seen in construction works and are used for metalworking. Most of the bits and pieces we see and purchase are consist of such material and are develop for different kind of purposes. By using specific tools, this steel sheet metal can be cut, bent and form into creative work of arts such as those of car frames and aircraft wing extensions.

The Steel Gauge Chart         

Most people working with steel sheet metals consult to a particular chart for reference when it comes to gauge number and thickness. This chart is usually called the Steel Gauge Chart. It practically gives you the figures which indicate the sheet metal’s gauge and thickness in millimeter, inches and even fractional regular measurements. Here are the following statistics that shows the close association of the gauge and thickness.

Gauge No.











































































































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It is clearly noted in the chart above that the connection between the gauge and thickness of sheet metals are opposite from each other.

Other Gauge Charts




Difference in (mm)













































































































































































































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The chart above represents the different values of gauge and thickness in ferrous scales (example is steel) and non-ferrous scales (example is aluminum). Aluminum when compared to steel shows the same relationship of the gauge and the thickness; however, the ferrous gauges have a higher thickness value contrary to the non-ferrous gauges. And when you go up sequentially, you’ll definitely observe the alteration between the figures. Initially it gradually increases and then quickly changes in a more progressive way. As you can see, the difference on its entirety varies from one point to another.

The Conversion Table

This conversion table will show us the exact values in decimal inches for every gauge for sheet steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and both strip and tubing. This is very essential when working or dealing with different kinds of steel and making numerous objects from it.


US Standard Gauge

Sheet Steel

Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel


Strip & Tubing


Gauge Decimal

Gauge Decimal

Gauge Decimal

Gauge Decimal

Gauge Decimal








































































































































































































































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At this time, it is important that one must remember that in dealing with such conversion process it is always best to study first the type of steel being used. You should first find out whether the steel utilized was galvanized or its plain stainless or sheet steel. Conversion differs and depends on what type of gauge system want to use. There are actually two gauge systems that can be use: the US Standard Gauge System and the MSG system or also known as the Manufacturer’s Standard Gauge system. The US standard gauge system usually uses the value from 2, 1, 0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 or 7/0. MSG’s largest thickness in sheet steel is 3. In galvanized steel it is 8 and for stainless steel it is 6/0. Next step for our conversion process is to determine the exact thickness of the material you’re using in its specific gauge. By multiplying 25.4 to your measurements you are actually converting the units into millimeters.

Chainsaw Reviews Guide: Stihl, Ratings, Poulan, Husqvarna & Electric Chainsaw Ratings

Typically, in terms of doing activities which involve cutting down trees and chopping it for kindling, axes are considered useful in doing just that; yet, because such equipment entails too much energy and precision from its user, it is now highly recommended for a chainsaw to be used as an alternative. Yes, this could be a lot more expensive than the former, but rest assured that it will spare you considerable amount of time and energy needed to accomplish such task.

Now, if you are one of those folks who live in small towns and love to grow trees and bushes in your courtyard, trimming will certainly be included in your daily routines. So, you will need a tool to help you cut off the undergrowth and allow it to grow in a more creative way. Chainsaws are of great assistance to you. Electrical energy, compacted air, oil, gas, water and other hydraulics are applied to operate the said equipment.  Existing for almost 90 years, this device has been continuously upgrading its features and is now currently considered as one of the many bestselling home enhancement tools of all time.

Types of Chainsaws

Obtaining a chainsaw can be a little more challenging that you think it is. First, you must consider a lot of factors before you decide on acquiring one. Remember that any purchase has its own profits and shortcomings; and it all depends on the quality and efficiency of the type of chainsaw you pick out according to your needs.

ü  Electrical Chainsaws

  • Advantage: This type of chainsaw can be operated indoors without the risk of doing any injury to its user.
  • Disadvantage: Unfortunately, its usage is restricted and cannot be use over and above 150 feet from an electrical access. Also, when the weather is damp or soaking wet, it is not at all advisable that you use such type of chainsaw.

ü  Gas Chainsaw

  • Advantage: The tool usually cuts faster than the other types and it can function anywhere outdoor and can even be used during rainy or snowy weather.
  • Disadvantage: However, this type of chainsaw is heavier (the parts of the chainsaw itself and the amount of gas needed to activate it add to the total weight of the apparatus). Also, added care is essential to make it as functional as it has always been. The fact that its two-cycled engine is so loud which causes it to vibrate as well as release exhausts that cannot also be disregarded.

ü  Cordless Chainsaw

  • Advantage: Chainsaws of this sort are the lightest. It is very convenient especially when you need to carry it anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Disadvantage: A cordless model allows you to only cut and limb small brushwood. It is not convenient for major logging purposes; mostly just for flimsy works.

Reviews of Chainsaw Brands

Depending on the type of work you want done, there are a lot of successful brands of chainsaws to choose from that actually provide the excellence, dependability and capacity of the machine you are looking for. Here are some reviews of the top selling brands of chainsaws that will help you decide what style you favor the most and the one you are willing to invest your money in.

ü  STIHL Chainsaws

  • Globally acclaimed as the number one marketing product of chainsaws these days. Its components are personally manufactured and engineered by the producing company. Its anterior hand guard is created in a sense that there’s a decrease risk of injury cause to its user. The comfy handle and bumper strikes allow any person to manage the device easier while cutting. It also has built-in mufflers that help lessen the noise it produces and a flash arrestor device that diminishes its giving out of sparks, when active. Furthermore, the control, anti-vibration and brake system of STIHL chainsaws functions effectively and promptly, without any difficulty at all. And more remarkably are its air filters, which stays as clean as ever even after every use. Prices range from $350 and up. For more details about product reviews, visit

ü  HUSQVARNA Chainsaws

  • Created with the help of skilled operators, Husqvarna chainsaws are popular because of their highly developed low mass mechanical engine. With its extraordinary strength and durability, it thus improves product output without burdening its user with additional work load. It appears multipurpose compared to other brands; allows usage for heavy duty log works. With its key features that include valves for decompression and hydraulic pump, the 3hp powerful engine can be started easily and will let anyone cut trees that are 2feet in diameter. An injection filter keeps dirt from the machine for a long time. Also it runs so smoothly that vibration isn’t easily felt.  For safety purposes, it is guaranteed that the chainsaw break and catcher system is very effective; thus, minimal risk of injury is possible. It also holds a built-in oiler which spontaneously lubricates the chain. Prices start from $299 and above. For more details about product reviews, visit

ü  POULAN Chainsaws

  • With its incredible ability to cut woods in a very rapid pace, Poulan chainsaws were remarkably noted by so many customers, considering the fact that’s its reasonably priced in contrast to other chainsaw brands. It offers a 4hp engine control system and is very light in weight which allows easy cutting and pruning of trees in different approaches and performing other household tasks; also, without the trouble of using gas as power supply for it is basically electrical and can be plugged in any outlets of 120volts capacity. However, safety is assured because of its double insulation property as defence for electrical blow. It is completely manufactured with high quality control features. The handle, brake, oil lubricator and filter are of similar efficacy with other chart-topping chainsaw brands. It retails for as low as $100. For more details about product reviews, visit

Finally, if you already have your own chainsaw for usage, it is equally important that you remember how to take care of it. Accordingly, doing a maintenance check-up should always be constant and not limited to how often you use the tool. If you have spare time and if it’s not much of a hassle to you, you can always sharpen it up with an electrical chainsaw sharpener or even work on it manually with a hand pile. The important thing is you don’t put your money to waste and allow the chainsaw to easily deteriorate.

Best Paint Stripper Guide: Furniture, Automotive, Mediums, Silent & Varnish Paint Stripper Reviews

If the paint of your wall has faded, and there are peels and cracks on your wall then you might consider repainting the whole surface. Before a fresh coat of paint can be applied to the wall, you have to prepare the surface and get it ready for paint stripping. If paint stripping is not done to the surface prior to applying a fresh layer of paint, the wall will have buildups and it will affect the appearance of the surface. If you want to paint strip your wall or any other surface in the best way then you must try the best paint stripper.

There are various techniques to strip the paint of the wall, furniture, automotive or any other surface. If you choose the most suitable technique or a combination of two or more techniques for the paint stripping job then that would be very helpful for you. There are a wide variety of paint strippers available on the market today. A list of the best paint stripper medium from the General Chemical Corp. is as follows:

  • Aluminum Paint Stripper:  This paint stripper is used to strip aluminum and remove paint from it. This paint stripper can be used to remove powder coat from aluminum, or any other non ferrous metal, without having an adverse effect on its surface. The aluminum paint stripper also serves as the best automotive stripper as it can be used to refurbish the used cars to put them up for sale. The classic and vintage car owners can also use this type of stripper to restore their old car and make them look as classy as before. The water based aluminum paint strippers have superior cleaning ability, and it does not contain any flammable solvents or phenols. It is economical to use and its bath life is more as compared to other solvents.
  • E-coat Stripper 9410: This paint stripper is specially made to remove the E-coat Powder Coat from aluminum, steel and any other ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Electrocoating, or E-coat as it is popularly known, is a method of painting that uses electric current to deposit paint on the surface. This stripper does not have any adverse effect on the galvanized surfaces if it is used on them. It is very helpful to remove the epoxy coating by lifting film from the substrate. It has very low probability of causing airborne health hazards. This multi metal paint stripper removes the e-coat as a solid.
  • Latexsol 6840: Latexsol 6840 is an eco-friendly latex paint remover that can be used to remove paint from uncured and cured latex. It can also be used to remove the epoxy coatings from various kinds of substrates. Before you use the latex stripper, you should do a small test to determine if the paint is based on latex or not. Apply some xylene to the sample; if the paint contains latex, the sample will dissolve for the easy stripping. If the paint does not contain latex, the sample will remain as it is and it means that it is based on oil.

Choosing the Best Varnish Stripper

There are various varnish strippers that are available in hardware and paint stores, home centers, and variety stores. There are both the good ones and the inexpensive ones available in the stores. All these varnish strippers do the work of softening the surface, and sanding and scraping the surface but you should choose only the best varnish stripper to do your work.

The methods of removing paint and varnish are enumerated below:

  • Removing using chemicals – Before you apply a fresh coat of paint or varnish, you have to remove the old coat. Removing paint and varnish using chemicals is one of the best paint stripper methods. The chemical paint remover or varnish remover can be used to soften the surface where the fresh coat is to be applied. After the top layer is softened, it can be washed away with water or can be removed by scraping. The chemical varnish and paint remover are available in a variety of stores on both liquid and semi-paste forms. The liquid paint removers can be used to remove the upper layers of the paint. This type of stripper is suitable for removing just two or three layers of paint as it dries up quickly. The liquid form of paint stripper is considered as the best stain stripper as it can be used to remove the stubborn spots from the surface after it has been washed. The other kind of paint stripper, the one in the form of semi-paste, is thicker and so it can be used to remove the thick layers of the paint. It can be applied to wooden surface to remove the heavy layers of paint on the furniture. Water based strippers should not be used to remove paint from the furniture as it can damage it. So semi-paste paint stripper should be used and it is considered as the best furniture paint stripper.
  • Removing using sanding – Sanding is also a method to strip off the paint and varnish from different surfaces. Power sanders or hand sanders can be used to sand away the upper layer of surfaces. Hand sanders are suitable for small jobs but if you want to do bigger ones, the power sanders are the best for that job. Sanding is an easy and quick method of removing paint from the surface but if it being used on the furniture then the chances are high that a thin layer of the wood can also be scraped off.
  • Removing using heat – Heat is another method of removing the layer of paint from the surface. The heat from the heat guns or other special electric paint removers can be used to destroy the film of the old paint. This makes it easier for scraping the layer of paint from the surface of wood or any metal. The heat paint remover is also considered as silent paint remover as it does not involve noisemaking techniques.

There are different paint stripping techniques widely available but you should choose only the best paint stripper method to remove the old paint from the surface you are going to apply fresh paint on.

RJ45 Crimper Review Guide: Ideal, Ethernet, BNC & Cat6 Crimpers & Kits

The term RJ45 is used to describe the terminated ends, or jacks, of either telephone or ethernet cables (the RJ stands for registered jack), these are the ones you commonly find connected to landline telephones and your high speed internet modems at home. Though these cables can easily be bought at any regular home improvement store in different lengths, there are times when you have to lengthen or shorten a cable to fit your specific needs, and to do that you will need an RJ45 crimper.

Why Still Use Wires?

In this modern age of wireless connectivity there is still a use for the old school method of using cables for connecting to your home network. Why? Well for one thing your wi-fi router’s signal can not go everywhere in your home. For instance, if you have the router set up on the first floor of your house and you have a desktop computer in your bedroom at the second floor, the wi-fi signal will have a hard time reaching your computer; you’ll get a 2 bar signal strength at best. If you want to fully utilize the speed of your internet connection then it is better to just buy a length of CAT5 cable, some RJ45 plugs, and a handy RJ45 crimper.

What Is an RJ45 Crimper?

The cables used in connecting your desktop computer to the high speed modem is not like your regular copper wires where you just loop the exposed wires onto a plug using pliers, terminating the ends of CAT5, or ethernet cables require the use of a special crimping tool. An RJ45 crimper (also known as CAT5 crimper or ethernet crimper) is a special tool that can attach the special RJ45 jacks to the end of a CAT5 cable, a process that is very difficult if done by hand.

Tips on Choosing a RJ45 Crimper

If you are planning on laying out CAT5 cables around your house then you will need a reliable RJ45 crimper to help make the job a bit easier. Here are some tips to make sure you get a crimper that can not only do the job, but also do it well.

Crimpers come in different types and sizes, depending on the gauge and type of cable you will be crimping the ends of. So you need to choose the ideal RJ45 crimper for a specific type of cable, or else risk damaging the crimper itself.

–        If you are working with different sizes of connections then a modular crimper and cutter is the tool you will need. These are used for crimping the ends of telephone cables and ethernet cables.

–        If you want a wire crimper that is very easy to use then you should get a ratchet wire crimper. This kind of crimper not only crimps the stranded wire of the cable but also attaches the insulator grip of the RJ45 connector in just a single motion. This makes crimping the ends of the cables faster and without putting too much strain on your hands.

–        Rather than buying a separate wire crimper and wire stripper, it would be better if you just buy a wire crimper that comes with a wire stripper built-in. This not only saves you some money on tools, it also makes laying down cables easier since you have two tools in one hand already.

–        Though a bit more expensive than your standard crimper, there are crimpers that can press most standard types of cables into different sized plugs. So if you are planning on laying out different cable types then using a multi-tool like this could help out a lot.

How to Layout and Crimp Ethernet Cables

So you have bought your very own crimping tool and a length of CAT5 cable, so what do you do now? Here are instructions and some helpful tips to help you lay out cables like a professional.

  1. You first need to measure the length of cable you will need. Do not cut the cable to the exact length that you need, always place an allowance of a foot or so just to make sure that your cable won’t be too short; you can always pick up the slack but it is harder to splice an additional length of cable.
  2. Once you have cut the cable to length, you now need to prepare the ends for crimping. Take out your wire stripper and take off about an inch of insulation from the ends of the cable. Then untwist the cables inside until you reach the rubber shield, and again using the wire stripper, expose a couple of millimeters of copper from each strand so they can make contact with the RJ45 plug.
  3. Now that you have the ends of the cable prepared, you should now proceed to place the cable and the connector into the RJ45 crimper. Make sure that every color coded wire is in the right position before you start crimping the cable. You can find the correct placement of the wires inside the RJ45 crimper instructions that came with the kit.
  4. Once the wires are all aligned then you put on the RJ45 connector into the crimper, making sure that the metal plates on the connector are in contact with the exposed copper wiring of the cable. Once they are secured then crimp the connector onto the cable.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other end of the cable. Once you have finished crimping both ends, you should run the cable into a tester, if the green lights come on then you are ready to go, if not then cut off the ends and repeat the whole process. This is one of the reasons why you need to put an allowance when cutting the cable, in case of mistakes like this.

Even though we are living in a mostly wireless age, there is still a lot of use for the trusty data cable. Until the wireless networks get perfected, good old ethernet cables and the like will still have a place in people’s homes and workplaces.

Marples Chisels Review Guide: Carving, Wood, Bevel Edge & Irwin Marple Chisvel Tools

Marples chisels are manufactured by Irvine tools manufacturers, a company that makes and distributes professional hand tools and power tool accessories.  Irwin tools is a worldwide company known for its production of durable and superior quality tools.  The Irvine Tools brand line includes names such as, Quick-Grip, IRWIN, Strait-Line, Vise-Grip, Marathon, Unibit, Speedbor and Hanson.

The company first got its start in 1885, one year after founder Charles Irwin purchased the idea for a solid center auger bit from a local blacksmith in his town of Martinsville, Ohio.  Irwin patented the idea for the auger bit and started a Irwin Auger Bit Co. along with four other business partners.  From then on, the company grew and expanded its line of tools until it became the global name that is known by today.

One of the most popular brands produced by Irwin is Marples chisels.  These chisels are high quality stainless steel chisels known for their durability and ease of use.

What are Marples Chisels?

Irwin Marples chisels are sold by the dozens of thousands around the world.  The Marples chisel is usually made of high carbon solid-forged steel blade for maximum edge retention and features a polypropylene handle for superior grip strength and to prevent damage, if accidentally dropped or when struck by the hammer. These chisels are mostly bevel edged and come in a variety of sizes in complete sets.  The occasional chisel can be found on a number of web sites to help customers complete a set that is missing a chisel or to provide customers with a chance to purchase a special chisel type such as, the Blue-chip 1/8 inch bevel edge, which is intended for fine woodworking.

Marples chisel is an excellent product. Based on price, you can’t beat it as a product for amateur woodworkers. You will soon learn that this chisel holds a decent edge and the handle is very durable.

Marples chisels are made in China, so they can be affordably priced.  They may not hold a sharp edge for as long as other brands, but this is easy enough to remedy with the sharpening stones and the chisels are available in sizes that may be difficult for woodworkers to find.

The Different Types of Marples Chisels

The company sells Marples carving chisels in sets ranging from three up to six chisels.  All of the chisels are usually beveled edge chisels, they simply vary in size so that wood workers can use them in very minute detail work.  The smallest sets that contain three chisels provide woodworkers with a 1/2 inch chisel, a 3/4 inch and a 1 inch chisel.  The size refers to the width of the chisel across the blade.

Marples wood chisels in sets of four also include a 1/4 inch chisel, while those larger sets include the 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch chisel.  The smallest chisel that Marples makes is the 1/8 inch.  This is probably one of the smallest chisels that can be used on heavy-duty woodwork without breaking the steel from repeated hits with a mallet.

The larger chisel sets come in a latching wooden box for safe and secure storage. These chisel sets are very well-priced and make a good gift item for the amateur wood worker. For example, the Irwin BlueChipBevelEdge 6 Piece ChiselSet is one of the best intermediate level user chisels available and has been for many years.  You may have a few doubts about ordering such a low-cost product; however the quality has survived the purchase of the line by Irwin.

You can quickly sharpen up these chisels after receiving them to be sure the edge is sharp. Try out the tool by cutting a few mortises with the 1/2-inch one. After cutting several mortises, you’ll see that the chisel is still sharp enough to cut through the wood like butter.

It only goes to show that these chisels are very sharp, easy to hone and great for beginner to moderate level wood workers.

If you are just starting out in wood working or are considering the art, but haven’t tried it yet, consider the smaller IrwinTools Marples MetalStrikeCap  3-PieceChiselSetandWalletHolder. This set of three chisels comes in a sturdy folding wallet that secures in place with Velcro. The wallet is small enough to toss into any good sized tool box.

This set includes the ProTouch Grip for easy gripping and to prevent slipping when hitting the chisel. Additionally, the chisels come with a strike cap for use with a hammer, to ensure that these chisels last a good long time. The three pack is highly useful and a better option than many other brands out there for those just starting in wood working.

Those people who are like most amateur woodworkers can have drawer filled with dozens of wood chisels that aren’t sharp enough to use and are just lying around useless.  You may be tempted to keep buying cheap wood chisels to avoid the costs of more expensive ones, since you think that they too will dull after a few uses.  Why should you pay $40 for three chisels?  These chisels are built to last and won‘t let you down the way that other lower end chisels have in the past.

Other chisels are made with cheap steel that doesn’t last, but Marples uses high quality steel and either a simple beveled or non-beveled edge to its chisels so they are easy to sharpen properly.

While this set is about $40, it is still highly affordable when you consider the durability of the chisel and the ease with which you can resharpen the tool as it wears down.

Marples carving chisels are good, sturdy, mid-priced products that can help amateur woodworkers develop their expertise. In the long run, these Marples wood chisels are easy to sharpen and won’t break or chip on you. When considering Marples chisels, start out with a small three pack and add the others to your kit as you get used to the brand. This way you can pick and choose your favorites once you have the basic set put together.

Best Flashlights Review Guide: LED, Brightest, Tactical, Rechargeable And Police Flashlights

The customer who wants the best flashlights on the market wants lights that are long lasting, use less power, are the brightest and most durable flashlights. Manufacturers meet these needs in a variety of ways from using energy efficient LED bulbs to creating a rechargeable flashlight. Of course, some lights are made better than other lights. It’s up to customers to decide what kinds of flashlights are the best flashlights for them.

LEDS versus Incandescent Bulbs

When looking for the best flashlights on the market, you’ll want to research the different types of bulbs. There are two types of flashlight bulbs on the market today, LED and incandescent bulbs. LEDs are the newer type of bulb. The name is actually short for light emitting diode. These diodes were first developed for the technology industry way back in 1962. Originally, these miniaturized bulbs were expensive, but over time as manufacturing processes were refined and technology improved, the diodes became very affordable. They were placed in everything from lamps to electronics and flashlights due to their affordability and very long life.

Incandescent bulbs typically last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours, while the best LED flashlights last between 35,000 to 50,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs will need to be replaced more frequently and there is a higher chance that the bulb will be bad when the flashlight is first turned on after a long period of disuse.

However, there are benefits to sticking with incandescent too. Incandescent bulbs are still much cheaper than LEDs to buy, though if you are looking for the brightest flashlights, you may want to consider getting one with LEDs in it. The incandescent bulb produces a warm, yellow light that feels more natural to people using it, while the LEDs produce cool white or blue light. There is also some concern that it’s more dangerous to look at or into an LED light than a regular incandescent, because the LEDs exceed the safety limits of the blue-light hazard. The blue-light can possibly cause macular degeneration.

Both types of bulbs have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide which type you prefer using in the long run.

Types of Flashlights

Manufacturers also make a number of different flashlight types to suit different needs. There are tactical flashlights, rechargeable, floods, underwater and even police flashlights. For emergencies, you may want to go for the types of flashlights that the professionals use, tactical or police lights. Rechargeable flashlights are also a good option to help save you money or keep light going long after the traditional power sources have shut off.

The Best Tactical Flashlights

Tactical lights are small, extremely bright flashlights commonly used in conjunction with armed weapons by the military. These flashlights are popular for non-lethal purposes too. Many people keep these small flashlights in their emergency kits or in the car in case of an emergency.

The best tactical flashlights are going to be small, extremely bright, long-lasting and sturdy enough to handle a lot of bumps and bangs.

The Surefire LEDSingleOutputLEDFlashlightis one such tactical light. It’s extremely small, smaller than the palm of a person’s hand. It also has an aluminum body and it produces an 80 lumens beam of light. That’s a lot of light for a flashlight that only requires two 123A Lithium Batteries. In fact, it’s four times the light of a big two-D-cell flashlight.

Consumers seem to light this flashlight too. One customer said of the Surefire, “The Surefire 6P is THE classic modern day cop light. It pretty much set the standard for law enforcement, military and emergency personnel flashlights.” It could be said that the Surefire 6P is one of the best tactical flashlights on the market.

The Best Rechargeable Flashlights

Rechargeable flashlights are flashlights designed for easy recharging from multiple power sources, in addition to batteries. Most rechargeable lights can be recharged by plugging them directly into a power outright, through solar power, hand cranks, or other methods of reclaiming energy.

The Streamlight XenonRechargeableFlashlightwith Charger is a rechargeable flashlight that contains a rechargeable 6-volt Ni-Cad 5 cell sub-C battery. When the battery runs out of power, the flashlight can be plugged into any standard outlet and charged back up. When fully charged the light provides about 30 hours of power. Additionally, this flashlight is covered with Machined aircraft anodized aluminum and uses an unbreakable lens. This light is designed to last for years with proper care and recharging.

The Best Police Flashlights

You’ll find that police flashlights are similar to tactical lights in that they are usually very bright and emit highly focused beams of light. While they have varied in size from the large, heavy duty light down to the smaller than your palm LED light, the best police flashlights will consistently provide long-lasting, extremely bright light in conjunction with durability.

TheMAGLITES4D016 HeavyDuty 4-DCellFlashlight is popular among police officers for it’s durability, heft and light output. These flashlights use 4 D Cell batteries, so you know they are putting out a lot of power. Additionally, the flashlights have a reputation for continuing to work for years or even after being banged around.

One fan of these lights stated in his online flashlight reviews,  “I pulled mine from my totaled car and worked without a hitch. If you use a flashlight a lot or hardly ever, this is the one to buy.” The Maglite is truly one of the most durable and best police flashlights.

When you are looking for the best flashlights to serve you in an emergency, you’ll want to do your research. Determine whether or not you prefer incandescent to LEDs, find out what type of flashlight you like best and look at the customer reviews. To do this, you can go online and do a little more research on the different flashlight manufacturers and really get a good idea of the many different types of flashlights out there. You can’t go wrong when you practice due diligence before making that purchase.

Used Welders For Sale: MIG Welders, Gasoline Welders, Lincoln Welders, Used TIG & Welding Equipment Sale

Whether you have just entered the welding industry or an expert welder, you need to know that welding equipment is no way cheap. To be very honest, instead of spending a lot of money on new equipment, there are plenty of used welders for sale that are easily available on market which operate as though they are new, and just because they are used, it doesn’t mean that they have plenty of additional years of use.

Thing to Consider When Purchasing a Used Welder

If you are planning to shop for used welders then there are plenty of things that you should consider.

  • The first and the important thing is the intention for using the welder. Since there are two types of welding metals; the thick sheets of metal and the thin sheet of metal, and for both there are different power requirements. The thinner would require the lesser heavy duty machine with lesser power while the thick one would need more power and for that you will have to search even more to buy a reliable and trust worthy machine.
  • The second thing you need to consider while going for the used welders for sale is that the company of the welders does produce the replacement parts and what the prices of such parts average, since all the equipment of the used welders may not be new and some of those may require replacement.
  • The third thing to consider is that different types of metals require different types of gas. There are mainly two types of gas, the metal inert gas (MIG) and the tungsten inert gas (TIG) but at present the prices of both the gases are same.
  • There are three types of welder engines; the gas driven, diesel driven ad LPG driven, so you have to keep this factor in mind as well and will have to search accordingly for the type you require.

Lincoln Welders

Lincoln electric is quite a popular name when you think about welders and related items. So if you are considering buying a used Lincoln welder then you should go for it as Lincoln is known to be the “The Welding Experts” with welders of both heavy duty and light weight material. Besides all the replacement parts are available easily. You can get both MIG and TIG welders by Lincoln.

Used Miller Welders for Sale

Like Lincoln, Miller welders’ is also a known brand name when you talk about welders and equipment. And similarly like Lincoln, Miller has both MIG welders as well TIG welders and the replacement parts are also found easily.

Used MIG welders for sale

In order to buy the right MIG welder, you need to need to know about the input power available. In Miller, there are 1-Phase input power, 1 – 3 Phase input power and 3 Phase input power welders available, each has its own purpose like the 1 Phase welders require less voltage and are used for home and garages while the 3 – Phase input power are for the industrial areas. You can get the 1 – Phase used MIG welders for sale easily.

There are MIG welders available by Lincoln electric as well. If you are searching in the market for the used MIG welders, you should know about the prices and details of each MIG welder. You can view the prices and details of Lincoln MIG welders on the Lincoln site.

Used TIG Welders for Sale

For the TIG welders by Miller you also need to know about the material you will be welding as the AC/DC products can weld all metals which includes aluminum, and the DC products can weld metals as well as other alloys, but it not usually recommended for aluminum.

What to Choose; the used MIG welder or the used TIG welder?

Since both the MIG and the TIG welders are available for sale by plenty of popular companies the question arises which welder to get from the both? When you are getting a portable welding machine, it is highly important that you should understand the nature of work for which you require the machine. It is believed that the MIG welder has much greater speed than the TIG welder but the TIG welder produces a high quality weld. So if you are manufacturing some highly visible consumer products then you should look for the used TIG welder for sale and find some great offers. The MIG welder is usually preferred for thick metal welding and for the work that does not require much precision or sophistication.

Used Welding Equipment for Sale

So when you have planned to get the used welder, you should search for the used welding equipment as well. If you require some spare parts of that welder you would be aware where to find those. Few good places to get the welders and the equipment are Amazon, E-bay and Craigslist. Simply search for the local manufacturers and the local listings to get the best deals and some fabulous offers on the welding equipment. However when you are buying online, make sure you ask the dealer or the person selling the item to send you the original picture of the product and the rest of the details especially if you are getting an expensive item.

Whenever you plan to buy a used equipment or a used welder, you should take some precautions like you should know about the company or brand of which you are getting the equipment, the source from where you are getting like if you are getting from a brand/company directly like used equipment by amazon or you are getting from an individual. Also make sure you get the original picture of the product and you are aware of the market rate of that product as you do not want to end up buying a second hand product in the same price as that of the brand new thing. So make sure you keep all these things in mind before you go for the used welders for sale or used equipment for sale.

Wooden Fence Designs: Styles, Ideas, Plans & Pictures

Fencing your home not only provides security but also the privacy you require for your family. Among the various kinds of fencing, the wooden fence is quite as it provides the house as well as the surrounding landscape a rustic charm. Since wooden fencing comes in various styles and designs you have to keep each in mind when determining what you will fence with. Usually when people are planning on buying fencing, they have two things in mind:

  • The form (that is for the aesthetic appeal)
  • The functionality (the purpose for putting up the fence)

The good thing about the wooden fence design is sometimes they also fulfill both requirements of the homeowners that is the form and the functionality.

Wooden fence ideas

When you have made up our mind about buying a wooden fence keeping the above two factors in mind, you have to check out some wooden fence ideas. You will find plenty of these ideas online and even the painted fences on online stores, as well as home and garden stores, but if you have plans to build the fences by a professional carpenter so you must have some wooden fence ideas in front of you. You can run a simple search in Google Images for “wooden fence ideas” and you will have plenty of images in front of you. Some of the popular ideas are as under:

  • Picket Fence

This is one of the popular fences and is very easy to install. All you require to do is to place the picket fences parallel to each other all along the wall of the fence. The designs in the picket fence also vary and that depends on the home owner. Usually there is a small gap between the two wooden fences. You can get a traditional picket fence by Genova from Amazon.

There are some wooden fences which come along with designs or crafted wood, these also look very beautiful especially when they are in the garden as they go well with the garden vines and plants and other garden decorations.

  • Security Fence

Security fences are applied for the safety of children and pets, and they are also available in various heights, shades and styles depending on the need of the customer.

Wooden Fence Plans

Wooden fence plans are highly necessary especially when you are planning to install these soon. There is a plethora of deigns available in wooden fencing. There are wide varieties of shades, tones and textures of the wood and each of these designs can be crafted into great a wooden fence. The wooden fence can be low ornamented or highly ornamented depending on your need and requirement so it is highly necessary that you should go for the wooden fence plans. There are plenty of companies like Home Depot which provide the service of in-home wooden fence plans for free.

Wooden Fence Styles

Once you have gone through the various wooden fence ideas, you will get to know about the tremendous styles in these wooden fences. There are many different types of wood used in the fences which also changes the look of the fence. One of the expensive and popular styles of wooden fence is made up of western red cedar. These fences shine beautifully and they adorn various residences. Following is the list of some popular wooden fencing styles:

  • Dog Ear
  • French Gothic
  • Shadowbox
  • Flex Fencing
  • Split Rail

Wooden Gate Designs

Similarly with the wooden fence, you can go for the wooden gate as well. And as far as wooden gate design is concerned this should be something like your wooden fence especially if the fence is around the gate.

There are separate wooden garden gates, especially if you have a separate garden and you want to keep the privacy of your garden. One of the popular garden gate designs includes the arched beam. There is also some wooden gate door along with the lamp posts. There are plenty of wooden gate designs; you can choose the ones you want according to the look of your home or your garden for where you want your wooden gate to be placed.

Home Depot Designs

Home Depot has plenty of wooden fences designs and the best thing about getting the wooden fence from their stores is that they ensure the fence is both weather and insect resistant. It is recommended that once you install these fences that you paint those immediately and after three to four years depending on the climatic conditions for long lasting fences.

There are plenty of designs by Home Depot which includes the picket style, privacy fence, shadowbox fences etc. You can view all these designs on the Home Depot site where you can also find the other details on installation.

There are plenty of advantages for going for the Home Depot when you select their designs. They provide free in-home consultation, start to finish installation by the professionals, convenient financing options and a lot more.

Lowe’s Designs

Lowes is another popular hardware store to consider when you talk about wooden fencing. There are plenty of designs and varieties available both online and in Lowes stores. They provide wooden fences which are naturally resistant to rotting, decay and insects, and the majority of these fences come with a 15 year warranty.

Plenty of the wooden fences by Lowes are pre-assembled so that they are easy to install. You can view all the various designs and purchasing details on their website. At Lowe’s you will not only find the wooden panels and fences but also the wooden gate designs of many styles as well.

So, if you are planning to install wooden fencing or a wooden gate, these style and design ideas will prove very helpful for you in getting the right fence or gate you want. The best thing about these wooden fences and gates is that they look very nice and they are affordable as well, besides the fences are also available as single panels as well as readymade form.

Garage Shelving Plans: Building Shelves, Shelving Ideas, Shelving Systems, Storage Plans & Cabinet Plans

Well, similar to building any structure from scratch, you need a full out plan for it first! Now, you couldn’t go building a house without using any sort of plan first, so it should be the same with your garage shelving plans. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s an easy task to do without a plan! You could make the shelves too long or too thin and everything could come crumbling down on your hard work! You don’t want that to happen, so it is easier to go make a plan in the first place!

Why do you need shelving in your garage?

Shelving has many different uses, no matter where it is. But some of the main positives of a quality storage system include the following:

More space

If you stack things on shelves, this leaves you more room to create workspace and spread out while doing larger projects.

Think about all the room you’d have if you had building shelves garage? You could have a clear working space on the floor of your shed or even buy some of that new equipment you wanted because you have room for it in your shed! The more room you have after getting shelves, the greater the possibilities!

Less chance of breakage

If you have things up on sturdy shelves with no chance of collapsing, the less chance there is that you will break your machinery!

If you leave expensive machines, or any machines at all, on the ground to get walked on they will get trampled on, tripped over and ruined! It is important to have respect for your items or anyone else who visits your shed! So don’t leave your stuff lying around the floor and get a shelf to put them on instead!

Organized work

Also, another plus of having shelving available to you in your garage is the fact that your work and items will be far more organized! Garage organization plans is a great way to become more efficient in all your work.

If your belongings are all scattered on the ground, you will inevitably have a much harder time finding the right tools your require and loosing components when working in your garage. If you are looking for a particular file or machine, you won’t be able to find it because they’re everywhere. But, they are stacked nice and neat on a shelf, and you are able to find them easily when they are needed it will make your life so much more organized and easier.

Special Ideas for Your Shelves

There are many ways in which you can make your built shelving look more interesting, be it in your garage or anywhere else. Garage shelving ideas are personalized and should be unique to your garage style and your needs.

For one, you could paint the wood before you set it up. This, given that you use the right colors, can rightly cheer up any old boring garage you could possibly have! Just choosing the right color schemes can have tremendous results! Like if you use yellow and orange, it can make your garage look much brighter!

And don’t leave it at that; you can paint designs such as swirls and polka dots onto the shelving too! The possibilities with a few tins of paint are endless and can leave you with a top notch shelf in no time!

You can also change the wood you use to make the shelf. Timber is the ordinary, everyday method, but you could use planks of wood that are varnished or shiny. You could even use the kind of wood for floor planes or the wood with the knot marks in them. It is whichever you feel suits best!

You can put a funky cover over your shelf, attach dangly picture frames from it, cut around the edges in a cool, hip design; anything your heart can possibly imagine! It’s your choice! Just make sure to take extreme care when building your garage shelving systems to not go overboard!

Other Storage Plans for Your Garage

But shelving isn’t the only way to go when you need extra space in your garage, having garage cabinet plans is also useful.

Cabinets for your Garage

Cabinets are a time old and completely versatile way of keeping things safe from being trampled on in your garage. They have many shelves built into them and can come in whatever shape and size you need to fit your taste in cabinets.

The same reasons for having a plan before you build a cabinet for your garage are the same as the warnings for your shelving. You need to be organized, you can jump straight in without knowing what to do, you don’t want to risk wasting materials or changing your mind half way through. Most importantly, you don’t want to make mistakes.

Cabinets can be just as useful as shelves, if you have the room. But often, people don’t and that is why they need storage plans for their garage. In that case, when you don’t have enough floor space, you use shelving. But for everything else, a cabinet is a good idea!

Organization Methods

As previously mentioned, organization is one of the big keys to keeping your stuff safe and sound. Therefore, simply knowing how to organize things can make you realize that you don’t even need storage!

If you neatly stack all your tools and machinery away, keep all your heavy and bulky stuff in a secluded corner, then you are motoring! Organization is a massive factor in a tidy garage, and a tidy garage is a safe garage.

Organization is also important for all the other reasons I listed before, so get organized or you’ll be losing out! Make an organization chart that tells you where everything should go exactly, so you’ll know if anything is out of place. It is a very handy chart to own

So there you have it; shelves and cabinets are a great way of turning your garage storage plans into a more efficient system of organization.

Best Multitool Review Guide: Leatherman, Oscillating, Power Multitool & Gerber Multitool

A multi tool is a hand tool that mixes and matches a variety of other small tools in one handy, often flip out form. They are very useful for workers of all types, such as artists, builders, carpenters and even electricians, and save a lot of hassle in having to bring many tools around with you. Since all the tools you need are in one handy flip out mechanism, there is no need for huge, bulky carrying cases to hold all your tools in anymore.

They come in all different shapes and sizes, and many come in a variety of colors. Also, there are many different brands of multi tool out there. Some, obviously, are going to be a lot better than others while some will equal the standard you get out of a Christmas cracker, so be warned when purchasing one of these multi tools!

Why You Need the Best Multi Tool for Your Needs

There are so many different brands of multi tool on the market, and many of them are for completely different purposes. It’s essential that you select one that has the tools you need provided in it and one that has a good warranty period or has a proven durable track record. You want to be sure that your tools will be able to withstand harsh conditions, including being able to stand up to constant use.

While you might be more inclined to purchase a more inexpensive multi tool, be weary as a cheaper price tag often comes with flaws and might not last as long as it should. While you don’t want to spend 100s on a multi tool, finding the best tool for the best price is always recommended.

Best Brands of Multi Tool

It would also be very useful to know of which brands of multi tool are the best to buy and what makes them so much better or worse than other models online. You can always search reviews and products endlessly for hours to find the best multi tool review, but here is a list of the best ones and the most well known ones so you can find one to suit your tastes in tool for your line of work or your ordinary, everyday hobby. The following are just a few of the multi tool brands often found on the market.

  • Leatherman Multi Tools

Leatherman have been around for a while but are still one of the most famous brand names out there in the tool industry, for incredibly obvious reasons. All their tools are top notch and made of only the best material possible for the task at hand and can be found in stores nationwide.

They have a very good set of heavy duty multi tools, known as the Crunch, the SuperTool 300 and the Surge. All of these have multiple, hard working tools within them, specifically for a line of work that would be very hard on tools like industry work or building. They have pliers, wire strippers, knives, anything you need for the task at hand. All you have to is select the best Leatherman from one of those three you’d like from their availability online.

They have other types of tools too. They have full sized ones, for reasonably big products and used mostly by professionals. They have pocket sized ones, for people who are on the go constantly. They also have little keychain multi tools, which are best for people who just want one, just in case something goes wrong and they need a multi tool quickly.

Some of the reviews for Leatherman products are astounding. Here is an example of what one satisfied customer had to say about their Leatherman multi tool and why they thought it was the best.

Much easier to use with one hand and a little more ergonomic too (e.g., easier to reach and open individual components, easier one-hand access to outside blades). – Tom

  • Kershaw Multi Tool

While Kershaw seem to deal mostly in lone knives and lone high quality blades (as you can see from their site), they make some pretty neat multi tools on top of that!

Their multi tools focus solely on many different kinds of knives in one handy contraption, which is great for kitchen work and cooking in general. This means that you won’t have to have separate knives for cutting butter, meat and vegetables, because they are all in one little mechanism.

Many people think this is the best multi tool for knifing purposes and it is a very big competitor on the market right now. Please consumers often leave comments such as this:

…if you’re looking for a multi-tool that takes your work as seriously as you do, then Kershaw’s Multi-Tool is the only way to go. With its solid construction and superior engineering, you’ll be able to depend on it for years and years to come. –B.J.

  • Gerber Multi Tool

Gerber are rather famous for their knives and military gear and make some fine multi tooled knives to top it all off.  They have fifty two different types of tool and many of them are multi tools with various different knives you need for the wilderness on top of cooking in your own kitchen.

There are quite a few reviews circling the internet for this brand in particular. Here is a consumer’s perspective of one of the best Gerber multi tools available.

I like this tool (Legend) for around the house projects. I especially like the one handed opening of the knife and scissors. Doesn’t seem like much, but when you have what you need to cut in one hand, and you get your tool out with the other – it is incredibly useful. -unknown

What other Multi Tools are Available

One type of multi tool you may be interested in is the oscillating multi tools. The best well known brands for these are the Bosch, Fein MultiMaster and Milwaukee. Power multi tools are also very popular these days. The best brands to buy for these are Dremel, Sog and Leatherman do a few too!

Speedaire Compressor Parts Review Guide: Portable Parts, Compressor Manual & Dayton Compressor Parts

It seems that there are a lot of Speedaire compressors but not enough parts gauging from the number of panic-stricken owners. Is it really a problem with supply or suppliers? Apparently the problem lies in the older models of the compressor and the current source for Speedaire compressor parts may not always have the parts required. It isn’t a problem unique to Speedaire compressors, it happens when there is a changing of the guards.

The Speedaire Compressors
An air compressor, like the Speedaire compressors, is very common around anything to do with the automotive industry. You need air for your vehicle tires, staple guns, and other power devices. It’s a handy machine to have around especially the portable compressors. However, they do have wear and tear and eventually they can falter or fail in spite of its rather simplistic engineering.

The basic objective of an air compressor is to draw in air and spit it in controlled volumes. The Speedaire compressors have been around for quite some time and have been a household name for a good number of years. It is now being managed by Grainger but there are many who still associate the Speedaire compressors with Dayton. Dayton is another product line under Grainger mainly to do with motors and pumps.

Dayton Compressor Parts

The main confusion for most new to air compressors is where to find parts and why there are Grainer Speedair parts and Dayton compressor parts for Speedaire. If the motor on your Speedair compressor is the problem, you could turn to the Dayton product line for a compatible motor. If it is any other compressor part, go to Grainger first. Either way, you can visit the Grainger website for more information on the Dayton compressor parts.

Air Compressor Parts

Before you start shopping for air compressor parts, you need to know the part that’s causing the problem. Any DIY manual on how to operate and troubleshoot an air compressor can help you but you can also go back to the store you bought it from and ask for help. Usually they check the following:

  • Piston housing
  • Motor
  • Starter
  • Pressure switch
  • Unloader valve
  • Other valves
  • Compressor head

The common air compressor parts that tend to wear down are the following:

Safety Relief Valve – If you have to replace this, make sure you get the one that is ASME-certified. This is the part of the air compressor that releases air from the air compressor before it gets to a dangerous level. It always that air compressors are left on and since they’re not noisy machines, it could go unnoticed for some time. The safety valve is an essential component because it pushes excess air out so the equipment does not get damaged. It’s like a warning sign for anyone close by that the air compressor has been left on and unattended. The common cause for replacing this part is corrosion or clogging. You can check the ring around the valve for signs of these problems.

Pressure Regulator – This part of the air compressor reads, displays, and maintains the air pressure and works in conjunction with two other parts: the tank gauge and the oil level. The tank gauge measures the pressure found inside while oil level checks your oil.

Manual Thermal Overload Control – This is self-explanatory and can be used to override the controls in case the air compressor starts to overheat. It’s a button that is easily accessed but once you activate it, you can’t turn on the air compressor until it has cooled down sufficiently.

Other parts of the air compressor are the belt guard, hose rack, couplers and inflation kit.

Why Replace Parts When You Can Just Buy A New Compressor?

If you have a Speedaire compressor and you are looking for parts, then it means that before it broke down, you were happy with its performance. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even bother spending more money on parts. Let this be your guiding principle when people ask you why you won’t just buy a new air compressor instead.

The fact is the Speedaire parts are not expensive which means you won’t be spending a lot to have the compressor repaired. If you can’t find the parts from the dealer you bought your equipment from, look on the internet or contact Grainger.  Most experts who use air compressors would recommend the Speedaire until it literally breaks apart or the parts are no longer in production and there are no replacement options. It is a dependable machine and worth maintaining.

How To Find Spare Parts

Grainger has their system all in place and their dealers are all well-versed with how to handle replacement parts. With the Speedaire compressors, all you have to do is find the nameplate. This nameplate should have the model number, stock number which is a 5 digit sequence and make. It would be great if you have a copy of your receipt and your Speedaire compressor manual. If you can’t find the information on the machine, it will be in the manual or receipt.

Most experts would suggest you keep a supply of some of the most commonly worn down parts. You don’t need a lot just one extra spare for each part. Since you are advised to maintain your air compressor regularly by, the spare parts will come in handy when you most need it. It will save you time and possible money because the part may not be needed right away so you get it at a lower price.  Grainger has always stressed that they keep a steady supply of Speedaire compressor parts for models that are as old as 10 years, maybe more. They know that these types of equipment last for decades so part of its service is making sure the spare parts are readily available. If you follow the direction on how to maintain the Speedaire compressor, it should last you 20 years or more provided you use it properly.  This means cleaning and making sure it has oil.

Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Review Guide: Transmitters, Sensors, Gauge 1279 And Accessories

The Ashcroft pressure gauge is a piece of equipment you need when working or handling steam equipment. It is important for it to give precise temperature readings otherwise so many aspects would fail from overheating to the opposite situation of unable to know if you’re wasting time because the ideal heat level is not being achieved. Most commonly used in manufacturing plants and work places where heat is a common factor, if a pressure gauge fails, the safety of anyone working in that area is questionable. On the other hand, one can go overboard and use the Ashton pressure gauge even if it’s not needed. This is often seen wherever a pump is installed as a necessary part of the system but it does not always mean you need to have the Ashcroft pressure gauge.

How to Determine if you Need the Ashcroft Pressure Gauge

It isn’t just about whether you need an Ashcroft pressure gauge but how many of these you would need. With a process known as instrumentation designing, you can determine how many Ashcroft pressure gauges you need and where to put them. The goal of this procedure is to have less rather than more. Don’t think that having more than what is necessary makes your work place safer. It may just make it look like something out of a Hollywood studio set.

  1. Start by stop buying and installing pressure gauges, vacuums, sensors, and a transmitter every where
  2. Ask yourself: what information will this reading give me that’s so important?
  3. If you just need a piece of equipment to tell you something is working, then that is not what a pressure gauge does. If you need to know whenever pressure drops or to help you realize that pressure drops regularly especially if you are cleaning the equipment and switching it on and off.

Why You Need an Ashcroft Pressure Gauge, Ashcroft Vacuum Gauge

There are two reasons why the Ashcroft pressure gauge and Ashcroft vacuum gauge are so important:

  1. Measure vibration
  2. Measure water condensation

In your home, you need the Ashcroft pressure gauge and Ashcroft vacuum gauge to find out if your water pipes are freezing. The biggest headache you could encounter if you don’t know is the plumbing problems that would ensue not to mention the damage to your gauge housing.

Two Kinds of Designs

A pressure gauge comes in two main design types:

  1. Traditional gauge
  2. Filled gauge
  • Longer
  • Fewer parts
  • Has a liquid inside, usually a viscous oil

The Ashcroft pressure gauge like the Ashcroft pressure gauge 1279 has a kit conversion which means it is bought as a traditional gauge but the kit can transform it to a filled gauge.  The filled gauge is safer because it prevents condensation by dampening the pointer vibration.

Also known as the Duragauge pressure gauge, the Ashcroft pressure gauge 1279 has a grade of 2A with plus/minus of 5%. It is preferred by most because of superior heat and chemical resistance, Teflon coating, stainless steel parts and self-locking pointers.

The Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Accessories

Generally, the Ashcroft pressure gauge accessories enhance the safety measures of your equipment. One would be the shut-off valve which allows you manual control. If you want you can also get a second valve to drain the condensation or steam and to calibrate your pressure source.

There are other accessories like siphons, sensors, chemical seals, and transmitters. All of these either prevent corrosion, leaking, absorption of pressure shocks and fluctuation, steam tracing or freezing. With the use of chemical seal, you can position the pressure gauge in a place more easily accessible with the help of capillary tubes.

There are 4 kinds of chemical seals: offline, self-cleaning, extended, and wafer. If you are going to install any kind of accessories, don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek professional help.

Who is Ashcroft?

Edward Ashcroft is the man behind the introduction and success of the Ashcroft pressure gauge products and accessories. His main concern when he began working on his version of pressure gauges was to create safer instruments. His first attempt 150 years ago is known as the Bourdon tube pressure gauge. That started it all for Ashcroft Inc.

As the company grew more popular, they began to introduce more products like thermometers, gauges, switches, transmitters, seals, calibration equipment, transducers, and control equipment.

The dream of Edward Ashcroft was recognized and respected worldwide. You see his Ashcroft pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, transmitters, and other accessories in water treatment plant, paper and pulp factories, semiconductor plants, medical labs and application facilities, power plants, food processing kitchens and commissaries, chemical plants, and commercial and residential homes.

The company recognizes that each location where their products are used is independent of each other. This means that there is no one set-up that is identical to another. Thus, the company has a team of professionals and experts that clients and customers can approach either by mail or email. Their technical know-how will be essential to the successful use of their equipment in your particular case.

Their customer service offers the following in-house services:

  • Product application
  • Product cross-reference
  • Product inquiries
  • Deliveries for bulk orders

Ant through their certified partners and representatives in the field through hardware stores, they offer the following

  • Training
  • Education
  • Calibration
  • Delivery
  • Facility surveying
  • Calibration
  • Application
  • Seal assembly

Potential Problems with Faulty Installations

Unless you have prior experience with setting up steam and temperature equipment, you could end up with a messy problem. Ashcroft estimates that 20% of their customers fail to install to equipment properly which causes the equipment to vibrate or pulsate unnecessarily. However over and above these problems, there are worst case scenarios:

  • The liquid fill could leak or spill out from excessive vibration
  • Inaccurate reading
  • Harm and damage to the environment

Thus, while Ashcroft pressure gauge and other products are highly regarded in the industry, it must be used with caution and safety in mind.  You can rely on Ashcroft but you have to let them help you install your equipment properly. Once done, you get to enjoy years of fruitful and dependable use.

Acco Fasteners Guide: USCIS, Staples, Heavy Clips and Prong Paper Fastener Reviews

Can you imagine a world without fasteners? Probably not. You probably have them lying around on your desk at any given time.  Have you ever wondered where they came from and how far innovation has taken them?

The Fastener and Its Maker

Heavy clips, staplers, punchers, office organizers and even presentation software,  ACCO or American Clip Company, a subsidiary of Fortune Brands, Inc., makes them all and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of office tools.

The company began it business with paper clips and later expanded to other office and school supplies, including prong paper fasteners, which was introduced to the public in 1912.  Today, ACCO sells everything from desk staplers and punchers to shredding and binding machines. Under the umbrella company, ACCO, there are several other brand (Apollo, Kennsington, Quartet, Swingline, Day Timer, GBC and Wilson Jones) all of which have unique specialties and fall under different product categories.

In spite of how far it has come ACCO does not forget that much of its success is owed to the most basic of office and school supply: the fastener.

Acco fasteners are a two-pronged items designed to compress and hold paper together or in a folder.  After the advent of typewriters with front strike keys, volumes of documents were being produced every day.  The invention of this typewriter created a need for a tool to bind thicker sets of documents in a way that is neat, organized and durable. Unlike the paperclip which was designed for a light and temporary hold, prong paper fasteners were far more secure.  From that point on, the ACCO paper fastener became a staple in office work and remains to be one of the most commonly used office supplies today.

It has clearly set the standard for quality; in fact, the US Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) recommends the use of Acco fasteners. Instead of heavy staples, applicants are advised to prepare their resumes with Acco fasteners or heavy clips.  The Acco fasteners USCIS prescribed in this government agency’s website must be used to put together thick sets of documents for submission.

High Grade Metal Fastener

ACCO fasteners are made from high grade metal with smooth and safe edges. Each fastener is manufactured with a storage capacity of about one to 3-1/2 inches thick of paper. The most common of these sizes can bind documents two inches thick, consistent with the size of standard file folders. Online and in retail stores, you can get a box of 50 ACCO fasteners for about $13 to $16.

As with all inventions though, prong paper fasteners have also gone through significant product innovations.

Plastic Paper Fasteners

ACCO is more known for its metallic binders for documents but from the original thin-metal material, the trend has moved towards the use plastic, definitely something more user-friendly. Plastic fasteners never rust over time and spares users from that rather disconcerting feeling they get when they rub two metal objects against each other.

Everybody knows the fastener is comprised of four small parts:   a two-holed flat base, a thin flat stick and two flat hooks attached to the base.  When plastic is used, it is easier to move the little objects of the fastener around and put them together because the hooks and the binder slide through without friction.  Plastic has also enabled fasteners to come in bright colors, more preferred by users of a younger age group.

Brass Round Head Fastener

Other than the more familiar Acco fasteners staples, ACCO has likewise developed a roundhead fastener made of brass.  This design is more flexible because the individual heads can be positioned anywhere in the sheet regardless of the holes’ distance from each other.

The round brass head is sized larger than the standard size of the punch hole to secure the binding. Two thin prongs, which can be folded into place, extend from the brass round head to fasten the documents together. These prongs come in different lengths, typically from 1/2-inch to 3 inches.

Compressor and Binder Sets

Although it used to be that fasteners were not built into folders and the two items have to be purchased separately, in recent years ACCO has been making cover and binding sets.  You can keep documents neatly bound together with the use of ACCO Pressboards, which are pretty much sturdy folders and fasteners all in one.  Here are some of the sought-after products of ACCO:

The ACCO Pressboard Report Cover in a Legal document format (housing 8 ½ “docs with top binding) keeps your papers together and without wrinkle inside a thick pressboard cover bound along the top. It can hold up to two inches thick of legal size sheets.  Black with matching hinges, the ACCO Pressboard Report Cover is great way to present important documents to clients and superiors who need to be impressed.

The ACCO Pressboard Report Cover Letter documentation format (housing 11” docs with side binding) meanwhile comes in different sizes and layout.  Another variation comes in more colors covered in 20 pt. genuine pressboard material.  The fasteners secure all pages by the sides and are designed to bind a set of documents 3 inches thick.  This one is letter-sized.

The ACCO Pressboard Report Cover Specialty binding houses 11” docs and is bound right at the edges, it can hold 3 inches thick of 11″ x 17″ size sheets. It is also made in 20 pt. genuine pressboard material with hinges the same color as the cover, Red.

Those who are environmentally conscious will be happy to know that all of the aforementioned products are made from 50% recycled content as well, so you are reducing your effect on the environment while you work. These sets of pressboards with accompanying ACCO fasteners are the latest innovations from ACCO to provide students, clerks, managers and even top executives with top quality cover and binding.  Their prices range from $6 to $8 per piece and sets cost about $30.

Acco fasteners staples have indeed come a long way but the classic metallic two-pronged fastener has yet to go out of style. For now, it remains to be widely used and because it is useful, it may continue to be a staple item for the filing needs of students and professionals.

Robertson Screwdriver Review Guide: Screwdriver Bits, Sets & Square Tip

Asked by the New York Timeswhat the best tool of the millennium was, master in architect and prolific writer, Witold Rybczynski, could not respond immediately.  He scouted for candidates in his toolbox: chalk, tape measure, handsaw, chisel and so on.  Later, it hit him. Of course, it had to be his screwdriver.

We all know what screwdrivers are for and we all have them in our tool boxes or tucked in a cupboard.  Invented out of necessity, the earliest models of the screwdriver were made from wood and it has certainly gone through several makeovers to look the way it does today. Now, there are several types of screwdrivers all designed for different types of screws, namely Robertson Screw, Phillips Head Screw and Allen Key.

The Robertson square tip is an interesting type because in spite of its usefulness and efficiency in design, it isn’t as widely used in the U.S. as in Canada, where it was invented.

How the Robertson Screwdriver Came To Be

The square-drive screw or the Robertson Screw was invented by Canadian, Peter Lymburner Robertson sometime in 1908 (hence, the name). What an interesting story that is too. P.L. Robertson was said to be demonstrating how a spring-loaded driver worked to an audience in Montreal when the tool slid off and hurt his hand. Robertson’s injury gave birth to the idea of screwdriver that locks more securely in place, making work not only faster but also safer.

Robertson’s design became the standard in North America because it provided a good alternative to the flathead screwdriver.  The flathead screwdriver is said to slip often while the screw is being driven into place. Robertson’s new square-shaped instrument is easier to secure into place because of its shape. The recess is squared, with chamfered edges, tapering sides and a pyramidal bottom. It could be twisted quickly and tightly with just one hand.

The Robertson screwdriver set became an instant hit!  In the late 1940s, Robertson’s company grew tremendously.  At its peak, it employed as many as 500 people.

He marketed his screws in three sizes which of course came with corresponding screwdrivers.  These sizes were distinguished by their colors: small drivers came in green; medium drivers, red; and large drivers, black.

Today, there are more types of Robertson screws and screwdrivers sold online.  The Robertson screwdriver Home Depot or Amazon offer is all color-coded by the size:

  • Orange drivers (#00) are for Screw Types #1 and #2, which are 1.77 to 1.80 mm in size.
  • Yellow drivers (#0) are for Screw Types #3 and #4, which are 2.29 to 2.31 mm in size.
  • Green drivers (#1) are for Screw Types #5, #6, and #7, which are 2.82 to 2.86 mm in size.
  • Red drivers are for Screw Types #8, #9, and #10, which are 3.34 to 3.38 mm in size.
  • Black drivers function with the largest screws, types 12 and higher, which are 4.81 to 4.85 mm in size.

How the Robertson Differs From Philips

Both self-centering and both promising a no-slip hold, the Robertson differs from the more commonly Philips screwdriver in two ways.  For one, it is harder to remove a Philips screw driver once it has been painted over or rusted. Although the Philips screwdriver also seats itself nicely into the screw head recess, the Robertson square-tip provides more depth for the driver to bite into.  Additionally, the Philips screw driver requires more force in pressing it downward especially for those longer screws.

Although less popular, especially in the US, the Robertson square tip is actually easier to use. By design, the sockets are deeper and require less effort in locking into place and turning.  The Robertson screwdriver is said to significantly speed up production, which accounts for much of its success.  It was so quick and easy to use that Ford had tried to buy the rights from the inventor, P.L. Robertson, but the latter refused.

It would seem that the Philips screwdriver presents no obvious advantage over the Robertson screwdriver. The maker’s decision to patent his own technology and refuse the offer of Ford is the reason it isn’t as widely accepted all over the world and in the U.S.

Robertson square-tip performs better for trim and compact head screws than the Philips design.  It is also preferred when fastening hardwood.

Which Brands You Can Buy`

Are you eager to try a Robertson screwdriver set to see what it can do for you?  You can start off with some of these brands that offer square-drive sets with prices ranging from $2 to $30, depending on the manufacturer and what comes with the package.

  • Husky
  • Craftsman
  • Fuller
  • Klein Tools
  • Michigan Industrial Tools
  • Wiha
  • Bondhus
  • Leviton

Robertson is its own brand though and is the only one which makes “authentic” the Robertson screwdriver bit.  For example, the Robertson screwdriver Home Depot or Amazon sale might actually be square drives manufactured by other brands. Many of those you will find may be spawns of the original maker’s design after the inventor’s patent expired. To avoid infringing on his patents, these new square drives will be slightly different and may or may not work for you.

On occasion, other square drives may not provide a perfect fit and has the tendency to get stuck into the recess head.  If you are hoping to try a real Robertson, you should look for the iconic “R” mark on the bit.   The Robertson screwdriver is made in Canada so other square-drive sets which are said to be made in the U.S. aren’t the original.

Notwithstanding the authenticity, other makers of square drives have pretty decent offerings which work just fine for many homeowners and handymen.  If you want to check all that is available in the market, you can check (U.S. and Canada sites) and Home Depot.  These websites can show you your options in varying sizes accompanied by product reviews and rates.  If you’re lucky, you might even catch a marked down offer on a square-drive or Robertson screwdriver bit.  But before you make that purchase, evaluate your needs and decide which size and set you need.  There isn’t one altogether perfect tool, but there’s one that’s perfect for your specific needs.

Used CNC Router Guide: Router Sales, Hobby CNC Wood Router, Used CNC Machine, Woodworking & Used Multicam CNC Routers

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your used CNC router you can find a variety of stores, both online and physical locations, where you can meet your goal. For the purposes of buying a used CNC router, you can find both three axis and five axis used CNC routers; being that it’s used, you’re bound to get a better deal on used CNC router sales than buying new. And as long as you buy your used CNC router from a reputable dealer, you won’t have to worry about receiving junky, broken down equipment.

What is a CNC Router?

CNC is short for computer numerical control. A CNC wood router is used in conjunction with a CAD or CAM program that creates a three dimensional diagram to fashion objects from a piece, or pieces, of wood. These programs can include Artcam, Featurecam, Bobcad and Mastercam.  The CNC router then ‘routes’ that 3D diagram to the CNC machine, affixed with a  cutting tool, to that works kind of like an engraver or a printer; what that means is that your design is input into the router, which then cuts the wood into that design. A great deal of wood working hobbyists and professionals use CNC routers and machines to craft precisely, perfectly shaped wooden objects.

Why Buy Used CNC Routers?

Buying a used CNC router is a relatively smart money saving idea. Basically, you’re getting a CNC router for a fraction of the new buying cost, which makes this ideal for hobbyists or those just getting started in woodworking crafts. For instance, a used 5 foot by 10 foot CNC router can run you about $33,500; that’s a whole lot of money, unless you look at a comparably sized new router table, which can cost around $60,450. Used CNC machines are similarly smart buys compared to buying new; basically as long as you deal with a reputable seller and make sure you get a warranty with your purchase, used CNC machines and routers are just as good an investment as new, only a lot more affordable.

Hobby CNC Wood Router

For those starting out a new hobby, CNC wood routers can be found in smaller sizes than regular machine shops, and for a tenth of the cost of a big table. As a matter of fact, a brand new hobby CNC wood router could run you $3,599.99, fully loaded with efficient, time saving features that promote ease of use no matter your skill level. And that’s brand new; finding a used hobby CNC wood router could net you a fabulous woodworking machine for less than that cost, and having you carving intricately designed objects in no time. Gorilla CNC routers and machines can be found for sale online, both new and used, and Gorilla CNCs are highly recommended by hobbyists and professionals alike.

Woodworking CNC Routers

You can find 3 axis and 5 axis woodworking CNC routers; the more axes a router has, the more intricate the carving can be, and the more easily the work is completed. The table can move up, down, side to side and on angles, making for truly precise cuts. Additionally, just because they’re called woodworking CNCs doesn’t mean you can only carve wood with them; they can also be used to machine other objects, like plastic, that are soft and workable. Some of the features of woodworking CNC routers include:

  • Separate heads- some routers have multiple heads; of these, some can be used to carve several designs at once, or all be used to carve the same object.
  • Dust collection- woodworking CNC routers generally have air ducts of sizes between 6 to 10 inches; because routers typically produce a lot of wood dust and chips that can get everywhere, these ducts suck that dust and those chips up, making it easier and cleaner to operate than having to remove the wood debris on your own.
  • Drills- woodworking CNC routers that are specifically designed for creating cabinetry may also come with programmable drills to come down and create perfectly properly aligned drill holes for cabinet shelving.
  • Fast cutting speeds
  • Automatic tool changers – these allow for ease of use and continuous carving without the need for the operator to manually change the tools used each time a new one is required for a particular design.
  • Complete user interface, giving operators optimum control over their woodworking CNC router.

Used Multicam CNC Router

You can find a wide variety of used Multicam series CNC routers for sale online. From the M103, M203 and M204 used Multicam routers to the MG, 3000 and 5000 series, there are all kinds of used Multicam CNC routers to be found. Each has its own features, such as a 12” Z-axis traveling, 5 foot by 10 foot table with 8 position automatic tool changer, handheld or computer based controls, and a 10 horsepower vacuum pump on the MG204 model manufactured in 2000, or the 3000 series used Multicam CNC router, with a 6.66 foot by 12.08 foot table, an 11 position tool changer (rack style) that comes with 6 different tool holders, a handheld controller and a 20 horsepower Multicam Turbo Vacuum Pump.

Used CNC Routers

No matter whether you’re a professional woodworker, a cabinet maker or even a hobbyists just starting out in crafting specially designed wood objects, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a used CNC router and machine. Although the stigma attached to buying used could cause some concern, with the proper research and warranty offering of different used CNC router and machine dealers, you simply shouldn’t dismiss the idea of buying used out of hand. Buying a used CNC router will be much a much less expensive investment, while still turning out beautifully created, carved and cut wood objects. Even if you have enough money to afford a new CNC router, you could easily buy a high-quality used CNC router and use the remaining money on other investments in your professional, or hobby, woodworking projects. Especially for beginners and hobbyists, buying a used CNC router simply makes more sense than paying the outrageous cost of buying basically the same machine for twice the price.

Gerber Axe Review: Splitting Axe, Axe Combo, Camp Axe & Price Comparisons

The Gerber camp axe has a variety of uses, from hatchet to axe; you can use it to gather and split wood logs for a campfire, or your fireplace if you’re not into the rustic scene, make woodchips, you can even cut down unruly tree limbs to add to your stockpile.

The handle, being robust nylon enfolding durable glass, is actually molded around the head of the axe for optimum stability. The glass inside the nylon handle absorbs the majority of the shock from impact, so your arm and hand won’t overtire easily. The head of the axe itself is crafted of strong, long-lasting forged steel; its super sharp cutting edge won’t dull after a few uses. The Gerber camp axe is no flimsy piece of work; it can withstand vigorous, continuous use through even the toughest of conditions.

With the size of the Gerber camp axe being compact for ease and comfort of use, being only 18 inches long and weighing in at a little over two pounds, users won’t find themselves tired out or sore after a few swings. And its size makes the camp axe highly transportable, as you can simply strap it in its included ballistic nylon sheath and carry it on your belt, or to your pack, and hike to your chosen destination.

The Gerber camp axe isn’t the only wood chopping tool offered by this multi-talented company. From sport axes to their ‘kick axe’, Gerber’s innovations in the tool industry have revolutionized the way everyone else does business. The Gerber splitting axe is perfect for heavy duty wood chopping and splitting. You can even find a Gerber axe and knife combo, which is the ultimate in convenience in today’s hunting, gathering and camping world.

Gerber Splitting Axe

The Gerber splitting axe is a strong, sharp and high-quality axe that can withstand repetitive use in even the toughest of conditions. With a forged steel blade that maintains a sharp edge despite constant cutting and a handle crafted of fiber composite for durability, the Gerber splitting axe should weigh a whole lot more than it does. Coming in on the scale at a little over 3 and a half pounds, a few inches over 2 feet in length (with a blade of 3.38 inches), this splitting axe is both comfortable and light enough to keep wielders from over-tiring or weakening after a few heavy swings; even better, the fiber comp handle reduces all but the lightest of shock to the user’s arms and hands, for even more comfort and sustainability during use. Perfect for use as a hatchet or an axe, this splitter can cut or split wood, make wood chips or kindling, or can be used for virtually anything else you may need to hack through on your camping adventure.

Gerber Axe and Knife Combo

The Gerber axe and knife combo is a huge seller through Actually, almost all Gerber products can be found on this website, and since they come with a variety of product reviews from real life Amazon customers, you can always be sure you’re getting the perspective of actual buyers; this can come in handy when trying to decide between multiple products of the same type.

The Gerber Gator axe and fixed blade knife combo is one of sheer genius. With the typical eye for detail to be expected from the Gerber brand, the fixed blade of the knife actually sits within the handle of the Gator axe, with the handles of each locking magnetically together. Both the head of the axe and the tang of the knife are crafted of forged steel for strength and durability, with first-rate preservation of the sharp edges thereof. The handles themselves are made from sturdy nylon, with a nubby rubber grip to provide both comfort and control while employing the tool. The Gator also comes with a handy sheath, to provide safe and secure transport while carrying this convenient combo. With a combined weight of just a little over a pound, and an overall length of 8.75 inches, you can essentially use the Gerber axe combo for any on the spot chopping you’ll need to do while hiking, camping, or just ridding your backyard tree of wayward limbs.

It isn’t just a Gerber axe and knife combo you can use to multi-task your tools, either; they also have a Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo available on This all conditions axe is perfect for chopping and splitting wood, no matter how tough the conditions get. Furthermore, if you have the need to saw through cords, knots or any other hard components, the inset saw magnetically held within the handle of the Gator is the perfect implement. With the same nubby rubber found on the axe handle, the blunt-nose pull saw has sharp, biting teeth to cut through the toughest wood.

Comparing Prices

Although the average price for a Gerber axe is a little higher than those found for Fiskars axes of comparable size, the truth is that Gerber just has a better reputation amongst woodmen. Their axes are composed of high quality materials, are crafted for comfort and ease of use, and are generally more trusted than any other cutting tool on the market. So while comparing prices for Gerber axes versus other brands, keep in mind their integrity, their comfort and their overall excellent product.

Gerber Axe Review

Customers love the fact that the Gerber axe, whatever variety, features a glass fiber comp handle wrapped in nylon; its sturdiness and durability far surpass that of traditional wooden handled axes. The blades of not only the axe head, but the fixed blade knife and pull saw insets as well, are and remain sharp even after being used consistently, in even the worst conditions. The quality, construction and ease of use are the biggest pluses of the Gerber axe reviews found on, whereas the biggest complaints originated from the fact that, at least with the axe combos, the handle is hollow, weakening the attachment to the head of the axe.

Gerber Axe

Gerber axes, whether for camping, sport or all-conditions use, are strong, durable and concentrated on the wielder’s comfort and ease of use. If you have need of an axe that is easily transportable and lightweight while simultaneously can be relied upon for effective chopping or splitting of wood, you should check out the Gerber axe selection on Amazon.

Forever Sharp Knives Reviews: Guide To Prices, Suppliers And Platinum Series Surgical Stainless Knives

Forever Sharp has seemingly become one of the most popular brands when it comes to knives of all kinds. Forever Sharp Knives are created of stainless steel which does not need to be sharpened in any way, no matter how many times they are used. This is not just a claim that the company makes, in fact the company guarantees that whether you are using your knife for cooking or other purposes, should it dull at all you will get all of your money back! That just shows how confident they are that their product will work! If you don’t believe it, then try it for yourself and be amazed as they never ever get blunt!

Why waste the money for other knife sets which cost more and dull over time, if you are interested you can find further information on the brand from –

8 Piece Forever Sharp Knives

Forever Sharp Knives market their 8 pc. set of knives all over infomercials and online. They come in handy in case one knife is in the wash and you need to cut something important and you need another knife. There are also different types of knives for different cutting uses that come in the set. This Forever Sharp knives price varies in price based on different sites, however some have been seen as low as $38. Before you purchase a set from Forever Sharp Knives suppliers it is important to assess their prices and shop around, while you are at it you can check out some of the many pleased Forever Sharp Knives reviews done by current owners.

The set includes 3 top of the line Forever Sharp Knives are a part of the set, these are their most popular and strongest knives yet. You can say that these 3 are what gave the knives their name and market reverence.  While these 3 are sold alone on the market, the 8 pc set includes six other very useful Forever Sharp knives products included:

Multi-purpose Fillet Knife

A fillet knife is used for cutting up fillets of meat and fish for meals. The fact that they are so flexible makes them absolutely perfect for taking the bones out of fish without causing the meal to crumble and look bad. It keeps the fish’s original shape and stops it from falling apart. This fillet knife is a must have in your kitchen.

Paring Knives (2)

The paring knife is a small knife that is used for peeling various different foods such as oranges, apples, potatoes and lots more. It has a plain edge blade that also makes it ideal for getting seeds out of melons, watermelons and other assorted seedy foods. They can also be used to peel mushrooms. Since these knives are so handy to have in the kitchen, they give you two in this set! They are suitable for doing just about anything, but are specifically designed for the aforementioned tasks.

Juice Extractor

For a limited time only, the Forever Sharp knife set comes with a free juice extractor! It is specially made in Florida and is yet another handy mechanism to have in your kitchen. If you like making apple, orange, kiwi or any kind of fruit juice at home instead of getting it at the store, this juice extractor is for you! It is perfect for all sorts of juicing and for a limited time only it is free with the set.

The Platinum Series

There is a new type of Forever Sharp knife series which has been extremely popular recently. The Platinum series of Forever Sharp knives is now on the market and ready for purchase!

These new, shiny knives are essentially the same as the old ones; they have all the same quirks and complimentary effects but with one major change. Their handle is a constructed of platinum colored metal! They have been carefully designed by top designers and they match any type of kitchen surface or cupboard. They perfect your kitchen not only in how great they work, but in how stylish they look also.

This set also come with all the same knives, only better, and also has the free juice extractor with it. The only difference is that they are far prettier and also are a little more expensive at fifty one dollars for the whole set. But in reality, they are worth it.

You can see more information on the aforementioned website here –

The Forever Sharp Platinum Series Reviews

The Forever Sharp Platinum Series surgical stainless cutlery, though on the market for just a short period of time, has gained rave reviews from owners and users across the globe. Take a look at what some of these proud Amazon owners had to say:

These knives stay sharp after even daily use. They are lightweight yet still very high-quality. –Tomcat1116

Note that you should not attempt to sharpen these knives, the sharpness that they are formed with at the factory is nearly permanent.  Sharpening them might just ruin them. –T.B.

While there are some reviews that speak to these knives rusting, it is important to note that any stainless steel can rust, not just the Forever Sharp models. So don’t let these reviews dissuade you from purchasing these knives if all other specifications meet your needs.

Forever Sharp Suppliers

Forever Sharp Knives can be purchased both in stores and online from various retailers.  You can find the original 8 pc set of knives at retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco, and online they are found on sites like Amazon and some specialty retailers.

The new Platinum Series is somewhat more difficult to find, however there are a few online sites where they can be found for their full price still.

So, whether you are a professional chef or you would just like to think you are one, Forever Sharp is your key to the culinary cutting world, not to mention they make great gifts too!

Miller 211, 212 and 140 Welders: Guide, Reviews and Prices

The Miller Electric Manufacturing Company also popularly known as “The Big Blue” pioneered the welding industry in the United States. Since 1929, the company has been responsive to the welding needs of its customers which paved the way to introduction of innovative products which only Miller can manufacture. The company introduced the very affordable all-in-one MIG welder in 1971 with amazing user friendly features which is called Millermatic series. This revolutionary product is instrumental in turning many small shops into multi-million dollar production businesses. Because of this, Miller welders have not only become an indispensable ally in establishing successful business, but in building dreams as well.

The company owner, Neils Miller almost single handedly brought The Big Blue to where it is today, because he is a man with vision who can clearly anticipate and foresee the demands and requirements of welders. The trademark features of Miller welders make it an industry leader for almost a decade.

Miller 211

Millermatic 211 is an all-in-one wire welder with a breakthrough control which automatically sets the equipment to proper welding parameters. It has the capacity to weld 24 gauged to 3.8 inch thick metal in just a single pass which makes it the highest output model in its class. For other wide range applications, it can also be adjusted manually, so whether you need to weld aluminium materials or stainless and mild steel, this model is totally dependable.

 Like other premium Miller welders, the Millermatic 211 has a patented Smooth Start feature which allows suave spattering-free start up. Its multi-voltage plug (MVP), which is another Miller exclusive feature, lets the user to use the machine in either 130v or 230v power input without the need for an automatic voltage regulator tool or an adaptor. A trouble-free and quick set-up is achievable with its Double Cast Aluminium Drive Technology. Safety feature is one of the foremost concerns of this company, thus the Thermal Overload Protection is incorporated in this unit. It automatically shuts-off the welder when overheating is sensed and then readjusts when the temperature goes back to normal. The unit and its parts are also protected from damage with its original Short Circuit Protection attribute.

Miller 211 has the most versatile capacity in small MIG welding category because it can be used with simple home welding jobs to more complicated and bigger farm and ranch welding tasks.

Miller 140

Like the miller 211, the Miller 140 is loaded with the same exclusive features which make it a stand out in small MIG category. The difference between the two models is Miller 140 has smaller output capacity, meaning it can weld 24 gauged to 3.16 inch thick mild steel. This model is very ideal for simple garage and home welding jobs. Unlike the Miller 211, it can only be operated on 115V power input with welding amperage range of 30 to 140 amps. In terms of quality performance and durability however, it is one of the best small welding equipment available in the market today. It is very handy and yet powerful enough even after long hours of usage. Considered as a little mean machine, it can effectively do its welding task whether you are just a beginner or an experienced welder. It can easily be transported thereby allowing a remote or off site task easier in just a short time,

Miller 212

Miller 212 is also an all-in one auto-set welder but is more heavy duty as compared to Miller 211. Its application is more suitable to farms and ranch which require larger and more serious welding tasks. It can be operated on 208V to 230V power input with rated output of 160 amps. Miller 212 is equipped with long 15 ft. M-25 MIG gun for larger work area and it additional features include the EZ Change Low Cylinder Rack which a trademark feature for miller welders, so there is no need to lift the cylinder when rolling it on and off the rack. There is also a cooling system incorporated called Fan-On Demand which works only when needed thus minimizing operating cost and maintenance. This model does not only provide precise welding settings in an instant, it also comes with the best warranty coverage in the industry.

Miller 211 for Sale/Price

Base model price for Miller 211 starts at US$1272.  Applicable taxes, delivery fees and set up are not included in this price range. has complete model and pricing details for this model. It has also suggested accessories and attachments which you may require for your welding needs. is currently offering this model at a specially reduced price of US$972. Spool guns, optional consumable kit and cover are sold separately.  offers it from $1035 to $1269.25 price range depending on shipping arrangements. You can avail this model conveniently from these online stores and can even request complete details and information about the product before purchasing it. The price range of Miller 211 is regarded very reasonable especially if you are going to take into consideration its helpful and very useful features which cannot be found in other brands within the same category.

Miller 211 Reviews

Miller 211 so far has been receiving fantastic reviews both from novice and experienced welders. Its most amazing feature for them is its auto set control which takes welding job to another level. It produces excellent and deeply penetrating welds and its MVP plug system is deemed to be a must for all other electronic equipments. Considering its quality, durability and performance, Miller 211 is a bargain and a very good deal as you acquire a real all-in one welder in the truest sense of the word. You will be able to get more than of your money’s worth as it can be used for a long time even if you will be using with occasional serious welding jobs. Parts, accessories and attachments are also readily available so is the company’s efficient after sales service. This gives customers a sense of security when it comes to unexpected breakdowns and upgrading matters. Even professional welders are affirming the reliability of this model and conclude that Miller 211 is the epitome of reliability and longevity.

Trex Fencing Review: Costs, Prices, Composite Fencing And Home Depot

When it comes to alternative but first-rate fencing, railing and decking, there is one company which can be relied upon, Trex Company. Formed in 1996, it has become one of the largest manufacturers of environmental friendly and durable products in the US for all your outdoor needs. The company is dedicated not only in providing high quality outdoor living necessities but is also a major contributor in the global effort to preserve the environment. Trex fencing products are made of recycled and reclaimed products such as waste wood and grocery plastic bags. The quality and longevity of these seclusion and securing implements are already proven in the market, these are weather-resistant, do not require staining or painting and necessitate very low cost maintenance. They have revolutionized the unconventional and environmental friendly outdoor product and have been setting industry standards.

The company applies an exclusive composite formula to ensure that Trex fencing and other outdoor products will be the best alternative to metal and wood. Each product has superb foothold even on wet grounds or foundation; it is also crack-resistant, can withstand extreme weather conditions and can defy insect infestation. Most spas, swimming pools, hot tubs and similar recreational and relaxing establishments prefer this brand because it can bear both sunlight and moisture. The products are available in a wide variety of attractive and functional designs and striking colors.

Trex Fencing Cost/Prices

Different factors are considered to get cost estimation of Trex fencing. The fence style and the size of the area to be enclosed or secluded are the first factors to look into to get the best and most accurate estimate. It is calculated on a per foot basis and the average cost ranges from $30 to $50 per foot on installations, and $20 to $40 per foot on materials. Different calculations apply on custom-made designs and how the materials needed will be procured. Nonetheless, all available designs are guaranteed neighborhood friendly on both sides, require low maintenance, durable and attractive, have an expected life span of 25 years and under warranty for a long 25 years. You can experience full privacy and at the same time provide very inviting and relaxing ambience for your family and guests. For detailed cost estimations for available kits and custom made designs just click on provides forthright and honest but fair up front pricing specifically for Trex fencing brand because it is synonymous to quality and durability.

Trex at Home Depot

Home Depot features different Trex products and inspiring designs which include transcend railing and decking, composite railing and decking and PVC decking. All of these products are guaranteed to add elegance, beauty and of course value to your homes and get away resorts. The unmatched style, magnificence, amazingly low maintenance, the comfort and security it provides and the idea that is a green product, are the cutting edge and advantages of Trex brand. Home Depot provides a one stop shop and service with different modes of payment, installation and moving services and professional consultations to give clients the best Trex products that will best suit their needs and taste.

Trex at Lowes

Trex is among the popular brands that Lowes endorses to its customers with great confidence. It is always among its top sellers because it is a green product which provides quality and classic designs. Trex composite decking and railing product is an all-time popular category and preferred by customers because it meets the strict and exacting standards of customers when it comes to their outdoor product needs. The partnership of Lowes and Trex brand will give the best pricing, best service and the best selection for your fencing decking and railing requirements.

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing means integration and mixing of different materials to create a better and stronger new product. Trex Company in particular uses waste plastic materials and wood waste fiber in manufacturing fencing and other outdoor implements. It might be more expensive but in the long run, the cost is easily justifiable with its benefits, uses and quality.  The growing awareness of people about green products creates increasing and popular demands for composite fencing. It does not contain any chemical which pose potential hazards to the environment and to humans. It can also give you some sense of pride because you are able to do your part and contribution in concerted efforts to preserve nature and environment.

As compared to other fencing materials, composite fencing is clearly the better choice. Beautiful design, durability, easy installation, low maintenance, the advantages of this green product just goes on and on. And since it is expected to last for at least twenty five years, you can always try it on variety of usages and functions aside from enclosing and secluding. It is ideal for compost bins because it does not rot and can withstand even extreme external pressures and conditions.

Trex Fencing Review

After successfully pioneering the composite decking industry, Trex has just added another revolutionary product in its already impressive line-up, the composite fencing. Although it is more expensive than vinyl and wood, it slowly taking over as far as seclusion fencing is concerned. After careful and objective evaluation of its benefits and advantages, pricing will no longer be an issue or concern. It has been receiving enthusiastic and inspiring reviews among its growing number of customers. Trex fencing, in its original condition does not need any painting and staining job, it has natural look that is extremely weather and insect resistant. It provides peace of mind because it does not decay nor rot and can tolerate and put up with whips of strong winds even up to 100 mph. Unlike vinyl fence, it does not reflect light making it safer and neighborhood friendly.

If all these sound too good to be true, you can always check on your favorite walk in and online stores. You can have actual product demonstration and professional consultation to be sure that you will be getting your money’s worth for this product. Respectable and reliable suppliers like Home Depot and Lowes have their word and confidence in Trex fencing products which further affirm the superior quality of this brand.

Brinkmann Flashlights Review Guide: LED, 10 pack and Spotlights

Are you looking for a Brinkmann flashlight to take with you during camping trips or just keep in your car? With such a wide array of models to evaluate, compare and choose from, finding exactly what you want and need can almost be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. With so many criteria to take into consideration – brightness, durability, size, design – it is easy to get confused. Before making the purchase, review all that is out there on the market.  This is the only way you can make an informed decision, which you won’t later regret.

Incandescent or LED?

The whole point of keeping a flashlight within reach is to never find oneself stumbling blindly through the dark. Imagine the frustration then of seeing a flashlight flicker, fade out and die just when it is most needed. Dependability is a key criterion in evaluating handy tools like flashlights and it is only right for product innovation to focus on making it even more reliable.

When it comes to dependability, Light Emitting Diodes or LED has answered the call of the market. LEDs are more commonly seen in large colorful digital signs or in tiny buttons in electronic equipment. Interestingly enough, one of the first difficulties in using it for something brighter like flashlights is the color.  It was not until recently that LEDs came in white and the first few models were cost-prohibitive.  But the technology has certainly come of age. LED today generates blue light but paired with a micro-thin coating fluoresces it looks as if it gives off white light.

LED flashlights boast of endurance of some 100,000+ hours, which translates to 11 years of continuous light if the voltage and power are ideal. Unlike Incandescent flashlights which give off more heat which cuts their lifestyle, LED flashlights quite simply last longer and are less likely to let you down in the dark.

There is one criterion though where incandescent bulbs reign over LEDs. No matter how bright LED bulbs have become over the years, incandescent bulbs still shine brighter, so to speak. This is evident in the popular Brinkmann maxfire lx flashlight, which has consistently been regarded as one of the top incandescent flashlights on the market.

Choosing Based On Function and Feature

Your choices of Brinkmann flashlights then will have to be guided by the purpose of your purchase.  Are you a lover of the outdoors and need a long-lasting light during explorations? Are you buying it for your home in case there are emergencies or break-ins? Are you buying a flashlight to keep in your car just for safety?

The model you choose must serve your purpose for getting a flashlight. Lucky for you, Brinkmann keeps a long roster of models both with LED and incandescent bulbs.  Below are some of the most highly recommended Brinkmann flashlights to buy based on their strengths.

  • Long-lasting LED flashlights by Brinkmann

For the same consumption of power, LEDs can give you continuous light for longer hours than incandescent because it generates less heat. Also it is more energy efficient, because for every watt, LEDs give off more lumens. More lumens, more light.

The Brinkmann flashlight, 3 Watt LED – 3AAA Aluminum Flashlight, is powered by a triple-A battery and can run for seven hours straight.  This one claims to be 30 times brighter than the standard, 5mm LED flashlight, but compared to the other Brinkmann LED flashlights, this does not even last that long.

The Brinkmann flashlight model, 1 Watt LED – 3AAA Flashlight, boasts of a superior 30-hour run time, a feature common in the best of Brinkmann LED flashlights.  Brinkmann, Single L.E.D Flashlight, for example, ups the ante by claiming to last for as long as 50 hours on a single set of batteries!  It is said to have a battery life 20 times longer than regular 3 AAA flashlights and the best of LED bulbs which last 100,000 hours.

  • Brinkmann flashlights Different Lighting Styles

Some Brinkmann flashlights include accessories that give users a variety of light.  The 3 LED Aluminum Series 2D Flashlight by Brinkmann comes with the capability to enhance night vision with red filter lens and a blue filter lens which can shine through water and glass. The utility of such features may not be essential for all users but many users with more active lifestyles will find these to be a great value adds.

The 4 LED Dual Focus Flashlight is another unit with several lighting options. It is designed with 4 White LEDs for ten times longer battery life; 3 white LEDs for a wide beam; and 1 white LED for a narrow focused beam.  Just like the previous model mentioned, a red and blue filter is included in the package.

As mentioned earlier, high-intensity incandescent bulbs (like Krypton or Xenon) are still the favorite in terms of lighting. More than just having really good light emission, many of Brinkmann flashlights also come with spot-to-flood adjustable beams, giving users the option to instantly switch lighting styles based on their need. Legend 2-C Flashlight by Brinkmann is an example of a great incandescent flashlight.

  • Materials of Brinkmann flashlights

Most flashlights are enclosed in either aluminum or plastic outer casing. If you want a tougher outer casing go with flashlights made from anodized aluminum but if light and colorful is what you want, then plastic flashlights, with a variety of shapes and colors, are for you.

Brinkmann flashlights whether made from aluminum or plastic are proven to be highly resistant to both water and shock.  Legend 2-AA Flashlight is an example of a great unit made from a combination of rubber and plastic. It comes in a bright yellow color (very functional in the dark) and is no less inferior in quality. Brinkmann’s Legend 2-AA Flashlight can give you continuous light for as long as 50 hours as well.

Because this tool is handheld, manufacturers also put a great emphasis on the ease and tightness of grip that the flashlight design can provide.  Rubber sleeve or knurled grip for secure handling is common in Brinkmann flashlights.

Brinkmann not only creating flashlights, the company also manufactures their lights for other purposes, like the Brinkman gas grill light, which can be used to light your grilling area for use even on the darkest of nights. Commercially, they even sell Brinkmann spotlights, which are intended to light up the night sky to public attractions and events. The company has certainly crossed the line from home products into the field of multi-purpose lighting.

Whichever of the Brinkmann flashlights you choose, the Brinkman flashlights 10 pack or a mere single LED, be sure that you have properly studied the features of what this manufacturer is offering. And again, always know what you want.

Norton Sandpaper Review Guide: 3x Sandpaper, Sheets, Rolls, MSDS And Distributors

The Norton Company is the largest recognized manufacturer and supplier of engineered abrasives in the world. The Norton Company has everything that will improve your home which includes the do-it-yourself and through the contractor. There are a number of products manufactured by the company which helps in fixing small jobs. Whether you need to grind, sand or polish, the Norton Company will serve you the best products on the market.

Norton Abrasives make use of wide variety of sanding, grinding as well as polishing abrasives, and they have been in the market since 1885.

Norton Sandpaper

Norton sandpaper is a little more expensive than the other sandpapers and there is a reason behind it, the cheap sandpaper that mostly the carpenters’ use is of cheap quality and they don’t last longer like the Norton sandpaper. Also the Norton sandpaper does not clog up. They claim it to be the best sandpaper available on the planet.

The properties of Norton sandpaper include:

  • It cut faster.
  • It lasts longer than any conventional sandpaper.
  • It runs cooler and due to this reason it lasts longer.
  • More consistent and flexible.

The best thing about Norton sandpaper is that they make use of Zirconia alumina which itself is a sharpening abrasive which allows you to cut faster and last longer than the sandpapers made up of aluminum oxide.

Norton 3X sandpaper

Norton 3X sandpaper has a number of qualities, including:

  • It works on all kinds of surfaces.
  • It reduces the sanding time.
  • It does not clog, tear or transfer the color on other surfaces.
  • It can be used after sealing, priming or staining to smooth out the surfaces.
  • The paper backing is also flexible and gives a consistent finishing than fiber backing or any cloth. It is thicker than the polyester film backing.

Due to all these properties, it has become the first choice for sorts of sanding projects. You can get the Norton 3X pack of 20 from Amazon at a discount price along with free shipping. In order to review the customer feedback, price and shipping, visit the Amazon site:

There are also few kinds also known as grits available in these 3X Norton sandpaper. These are the 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320 and 400 grit sandpaper. A few of these would be mentioned here:

180 Grit Norton 3X Sandpaper

The 180 Grit 3X sandpaper has following qualities:

  • It works faster.
  • It is more durable.
  • It longs last than any other typical sandpaper.
  • It gives smooth and consistent finish on almost all types of surfaces which also includes the painted and primed surfaces.
  • It does not get clogged, or tear.

You can also get this fabulous sandpaper from Amazon. To purchase or to find other details, visit the Amazon store:

80 Grit Norton Sandpaper

Similarly like other Norton sandpapers, this 80 Grit sandpaper works perfectly on all kinds of surfaces just with a little difference that it is for moderate removal. If you need 80 Grit Norton sandpaper, you can get it from amazon at a discounted price. For purchasing and more details, visit the site:–11-Inch-20-Sheets-2641/dp/B000GT432Q/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1323609490&sr=8-3

There is plenty of other grits of Norton sandpapers available and you can use the one according to your job requirement and needs. You can find the various grit sandpapers from Amazon as well as from this site along with the price tags:

Norton sandpaper sheets and Norton sandpaper rolls

Norton sandpaper sheets are easily available from Amazon, and you can get various grit sheets and rolls at a discounted price through them as well. These sheets are available in various lengths and widths like in 9’’ x 11’’ and in various packs like in 20 sheets pack or 50 packs of sheets.

Three Famous Types of Norton Sandpaper Sheets and Rolls

  1. One of the Norton highly reliable or hardest working sandpaper is the Norton Gold. It comes in disc form as well as in AirFile sheets. This is the fast cutting sandpaper which produces very fine results and its worth of your money.
  2. While the roughest and the toughest sandpaper by the Norton Company is the Norton BlueMag. This sandpaper is made up of phenolic resin as the bonding agent which will work even on metal as it is the coarse grit sandpaper.
  3. Third, the Norton Champagne sandpaper is also one of the best sandpaper to get as it will work on fiberglass, woodwork and in other coarse areas. The best thing about the Norton sandpapers is that these are made in such a way to avoid deeper scratches.

Other off-brand sandpaper may be cheap but it will not give such fantastic results like these sheets and rolls of the Norton Company.

Norton Sandpaper Distributors

It is highly necessary that when you purchase the Norton sandpapers sheets or rolls, you buy it from an authorized abrasive distributor because there are some distributors like auction sites, yard sales which are non-authorized suppliers. These suppliers may sell used, old or fake sandpaper which will not perform the way as Norton sandpapers are expected to perform. The Norton sandpapers are mostly made of organic products and they do degrade with time. So it is highly essential that the authentic Norton sandpaper distributors should be contacted while buying these sandpapers.

Norton Sandpaper MSDS

MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets are managed properly by the Product Safety Department of the Norton Company. The Norton has a policy which the Norton distributors have to follow and the Norton sandpaper MSDS also falls in this category.

Some people may think that why even going for a brand while using an ordinary thing like sandpaper. But you need to know that sandpaper is not an ordinary thing, if you will have branded sandpaper like the Norton sandpaper than it will save you a lot of time while sanding the surface and it is highly essential in doing various chores. So save your time and energy and get the results you require with Norton sandpapers!

Miller Welding Machines Guide: Used, Parts And Miller MIG Welding Machines For Sale

Miller welding machines is a widely recognized name when speaking about welding equipment and welding machinery. All the Miller welding equipment is tested through a series of hard tests so that only the best products are available on the market.

 MIG Welders

Metal inert gas welding is commonly used by professional and hobbyist welders who are seeking to fuse together two difference metals. MIG welders are quite common and are sold by several companies both online and in hardware stores, Miller is one such company that manufactures these types of machines.

One of the famous Miller Welding Machines is the Millermatic 140c w. The main features of this welding machine are given below:

  • This is an auto-set machine which automatically sets the welder to the right parameters.
  • It provides a spatter-free start as it contains the latest smooth start patent pending technology.
  • It has the standard built-in solid state contractor circuit which will allows the wire to stay “cold” until you will pull the trigger.

Operators have found this machinery to be very convenient as it just runs on 120 volt MIG welder and you can also travel with it. More details and a description of this product can be found on Amazon at

Miller Used Welding Machines

Miller’s dedicated customer service has created a dedicated and reliable reputation for helping customers with inquiries.  All welding machines come with a 3 year warranty and the customer support can help you with the replacement of all parts that might new repair.  Even if you purchase a used machine, you do not have to worry about making repairs and replacements blindly, the professionals at Miller are ready to help.

When opting for a used welding machine, you should keep some tips in mind as these points would be really helpful.

  • Ask the seller about the condition of the equipment, whether it is in useable condition or not. You want to be certain that your welder would be in working condition when you obtain it.
  • Ask the seller to send you the real photo of the machine and not any photo from internet so that you can check the condition of the welding machine, multiple angles is preferred.
  • If the seller is near your location, it is best to give him a visit to check the machine in person or else ask for the various photos of it else walk away from the deal as you want to end up having a piece of junk.
  • Make sure you know the prices of the new welding machines and you get the used one in a discounted price after bargaining. For that reason it is a good idea to compare rates on multiple websites.
  • Also if you are getting the used machinery for the first time, make sure you get it from a reliable site, if you are getting it from a third party site.  Be sure to check out reviews from other buyers who have purchased a welder  from there as well.

Keep in mind if you do purchase a used machine and run into having to replace certain parts, Miller is more than ready to help out. When searching for replacement parts for your Miller welding machine all you have to do is visit their site,, and enter in the model number of your machine, or the stock number.  A listing of all components and replacement Miller welder parts available with result and from there you can select the exact piece that you need.

Miller Welding Distributors

Once you have decided on the new Miller welder that will suit your needs, it is important to find a reputable distributor of these machines.  The Miller welding site at, offers a handy tool that allows you to enter in your postal code or the city in which you would like to purchase your equipment. Miller welding machines Canada and the US are available through this tool.

If you have trouble finding a distributor in your area you can also check with Miller customer service, who would be more than happy to assist you in locating a distributor near you.

Other Equipment by Miller

When you are getting a welding machine, it is best to get it along the other safety products like helmet, gloves, glasses and other safety accessories so that you can do your work with safety in mind. Fortunately for welders, Miller also manufactures welding equipment which allow you the ability to weld safely, but still have room to move about your shop.

For instance, here are some of the Miller helmet models that are available through Amazon:

Lincoln Welder

Lincoln Welder is another name that is synonymous with quality welding equipment on the market. Lincoln, like Miller manufactures the following products:

  • Stick Welders
  • TIG Welders
  • Multi-Operator Welders
  • Advanced Process Welders
  • MIG Flux Cored Welders
  • Engine Driven Welders
  • Submerged Arc Welders

Lincoln also has several MIG welders on the market that are popular both commercially and in personal shops throughout the US and Canada.  The Power MIG 216 Welder offers a great combination of output and efficiency for experienced welders. Featuring Diamond Core Technology and the MAXTRAC wire, you can be certain that this machine is not only durable, but capable of meeting all your project needs. For more information on all of the Lincoln welders and even some tips on how to use your welder, the Lincoln site has plenty of information (

You can get the various Lincoln welders at Amazon ( at great rates to add to your collection of welding equipment or machinery.

If you are on the market for a new MIG welder, then the internet is a great place to start. You are certain to come across two brands, Miller and Lincoln, in your online searching. Both are top-of-the-line manufacturers of welding equipment and have many satisfied customers all over the world.  If you are buying your equipment online you should be certain that you are getting your welding supplies from a reliable site, like Amazon or that you are going straight through the manufacturer.

Eureka Vaccum Bags: Eureka Canister, AA & RR Bags, Eureka Boss & Central Vacuum Bags

The time has come to change the bag on your Eureka vacuum cleaner and you ask yourself: Do you stick with the cheapest one you can find (these are after all tough times) or do you choose the vacuum cleaner bag of the highest quality?

Eureka Vacuum Bags or Generics?

Well, you can say it’s just a vacuum cleaner bag; how can you possibly go wrong? There doesn’t seem to be much of a problem with generic bags; for as long as they fit and they’re there, that’s fine. For only a fraction of the cost of original eureka vacuum bags, many believe good generic vacuum bags can work just as well.

Some argue though that the quality of the bags is crucial to the performance of the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner bag is due for changing, it must be immediately replaced with a product that fits exactly right and is the recommended bag for that particular vacuum model.

For instance, if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filtration system using a multi-layered dirt bag, then replacing the original with a single-ply bag may affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner. Getting the right size is also important because if the bag is bigger, it may not stay attached to the vacuum cleaner and if it’s smaller than the ideal size it could rip or tear.  So if the generic vacuum bag is a less-than-perfect fit, small particles of dirt and dust may likewise find their way to the vacuum cleaner motor.

So if you own a Eureka Vacuum cleaner and the original bag already needs to be changed, it may be a safer bet to go with Eureka vacuum bags even though the difference may not be immediately obvious.  You may not notice the decreased performance of your cleaner right away and unless you are hyper-sensitive to dust and other allergens, you may not realize that eureka vacuum bags hold dirt and dust more efficiently leading to better machine performance and ultimately a much cleaner home.  Besides, the manufacturer has the right to void warranty if you pick the wrong kind of bag.

Buying Eureka Vacuum Bags

In order to know what type of Eureka vacuum bag you need to purchase, see the vacuum product manual and look for the model number.  If you’ve misplaced your manual, try to search for brand listings online or visit the store where you bought your Eureka vacuum cleaner. There are several styles of Eureka vacuum bags, like the style Eureka vacuum bags aa and the Eureka vacuum bags rr, so you have to be certain you have the right one,

Eureka canister vacuum bags, eureka central vacuum bags, eureka boss vacuum bags and other types can be purchased online or through a local store. Just remember that the best items and brands always run out first so buy extra supplies of eureka vacuum bags, each of which should last one to two months.

Different Vacuum Cleaner Models and Their Bags

Invented in the early 1900s, vacuum cleaner bags used to be made of cloth and were reusable but today the most popular vacuum cleaner manufacturers use disposable fiber bags. Product innovation on vacuum cleaners seem to be moving towards bagless machines but these newer models have not yet rendered cleaners with bags obsolete. Vacuum cleaners with bags remain to be the most widely used and there are three main types: the upright cleaner, the canister cleaner, and the handheld vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuum cleaners, which are great for both carpets and hard floors, capture dirt from the base.  All those unwanted particles then go up through the body of the unit onto a long, disposable fiber bag. AIREXCEL™ NLS, AIRSPEED®, BOSS® CAPTURE™, BOSS® SMARTVAC®, CLEAN LIVING™, PET LOVER, WHIRLWIND® are just some of the uprights offered by Eureka, all with unique features to boast of including the capture of 99.9 percent of dirt, dust and other allergens.  The Eureka vacuum bags you need depend on the model you have but certain styles fit several upright vacuum cleaner models.

One of the best filteraire dust bags made by Eureka for several of its upright units is the Eureka 57698A-6 Filteraire Vacuum Cleaner Bag which is charged electrostatically and thus provides 99% efficient filtration of pollen and dust particles as small as 1 micron in size. This boasts of 30% more dust retention compared to standard vacuum cleaner bags.

There is a long list of product codes to peruse when looking for the right Eureka vacuum bags for uprights and there is a different roster of Eureka canister vacuum cleaners.

Canister vacuum cleaners hold one advantage over upright vacuum cleaners: small, they are easier to maneuver and are able to clean hard-to-reach areas better.  The vacuum motor is contained in the canister, and dirt is suctioned through the pipe and nozzle. Although uprights are still the best-sellers, Eureka actually makes very decent Canister vacuum cleaners like CompleteClean™ 955A, FilterAir® 920A, Mighty Mite® 3670G, Mighty Mite® Pet Lover 3684F and so many others.   Those places beneath furniture and in far corners will be spic and span in no time!

If you own a Eureka canister vacuum cleaner, you may want to try Eureka 52358A-6 Disposable Dust Bag, which fits models Eureka powerteam or Home Cleaning System 3800, 3900, 6700, 6800, 8000, 8200, and 8900 series.  Unlike the longer Eureka vacuum bags designed for uprights, Eureka canister vacuum bags are squarish in shape.  Because it is original, you can expect that this was made with the same high standards as all other products from Eureka.

Finally, there’s the handheld vacuum cleaner suited for quick cleaning jobs. Generally a combination of bag and filter, handheld vacuum cleaner bags are the smallest kinds and must be emptied more frequently. It is rarer now to find handheld vacuum models with bags as product developments in these types of cleaners lean towards the bagless designs.

Eureka Central Vacuum Bags for an Odor Free Clean

There is a Eureka vacuum cleaner that deserves special mention for doing more than just powerful dirt suction.  Central Vacuum has taken cleaning to another level by eliminating odors while capturing allergens on your floor, furniture and in the air. Arm & Hammer baking soda crystals in the Eureka Central Vacuum Bags catch and neutralize odor causing particles.

The above is pretty much all you need to know about your vacuum cleaner bag. Whichever type or brand you purchase, just remember it isn’t just a bag. The vacuum cleaner bag can spell the difference between clean and impeccable.

Brush Cutters Reviews Guide: Best Garden, Home & Petrol Powered Brush Cutter Reviews

A brush cutter is a necessary implement in any household, not only in rural but in some urban areas where grass and other weeds tend to destroy the natural beauty of the landscape.  Many commercial property owners also contract the services of landscapers to weed their property; this is done by brush cutters to a very large extent.  Commercially available brush cutters come in hand-held form and may be electric or petrol driven. Reviews about brush cutters typically imply that petrol and electric powered ones are preferred by most users because of the stronger output and ease of use for the operator.

Perhaps one of the benefits of using an electric type cutter is its low noise generation as compared to those running on petrol that has a tendency to be noisy and to vibrate, especially when old and used for a long time. Electric powered types though are still being used by some households because they just have to plug and charge it without going to gasoline stations to feed their machine. Also, they do not have a big area to cover in grass cutting so a handy model that can cover a small area would just be fine.  It serves a useful purpose if you read the various petrol brush cutter reviews given by its previous and existing owners to get a firmer grasp of which among the two categories best suits your demands.  The various brands and models available will also help you in deciding which is actually suitable to your needs.

Best Brush Cutter

There are many brands available to choose from to find the right tool to clear out grass in your backyard and it is the volume of the task at hand that will help the buyer to choose the proper machine to be bought.  Many claim to be heavy duty but usually fall short of what they are expected to deliver in terms of performance.  It is then necessary to make a well-informed decision when buying a brush cutter to make sure that the right brand or model is chosen to avoid possible disappointments.  The best brush cutter then will depend on the need of the user and there are a variety of companies offering different models that cater consumer needs.  You can opt for the cheaper brands from China or the more expensive ones from Germany and such other countries.  Much will depend on the quality of the machine that you prefer as well as the budget that you have for a weed cutter.

Brush cutters are for sale in almost all local establishments that sell primarily hardware products.  A sea of choices is available to a potential buyer and most of the time, the brand that is well known and has a history of durability and dependability earns the trust and approval of the customer.  This is normal because machines such as brush cutters are not meant for display purposes and its use will expose it to a lot of pressure associated with the job it is required to fulfill.  Another reliable source in buying this tool is the internet.  Online, you will be introduced to a complete line-up of this machine as well as the different companies offering the same. To find special deals and good offers on brush cutters, visit

The prices are also given and the shipping cost may vary with each online store.  Most of the time, they even have promotional campaigns that not only will give you big discounts for every purchase, but it might also come with free shipment in some cases.   Going online is also a wiser move as you will have a pretty good exposure to the product that you intend to buy as compared to visiting your local distributor where the salesman will readily offer the model with which they were ordered by the management to push to the customers.

Home Brush Cutter

If you are shopping for a home brush cutter, there are plenty to choose from on the internet.  They come in different features and power output and offered by companies from major countries as far as China.  The most important thing when buying this tool is to remember that since it is handheld and will be exposed to a lot of possible manhandling in the process, it must be durable and at the same time with built-in safety features.  The blades must be properly attached with guides that are designed to prevent accidents that might harm the user or other persons.  It must also be lightweight so as to minimize the stress that goes with longer hours of using the machine. To view details of these equipments, click on

Spear and Jackson Petrol Powered Brush Cutter

The Spear and Jackson brand of is probably one of those easily recognizable among the wide variety of companies offering the same home and garden implement.  The 30cc Spear and Jackson Petrol Powered brush cutter and trimmer serve a dual purpose of being a trimming grass and cutting brush at the same time.  Its petrol driven engine is designed to provide ease of working and it is provided with a light aluminium post that makes the weaving and cutting easier.  This model is recommended for medium to large grass growth and this is why it is preferred by most households. Semi-commercial and farm sized properties which has major brush cutting requirements find this particular brand model very dependable. It is available in many online stores and which offer not only reasonable prices but some promotions as well.  If you need to buy one, this heavy duty machine should easily be on top of your list.

Garden Brush Cutter

When the area to be trimmed is rather small like a garden, homeowners prefer to use a lighter garden brush cutter to do the job for them.  There are many brands available in the market and most prefer the durable type that can finish the job without much hassle.  To this, some electric powered machines are favoured like those available at Dinamark and some Japanese brands like Honda and Mitsubishi.  The gasoline-fed models for garden use are also equally recognizable in terms of customer preference. has a wide line-up of good garden brush cutters.

Tillman Gloves Review Guide: 1414, 1470 and 1490 Work and Welding Gloves

For well over 80 years now, Tillman gloves have been at the forefront of the gloves making industry in the US.  The company has come to be recognized as the leader in the industry first and foremost because of the quality that is attendant to each product that rolls out of their production facility, and secondly because of their being able to tailor fit products to the needs of customers.  The company prides in having a full line-up of gloves and other protective gears designed to meet the rigid specifications of each working man.  Categorized according to the particular uses applicable, each glove is manufactured with the strictest standard that a protective glove should have.  The various products available cover almost all industries and work requirements.

Tillman gloves 1470

Categorized under the true-fit, the Tillman glove 1470 is designed to be a versatile hand protection gear.  It is made from goatskin and leather as well as spandex.  This makes it flexible and at the same time durable.  It comes in a hippy design that can go well with other gears that may be preferred by the user.  The fingertips of this glove are padded with leather to make sure that the portion where the most pressure and strain are present is well protected.  It also comes in different sizes for that give the necessary fit and this is where it precisely got its name.  This glove has received many positive reviews from users and continues to be an important part of the company’s line-up.

Tillman Gloves 1490

Tillman gloves 1490 are considered the workman’s darling. Known for its versatility, it is a multi-purpose glove which can be used in practically any job where it is needed.  It has distinctive features which are not incorporated in other brand of the same category like having breathable materials that allow moist out and thus prevent sweating.  It belongs to the super premium category because it is made of high-grade goatskin. The protective lining is definitely better than the others because it has double padded fingertips for added protection and other patented features to increase durability. It also comes in various sizes to make sure that the workman’s needs for protective gloves fully covered which makes this product one of the best-sellers in the entire line up of Tillman. You can check this model out at various online stores for pricing and shipment requirements like  and

Tillman Gloves 1414

Cross country truck drivers and even those on long drives, require hand gloves to protect their hands from either heat or cold weather. More so, there is palm irritation caused by excessive sweating and other bothersome stuff brought about by long driving.  To this, Tillman offers a glove that provides comfort and protection at the same time.  The Tillman glove 1414 is a standard type of glove which is made up of cowhide and is designed to provide comfort and ease of use.  It has reinforced stitching on the forefinger side to provide extra strength and durability.  It gives the perfect grip that is ideal for long driving sessions.  It is a very saleable model in the standard class drivers’ gloves that Tillman has and as such, many other variations represented in different models have been developed to meet the demands of its growing popularity.  For your long driving protective requirements, use these gloves that most drivers prefer.

Tillman Work Gloves

Tillman work gloves are the banner products of Tillman which made this company famous and well-known as far as gloves are concerned. The Tillman Work Glove has been a constant companion of workers not only in the USA but also in major countries worldwide.  It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and perfect for just about any type of work where hand protection is needed.  There are the ladies’ gloves that are especially contoured for the feminine hands and at the same time designed to give the needed comfort and protection that a glove should have.  The various work gloves offered by the company comes in premium, standard and economy classes.  The price range is easily affordable, which is another reason why they lead in this category as compared to other brands selling basically the same items.  Materials used depend on the applicable task at hand;  there are the cotton-polyester, latex dipped, pigskin, cowhide, and leather among many others.  Whatever may be the job you are about to perform, whether at home or at work, there is an available Tillman glove that will suit your needs.

Tillman Welding Gloves

Different welding jobs also require different gloves.  That’s why at Tillman, they have gloves specifically designed for a particular welding task.  There is the stick welding gloves which comes in a thicker padding because it requires more protection from heat that is normally the case when you do this kind of job.  Tig welding does not require as much insulation because this welding job has not much heat exposure so the protective gloves used are normally thinner to maximize comfort.  Lastly, there is the Mig welding job which is a lighter task, so the gloves specifically designed for this job allows more dexterity and agility. Tillman welding gloves come in different sizes and are made of superior quality materials such as cowhide and deerskin; and equipped with features to make sure that maximum protection as well as comfort is achieved.  These products are widely available in the internet as it is carried by most online stores catering to multi-customers and they are also available widely in local and international distributors.

Due to its long history and heritage, the Tillman gloves have come to be associated not only with protective gloves but also with almost every workman’s protective apparel.  Some of its competition like Revco gloves also offers an almost complete line-up and has its own market but Tillman has maintained its leadership over the years and continues to provide the same passion in their field of discipline. So the next time you need to buy quality and performance gloves, choose the brand that professionals trust, go Tillman gloves.

Tiger Claw Fasteners Review: Fasteners Gun, TC3 and TC2 Fasteners Review Guide

One way to add a bit more beauty, and enjoyment to any backyard is by installing a wooden deck to serve as a patio. Not only do decks add a bit more aesthetic appeal to any backyard garden, it’s functional too. Add some patio furniture, maybe a table or two, and you have a great place for family gatherings like backyard barbecues and such.

And one of the best things about a wooden deck is that they are actually pretty easy to build. You only need rudimentary carpentry skills, a couple of basic tools like a hammer, a saw, and measuring tape, and of course some nails to hold the wooden planks together. But that was in the old days, now there is an even easier way to create great-looking wooden decks without using any nails. This is now possible using Tiger Claw Hidden deck fasteners.

What are Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners?

Tiger Claw fasteners are metal fasteners that are used to attach the decking boards to the frame without any visible nails whatsoever. The finished deck will look like the wood planks were stuck together cleanly. Instead of attaching the decking boards through the top like ordinary nails, Tiger Claw fasteners are fitted in between the boards and the frame, giving a more secure hold and makes installation fast and easy.

Features and Benefits of Tiger Claw Fasteners

  • They are virtually invisible – Because these fasteners are placed in between planks, you will not see them unless you look real close.
  • They will not cause wood rot – Wood usually begins to rot around the edges of nails and screws that are exposed to the elements, with Tiger Claw fasteners these sorts of things are no longer a problem.
  •  They give a more secure hold – Because of their larger surface area, Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners give a stronger hold on the planks and the frame.
  • They give the wooden deck a smoother, more refined surface – Since there are no nails or screws on top, the floor will have a smoother finish. This will show off more of the wood’s beauty. So it is impossible for Tiger fasteners to stub people’s toes or snag someone’s skirt.
  • They will not cause the wood to split – The Tiger Claw fasteners are designed in a way so that when the wood shrinks over time, they are allowed to slide over the fasteners, unlike nails or screws that remain rigid.
  • They will not stain the surface of the deck – The nails and screws on top of the boards will surely corrode after some time has passed, and the rust that results from the corrosion will surely stain the deck surface. Tiger Claw fasteners are made from materials that are highly resistant to rust. And since they are not really that exposed to the outside air the likelihood of rust forming is very minimal.
  • They will last longer than the deck itself – The base model Tiger Claw TC-1 can typically outlast the decking that it is used on, if you want more durability then you should use the Tiger Claw TC-2 which is made of stainless steel.
  • They are easy to use – You will only need a hammer, a screwdriver, and the special tool that comes with every box of fasteners. If you are installing a larger wooden deck then you might want to use the specially made Tiger Claw fasteners gun, which is like a modified nail gun.
  • They prevent damage on the surface of the deck during installation – You will no longer have to deal with hammer marks on top of the planks that often results when driving the nails through the wood.

Different Types of Tiger Claw Fasteners

Tiger Claw TC-1 – This is their basic type of fastener; commonly used on soft woods.

Tiger Claw TC-2 – Basically has the same specs as the TC-1 but made using stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

Tiger Claw TC-3 – Used for composite boards and slightly harder wood like mahogany.

Tiger Claw TC-4 – Though this model of fastener has not been released, these are the fasteners that can be used on ironwoods.

How to Use Tiger Claw Fasteners

Though Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners are a bit more complicated to use than ordinary nails and screws, they are really not that difficult, you can actually get the hang of using them after just a couple of tries.

There are only three simple steps for installing Tiger Claw fasteners:

  1. Hammer in the fasteners on the side of the decking board using the specialized tool that come with each package.
  2. Secure the fastener on the frame using a simple wood screw.
  3. Hammer the next piece of decking board beside the one with the Tiger Claws, and then repeat the whole process until you have used up all of the decking boards.

For more ease and speed, you can use the pneumatic Tiger Claw fasteners gun that does more than drive the fasteners into the wood, it can also screw them in place. Using the gun you can install up to 26 fasteners per minute, perfect if you are building a larger deck or patio.

To estimate just how many fasteners you will need you only need to count the number of decking boards you have and then multiply them with the number of horizontal members in the frame underneath.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fasteners

Why would you want to use nails and screws if there is an easy and more reliable way to join the wood pieces together when making your own dock? Traditional nails and screws can actually cause your wooden deck to rot, split and do other kinds of damage. If you want to make a wooden deck that will not only look beautiful in your backyard, but you can also enjoy for many years to come, use Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners. For further proof you can check out Tiger Claw fasteners reviews online, you are sure to be amazed!

Brake Pads Replacement Cost Guide: BMW Brake Pads, Average Prices & Rotors Guide

Although cars are usually tuned up to increase their top speed, a fast car is of no use if you cannot slow down or stop properly. Which is why it is very important to always check your brakes if they are working properly, especially if you are planning on going on a rather long road trip. You need to make sure you have enough brake fluid in the reservoir, and you also need to check if your brake pads need replacing too. But how will you know if it’s time to replace your car’s brake pads? And how much does brake pads replacement cost and rotors inspections?

When to Replace Your Brake Pads

Obviously you need to have your brake pads replaced if you are having difficulty slowing down or stopping. But waiting for that time to come will mean more than just a costly brake repair, it can also cost your life if you get into an accident because of faulty brakes.

So before you get into any danger here are some tell-tale signs you need to look out for so you know when it is time to change your brake pads.

  • If you hear a squeaking or grinding noise when you step on the brakes.
  • If you get a whiff of what smells like burning metal or plastic when you are coasting to a stop.
  • Or if you feel that your car drifts to one side when you brake.

These are the most common signs that will tell you if your car’s brakes are starting to fail. If you do not get replacement pads for your brakes immediately then you are risking total brake failure and getting into a major accident. When you start to notice any one of these signs you should have your brake pads checked at a professional garage, or if you want to save a couple of dollars from your brake pads replacement cost you can try to do the job yourself.

How Much Do Brake Pad Replacement Usually Cost?

If you go to a professional garage to have your brakes checked out and possibly have them replaced, you should prepare yourself, and your wallet for the costs. The average price for brake pads are around $20 to $30 each, if you factor in the labor costs and additional taxes you are looking at around $150 to $200 on your final bill.

Here is a good tip to remember when choosing which garage to take your car to when you need the brake pads replaced, make sure that they are using quality parts, or mid-range at best. Ask if you can see which parts they will be using on your car, check the box if they came from a trusted brand name, if you only see “premium brake pads” on the box without an actual brand name then you can be sure that you will need them replaced in just a couple of months. Just pay a few more bucks extra for quality brake pads, it will cost you less in the long run.

Another thing to look out for when choosing garages is their warranty terms. What you need to avoid are garages that give a lifetime warranty on parts, this is most likely a scam. These garages are not giving lifetime warranty on parts because they have absolute faith on the durability of the parts they will use, they are in fact hoping that the parts will fail on you soon so you will go back and have it replaced and then the garage will charge you for labor costs.

How to Replace Brake Pads

If you are fairly confident with your mechanical skills you can save a lot of money by doing the repair work yourself. You can shop around when buying the necessary replacement parts to get a good deal, all you have to do is enter your car make into a search engine with replacement costs for brake pads (like BMW brake pads replacement cost). This will help you save a lot of money in labor charges which are extremely high on some garages.

You can find plenty of instructional videos and literature on how to replace brake pads on the internet, lots of them provide a lot of detailed instructions and useful tips when doing brake jobs. And speaking of tips, here are some safety tips you need to remember when you are working on your car’s brakes. Keep these things in mind so that you do not run into any unexpected accidents while you are on the job:

Lifting the Car Safely – When raising the car for any job, whether it is for replacing the brake pads, or even if you are just rotating the wheels, you should not just rely on your hydraulic jack to keep your car up in the air. You should always place jack stands underneath the car, so even if the hydraulic jack fails there is a backup that will prevent the car from crashing down and pinning you on the ground.

Replacing the Brake Pads – In some car models, the left and right brake pads are noticeably different from each other. So make sure you have the right kind of pad at hand so you do not run the risk of possibly installing them backwards and ruining your entire brake assembly. And another thing, if you find that the other brake pads on your car are starting to get worn down you should replace them as well, this will ensure that all your brakes will wear down uniformly and prevent your car from drifting left or right because of unbalanced brakes.

Pump on the Brakes After – After you installed the replacement brake pads, you should first pump on the brakes before taking the car on a test drive. Pumping on the brake pedals will cause the caliper pistons to come out. If you take your car out immediately after replacing the brake pads, the brake pedal will just go down straight to the floorboard without applying any brakes.

Saving money in brake pad replacement cost should not be your only concern when doing the job yourself. You should always place safety above all else when you plan on replacing your worn down brake pads yourself.

Concrete Slab Cost Guide: Calculator, Cost Per Square Foot, Estimates and Patio & Driveway Cost Guide

Like everything these days, the price of concrete has gone up fractionally. This is for many reasons, including the fact the building boom, in countries such as Ireland especially, has diminished, leaving half started projects and unemployed builders in its wake. So, since not as many construction workers are out there building like crazy any more, the concrete slab sellers have had to up their prices in order to make a decent profit.

Now, sadly, this means the builders who did have to finish off buildings and construction sites are finding it hard to do so, because the cost of all their materials, concrete included has gone up incredibly. This means even less houses and buildings are being finished, making these increasing prices even worse for the economy than the building boom was in the first place.

Concrete Slab Cost Calculators

If you are penny-pinching but still need to remodel your home, add a path through your garden or even work on a concrete slab construction site, it is important to estimate the cost of concrete slabs, which is exactly what a concrete slab cost calculator can do.

You can find these handy estimators all over the internet and they all give you very accurate results if you know where to look. Most of the applications will give you a decent concrete slab cost per square foot estimate in whatever unit of measurement and in whatever currency you’d like according to the current price on the market. Tools such as this help immensely when determining how much you should save up for a project or bid on a certain job you are going to be doing for a client.

Why Estimate Before Buying?

There are a lot of reasons why you should estimate the cost of your concrete slabs before you buy them. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Prevent over purchasing

In the event that you purchase too much concrete for a project, not only did you overspend the money which you are working so hard to preserve, but you are now going to be stuck with concrete which will go unused. In some cases, the hardware store where you purchase the concrete from may permit you to return it; however there are instances where this is not permitted, thus leaving you with plenty of concrete and nothing to do with it.

This is why a cost calculator for your concrete slab needs is a handy mechanism for knowing how much your concrete patio cost or concrete driveway cost will be.

  • Budgeting

If you need to know exactly how much money you need to get all your project needs so that you can budget accordingly, then it would be handy to know how much you have to spend on your concrete slabs.

Whether you are installing your concrete yourself, or you are hiring an outside company to do the work for you, it is important to note an average cost for the concrete you need. Not only so you know how much money to set aside for your project, but so that you do not get scammed by a contractor who is overpricing concrete they are using for your job.

This is another handy reason to use a cost calculator for your concrete slabs.

  • Bargaining

Equipping yourself with the knowledge that you need to ensure you are not overpaying for your materials is important. Oftentimes a hardware store will announce a sale on concrete, when in reality it isn’t that much of a deal.  You should be able to address the average price of concrete based on a cost estimator to help you with your purchase decision.

This is yet another reason to seek a concrete slab cost estimate.

What to Think of an Over or Under Bid by a Contractor?

If you have hired a contractor to lay the concrete for your home project there are some important considerations to be kept in mind. First, your contractor will need to examine the area, take measurements and get a formal understanding of what you are looking for. Once he has done this he will then create a price bid based on the project and materials that will be needed to lay the concrete. Before you accept the bid that the contractor offered it is important to find out if they placed a reasonable bid based on the materials and task at hand.  While you much include labor into the total of their bid, you can analyze their bid based on the material costs, which in this case is where a concrete cost estimator comes in handy.

Say you calculate the cost of materials presented in the bid by a contractor and they are underbidding the price of the project. While you might be inclined to jump at the price, you have to ask yourself why they are willing to make so little for the project? In this case it is important to find out what kind of materials they are using for the job, and whether or not they have experience with other happy clients.

In the even that you use a concrete estimator and pricing of other materials to find that the cost of your job was well over bid, beyond your reasonable budget you should also take caution. First you want to ask why they are charging you so much for materials, perhaps present the idea of purchasing them yourself.  Also, ask how long they are estimating the project will take, as that will have an influence on the price bid.

Either way you should be certain that you check out previous customer testimonials for the contractor, ensure that they are trained in the skills for your job, and that their bid is reasonable.

Using a calculator in order to calculate how much concrete slabs you need for a project is very important. Make sure you check out some of the following sites with concrete slab cost estimators on them. You won’t regret it!




Impact Driver Vs Drill Vs Cordless Drill Review Guide: Hammer Drills & Makita Impact Drivers Guide

An impact driver is a mechanical tool that essentially does the same thing as a drill. It applies a sudden strong force down on the nail while rotating. It works with a screwdriver and works well with nails and screws of all types.

Some people prefer using an impact driver to a drill. You see, a drill is the normal method of doing such tasks, but many people like the impact driver, whether to be different or to do a task better than what an ordinary drill can produce.

These impact drivers also loosen and change screws, which a drill cannot do. Many mechanics prefer to use an impact driver because of this, so if they make a mistake they can easily reverse it without a lot of hassle or a change of tool.

Impact Driver vs. Drill

There is a never ending battle between mechanics, professionals and aficionados alike about which one of these fine pieces of machinery performs the task the best. Many say that because the drill is the classic tool to use for such a trade that it is automatically the best, but there are plenty of individuals who prefer the newer capabilities of the impact driver.

What is important to understand is that they are not one in the same that than one is able to do basic drilling applications, which means that the drill should be used when you want to screw two pieces of wood together.  An impact driver is particularly used more for fastening and loosening screws or nails which were screwed in too tightly.  The doubled torque of the driver over the drill makes it a more common item in a professional setting, rather than just for basic household maintenance.

Cordless Drill vs. Impact Driver

A cordless drill is one that does not require electricity to operate; instead it might require batteries or have a rechargeable battery pack. Without the need for wires, cordless drills are much easier to use in a wide variety of locations, and they are typically considered more maneuverable.

When creating a comparison of the cordless drill and an impact driver many will note that in some ways they are rather similar.  Both are able to screw into and remove screws from objects, both are also cordless, which means they are quite maneuverable. The cordless drill, however works through the application of continuous torque force, whereas the impact drives uses increases in pressure to achieve the same result.  The impact driver does feature the ability to change the amount of torque available, arguably making it more suitable for various jobs than a cordless drill.

Hammer drill vs. Impact Driver

A hammer drill is a drill that uses a rotary action to perform tasks. It uses a fast torque force, incredibly similar to that of the impact driver, making them not all that different.

A hammer drill is used specifically to make holes in concrete, as it has that much power, and while some impact drivers can do the same you would not want to use a hammer drill for smaller projects. Working with smaller screws or nails, especially on a delicate project, is more suitably completed with impact drills.

Impact Drivers vs. Impact Drills

If you are in need of an impact driver you are bound to be faced with a variety of options at any local hardware store or online. Drivers are not only made by various manufacturers, but they come in a variety of styles and forms, and believe it or not the driver and drill are not one in the same machine.  It is easy to confuse the two as they perform merely all the same work as the other, however there are some key differences that you should take note of before making a purchase:

  • Impact drills are much more suitable for penetrating tougher materials like concrete (cement)
  • The impact drill is actually able to drill into items, much like your typical cordless drill, however with more torque.
  • An impact drill is typically smaller and appears like your usual cordless drill, so it is easy to maneuver in cramped locations.  Whereas an impact driver is larger and requires more control over the tool.

When shopping for impact drivers, impact drills or even just a typical drill it is important to understand the features and capabilities of all machines.  Check with the local hardware specialist or compare brands online to ensure you are selecting the right product for your needs.

Impact Drivers Makes


Makita is responsible for creating some of the most popular and reliable impact drivers on the market, and regardless of whether you enjoy using a drill over an impact driver their products often beat out all competition.

Makita currently manufactures twenty different brands of impact drivers in various colors and models, including cordless and hybrid models as well. On their website ( Makita offers classic impact drivers, which have been on the market for years, and even some modern, and newly improved models.

Impact Driver Reviews

If you do not want to go with a Makita brand of impact driver there are plenty of other brands that make quality models of drivers as well. According to Popular Mechanics, there are a few impact drivers which exceed industry standards, including the following models:

  • Bosch 26618-01- Sold just under a hefty $400 this Bosch is capable of operating on 3 various impact settings, and is rather durable.
  • Craftsman 79568- This Craftsman is easy-to-use and has a great indicator light for the battery.
  • Dewalt DC827KL- This model is small and durable, and users note that there is no wiggling and minimal vibrations felt when using it.
  • Hitachi WH18DL- This model is also very durable and easy-to-use, and it has a unique light that is mounted on the handle, which is perfect for a clear look at your work area.

Regardless of the brand of impact driver or drill that you chose it is always important to do your homework ahead of time, and ensure that you are getting a tool that not only you are going to use, but is going to last!

Snow Shovels For Sale Guide: Wheeled, Electronic, Ames True Temper, Steel & Ergonomic Snow Shovels Reviews

Places that experience snow will always have snow shovels for sale especially towards the end of the 3rd quarter up to the following year’s 1stquarter. But being a yearly occurrence, the local government already has everything in place to help people cope with snow, so should we even have to consider snow shovels in our budget?

The new shovels for sale are not cheap; especially the electric snow shovels for sale. Decades ago, one would just get a hand shovel and work his way through the front yard or driveway. As far as responsibility, it went only so far as one’s property line which means once snow gets on the street; it’s the job of the city to clear. Ask your grandfather or any one who over 60 and has shoveled his way through inches high snow, and they will proudly tell you that shoveling is a man’s job and helps build character.

Before you can fully grasp the need to buy a new snow shovel, it’s best to understand the different varieties now on the market.

The Ergonomic Snow Shovel

It’s a hand shovel but built in a way that the handle is slightly crooked to compensate for heavy snow build –up. The ergonomic snow shovel is easier to handle and because of its unique handle, your back is not stressed. You don’t have to bend not lift the snow when you scoop. Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight design
  • Safety since the scoop is designed to be smaller and for less load
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to store

If you are going to need a hand shovel this year and you want your investment to last more than just a few years, buy the ergonomic snow shovel. As you grow older, you will want something that does not strain you physically. It is best for use in places where you experience heavy, wet snow. One model that is increasingly popular for use in heavy snow is the Ames true temper snow shovel, which can be found at any hardware store.

The Steel Snow Shovel

If your property is large and the amount of snow is so widespread, you are better off with a steel snow shovel. It is durable, inexpensive, and very productive to use. You can cover more ground faster with the steel snow shovels for sale.

The Electric Snow Shovels

Obviously you will need an outlet to plug this kind of snow shovel so it is limited to areas close to your home. Electric snow shovel for sale are also called power snow shovels. It’s very much like the snow blower or thrower. It can’t break ice so it’s ideal for places which experiences light snow fall. Also important with electric snow shovels for sale is that you don’t need oil modifications, fuel up time or messy maintenance.

There are different types of snow shovels for sale but basically they fall under the following categories:

  • Electric-powered
  • Gas powered
  • Combination of electric and gas powered because of the electric starter

These snow shovels for sale can clear a distance of 12 inches at a time, and a depth of 6 inches. It can handle about 300 lbs of snow a minute but you will have to pay the steeper of $100 or more for one.

The Snow Shovels with Wheels

These are usually snow blowers with up to 8 HP although the heavy-duty snow shovels with wheels are equipped with at least 9 HP and cost more than $1,000 each. The lower end snow shovels with wheels are considered either single or double stage and have a price range of $200 to $900 each. These types of snow blowers are gas-powered. The differences between the single and double stage snow blowers is basically found in the amount of snow it can handle in one go.

Why Buy a Power Snow Shovel?

Price aside, the electric snow shovels for sale and the gas-powered shovels have benefits far beyond its cost. They are easy to use and carry around. They have the elements of being ergonomic or less stressful on the body which means you get the full convenience of modern technology. Although the electric snow shovels for sale consume power, they are more environmentally-friendly than the gas-powered shovels. You also get the job done quicker which means less time outdoors which limits your chances of getting sick.

Compared to the snow blowers however, the electric snow shovels for sale don’t have the far-reaching features and is maxxed out with a 12 inch pathway. For deep, heavy snow, the blower is still more effective. You can’t use the electric or gas shovels in areas where there is gravel like a driveway because it will pick up the tiny stones and ruin your shovel’s blades.

The Difference between a Snow Shovel Thrower and a Snow Blower

There is just about one main difference between a snow thrower and a snow blower. This would be the number of augers used. With the snow thrower, you only get one auger which is mounted horizontally. The snow blower has 2 augers and can work much faster. Other differences can be found in the uses of each:

  • You can’t use a snow thrower on wet snow because it will clog up your machine. This means that as soon as the snow starts to build up, you need to rush outside before it starts to melt
  • Snow throwers have 2, 4, 5 or 6 HP engines. The 2 HP is really like a toy and for minimal snow
  • Some snow blowers can be attached to a lawn tractor

Tips to Help You Decide

Obviously if you live in a place where there is snow, you will need at least one snow shovel for your home and one handheld plastic shovel for each of your cars.  Here are some useful tips that may help you decide which snow shovels for sale will help you most

  1. Many snow blowers with tracks instead of the wheels are hard to shift and maneuver
  2. Snow shovels with wheels will push the snow to make a clear path but it will have spillage which means you don’t get a straight path behind you but something that narrows down the farther your distance. You will need to manually clear the spillage which means double effort on the same area

Ideally, you have to do some research on the different brands of snow shovels for sale. What may be the best for one may not necessarily be your best. You may not want a snow pusher shovel or an electric model, so if you can, go over the owner’s manual or the details and specs of each model. This information should give you enough to decide which type is a justified expense.

Estwing Axex Review Guide: Sheaths, E45A, Camp Axe & Long Handle Axe Reviews

The Estwing Axe has been around for generations and aside from the Estwing tools, there is also the fable Estwing hammer. Most impressive is that when the Apollo11 traveled to the moon, they used the Estwing Axe and hammers. That has to be the best testimony of its quality and standards!

Who is Estwing?

Ernest Estwing is the founder of this Rockford manufacturing company.  It began in 1923 when Estwing, as a Swedish immigrant, decided to create his own striking tools. He was able to patent the one solid steel hammer head which meant no more flying hammer heads to cause accidents.  The original hammers were sold at $2 each and no one wanted them because they were double the price at that time.

It was only in after WWII that Estwing really began to be known as a reliable tool company. They eventually came out with the exclusive “blue grip” which distinguished their Estwing tools from all others.  In 2001, they revealed their latest Shock Reduction grip which is ergonomically designed to reduce vibration.

The Estwing Axe Review

This Estwing Axe review basically looks into why anyone should buy the Estwing Axe when there are many other cheaper options. After all the Estwing axes are not cheap. They are considered part of the elite group of tools that are constantly being debated on merits.

There are different kinds of Estwing axes like the E24A and the E14A which are the smaller sized axes. Estwing also has the camp axe or Estwing Axe E45A. The smaller axes are known as the sportsman ax because they are used by hikers or mountain climbers. All types of Estwing axes are almost impossible to destroy. They are extremely dependable regardless of weather and conditions. It is the type of tool you want to have in extreme situations and when you are in the middle of nowhere.

The Estwing Sportsman Axe

This 13 inch axe has a handle made of metal but wrapped in leather. It comes with the trademark single unit metal piece which means you would have to do something drastic to cut it in half since it’s a solid piece of metal.

This makes the handle extremely tough and able to absorb shock and minimize vibration. However, it is heavy and can make a person using it tire easily. The edge is slightly thicker than most axes which make it safer to use but requires more to penetrate wood or any other surface. It is perfect for thin wood but a struggle if you have to work with chopping down a tree or solid wood.

The Estwing Camp Axe

The Estwing Camp Axe long handle can do the tough jobs that the sportsman axe can’t. It is popular for is long handle and sharp sheath which makes it perfect for a few days of tough camping or hunting. You will often see this hard-working Estwing Axe sheath in farms and construction sites.

Feedback from honest-to-goodness customers can be summarized with these few comments:

  • “That’s not just any ordinary axe.”
  • 90% of all geologists depend on the Estwing axe to knock down hard rock
  • The quality is unbeatable which makes it trust rating approval shoot through the roof
  • “A bit too expensive for me but if I had the money; I would choose the Estwing axe.”

The Estwing Tour and Legacy

Estwing Manufacturing Company intends to leave a legacy behind. They have already set several landmark patents in place and have a stunning record of keeping it all in the family. It is a U.S. brand and comes with an excellent design, features, and reputation. They also offer a warranty on all Estwing tools.

The Estwing Process

The reason for the high quality of the Estwing axe is found in the manufacturing process they use. It starts with 3 inch steel rods which are heated using induction heat before being stamped into shape. The final stages are the searing of the patented grip on the handle to make sure it does not come off easily. Their product consists of the following Estwing tools:

  • Hammers
  • Axes
  • Pry Bars
  • Claws
  • Specialty Tools
  • Fiberglass hammers
  • Assorted kinds of hammers for nails, masonry, drilling, and engineering works
  • Soft hammers
  • Geological tools

Since the time Estwing tools began to be known, it has been the preferred choice of professionals. If you visit any construction site, you will find different Estwing tools there. It’s easy to spot them with their trademark blue or yellow grips.

Aside from their product line, they also have become more conscious of giving back to the community. They now offer scholarships to deserving students.  They also have a phenomenal record of never having to close their doors for any reason. Their production line continues to operate, sometimes 7 days a week because the demand for the Estwing tools is so high in the international market. Lately, because of the slower economy, they have had to cut back on their load but they continue to crank out Estwing tools, albeit on a slower production volume.

Should You Buy An Estwing Axe?

The bottom line is you have to decide if you will need an axe for the long term or not. If all you’re planning to do is a one-time DIY project, try to borrow an axe instead of buying. It would not be worth the money to just let a special tool like the Estwing axe sit and gather dust in a corner.

That being said, if you have plans of camping, hiking, doing some repairs around your property, or even having a handy tool around for protection, it would be hard to find anything better than the Estwing Axe.

The weight is relative to your size, so pick a model you can work with without pulling a muscle. Since there is the long warranty on each of the Estwing tools, you can be sure it’s an investment that would last more than one lifetime.

Truck Tool Boxes On The Cheap Guide: Used, Black, Aluminum, Low Profile & Dee Zee Tool Boxes Review

Truck toolboxes, both cheap and expensive, are excellent ways of storing and organizing tools while out on the job.  Toolboxes designed for your truck bed easily secure into place along the bed rails of any truck, both large and small. They also come with all of the equipment necessary to install into place.  These toolboxes are sturdy, made of metal and usually include locking mechanisms to help protect your valuable equipment.

Benefits of Truck Toolboxes

As mentioned above, used truck toolboxes have many benefits.  These toolboxes can be used to keep tools in a secure or out of the way locations, preventing them from sliding around in a truck bed as you drive.  They are also organized so that you can quickly and easily find the tools you need without having to rummage through an old toolbox you bring along with you.  Plus, truck toolboxes are larger than hand held toolboxes and can carry more in terms of supplies and equipment along that you really need instead of making do with what you can fit into your small handheld toolbox.

Truck toolboxes aluminum or steel are sturdy and long lasting.  Once you purchase and install a toolbox for your truck, you can expect it to last for several years and through all seasons.  Manufacturers of the toolboxes put them through a variety of tests to ensure that the boxes will protect your equipment and that they will survive the elements.

Any truck toolboxes low profile or otherwise will come with a lock to secure the tools safely inside the box.  Just because your toolbox is in the truck bed doesn’t mean that tools will be easy pickings for anyone who comes along.  Depending on the type of toolbox you purchase, your lock will be basic or heavy duty, making it hard for those tool thieves.  Most of the locking devices on these toolboxes are key locks, so you’ll need to keep the key on your key chain.  This isn’t a hardship as you’ll be driving your truck around and have your keys in hand when needed.

Installing Truck Toolboxes

Black truck toolboxes cheap are easy to install.  Before ordering a truck toolbox, get out the tape measure and measure the width and depth of the truck bed where you will want to install the toolbox. Use this measurement when ordering a new or used truck toolbox cheap. This will ensure that the toolbox is a tight fit and won’t be too big or small for your particular truck bed.  Most of these used truck toolboxes cheap come with the basic hardware required to install the truck toolboxes in the truck bed.  You may want to purchase some padding or foam rubber to place between the bottom of the toolbox and the truck bed and rails to protect it from scratches.  Everything for installing the toolbox comes in sets of four.  You’ll find in a kit, four J-bolts, four washers, four nuts, and four rubber plug inserts.

Take out the hardware from inside the toolbox.  Place each of the four rubber plug inserts into each of the four pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the toolbox.  Lay the toolbox atop the rubber padding on the truck bed and rails. Push the J-bolt up through the hole under the bed rail and through the pre-drilled hole in the toolbox. Secure it in place with a washer and nut inside the toolbox. Repeat the process with the other three J-bolts.

Tighten all of the nuts down to finish installing the toolbox. You may want to periodically remove the toolbox to clean it out and clean out the truck bed, but otherwise the toolbox doesn’t need anything else done with it.

Costs of Truck Toolboxes

First of all, you’ll have to choose from a bunch of different varieties of toolboxes for the truck bed. Customers will find that there are truck toolboxes low profile, aluminum, black, side mount, double lidded, specialty and even top sider. The most commonly used type of truck toolbox has to be the double lidded, truck toolboxes low profile. This type of toolbox is usually secured at the back of the truck bed, behind the back window. It’s secure, out of the way and still easy to get into when a tool is needed. Dee zee tool boxes cost about $400 to $500. They come in solid black or shiny aluminum and are simple to install.

Northern tool has truck toolboxes but typically refers to them as storage chests and truck or tool boxes. They also don’t have the double lidded truck toolbox. They do have a truck toolbox aluminum with a single lid for about $320. They also have an aluminum storage truck box for $309, but it rests on the bed of the truck, not the rails. So, there is a lot of variety to select from in terms of truck toolboxes.

The Dee Zee truck toolboxes are more popular because of their ease of use and easy access.  Customers won’t have to crawl up in the truck bed in order to open up the box and pull out the tools that they need.  They can simply lift one of the double lids and pull a tool out and go back to work.

Side toolboxes and wheel well toolboxes are alternative options for those looking for less expensive truck toolboxes that are still easy to get at.  A nice vertical wheel well toolbox from Northern tools that can also double as an ice chest is available for about $100.

Truck toolboxes are an excellent way to solve storage problems in an open bed truck.  They will keep tools organized and out of the way while also securing them from potential theft.  It is not difficult to install a truck toolbox so that it remains safe and secure in the back.  Just remember before ordering to check the size of the toolbox against the size of your truck bed for a good fit.

Electric Poultry Fencing Review Guide: Kits, Wire & Electric Fence Sale Guide

When considering electric poultry fencing to serve as an enclosure for poultry, be sure to look at all of the information.  Electric fencing wire offers several benefits for the chicken farmer or hobbyist who’s looking to keep the flock together and keep predators out.  Additionally, poultry fences are all usually fairly standard in type and how they are electrified. However, customers can choose between green environmentally friendly options or go with energizers that require batteries every few months.  An electric fence must be carefully considered before installation.

Benefits of Electric Poultry Fencing

When you keep chickens, you’ll want to have a way to keep them in a designated area of the yard or on your land.  Electric poultry fencing offers many benefits for the hobbyist or farmer looking to limit their chickens to a specific area of the property.  Most brands of the electric poultry fencing come prepackaged and pre-assembled, so that all the customer needs to do is unroll it, stakes and wiring in all, and put it up.

It takes only a few minutes to create a small enclosure for your chicken’s home, and very little know how is required.  If you’ve never installed electric poultry fencing before, most brands include instructions with their packages.  You can also order them online so there’s no need to run up to the hardware store to purchase the equipment and supplies needed for the electric fencing.

An electric fence is also a good way of deterring animals from testing the fence or to keep them from trying to barge right through it.  This isn’t necessarily a problem for chickens, but it can be a problem for poultry farmers who are trying to keep predators from getting at their chickens.  Electric poultry fences UK will help keep out the foxes and other predators in the area.  As soon as the animal comes up against electrified fence, he’ll get a shock he won’t soon forget.

Electric poultry fencing UK is also very portable.  When the land becomes too polluted and messy from the chickens, the fence can simply be moved to a new area so that the chickens have fresh land upon which to range in.  The previous area of land can then be cleaned up and allowed to recover from the impact of the chickens.  Poultry fencing can also be expanded or shrunk in size according to your needs.

Installing Electric Poultry Fencing

Installing electric fencing wire is not difficult.  Most electric poultry fencing kits will come with instructions.  They, as mentioned before, are usually pre-assembled.

Before purchasing electric fencing Ireland or anywhere else in the world, measure the perimeter of the area where you will be keeping your chickens.  This will give you a rough idea of how much fencing is needed when ordering online or in the store.

After receiving more electric fencing remove the packaging and unroll fence wire.  The packaging will usually say on it whether or not it is reassembled.  You can also tell because the stakes used to hold the fence up are already attached to the electric fence wire.  Simply pick up the fence and begin a installing it by pressing the stakes into the ground.  You can arrange your fence in any shape you would like for the perimeter, a circle or square is the simplest shape you can achieve with this fencing.

You’ll know that most poultry fencing is about four feet high.  This is because chickens do have a limited flight range and may be able to get over a lower fence. The same applies to predators, although they would jump over a shorter fence instead of fly.

When the fence is in the ground you now have to install the energizer for the electric fencing.  Energizers have a wide range of voltages from 9 to 12 volts and can be charged with a battery, solar power or it even plugged in to an outdoor outlet.  The solar powered energizers are good options for places that don’t have access to household current and where it may be difficult to keep replacing the batteries.  The charger will typically power the fence during the day while also charging a rechargeable battery to keep the fence electrified at night.

All kinds of electric poultry fencing will require regular monitoring to ensure that the fencing is electrified on all sides and that there are no holes or breaks for the chickens to get through the fence.

Types of Electric Poultry Fencing

When looking for an electric poultry fence sale, keep in mind that prices for these types the fences run about $100 to $200 dollars.  You can purchase the fencing by itself or you can purchase fencing kits that include the electric energizer for the fence.  Purchasing fence wire by itself is a good option when you’re replacing broken fencing but the energizer you currently have is still good.

The difference in prices between electric fencing is usually due to the length of the fencing, the number of spikes in the fencing, the type of material used for the spikes, and the type of energizer used for the fence.

For example, the PoultryNet 12/48/3 Kit – (48″ x 164′) with a single spike and 164 feet of fence runs about $200.  The kit of course, will include the energizer for the fencing.  If you’re just looking for the energizer for current fencing, the Flock Shock AC Powered Poultry Fence Charger costs just $30 dollars.  That is a great deal for someone who already has the material but no way to electrify it.

If you are new at electric poultry fencing, consider using an electric fencing kit that includes everything needed to put together your first fence.  Later, as you get more experienced with poultry farming, you can begin purchasing pieces and putting them together to suit your own fencing needs.  Electric poultry fencing offers many benefits for the farmer or hobbyist.  Its greatest benefit is protection from predators and keeping the flock together, but it is also a portable, easy to install and move.  Plus, electric fencing is cheap and long lasting.  The average poultry fence will last around 4 to 7 years, depending on how well it’s treated.

Jerith Fence Review Guide: Installation, Parts, Pricing & Aluminum Fence Guide

Jerith is one of the largest and oldest aluminum fences manufacturers in North America. In the year 1961, Jerith was the first manufacturer to construct decorative fences made from aluminum. Since then they have mastered their trade and have become a leader in the fencing industry in the U.S. Their products are known for being of superior quality and their service is outstanding.

Unlike many other aluminum fences and gates that are imported from China, all the Jerith fence parts and products are made in their big Philadelphia factory. This is because they understand the sentiments of their US customers who would prefer and value fences and gates made in America. Apart from making fences with the right combination of quality, experience and service, Jerith has been constantly working to improve their products. This is the reason why their products are of the best quality and they follow high standards as compared to any other fence maker.

Jerith Fence Series

Jerith fence has been classified into different series. They are as follows:

100 Series Fence Style

The fences of the 100 series are an alternative to iron fences. They are made from wrought iron so they stay beautiful without you having to maintain them. The classic 100 series wrought iron fences have been made using the same design that have been used for more than 100 years. These fences have exposed pickets on the top, and the Jerith fence installation process is very easy as it can be fixed without much effort.

  • Style # 101

This fence style is made using the traditional design of wrought iron fence. At the top of the section of this fence, the points of pickets are even with pinched tops. The height of the fence is the actual length of the picket. The sections of this fence can rake 12 inches over their span of 6 feet. The post spacing at the center of this fence is 72 1/2 inches, and it comes in 3 different colors: black, white and bronze.

  • Style # 100

The style # 100 fence is slightly varied from the style #101. This wrought iron fence alternative is a little distinct and it comes with staggered picket points with pinched tops. The sections of this fence can rake 12 inches over their 6 feet span just like the previous fence style. Their post spacing at the center is also same at 72 1/2 inches. The length of the picket and the height of the fence is the same, and it comes in three different colors: bronze, white and black.

  • Style # 111

This wrought iron fence, a version of style # 101, has been constructed to replace the standard picket points with Majestic, Victorian and Imperial finials. These finials are intended to look elegant allowing you to maintain the beauty and the safety of your property. The fence height is the actual height of the picket, and the pickets are constructed to accept other finials apart from the traditional ones. This style it is available in black, white and bronze colors.

200 Series Fence Style

The fences of the 200 series have a smooth rail on the top that makes this style of fences perfect to be used around the pools, making these the most popular design. The 200 series aluminum fence is made from aluminum so it does not rust, making it ideal for pool enclosures. If you cannot make up your mind to get the right fence, then Jerith fence reviews can help you decide which of the following fences you can buy to enclose your pool. You can also buy your Jerith fence online after you have made up your mind and had a look at the Jerith fence pricing.

  • Style # 202

The fence of style # 202 has a smooth rail on top, which means that the picket points are not exposed. This fence is made with a more modern design, and the height of the fence is the actual picket length. Over their 6 feet span, the sections of these fences can rake 12 inches. Because of its classic design, this is one of the best-selling fences from Jerith. If any part of your fence has been damaged due to wear and tear then you can replace it with Jerith fence parts.

  • Style # 200

The style # 200 fences are very similar to the style # 202 fences. The difference that lies between these two styles is a little modification has been done to the former. The style # 200 fences is a combination of the traditional looking top rail with pointed pickets below the rail. It comes in three different colors that are white, bronze and black.

  • Style # 211

In the style of # 111 fences, the style # 211 aluminum fence gives you the opportunity to change its finials from the traditional picket points to give it an appearance of elegance and beauty.

Modified style # 200, # 202 and # 211

These three different styles of fences are similar to the above mentioned Jerith fences but they have some variations. The modification of these fences has been done so that the pickets do not extend below the bottom rail. These fences are available in the height of 54 inches and they are fit to be used in pools that have strict enclosure codes, requiring 45 inch spacing between the horizontal rails.

If you are on the lookout for stronger fences Jerith’s prestigious regency aluminum fences are something you should consider. These fences do not look like the industrial fences as they are designed to be used in residences. The regency fences use slightly bigger Jerith fence parts to create sections in the fence that are 33% stronger. These easy to blend fences can be used in the yard or pool of your residence to make it look naturally beautiful. There are three regency fence styles: Windsor, Kensington and Buckingham. There is also an option to use rings between the top two rails which gives it a regal appearance.

Gladiator Cabinets Review Guide: Sears, Lowes & Coleman Gladiator Cabinet Clearance Sale Guide

The cabinets that you use in your garage should not only allow you to keep your garage looking neater by keeping it clutter-free but it should also be able to withstand the tough environment of the garage. If you are looking for cabinets that not only look good but can also help you to organize your garage then Gladiator Cabinets are for you. These rugged cabinets are made of high quality tough steel. A Gladiator Cabinet is specially designed and constructed with high durability keeping its rough and tough use in the garage in mind. Gladiator produces two different kinds of cabinets: the premier series cabinets and the ready to assemble cabinets. Because of the location in which these cabinets are to be placed it is important that they can withstand harsh use and the elements, which is the Gladiator promise.

Premier Series Gladiator Cabinets

These cabinets are considered high quality storage systems that come pre-made from the warehouse. Keeping in mind the rough usage and to provide durability and longevity, these cabinets are constructed using heavy steel. If you want to buy a cabinet from the premier series then you have a wide variety of styles to choose from, including free standing cabinets and wall attachments.

To provide security to the goods stored inside it, these cabinets come with latches that are magnetic and locking methods. If you need to move around your cabinet then you can do that easily as many of the free standing cabinets of the premier series have heavy duty locking casters. If you need a gladiator cabinet then you can buy it from the Gladiator Cabinets clearance sale that offers good cabinets at a comparatively lower price than the market. Two of the cabinets of this series include:

Premier Tall GearBox

The five feet tall Premier Tall GearBox comes with three full width shelves: one fixed and two adjustable shelves that can be flexibly adjusted with 9 possible placements. It is 66 inches high, 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep. This cabinet is constructed using deep welded steel which gives it an impressive structure along with perfect support to fulfill your storage needs. It has two large highly durable magnetic door locks that hold the door and provide it with additional security. To meet ever-changing storage needs and to increase its stability, these cabinets sit on 5-inch x 2-inch durable casters. The front set of casters can be easily locked so that the cabinet does not move, and the rear set of casters can swivel making it easier to move about. Using the Gladiator Wall Systems, there is also an option to use the bracket kit that allows the cabinet to hang on the walls.

Premier Tall GearLocker

The Premier Tall GearLocker is very similar to the previous cabinet and it comes with full width shelves. This 66 inches high, 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep cabinet allows a partition down the mid of the cabinet structure that allows the shelves of half width to adjust at various heights. It can be placed at 20 placement points making it very flexible to store all types of goods. It has an exceptional cabinet structure that is perfect to meet storage needs as it is made of welded steel. Tall items like the lawn tools, tents, and golf clubs can be easily accommodated in this cabinet. If you need to hang items like clothes or jackets then you can easily do so as it includes two hooks at the upper region which allows for this type of storage. To meet storing needs that change often, this cabinet has heavy duty casters. Like the Premier Tall GearBox, this also has an option to include the bracket kit that makes it possible it to hang the cabinet on the wall. The tread plate door has a magnetic latch system which powerfully holds the doors together, and it has large recessed door handles.

Ready to Assemble Gladiator Cabinets

The second series of cabinets are manufactured using the same durability as the premier series cabinets. However, they are just not assembled together as it gives you the opportunity to assemble it yourself and customizing it the way you want. The cabinets from this series are available at Gladiator Cabinet sale should you want to buy one at a price that is slightly lower than the market price. One of the Gladiator Cabinets from the ready to assemble series is as follows:

Ready to Assemble 36” Large GearBox

The 36 inches wide, 72 inches high, 18 inches deep and large GearBox from Gladiator has the ability to store all garage supplies. A robust cabinet can be made from the ready to assemble cabinet panels available that can store four levels of automotive, paint supplies and gardening tools. It is made to last long keeping in mind the kind of usage it has to undergo at the garage. It is made tough to hold large paint cans and 40 quarts plastic totes. It has a fixed and two adjustable shelves that can be assembled at different points and offer flexibility to the different storage needs. The hinges of the door are designed that it has keyhole slots both at the top and the bottom so that the door hangs on the cabinet structure while you fasten the screws to fix it. It has a pair of magnetic doors that can be secured using a pair of magnetic strips on the shelves. This cabinet has a powder coated finish and can also be hung on the wall. If you want a gladiator cabinet then you can also choose from the sale items at Sears gladiator cabinets or Lowes gladiator cabinets.

Before you buy any cabinet for your garage, you should read the Gladiator cabinets reviews as it will help you to determine the best cabinet for your garage space. The Coleman gladiator cabinets are a close competitor to Gladiator cabinets as they are not only sturdy and dependable but they are also pleasing to the eyes, as they come in bright colors.

Machetes For Sale Review Guide: Cheap Combat, Barong & Survival Machetes For Sale

A machete is a tool similar to a cleaver that is used to cut the dense growth of plants. It is typically used while walking through a forest, and is handled by a single person. Primarily, the machete is used as a tool to help pass through the dense jungle but it is also used as a weapon by rebels or fugitives usually in Africa. It is even used by the national armed forces. The machete is also used by butchers to cut meat, mostly in the parts of Central America.

If you are considering buying a machete then you must buy the best quality machetes for sale as those of lower quality are not as efficient for cutting. The low quality machetes can only help you to clear small plants out of your way, but a high quality machete will help you to get deeper into the dense forest. Machetes are available in different sizes allowing you to determine what size you need for the task at hand.

Affordable Machetes

Some of the most popular machetes on the market are reliable, durable, but are also affordable.  Here are some cheap machetes for sale:

ESEE Lite Machete

This machete has a razor sharp 18-inch blade that allows it to easily cut through vines and bushes. Its Micarta grip 5-inch handle is easy to hold in one hand. This machete can also be used as a replacement to a hatchet because it has a conventional convex bend that allows it to chop easily. The ESEE Lite machete costs somewhere between $50 and $65 and can be found in various stores that sell hardware supplies.

Gerber Gator Machete

The 15-inch blade of the Gerber Gator machete is similar to the ESEE Lite machete, but it is slightly less sharp than the latter. One addition to it is an 18-inch saw on the back side of its blade. Unlike the ESEE Lite Machete, the handle of this machete is two-handed which means that it will give more power with each swing. Apart from cutting bushes and small vines, this machete can also be used to cut large pieces of wood. The Gator machete is one of the cheap machete for sale as it costs somewhere between $15 and $20.

Cold Steel Kukri Machete

The Kukri machete from Cold Steel is slightly smaller in size than the ESEE Lite machete and the Gerber Gator machete as its blade size is 13-inch. However, it cuts with a great cutting power as it weighs just 16-oz. and its blade is curved.  The sharp blade of this machete makes it eligible to be used in place of a hatchet apart from doing its basic work of cutting through the dense jungle.  If you are looking for machetes for sale in UK or some cheap machetes for sale in au then the power-packed Kukri machete is available in both of these two countries and it costs $24.99 only.

Ka Bar Kukri Machete

The Ka Bar Kukri machete is even smaller than the Cold Steel Kukri Machete as its blade is just 11.5-inch long. As the size of its blade is small, the blade has been made slightly denser to help it cut with more power. The blade of this machete is made from carbon steel which means that it is highly durable and it lasts a long time. The sharp blade of this Kukri machete can cut through almost anything, and the handle of this machete has been made to get a good hold of the machete in hand and so that it doesn’t slip while swinging it. This machete is available at retail shops for a price range between $50 and $60.

Combat Machetes

There are many combat machetes available on the market today, a few of which have been listed below:

The Condor Knife Tool CTK 3006MB Combat Machete has an ergonomic handle to provide user comfort and grip. Its 18 1/4” blade is made of stainless steel and has a mystic camo finish.

The Condor tool and Knife Combat Machete is another combat machete from Condor. It has a 13-inch blade, which has UltraBlaC2 finish, and a comfortable black handle. It comes with a leather sheath.

Barong Machete

If you are looking for a barong machete then you should consider the Condor 14-inch High Carbon Barong Machete. The 14-inch blade of this machete is in the shape of a traditional Philippino leaf. The blade is razor sharp and it cuts through the dense growth of jungle just like any other machete. It is also used in martial arts and it has been specially made upon the request of martial artists who wished to have a longer but lighter heavy duty weapon.

These condor machetes are made in El Salvador, and they come wrapped up in paper to prevent oxidation. The barong machetes are separately packed in boxes after being placed in cardboard sleeves for extra protection. The blade of this machete is made of 1075 high carbon steel and it has been given finishing touch of black powder epoxy. As the blade comes razor sharp from the factory, there is no need to sharpen it. It can be used right after unpacking it. The black polypropylene handle of this machete provides good grip so that it does not slip out of the hand. It also has a leather sheath to offer protection and extend the life of the machete.

Survival Machetes

There are various styles of survival machetes. They are as follows:

Kukri Style

This survival machete is large and heavy so it has a high chopping power which can even cut through wood. This can be used as a replacement for a hatchet.

Bolo Style

The Bolo style machetes are used to clear off the path while walking through a dense forest. This machete can be used as a replacement for an axe and a saw.

Panga Style

As the Panga machete is originated in Africa; it is there where it is used the most. This bulky machete has an intense chopping power. It is not good for self-defense so it should not be used as a weapon.

Latin Style

The style of Latin machete is used by the US military. It is not ideal for heavy chopping as it does not have the brute force chopping power like the Bolo and the Panga.

Pricing for survival machetes often vary, however you can often find a quality machete survival for under $100.

Before you purchase any affordable machete it is important to understand what it was created for, and you should check the fit in your hand. Remember that not all machetes are created equal, and that affordable does not have to mean unreliable.

Moore Maker Knives Review Guide: Knife Accessories, Cowboy Knifes and Fence Building Equipment

Moore Maker Knives are the products of Moore Maker INC., a company based in Texas that belongs to the Moore family. The company has been in the hands of the Moore family for generations.  Moore Maker is proud to serve their consumers with a wide variety of personal and cowboy tools which are durable and tailored to your specific work needs. All their products are made upon request, so you can be sure that your needs are kept in mind during their creation right through the shipping process when they reach your door.

The company boasts a large variety of knives coming in several styles and colors. The company sells knives to both individuals and corporationss and they can customize them by engraving things like individual names or company names. Moore knives make great holiday gifts for dads, brothers, grandfathers and the outdoor working women in your life, especially with a personalized engraving.

Moore Maker Knives

When you are wondering which Moore Maker knife is right for you, consulting their site at can give you some insight on their many different products and what they can do for you. Here are just a few of the items that they offer online to their consumers.

Moore Machete

This knife has a carbon steel blade, an it comes along with a Moore Maker Warantee. It has an 18 inch blade, and has a polymer handle with a lanyard hole in it. The high carbon steel blade is hardened to 55 Rockwell and it is sold for a retail $31.50 on the market.

You can get its accessory, a Moore Machete scabbard for an extra $14. It is made of heavy polyester, and fits the machete well.

Double Bit Axe 14 in.

This is a twin sided axe made of steel that has been hardened to 50 Rockwell. It has a hickory handle, and comes with a leather scabbard. The axe retails for $49.50 a piece.

Football Knife

This is a stainless steel knife that can be customized with a name or message if you desire. It comes with a pigskin leather scabbard and is protected under the  Moore Maker  Guarantee. It sells at $123 per unit.


This knife is made in Germany for Moore Maker, and is made of carbon steel. Its aluminium and bone handles are featherweight. It is opened by a flash mounted button, and when open is between 6 to 7/8 inches long. It is 4 inches when closed. The blade is hollow ground, and you have the option of choosing either a smooth one or a serrated one. Unlike the first two, it has no warranty from Moore Maker Knives, and it sells for $133.50

Nickel Silver And Gold Trapper

This one was designed by Wayland Moore, and the silver trapper has gold linings that make it noticeable. Its blade is made of hardened steel, and its handle of nickel silver and gold. It sells at $102 a piece.

Enamelled Silver Trapper

Was also designed by Wayland Moore, and is made of HC steel. Its handles are made of nickel silver with enamelled animals in them. It has two blades, the sprey, and the main blade. This knife sells at $93 per piece.


This knife was made with the cowboys in mind. They seemed to use the spey blade the most as compared to the master blade. This knife has twin spey blades instead of one spey blade and one master blade like the others. Theserial numbered  knife is not yet available, but will soon be, and it will come in yellow and burnt orange. The non-serial numbered knife sells at $101 a piece.


This knife targets the cattlemen in the nothern states. It has twin master blades, which are popular with cattlemen. The serial numbered knife is not yet out, but the non-serial numbered knife is out, and sells for $101 a piece.

While these are just a few of the knives and other items that Moore Maker sells, there are plenty of other items they offer their consumers.

Knife Accessories

Moore Makers also sells knife accessories, and below we will look at some of them. These accessories are used in maintaining and keeping or holding the knives. When buying them, first inquire if they come with the knife free, as some knives, for example, come with free scabbards.

–  Big sharpening stone in a box

–  Diamond sharpener with a handle

–  Double sided diamond sharpener

–  Horizontal Scabbard case

–  Knife display case

–  Knife oil

–  Knife scabbard

–  Large 10” 600 grit diamond sharpener

–  Multi –purpose eraser and knife polisher

–  Pocket whitestone

–  Thumbnail saver knife opener

Moore manufactures all their accessories with the same care and precision that their knives are made, so you know that your kife accessory is going to be tailored specifically to your knife and personal needs.

Moore Thank Just Knives

Moore Makers also offer fence making equipment to customers as one of their ways to drive home the cowboy theme. Their materials are intended to help you with creating fences to house your livestock and other animals, just like a cowboy would do. Here are some of the items that Moore Makers offers their customers:

–  Barbwire grip

–  Bullnose fencing pliers

–  Bullnose saddle pliers

–  Fencing plier scabbard

–  Net wire tie bar

–  Plammer pliers

–  Spike fencing plier

–  Spike saddle plier

–  T-post puller

–  Wire splicer

–  Wire stretcher

Most of these accessories are used in maintaining barbed wire fences by either tightening the wires, or steadying the posts. All these products are available for sale, and you can contact Moore Maker for details.

So whether you are searching for a knife or some tools to help you maintain your land and livestock, there are plenty of ways that Moore Maker can help you accomplish these tasks thoroughly and efficiently. Request a Moore Maker catalog today to explore all that the family business can do for you.

Woodsmith Plans Guide: Fine Woodworking Plans, Magazine Plans And Woodsmith Shop Plans

Woodsmith companies were created to guide both professionals and amateurs alike in their woodworking proffessions. For many years, wood workers have often turned to companies that provide access to detailed woodworking plans, shopping tips and how-to techniques so that they can be more successful in their ventures. Apart from just plans, this companies provide other forms of assistance through information channels such as magazines, books, websites, email updates, videos and even public TV. We are going to focus on some of these companies, and look into the kinds of services that they offer.

Fine Woodworking Plans
Fine Woodworking Plans is a comprehensive website and published magazine that offers craftsmen of all levels information and resources for all their woodworking needs.

Fine Woodworking Plans by Type
The Fine Woodworking Plans by type are further subdivided into more individualized categories where the woodworker can choose from. In the accessories category, it lists plans on how to make products such as lamps, standing frames, desk organizers and even children’s toys.

This category is followed by the beds, cradles and cribs. This one gives an assortment of fine woodworking plans on different bed types. The third and fourth caregories are benches and boxes. The boxes have a number of creative plans for products like jewelery boxes, knife boxes and many more.

Other categories include, chests, built ins, which refers to things like cupboards that are built into the wall, and chest of drawers,clocks for which they have a very wide variety of beautiful designs. There are also cupboard plans, desk plans, mirror plans, masic stands and instruments plans, shelve and book case plans, sideboards, sofa plans, stand plans,stool plans, table plans, tool and tool storage plans amongst a variety of other woodcraft plans.

Woodworking Tool Guide

Fine Woodworking offers their readers and followers information on woodworking tools of all kinds, including how to maintain, use and even replace parts on your tools that are not working to their best capabilities. Their online site breaks down information into categories, including hand tools, power tools, machinery, air powered tools and even accessories.

Not to mention the site also offers in-depth information on using woodworking applications to increase the beauty and durability of your finalized piece. You can find information on the proper application of epoxys, paints, oils and all other finishes that might need to be used in your project.

Each of their woodworking guides constantly prove that they are a necessity for any woodworker at any skill level.

Wood Magazine

The Wood Magazineprovides invaluable information to woodworkers as it is full of links to other woodrelated websites. It also has a forum where  woodworkers can discuss issues related to them, and there are puts daily updates on tips, tools and materials related wood as well.

Wood Magazine shares plans that woodworkers can choose from, and just like with Fine Woodworking plans, they are divided into different categories. At the woodworker center, an online resource center, readers can request for woodworking tools and catalogues offered by advertisers in the Wood Magazine.

These tools include lumber, income opportunities, power tools, shop accessories, adhesives and finishes amongst many others. Other useful pages on their website are the materials guide, tips and techniques, tools review and the wood store. Wood magazine places much more emphasis on the tools and material usage and  some of their competitors, so for those who are seasoned carpenters their information may seem somewhat redundant.  However for those who are beginners it can be quite informational and teach you how to maximize your tools and create wood projects with safety in mind.

Wood Magazine Woodworking Plans

Subscriptions to Wood Magazine or the Wood Project DVDs are intended to act as companions in all your woodworking endeavors.  For that reason you can select from one of hundreds of projects that are organized based on what you are looking to create.  There are projects that allow you to select the type of furniture that you would like to create, and others that teach you how to use wood so that you can perfect your garage or shed workspace.

Many carpenters enjoy creating their workspace, one that is ideal for their tools and woodworking needs.  Wood magazine demonstrates several different types of workspace and walks you through the creation of each, no matter how much space you have to work with.

Woodsmith Shop and Woodsmith Magazine

This is one of Americas most popular woodworking television shows. It fills in the viewers with the latest woodwork techniques by airing practical shows with easy to follow instructions. Woodsmith magazine is dedicated to providing their subscribers with issue after issue of practical information that is concise and clear so that any woodworker can apply these Woodsmith shop plans at home.The Woodsmith magazine offers insight on new techniques and creative ideas for wood workers, all with full color photos and step-by-step details.

For those fans of the Woodsmith magazine, the company also offers a second publication, ShopNotes.  While ShopNotes does not go into detail on projects and plans, it has plenty of information to offer its readers on safety, new market woodworking products and tool maintenance and care. What makes consumers so excited about ShopNotes is that unlike all other woodworking magazines on the market, there are no advertisements. So you are getting full pages of information on your favorite hobby without all the added junk.  This not only makes ShopNotes a favorite magazine, but there are plenty of serious woodworkers who save and collect their ShopNotes as a reference tool for the future.  The publication is often sold in hardback collectors form or in a binder with notes options allowing you to take ideas and plans from their numerous publications.

Whether you are a professional carpenter or an amateur who enjoys working with wood on the weekends these three publications offer their readers all the woodworking information you could ask for. If you are stumped on your next woodcraft project then these are the resources to help get you the finished beautiful project you are looking for.

Router Bits Profiles: Charts, Freud Router Bits and Reviews

For the woodworker who desires to create unique and amazing woodcrafting projects that are not done with the typical straight line cuts, then perhaps the inclusion of router bits are just what you are looking for.  Router bits that are cut at various angles, or with even various designs are ideal for projects that you want to add a little flair to or merely for the at-home project that requires a different angle.  Before purchasing just any router bit it is important to understand the manufacturers of some of the router bits, the designs and materials router bits can be composed of and what you can expect to do with a particular router bit profile.

Router Bits

There are some router bits which are most commonly used in both professional and personal use of woodworking, so perhaps having one of each of these bits could be beneficial for your woodworking tool collection.

Straight router bits- A straight router bit is the basic bit that is used for straight line cutting. This is really multi-purpose and can be used foranything that you just want the flat and straight cut to, like cabinets and simple craft projects.

Rabbeting router bits- These bits are able to do vertical and horizontal cutting at the same time.  You will often see this bit used to create perfect angles in projects.

Joinery bits- This type of bit can come in various interesting and unique sizes and shapes, so they are ideal for those specific cuts that you want to be a little more designed than just straight.

Flush trim router bits- The flush trim bit is used for trimming the edges of wood so that it is able to run flush with another item, this bit is not used as often as say a straight router bit but it is very useful in some projects.

Edge forming router bits- Edge-forming are for the detailed projects that need intricate edging, the edge forming router bit is ideal, but it is a bit that should only be used by experienced professionals.

Chamfer router bit- For the just for fun, or beginning woodworker this bit can be used to cut and complete edges throughoutt a piece, like a frame or model.

Router Bits Profiles Chart

While these are just a few of the most common router bits, if you are looking for a specific router bit profile, then it would be beneficial to take a look at a router bits profiles chart.

This chart is a listing of all router bits and their specifications, it is a comprehensive source of information if you are looking for the meausrements or stylings of various routers when starting a new project and purchasing a new router bit.

The router bits profile chart reviews three different router bit measurements: the shank, the body and the tip. However the shank measurement is perhaps the most important to pay attention to.

The shank is the area of the bit that actually attaches to the router and fastens it into place for save woodworking. When working with your shank you want to be sure that it is firmly in place and that there is no give to it, or risk serious damage to your project and injury to your person while in use.

On a profile chart you can expect to see the measurements of shanks by their diameter, and there are two sizes, a ¼ in. and a ½ in. For the beginner or hobbyist who uses their router sparingly, the ¼ in. is perhaps the easiest to work with. For the professionals and those who work with their router frequently then the ½ in. is a little more durable and reduces the amount of vibration that the user feels.

Router Bits Manufacturing Companies

There are several companies which take pride in their collection of router bits, some professionals suggest if you buy your woodworking tools from a certain company then perhaps purchasing your bits from them would also prove successful.  Here are some of the companies that sell reliable router bits for woodworking.

Freud– Freud router bits profiles are among some of the most reliable available on the market. They have options for every skill level of woodworker and every style of cut that is needed for your project.  Here are just a few of the specific router bits that they carry:

  • Mortising bits
  • Slot Cutting bits
  • Spiral bits
  • Lettering bits

Amana- Amana is another company who stands behind the quality of their router bits and creates every detail up to the Holtz BG German standard for quality and excellence, so you know you are getting a reliable piece of equipment. Here are some the specific router bits that they carry:

  • Cove bits
  • Paneling bits
  • Spiral bits
  • Slotting

Shopping for Router Bits

When shopping for router bits it is important to first take note of the type of project that you will be completeing and the cuts that you will need to make.  Understanding your final desired outcome is important when selecting the appropriate bit to work with, as the wrong angle or type of cut can require you to start over with a whole new piece of wood.

Once you have a rough idea of the cuts that you will be making then you can determine the profile that you will need in order to create the efffect you desire on your wood.  Professionals suggest that if you are using a new router bit that perhaps you should try it on a spare piece of wood in order to determine that the profile of the cut is what you are looking for specifically.  This will ensure that you do not ruin your project with a cut that cannot be reversed.

As you can see selecting and considering router bits for your project is not something that can be done on the spur of the moment. It is quite important for you to understand the profiles and measurements of router bits that you are interested in working with, the success of your project rests on selecting the right bit.

Smithy Lathe Review Guide: Manual, Grizzly Lathe, Smithy Milling Machine & Lathe Mill Combo

A lathe is a machine used to shape metal, wood, or other materials using a rotating drive. Lathes are used to cut, sand, knurl, drill or deform the materials using tools that are fixed to its rotating work-piece. Lathes are even used to spin metals and work on glass, and can even be used to shape pottery. There are various lathes available on the market today but the one we are going to talk about today is Smithy lathe. There is Smithy lathe manual and the automatic one available; you can buy the one that you think will be right for your usage.

Talon CNC 1315 Lathe

This lathe from Smithy has a heavy duty design which enables it to cut the heavy materials with accuracy without causing much vibration. The finishing that it gives is smooth and accurate, and with that it has features high precision design. The power and control of its spindle is at the industrial level which permits it to be applied for a wide range of turning purposes – from removing the heavy metals to fine finishing jobs. It has true industrial capacity with the inclusion of EZ-Trol software added with the encoder on spindle drive. As a result of this, it offers smart control of its features, the thread cutting process is done with precision and it consistently provides fine finishing to the materials.

On top of the heavy duty table of this Smithy lathe is a programmable 4-turret auto tool post which has the ability to change for enhanced and to provide accurate results. One good feature that is already atop this lathe is the fifth tool holder. The D1-4 chuck mounting system of this lathe machine is in accordance to the standards set by the industry which gives it precision and makes it easy to use. It is so designed that it can last for a really long time, and its mechanism is simple and easy to remember. The chuck can be removed by simply turning the key and it can be mounted back on the machine by following the same procedure. Another interesting feature of this lathe is its ability to automatically lubricate the system which helps to maintain the machine with less amount of effort. It has a coolant built into its system which includes a recycle pump, a coolant reservoir and a nozzle system. It also has chip collection system which has a chip collection tray where the chip falls in. It also has compartments built in it which can be used to store tools or other items for its maintenance. Last but not the least, it has heavy duty leveling pads which keeps the lathe machine stand firm on the ground without any instability. Smithy lathes are widely available; you can even buy a Smithy lathe for sale. You can even read Smithy lathe review where the Smithy lathe has been compared with the grizzly lathe. You can then make a prudent decision about the right lathe for your job.

Smithy CX-329

This Smithy milling machine is a heavy duty one and it can be mounted on top of the bench. The gear drive of this machine from Smithy assures ease of use with its right speed at all times. It works really quickly without the need of any tools. It uses R-8 tooling which means that the user does not has to reset when they need to change from angles to flat cuts. Its rotating head allows it to work at any angle and for large projects the entire area of the table can be used easing the complications. Its speed changes quickly and accurately because of its efficient gear drive.

This mill weighs 660 lbs and its dimensions are 36” L x 32” W x 48” H; its working area of the table is 28 x 8”. The Smithy CX-329 is a perfect versatile milling machine to be used in shops having a power of 1 HP, 110 volts and 15 Amps.

Smithy LX-329

This is another Smithy milling machine that works on large surfaces. The 8 x 28” table enables it to move 9” horizontally and 17” vertically. The gear drive of this mini milling machine gives the optimum speed which makes it easy to use. It doesn’t need special set of tools to make it work. It has a 9-button control panel, conveniently placed atop the swinging arm. The head of the mill moves in a smooth manner consistently on its axis so the results derived are accurate and offers great precision. It has a longitudinal ways of dovetail which lets it to move up and down without losing it alignment. It has adjustable gibs on all of its 3 axes, and there is an oil reservoir for each of its gear box. It also uses standard R-8 tooling like Smithy CX-329. It weighs 925 lbs and its dimensions are 33.5” L x 35.8” W x 35.8” H. It has HP of 1.5 with 220 volts and 10 Amps.

If you are considering buying a milling machine but you cannot make up your mind that which one you should buy then you should read Smithy milling machine review. It will not only help you choose the right one for you but it will also help you understand it better.

Granite 3-in-1 Combo

If you are looking for a Smithy lathe mill combo then Granite 3-in-1 Combo is something you should consider buying. Mostly the machines are either a lathe or a mill but this Smithy lathe mill combo can be used for lathe turning, milling and even drilling – all in one! The lathe part of this combo machine can be used to cut cylindrical or round pieces from even one of the hardest metals like carbon steel to one of the softest ones like wood or plastic. The diameters can be turned both inside and outside for precision. The milling part of this machine you will get smooth and flat surfaces at the angles of precision. The micro-feed controls of this part can be used to set the machine to create dovetails, shoulders, grooves and pockets by choosing its depth of cuts. The speed of the machine heads is variable so it is easier to do the job efficiently without having to worry about it. Lastly, the drilling part of this Smithy lathe mill combo can be used to drill, ream and bore holes using its rotating drilling head which can give a diameter up to 1.5”. The combo of 3 machines in one makes it easier to work and saves a lot of time. Some of the models of this are Granite CLASSIC 1324/1340 and Granite MAX 1324/1340.

Sandpaper Grades Explained: Grades Chart, Grades For Paint & Sandpaper Grain

Sandpaper is a paper which has sand or any other abrasive material stuck to it and used to smoothen and polish wood and other surfaces. It belongs to a class of materials known as “coated abrasives” as it is made up of a flexible paper backing which has a thin film of glue (or any other adhesive) that holds and supports the coating of abrasive grains. The first usage of coated abrasives has been traced back to China when the Chinese people used crushed seashells, sand and seeds and glued it to a thin backing material using natural gum. Initially, sandpaper was known as glass paper as small particles of glass were used instead of sand grains.

Grades of Sandpaper and Their Uses

The sandpaper grades explained that there are several standards set for the coated abrasives but the common ones that are in use are sandpaper grades by the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives (FEPA) and sandpaper grades chart prepared by Coated Abrasives Manufacturer’s Institute (CAMI). Different grades of sandpaper have different uses. The chart prepared by FEPA is commonly used around the world as FEPA defines a grade by defining grain sizes range, unlike CAMI that defines the particle size on an average.

If you are looking for sandpaper grades explained then the different uses of sandpaper according to their grades have been thoroughly explained below:

  1. Sandpaper of grade between 24 and 36 is used to deburr concrete, paint and stone.
  2. Sandpaper of grade that falls between 24 and 60 is used to trim the surface of old paint and metal.
  3. 46-120 grade sandpaper is used to clean the surface of sandstone, brick and solid wood.
  4. Sandpaper grade of 60 to 120 is used to remove leftover paint stripper. It is also used to do sanding of the wood with the sandpaper grain. Scrubbing using these grades of sandpaper leaves the surface scratched, so a sandpaper of different grade is used to do the sanding again.
  5. For equalizing the surface layers of paint and old paint, 80 to 150 grade of sandpaper is used.
  6. Sandpaper grades falling between 120 and 180 are used to round the putty surfaces and equalize the sub-surface layer.
  7. 150-220 grades of sandpaper are used for equalizing surfaces, rounding wood pieces, wood veneer, wood trees, wood board of fiber, and board of particles.
  8. 180-220 sandpaper grades are unsuitable for sanding wood that is meant to be polished. These are used for preprocessing and equalizing solid wood or wood veneer after they are wetted.
  9. 180 to 400 sandpaper grades for paint are used for finishing work, sub-layer and putty.
  10.  Sandpaper grade of 230 is used for lacquer sanding before the application of a primary layer of paint or a sub-layer of paint.
  11.  Sandpaper of grades falling between 240 and 500 are used to give finishing touches to varnish and water varnish that is intermediate to the surfaces meant for sanding.
  12.  280 to 320 grades are used for sanding polyester and bare wood. It is also used for sanding the sub-layer before the finishing of application.
  13.  Sandpaper of 320 grades is used for sanding varnishes.
  14.  Sandpaper of 400 grades is used for sanding lacquer that has been freshly applied.
  15.  Sandpaper grades of 400, 500 and 600 are helpful in removing blemishes, and film finishes so that it can be polished anytime in the future.

How to Use Sandpaper

Before you start your sanding job, decide how much material you want to remove from the surface. Choose the right grade of sandpaper as per the job you want to do. Hold the sandpaper against the surface with your finger tips or you can wrap it around a sanding block. Start with 60-grit sandpaper and move it back and forth if it’s wooden object, or move it in one direction if it is paint. Do not put excess pressure; sand it moderately and continue sanding until the surface is smooth and has become level. Next use a 100-grit sand paper and then 120-grit sandpaper until you can feel that the surface has become very smooth. Run your fingers over the surface; if you feel that it is as smooth as you would like it to be then your work is done. Finally, you can wipe the surface with tack cloth.

Surprising Ways to Use Sandpaper

You are aware of the general uses of different sandpaper grades but you will be surprised to know that the regular sandpaper can be used for many other works too. Below is a list of surprising ways to use sandpaper.

  1. If you are done away with a piece of sandpaper and you are ready to dump it in the bin then think again; the unused corners or edges of your sandpaper can be used to sharpen the sewing needles. Fold the used sandpaper and wrap it around the sewing needle; the sandpaper grain will make the needle sharper than before.
  2. Sandpaper not only sharpens your sewing needles but your cutting pair of scissors too. If you feel that your scissors are not cutting sharply and have become blunt then cut sandpaper with your scissors. This will sharpen the edges of your scissors and it will be sharper than ever. However, this will not work with all grades of sandpaper. This can be done using only fine grit sandpaper.
  3. Sandpaper can also be used to open your favorite jar of cookies that has been stuck. If you are having difficulties in opening your jar then wrap it around the lid of the jar and start rubbing it. After some time you will notice that the lid has become loose and you will be able to open up the jar. However, you have to make your that your grip is good enough to do the job.
  4. If your suede shoes or jacket has been stained then sandpaper will be helpful in removing the stain from it. If you spilled ink or there is any scuff mark on them, then gently rubbing it with fine-grit sandpaper will help to remove the stain or scuff mark off it.
  5. If there are fuzzy balls on your sweaters then you can take them off it by rubbing it lightly in any one direction. This can be done with any sandpaper grades.
  6. If the new pair of shoes that you bought is slippery then sandpaper grain can help make them rough. Take a little sandpaper and rub the sole of your shoes. This way you will have rough soles which will prevent you from slipping.

Rototiller Review Guides: Honda, Rotary, Craftsman, Electric and Sears Rototiller Reviews

Gardens are rewardingly beautiful as they offer freshness, give foods, help to cut down the monthly grocery bills, make you feel refreshed, revitalized and healthy, and gives you an excuse to spend more time out of the home. But sadly maintaining your garden can be quite a tiresome process as it involves a lot of work. You must till the soil before planting and the soil must be aerated before the growth of the plants. You must also take care that weeds doesn’t create a menace in your garden as weeding even a small area on the ground may require a lot of time to complete and you putting in a lot of effort. But why should you waste so much time doing so and why should you do so much labor? It can’t go this way. You can use rototillers to help you thus saving your precious time and making your job easier.

A rototiller, also known as a rotary tiller, is a type of lawn equipment that tills the soil. It helps to prepare your soil for planting, to test your soil quality or to improve your landscaping. Some people use a rototiller to mix fertilizer in the soil before planting a vegetable or flower garden. Before you plan to buy a rototiller, you must read the rototiller reviews as it will help you to understand better the product you plan to buy.

Types of Rototillers

According to Sears rototiller reviews, there are two types of rototillers – front-tine rototiller and rear-tine rototiller. Formerly, only the front-tine ones were used as they were cheap to manufacture. People would face difficulties in using a front-tine rototiller, specially the larger ones, as it required much physical strength to use them. Rear-tine rototillers, on the other hand, are easy to use as they are self-propelled on tires with heavy treads. So less amount of physical strength is required to control this type of rototiller. However, the rear-tine rototillers are bulky so it may be problematic when working in small areas and storing them. This is the reason why most people manufacture small rototillers as they are easy to use and can be stored easily. There are three types of rototillers on the market when it comes to powering it. First is the electric one, the second one is the rechargeable one, which comes with a battery encased in it which can be recharged, and the third is the diesel or gasoline powered engine rototillers. As per electric rototiller reviews, electric rototillers are quieter to operate as they run by electricity unlike gasoline or diesel ones which makes a lot of noise. The electric ones are also environment friendly as they do not produce emissions.

Functions of Rototillers

All rototillers, irrespective of their sizes, have the same function to perform. The only difference is that each type has a different approach to the work they do. Large front-tine rototiller digs down the earth while the user holds it firmly. As it is a powerful tool, it requires an operator who has a strong body and strong back as the machine forces itself out of the soil, instead of excavating the soil out of the ground. Front-tine rototillers have a moderately sharp piece of bar that hangs behind the rear wheels. The bar is designed to hold back the rototiller which then reduces its effectiveness to perform. However, strength is required to control this tiller too.

Rear-tine rototillers perform the same job but its way of performing its duties is somewhat different as compared to front-tine rototillers. The tine of the rototiller rotates in the opposite direction of travel, and the rototiller is driven by wheels. The user just has to steer the rototiller and the machine does it work with the user walking behind it to guide it. Rear-tine rototillers are quite heavy as because of this capability of theirs. These rototillers are also fairly larger as it has driving wheels and other related equipments which helps the machine to be self-driven.

There are many rototiller manufacturers on the market. They come in a wide variety of sizes to practically fit into gardens of all sizes. A small rototiller is so small that it is used to remove the dirt from small bed of flowers, and they can be as large to be used in large gardens like the vegetable gardens or flower gardens.

How to Select the Right Rototiller for You?

If you intend to buy a rototiller for your garden, make sure to buy the right size needed for your work. If you want to buy rototillers from craftsman then you must consider reading Craftsman rototiller reviews and if you want to buy sears rototillers then you can read the sear rototiller reviews which have been made by the people who have already used and experienced it. This will help you save both your precious time and your energy. Never buy a rototiller that you can’t handle as some of them are so large and heavy that they can’t be managed by a single operator. There are small and micro-rototillers available on the market like the Honda rototiller. So you should consider buying that one as it will be easier to use.

If you intend to dig down the native soil and need to make changes hurriedly, you must use rear-tine rototiller. This type of rototiller, as the rotary tiller reviews suggest, is easy to handle so it will help you dig up your large vegetable garden or help to develop your landscape. If you want to make amendments to your garden beds or put in garden beds, then you should use front-tine rototillers as it mixes the soil effectively. But if you are using this one then get ready to have plenty of exercise for your arms. If the size of work that you plan to do is small then you must consider buying a small rototiller which can be used in established gardens that have good soil.

If you plan to use a rototiller just once or annually, then you should consider hiring it rather than spending money buying one. But if you want to use it regularly then you can buy one from a local rototiller seller, lawn and garden equipment dealer or through an online market. It is highly advisable to read rototiller reviews before you buy a piece of this machine.

Guide To Millermatic 140, 135 & 180 Prices and Reviews

Manufactured by Miller Electric Manufacturing Company, the Millermatic 140 is considered the simplest MIG (metal inert gas) welder in the small welder category. It features an innovative and breakthrough control, the Auto set, which automatically adjusts the setting to the appropriate welding parameter of your task. There is no need for estimations or guesswork, with Millermatic 140 Auto Set, precision is guaranteed without extra effort on your part. Whether you are a novice welder or an experienced worker, you can count on the reliability and flexibility of this welding equipment. It also has manual mode for other wide-ranging applications. You can set the machine manually when you need to weld stainless or mild steel and aluminium materials. Other impressive features and advantages are as follows:

  • A very easy access to output studs allow polarity change easily if you need to switch from flux cored or solid wires.
  • Smooth-Start exclusive feature which provides spattering-free start up.
  • Double Cast Aluminium Drive Technology especially designed for hassle-free and quick set-up
  • Thermal Overload Protection-a helpful safety feature which automatically shuts-off the welder to avoid overheating. When everything goes back to normal temperature it automatically readjusts.
  • Tip Saver or Short Circuit Protection shuts off output if the tip is shorter thus preventing further damage to other parts and components.
  • Built-in Solid Contactor circuit maintains safe temperature while the gun trigger is not yet pushed. It assures safety even if you leave the torch is working in between short welding breaks.

Millermatic 140 Review

The Millermatic 140 has been receiving positive and good reviews from its satisfied users. Many users who have bought this machine especially online have given it rave reviews and many more are earning its trust in the process. Its proven dependability and reliability is slowly but surely earning the trust and confidence of many users and more are expected to be satisfied in the future.  This unit is very handy and convenient to use and yet very powerful and dependable even after long hours of welding tasks. It can easily be used and carried anywhere and makes welding job simple and trouble-free. It is ideal for home and garage welding jobs and guaranteed to produce satisfactory result and job performance. It is one of the best small welding equipment manufactured by the Big Blue in terms of durability and quality performance. It is even considered a little mean machine because it has proven its worth many times over and provided its users results beyond their expectation.

Millermatic 140 Parts

In any kind of equipment, the availability of parts is of prime importance. No matter how good the product is said to be in terms of performance, time must come when some of its components will have to wear down. That is why it is equally necessary that a good product is supported by ample parts availability as well as after sales support service. One of the reasons why Millermatic 140 is the preferred model in its size category is precisely because they have excellent support services. Parts are readily available in most instances and all you have to do is to identify the parts model number. Replacement guns, consumable kits, contact tips and adapter can be availed at reasonable prices online at Since this model is available locally in distributors, it follows that its parts can also be obtained in local sources.

The Price for Millermatic 140

The price of Millermatic 140 varies according to the source.  It is therefore important to get to conduct ample survey on the best price available for this welding machine.  Some dealers offer it at a reasonable price of below $800 with free shipment to go while others offer it at above the said price.  There are also sources including the internet where Millermatic 140 is on sale.  Choosing the right dealer is therefore important.  When buying this machine especially in the internet, the buyer must consider several factors like availability of stocks, price, shipment requirements, as well as how long it would take for the shipment to arrive.  At any rate, relying on a trusted source is always of primordial concern when buying any equipment for that matter.

Millermatic 135

Millermatice 135 is another of those models that come from Miller Electric Manufacturing Corp.  It is a smaller capacity version as compared to the other models and is suitable for use in households, garages and also small to mid-sized auto shops.  Its easy operation makes it ideal even for the uninitiated in the area of welding techniques.  Due to its limited capacity however, it can only accommodate given sizes of steel for welding jobs.  For every purchase of this machine, it comes with a complete guide on how to properly use it.  Aside from the operations manual, it also provides helpful tips on how to troubleshoot the machine when it encounters basic problems.  Even if the said manual gets lost or destroyed in some way, owners of this machine can take comfort in the fact that the said manual is also available online for their easy and quick reference.

Millermatic 180

The Millermatic 180 is also ideal for home use and especially for beginners and those who are into taking welding lessons as a hobby.  It is considered as one of those fool-proof welding machines because it has an automatic control that adjusts to the thickness of the steel being welded.  Its voltage regulator can also be set manually which makes it versatile especially when different kinds of steel has to be welded and because of this, it can take on even stainless steel and aluminum depending on the requirement.  This machine, aptly termed the ‘big blue’, is a best seller among the miller welding machines and continues to get positive reviews from satisfied users.  Among its host of features are easy starting, automatic shutdown when temperature exceeds the maximum, auto shut-off to prevent the unit from short-circuiting and a host of many other useful features which makes it a capable welder’s do it all machine.  It is also widely available in online stores and local dealers and buyers will just have to choose which supplier can best fulfill their requirements.

Wireless Router Security: Keys, Modes, Setup, WPA & Router Security Types

In todays’ computer age, it is common for businesses whether big or small, and even ordinary households to have multi-computer set up.  It could be a notebook, a net book, or desktop and other gizmos, all at the same time used to connect to the internet.  If before there is the ordinary modem used to connect to the internet, where only one computer can be accommodated by such modem at one time, the signs of the times demanded that a tidier and even more responsive change be made especially when the need to hook up more computers in one establishment or household to the internet came into play.  Thus, the advent of wireless routers came into being.

There is a set of guidelines involved in the setting up of a wireless router.  For the uninitiated, it may seem to be a difficult task but there is not much to it in reality.  Just make a few specified connections and it’s done.  What’s important though is to get the best available router, one that has a better range and speed.  In today’s internet connection race, where millions of users are trying to earn a space in the worldwide web, it pays to have the latest and more reliable router to maximize efficiency and connectivity.

A wireless router is a means to connect several computers to the internet at one time minus the cables inherent in the old modem.  But because it is reliant on the signal from a source, there is also the possibility that others from the outside can access it and connect to the internet using your router. When this happens, they can actually not only access internet but they can also access your files and other data, so your entire computer can be compromised. It is then important that your system be equipped with what is popularly known as a wireless router security.  This feature is actually already included in every purchase of this equipment.  But it is usually turned off when first bought and thus need to be turned on once it is installed to your system.  Therefore there is a need to turn it on using the configuration set up and setting up a code or key that will make it extremely difficult from hackers or outsiders to access.

Wireless Router Setup Security

After the wireless router is properly set you are now introduced to the ease of connecting to the internet using many computers at the same time without the messy internet cables dangling around your work station.  But there is one last thing that must be done in order to fully complete the set up and that is by securing your system from outside users who are not part of your system.  This can be done by setting up the security for your wireless router. This might also seem difficult at first but with the instructions given in the purchased unit, it can also be a breeze to do the same.

  • First off is to access the IP address pre-assigned to the router and typing it to your internet browser.  Different manufacturers usually have different IP addresses assigned to their units and therefore it is best that you follow what is given to avoid mistakes.  This seems easy but a lot find it difficult to follow.
  • Use the configuration given by the router.  The username as well as the necessary password is also already provided for in the unit and these can be changed according to your requirements.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions.  The SSID is provided for and normally it is the name of the maker.  It is recommended that you set it yourself according to your specifications.  The security key must be something that is hard to crack.  When all is done, just click the save or apply button and you’re done.  It’s that simple!

Wireless Router Security Types / Wireless Router Security WPA

There are generally two wireless router security types being used nowadays and they are called WPA and WEP.  Wireless router security WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is actually a better version of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).  It is more advanced and provides a stronger security system that is harder to access even for some seasoned hackers.  Once the security codes are set, only those with access to the key can actually join and use it.   It is for this reason that most WPA users have already migrated to the WEP owing to the latter’s reliability and easier configuration.

There are several brands of wireless router being sold in the market nowadays and it is very important that buyers get the best and applicable under the circumstances.  Many products claim to be able to provide the needed services only to fall short in terms of the needed features especially security.  What is important is the product must be able to deliver the needed high performance in terms of networking solutions that will enable all types of users whether big or small to benefit from it.  It is also important to always look for new developments and advancements in wireless router security and to avail of the same whenever possible.

D-link Wireless Router Security

One of the most trusted brands in terms of security is the D-link Wireless router security.  It is packed with most features that consumers can look for in doing their wireless router security setup.  In the past, you need technical expertise to be able to set up an internet security system and just one mistake will ruin the system and everything must be started all over again.  But with the present brands available such as the D-link, setting up is easier as it has a step by step guide on how to do it such that even an ordinary user can do it with much ease.  The wireless router security key is needed in all set up and this, more than the unit itself, is most important.  Care must be exercised that it remains confidential and not easily hacked.  Encryption is much a part of the process of setting up security in a wireless router.

Laser Measuring Device Guide: Device Reviews, Measuring Tape & the Bosch Laser

Laser measuring devices are an excellent tool for the carpenter or construction worker looking to save time and effort.  The laser measuring tape works exactly like traditional measuring tape except you don’t require two people to measure long distances for a laser tape measure.  These laser measuring devices are also more efficient and better at measuring distances more accurately.

A laser device will shine a light on an opposing wall or hard surface and measure its reflection in order to accurately gauge distance. Most laser measuring devices can be accurate up to 60 m with a 1.1 millimeter variance.  And that’s just about twice the measuring length of a traditional tape measure.  Additionally, you don’t need to worry about people walking across the tape measure as you’re measuring and it only takes a few seconds to complete the measurement.

Those looking for the best laser measuring device should check online for laser measuring device reviews through a website like Amazon and online hardware stores.  Customers who have used different measuring devices will be able to point you in the best direction.

What Does a Laser Measuring Device Look Like?

Laser measuring devices are typically small handheld devices with an electronic screen and encased in plastic.  At one end of this device is a small light hole through which the laser will shine.  Do not look directly in to this light, as it can cause eye damage.  The device is usually about the size of the palm and rectangular in shape. Many of these devices have a clip on the back or come with a pouch that can be attached to and worn on a belt.  This makes the device even more convenient and easy to use.  The LED screen will display the distance from an object to another object after you have measured with the device and can also provide other information such as, whether it is on or not and how much battery power is left.

The Best Laser Distance Measuring Device to Use

Ideally, the best laser distance measuring device will have a long battery life and is very accurate.  Good devices will also be sturdy and be either weather or waterproof, as construction workers will end up using these devices and all types of terrain.

The Fluke 411DLaserDistanceMeter is a compact and reliable distance laser for home use and small projects.  This device is relatively affordable, coming in at around $109.  It is weatherproof, but it is not waterproof, so be careful when using this Fluke 411D Laser Distance Meter around water sources. Overall, the Fluke is a good little device for people who need a low-cost distance laser for their projects.

The BoschGLR500 LaserDistanceMeasurer is another great device to have around.  It is a great product for the professional.  This Bosch laser measuring device measures length, area and volume, depending on the different needs of the worker.  They can also measure from several different reference points; the back, the front, a swing out extension pin or the center of the optional tripod for the device.  In fact, this Bosch laser distance measurer has enough memory to store up to 30 measurement modes and the results of their measurements.  The Bosch GLR500 Laser Distance Measurer can measure distances from just two inches on up to 500 feet.

The SpectraPrecisionHD50 LaserHandheldDistanceMeter is another great product for professionals that works well in dangerous or hard to reach spots.  The Spectra is waterproof up to IP54 and can be used for underwater projects.  It can measure up to a distance of 165 feet with an accuracy of 1/16th of an inch.  The Spectra Precision also records length, area, volume and infers distance is using Pythagorean Theorem.  Additionally, the Spectra Precision HD50 Laser Handheld Distance Meter has addition and subtraction functions for measurements within its memory.  This device also features a unique continuous measurement mode to continuously measure distances as you work.  It only requires four AAA batteries to produce over 30,000 measurements.

Caring for a Laser Measuring Device

Most laser measuring devices require very little in the way of maintenance.  Keep them clean and store them in their pouch or a dry out of the way place when not in use.  These devices do operate on battery power.  Most require AA or AAA batteries and will display the amount of battery power left on the LED screen.  Most devices will provide tens of thousands of measurements before requiring new batteries.  So, there’s no need to keep stocked up on batteries or worry about having to replace them every week.

Each device will state on the packaging whether not it is weatherproof or waterproof and up to what depth it is waterproof.  Pay close attention to this information.  Once a device gets wet it is unlikely to work well in the future or even at all.  The laser used in the device is relatively self-maintaining. Try not to give the laser hole blocked up with dirt or debris as this can interfere with the device’s ability to take an accurate measurement.

Laser measuring devices are great products for the professional construction worker or contractor. They act just like your very own laser measuring tape and will accurately provide the distance between two objects.  Yet they go so much farther, providing math functions to figure out area and volume and store measurements in memory so they can be brought up again at the push a button.  Most of these handheld devices will provide many thousands of measurements for just a few batteries’ worth of power. When tape measures just don’t measure up, consider using the best laser measuring device for your needs.

Concrete Block Prices Guide: Masonry, Cinder Blocks, Paver & Retaining Wall Prices

Concrete blocks prices are important to know before starting any new wall or walkway. Pavers and blocks vary in price according to their size, purpose and style. It’s not difficult to determine how much it will cost to purchase the blocks.

First you’ll need to learn the formula for determining the number of blocks needed for the whole area. This is simple, but you’ll want to have a calculator, a measuring tape and a pencil and paper on hand. Then, it’s just a simple trip out to the local hardware store.

How to Determine the Number of Concrete Blocks You Need

When looking at concrete block prices, you’ll want to determine the number of blocks you’ll be buying for a project. This is a simple process and it helps a lot in determining not only the cost of blocks but also retaining walls prices and other projects costs.

Start by measuring the length or perimeter of the area where the concrete blocks will be used. Then, find the length of the concrete blocks you’ll be using. Most concrete blocks are a standard length of 16 inches.

Divide the length of the wall by the length of the concrete block. This will reveal the number of blocks is needed for the length of the wall. However, you’ll still need to determine the number of blocks is needed for the height of the wall.

Measure how tall you want the wall to be and then find the height of your concrete block. Most concrete blocks are about 8 inches high. Divide the wall height by the height of the block. This reveals how many concrete blocks high the wall will be when finished. Now the two numbers are times to get the final number of concrete blocks.

For example, an 8 foot long wall made up of 16 inch long blocks will use 6 concrete blocks per row. This same wall is 10 feet tall and the blocks used are 8 inches tall. This means that the wall is 15 concrete blocks tall or has fifteen rows of concrete blocks. To yield the final number of blocks for the wall, you’ll multiply 6 by 15 to get 90 concrete blocks. To complete the 8 foot long and 10 foot high wall you’ll need to purchase at least 90 concrete blocks. It’s a good idea to buy a few extras in case of breakage or in case you miscalculated.

Checking the Concrete Block and Cinder Block Prices

Once you know how many blocks you need, you can check out the cinder block prices for your project. Home Depot prices are comparable to Lowes prices for these blocks. However, each store may offer different styles and types of blocks for your needs. Be sure to compare all of the stores in your area to find the right kind of concrete blocks for that new project.

A simple concrete wall can actually contain several different types of concrete blocks from standard 8x8x16 inch stretchers to small window sill blocks intended to form the support for a window frame to be added to the wall.

Stretcher blocks at Home Depot run about $1.41 a block. So, concrete masonry blocks for a 90 block wall would cost about $126.90 for just the blocks. You’ll still need to calculate the labor costs and costs for other equipment and materials.

Half weight blocks at Home Depot that measure 8x4x16 run about $1.09 per block. So, they aren’t much cheaper even though they are half the size.

Lowes prices for concrete blocks and cinder blocks are similar. Lowes offers blocks made by different companies compared to Home Depot. Customers can choose between Quikrete, Basalite and standard concrete. Quikrete is located in Georgia and has 94 manufacturing facilities in the United States that produce concrete and concrete products. Basalite is one of the largest producers of concrete masonry blocks in the United States.

Concrete Pavers Prices for that New Walkway

Figuring out the number of pavers required for that walkway is important to finding out the concrete pavers prices that you’ll have to pay to get enough pavers to complete a job. Finding the number of pavers needed uses the exact same formula as is used for finding out the number of blocks are required for the concrete wall. You’ll just need to think in terms of walking on the concrete instead.

Concrete pavers vary dramatically in size and shape. Typically, home owners will want to use all pavers that are all the same size and shape for a job. So, this makes it easier to determine the number of pavers needed.

Many companies like, Oldcastle, produce pavers that come in standard rectangular shapes and sizes, which makes it easier for you to layout and construct the walkway. These pavers are square shaped but have indentations and different patterns laid into them to look like different types of stones. These pavers can be filled in with paver sand and the pavers look dramatically different when finished.

Concrete pavers prices vary a lot.  A 9×6 inch paver from OldCastle costs .96 cents, while an 16×16 inch paver stone from the same company costs $4.67. Much of the price variance depends on the materials used in the blocks and the styles used. The more expensive paver is laid out with four indention lines so that it looks like four different smaller stones arranged in a unique pattern. The cheaper stone only looks like one paver stone.

Of course, you’ll need to calculate the additional costs for laying out the paver stones, including the paver sand, tools and the labor costs.

Concrete blocks and concrete masonry blocks are strong, low cost and long lasting. These blocks and pavers make the perfect product for home renovation projects. They are easy to work with and involve minimal maintenance. The important thing to remember is which kind of blocks you’ll be using, their size and how big an area you’ll be working with for the walls and walkways. This information will allow you to work out how many pavers and blocks total you’ll be using and the bulk of the walkways and retaining walls prices.

Meguiars Polish Review Guide: Polishing Compound, Pads, Wax Polish, Turtle Wax, 3M and Armor All Car Polishes

When it comes to performing the heavy paint corrections on cars that provides a nice finish, Meguiars polish comes into the mind.  Meguiars is a very old company which has celebrated more almost 110 years polishing the world’s automobiles, trains and planes. This is more or less like a family business which has passed from one generation to another. You can find the more detail of the Meguiars company and their history through their site:

Meguiars Deep Crystal Polish

You can get this deep crystal polish by Meguiars from Amazon in just $ 5.99. The main feature of this polish is that it is specially designed for the dark colored automobiles and helps in creating the explosive paint color. You can buy this polish from Amazon: Make sure you read the reviews as when you will read those, you will be tempted to buy the polish.

Besides you can also get the set of three Meguiars products: the deep crystal polish, the deep crystal cleaner and the deep crystal Carnauba wax together and you can find the details of these three products by Meguiars on the same page given above.

Meguiars Polishing Compound

Meguiars polishing compound cuts as fast as any harsh abrasive compound but the good thing is that it cuts without scratching which reduces the time and the effort to remove the swirl, blemishes, oxidation or scratches. The best thing about this compound is that it helps to accomplish the task in one step.

All you need to do is to use to clean and soft applicator pad to one section at a time by applying moderate pressure. Then wipe it dry with a microfiber towel and then you can turn the towel to buff. If you need to apply the Meguiars compound with dual action polisher then make use of a buffing pad and apply to one section at a time. If there are some stubborn spots, it may require re-application. Wipe with the microfiber towel and buff.

Meguiars Polishing Pads

There are various Meguiars polishing pads available, and you can test a few of them to know which combination of the Meguiars polishing pads and Meguiars polish will work perfectly together. Following are three pads used for polishing:

  1. Black for finishing and it is the least aggressive pad
  2. White for polishing and it is an aggressive pad
  3. Orange for cutting and it is the most aggressive pad

For the lighter defects and for the automobiles that are soft painted such as Toyota/Lexus, Honda or Porsche, you can make use of white polish pad along with the black finishing pad.

For the heavier defects that are hard painted such as Mercedes Benz, Audi or Corvettes, orange cutting pad can be used along with the white polishing pad.

Meguiars Wax Polish

There are plenty of wax polishes available each with its own unique feature. Some of these would be discussed here:

  1. Meguiars Tech Wax (NXT Generation)

The main features of this product are given as under:

  • It provides the wet-look shine.
  • Easy to apply as it goes on and comes off easily.
  • It protects against the harmful UV rays.
  • It is ideal to eliminate any swirls, marks or fine scratches.
  • It is ideal protect for any automobile touch up and finishes.

You can get this wax at a discount price from Amazon:

  1. Ultimate Quick Wax by Meguiar

There is another wax which is even quicker to use. The main features of this product are given as under:

  • Easy application, just spray on and wipe off.
  • It is safe for all kinds of painted surfaces.
  • It does not leave any kind of residues or white blotches.
  • It provides the deep and wet-look shine.
  • It contains the water protection that lasts for plenty of weeks.

You can find this product of Amazon at a discounted price of just $8:

Turtle Polish

Turtle Wax is also a very famous name serving for more than 60 years in car care products. When the Turtle wax was introduced in the market, it quickly became one of the most popular car polishes in America. Today there are plenty of Turtle Wax polishes by the company and some of those would be discussed here:

  1. Color Magic Car Polish by Turtle Wax

The main features of this car polish are as under:

  • This polish will make your old car look brand new.
  • This product makes use of an advanced formula which fills-in the scratches as well as other marks.
  • This polish perfectly blends in with the original car of the car.
  • With the polyurethane rich formula, this polish provides extra-long protection.

You can get this car polish from Amazon:

Ice Liquid Polish by Turtle Wax

Unlike the other ice polishes, this turtle liquid ice polish can be applied directly in the sunlight as well as on the hot surfaces. Besides only the single coat can do wonders by providing the shine you desire and for deeper shine, you can go for multiple coats depending on the condition of the car.

Armor All Polish

Armor All polish is an excellent treatment for old and weathered paintwork that works a lot better than a protectant. There are plenty of products by “Armor All” including the polish, wax, wipes, car protectants, shiners etc. The motive of all these products is to keep your car looking like new always. There are plenty of questions answered by the company which are quite relevant in order to know about the importance of the armor all wax and polish and you can find all this information on this page:

3M Polish

3M is other name when we talk about the automobiles polish. These polishes are designed to remove all kinds of marks, swirl and holograms that may get left by the machine polishing (3M Perfect-it III Ultrafina SE Polish). This polish ensures that only the marks are removed but also the automobile is left with a deep gloss appearance.

All of these polishes are the best polishes by the various brands, but you need to know that even the best car polish will not work properly if you apply with the wrong technique so make sure you know the proper application of it for getting the best results.

Braun Coffee Grinder Review: Grinder Replacement Parts, Spice Grinder, Burr Grinder, Lid & Manual Guide

Braun is a brand which has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It is the leading position in the home appliance. Among their popular products are the Braun coffee grinders. There is a variation in the Braun coffee grinders and each of these coffee grinder has its own features according to your desires. Braun coffee grinders are the first choice of coffee-lovers when they go to the market to select a coffee maker/grinder.

The first thing in the morning or when you are back from work, the delicious aroma and the fresh taste of the coffee makes you feel energetic and fresh. A cup of homemade coffee with the beans you grinded yourself manually in one of the Braun coffee grinders will give you the taste you want. These coffee grinders are simply ideal for coffee-addicts. The various Braun coffee grinders include:

  • Braun 3045 coffee grinder
  • Braun 4041 coffee grinder
  • Braun 4045 or KMM20
  • Braun 3045 or KMM30
  • Braun 4041 or KSM2 (Aromatic Coffee Grinder)
  • Braun 4041 or KSM4

You can get the Braun KSM2 model in both white and black color from Amazon. They are both available in new as well as in used models through this site. The best thing about this model is the safety that it will not start automatically until the lid is secured.

Braun Coffee Grinder Parts

When you have made up your mind to buy a Braun grinder machine, you need to make sure that you have the receipt and the warranty card for the after sale services. Also make sure that it has the Braun coffee grinder parts available and if there is some fault in the machine, you may find the replacement part. So make sure you check all these things and you do not end up having a coffee grinder from a cheap store which gets broken after sometime and have no guarantee from the store. Also make sure that the coffee maker you are buying is original Braun made and not a copy of Braun as it will not have a warranty and would be of cheaper material.

Braun Coffee Grinder Replacement Parts

If one of the parts of the coffee grinder gets broken, your machine will not become useless. You will not be required to buy the whole new machine again, simply get the broken tool from the Braun coffee grinder parts by entering the model number of the machine. You can find the replacement part of each of the above given models on this site: By simply clicking on the model number, you will be directed to the parts page where you will find each and every part along with the price however there are some parts which are not available. You can also get the replacement parts from the Braun store directly.

Braun Burr Grinder

Among the various Braun coffee grinders, the Braun burr coffee grinder is the most famous and the most purchased Braun product in the market today. In this grinder, you will find two very fine stainless steel blades that will grind your coffee to a much higher standard than other burr coffee grinders available in the market today. The upper blade rotates at a set speed while the other blades remain stable beneath the coffee beans and due to this reason a very high quality flavored coffee is produced from it. The blade in the burr grinder rotates at a slow speed but it is faster than the other conical burr grinders. The reason for having the lesser speed is that less heat is produced at the time of grinding due to which more flavor gets preserved in the coffee. Besides when the blades rotate at a slower speed, the less beans will cling to the inside of the coffee grinder and this will make the cleaning process easier.

Braun Coffee Grinder Manual

With each Braun coffee grinder, you will get a free Braun coffee grinder manual which will help you to operate the machine easily. Usually there is no tough work involved in the process of the grinding the coffee beans yet the manual book is added so that the machine can he handled as required and less damage is occurred. If you have lost your coffee grinder manual and you need to look for something important then you can find your model’s coffee grinder manual from Braun’s site:

Braun Coffee Grinder Lid

Though you can get almost all the replacement parts of the Braun coffee grinders but if your require Braun coffee grinder lid then you can get it from these sites: On this site, you will not only find the lid but various other parts of the coffee makers would also be available. You can also get the lid from Amazon, It is also recommended to contact the seller from where you have bought the coffee grinder or you can directly visit the Braun site for getting the genuine grinder lid.

Braun Spice Grinder/Coffee Grinder

There is a KSM2 model by Braun which is a coffee as well as spice grinder. The main features of this product are as follows:

  • There is a stainless steel blade used
  • Contains a transparent lid
  • There is a safety switch which allows one hand operation
  • Particular space for cable storage
  • 220 Volts and 150 Watt motor
  • Total weight of the unit is 3 lbs. while the height is 8.5 inches

A lot of people who have tried the Braun coffee grinders have fallen in love with coffee and once you will try the fresh grounded coffee by the Braun coffee makers, you will get addicted to it. As plenty of people say that there is some noise of the machine when it grinds but it is not what wakes up the family, it is the smell of the fresh coffee which forces the family to leave the beds. If you drink coffee than a Braun coffee grinder is a must for you so that whether you are at home or at office, you can make the fresh grounded coffee and can enjoy the fresh aromatic coffee.

Weed Grinders Review Guide: Online Prices, Custom, Herb and Diamond Weed Grinders For Sale

A weed grinder is essentially a mere herb grinder that breaks culinary or medical herbs, such as marijuana, into easily consumable, fine powder which is then used for joints or for medical purposes.

It is small and cylindrical in shape, opening into two halves that each have sharp edge that, when pressed, moved and grinded together, turn lumps of weed or tobacco into a fine dust that allows for consumption. It is usually metal with teeth and jaws of different raw materials, sometimes even diamonds, for real aficionados.

This is better than using any other grinder for grinding drugs for strictly medical use or just for the relaxing kick some people get out of taking marijuana, as it is specially designed for the task at hand and there are no annoying problems with contamination of the drugs like with other methods, such as hand or bowl grinding, not being sufficient for this task.

Why would I need to get a weed grinder?

Well, in some countries, marijuana is sold legally as a stress reliever and as a pain killer. In places like Canada, it would be necessary to have a weed grinder like it would be necessary to own a box of aspirin.

It would be important to get a well tailored, possibly custom made, herb grinder for this particular use, as it is for medical reasons and would need to be sanitary and risk free. It wouldn’t be good to be using some old grater that didn’t do the job properly.

Another reason to have a personal herb grinder is if you were using it for culinary reasons. Herbs and spices are used in a lot of meals that are cooked on chef’s recipe and at home, so it is important to know when and how to use them properly.

And ideal way to prepare them is with a metal herb grinder, as the teeth and jaws of the mechanism are specially designed to grind down marijuana and other herbs, and so are absolutely perfect if you need spices to be in a fine powder for cooking purposes.

There are many ordinary culinary dishes that would be impossible to accomplish without the help of a weed grinder to grind your spices down into a fine powder, so before you cook half bothered meals for your family and friends, invest in a grinder and show some well earned pride in your cooking for the people that you know!

If it just so happens that you just happen to like a joint of marijuana on the weekends or on a day off, it’s still a reasonably good idea to have one of these pieces of equipment on hand. They are made for the purpose of turning the marijuana plant into a fine powdery substance suitable for smoking or taking in other ways, so, unless it’s illegal where you come from, there is nothing stopping you from buying one.

Where can I get a weed grinder?

While there are typically many local shops in urban areas that carry herb grinders there are some weed grinders online where you can also purchase quality weed grinders for cheap prices.

GrassCity is just one great store that sells all sorts of weed grinders through their website . They specialize in three different forms of weed grinders for sale, which are below:

Aluminum Grinders

The first is the aluminum herb grinder. This one is a little under seven dollars, which is seriously cheap for such a great product.  It comes in two parts which come apart to let you put the weed for grinding in. Its surface is textured for an easier grip and its teeth are shaped like diamonds, which give it a better edge on it. Its lid is also magnetized with a friction ring made of nylon circling it.

Mini Aluminum Grinder

The second is a smaller version of the previous aluminum one. It’s simpler and a little bit cheaper at just over six dollars and is more suited to people who only take weed as a hobby and only once in a blue moon. It has all the qualities the previous has, only smaller and a little harder to work with because of the size. It has the diamond shaped teeth, the friction ring, the magnetizing lid and textured surface like the previous too.

Diamond Weed Grinder

The third is for real aficionados, though. It’s fancy, with fake diamonds and a Playboy bunny symbol on it, although you can get various designs for a custom weed grinder if you’d like. It has a pollen screen and a kief catcher. The teeth are shark pointed as opposed to diamond weed grinder, making the weed more shredded than ground down; some people prefer it that way and others don’t. It prices at almost eleven dollars and thirty cents, which is almost double the price of the others, but its fancy and some people like fancy.

Online stores that sell weed grinders also sell other smoking paraphernalia that you might be interested in too, like smoking pipes, bongs, waterpipes and more. For the individual who wants to separate their grinders from others, there are also specially decorated and custom grinders available in various colors or with symbols on the lids, like a smiley face, a marijuana leaf or grinders that remember stacks of poker chips. Your grinder can truly be a reflection of your personality as there are that many options.

Other stores, such as eBay and and ciao also sell weed grinders, but they’re much the same as the ones I have listed here, There are not many other types, but beware! Some are sold for a fraction of the price, and others try and scam you, so just know that you can get a decent one for under twenty dollars and you will be fine.

So now you know what a weed grinder is and what to use it for, so if you have a need for a kitchen or recreational grinder start your search today!

Mitutoyo Calipers Review: Guide to Digital Caliper Parts, Batteries and Catalogs

A caliper is a mechanism used in measuring the length and width of objects. The tips of the caliper are used for placing on each side of the object you want to measure to securely and efficiently measure in any measuring system you’d like.

There are different types such as the inside caliper, the outside caliper, the divider caliper, the oddleg caliper and the vernier caliper.

An inside caliper is used to measure an objects internal size. An outside caliper is used to measure the outside size of an object. A divider caliper can be used to measure the distance between two points on a map or for marking out suitable pieces of working material. An oddleg caliper is used for scribing a distance along the edge of a workpiece.

A vernier caliper is the most used type and the most well known and has the best imagery. These are used for getting a direct measurement with the utmost accuracy. There are many different ways of reading the measurement, making this a very hand device and much handier than an ordinary ruler or meter stick for measuring.

Mitutoyo Calipers

Mitutoyo is a company that sells machinery for woodworking and metalworking such as calipers. In fact, they specialize in calipers and have many different types of them available to consumers nowadays from many different sources too.

They have many different products shown on their webpage at, and always offer the assistance you need with your caliper questions as well.

Some of the calipers they have include the caliper series 500. This one is waterproof and can be exposed to any indoor conditions without so much as a scratch afterwards. They have an advanced design and styling and they come with a perfectly fitted case to keep it in! The measurements are also completely accurate.

Another one of these is the caliper series is the 573. This one is designed especially for the use of measuring items center to center or from the edge to the center, unlike its counterparts. It has jaws on the back of the slider to make reading the measurements easier, and it comes with a wooden case to store it safely in.

Yet another example of the calipers that Mitutoyo supplies is the caliper series 551. The jaws of this one are rounded, making accurate ID measurements far easier to achieve. It has an SPC output and parallax free vernier type of caliper makes it easier to get a positive reading on the scale. It also comes with its own fitted case for safety purposes.

The snap caliper series 573 has a spring mechanism inside of it that allows quick and efficient methods of checking up on more difficult parts. It has a SPC data output and comes with its own fitted plastic case, like the others. This is just another great example of a caliper by Mitutoyo.

The vast array of Mitutoyo products is available through their site on, and they have other machinery and equipment that they produce, different brands of calipers included. Some of these other services that Mitutoyo offers are mentioned below, in the next section.

Other Mitutoyo Services

Mitutoyo doesn’t just offer the service of selling some of the best calipers on the market. They offer a wide variety of services as well as the products they sell. Here are some examples:

Digital Calipers

They don’t only sell the normal manual calipers, you know. There are digital ones you can get too these days!

These digital calipers come with an LCD screen on them that tells you the exact measurement of what you are measuring. This way, there are no more mistakes because you were looking at the reading from the wrong angle. This saves a lot of people a lot of hassle, professionals and fanatics alike!

Digital calipers are soon to be more popular than the original manual ones, which is a little sad since Mitutoyo is so great at making the old ones. But luckily for them, they make some pretty great digital ones too!

Spare Parts

For all the equipment you buy off of Mitutoyo, they also have the spare parts available for you, in case something goes wrong or you break a part of the machinery piece off. All spare parts are created specifically for your model of caliper, so that you can be certain you are getting the right part the first time. Should you have questions regarding parts from Mitutoyo you can also seek online or over the phone customer service.


Digital calipers each take different battery sizes and brands, therefore it is important to know which ones you need! Luckily, under the product information on Mitutoyo’s website, they tell you what batteries you need to use for that particular item. You can also purchase the batteries from their website if you don’t have anywhere else local!

Mitutoyo Catalog

Like most good companies these days, Mitutoyo has a catalog available online also! This is far better than trawling through the online shop looking for deals, as you can now find all the bargains under one heading through the catalog. To request a Mitutoyo official catalog here is the website where you can enter your information, Their catalog will contain prices and images of various models that can be chosen from, however the website still contains a full listing of all their products.

While you can hold high expectations for the Mitutoyo company and the calipers that they produce, you can also expect to get the same service from some other companies, like Starrett and their Starrett calipers. However, Mitutoyo stands by their products thoroughly and they know what it takes to be a reliable business.  Consumers often seek to do business with Mitutoyo over and over again, their calipers never let you down.

Familiarize yourself with Mitutoyo and their products more online through their site, or you can request a catalog.  You are certainly going to like what you learn and you will definitely be impressed with their calipers.