Gun Cabinet Plans: Corner Cabinets, Rotating & Free Plans

When you’re in the mood to make a gun cabinet you are going to need a set of gun cabinet plans that clearly tell you how to do the job no matter how experienced you are. There are many gun cabinet plans available on the web for you to choose from and this website will help you to decide which one is best for you. It will also help you make sure that you are completely prepared and ready to go, by highlighting the points that you need to considered before you even lift up a hammer or a saw. Making sure that you are ready is a good way to make great progress when it comes to making your cabinet and with any luck you will not need to stop and pick up supplies which could take a few weeks to be delivered.

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You can find an excellent 8 gun cabinet plan right here this plan is tailored towards those who have an intermediate to advance level  of experience when working with wood. The gun cabinet is large and stands 73 inches high, 38 inches high and 14 inches deep. This cabinet can be completely secured and the plan is drawn in actual size so you can measure your timber against it. This is a fairly basic-looking cabinet, but changes can be made to the design if you wish to make them. However at a price of just over $13 for the blueprint, you do get value for money.

Free gun cabinet plans

There are a lot of free gun cabinet plans to be found at, the plans are all tailored to different of experience and you will find them very easy to download and print off. Occasionally you will come across a newly-added plan that you may like to work on.  These plans can be quite basic because they are uploaded by those who have as a hobby, but you will find a good deal of information here and some of it is useful stuff.

Corner gun cabinet plans

If you are lacking the space that you need for a ‘Regular’ gun cabinet, then it might be worth your while thinking about building a corner cabinet. Corner gun cabinets are available from and although there does seem to be a very large range of corner gun cabinets and many other plans, you will have to sign up before you get the information and you will have to pay anything up to $120, but the advantage is that you will have access to over 16,000 woodworking plans and projects. If you are serious about woodworking then you could end up saving a lot of money in the long run by paying to get access.

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You will find in many places on the internet that there are plans for the same Cherry wood cabinet for long firearms and pistols. This cabinet despite being quite popular is also very elegant and it adds a touch of class to almost every home. Making the firearms easily accessible has been one of the reasons why this cabinet is so popular. The cabinet is lockable which is always a priority among cabinet makers and with that you also get the sense that your arms are being guarded well. This is not a plan for those who have not worked with wood before or who have little experience, so you may need to work on another project first; if you do wish to tackle it however, make sure you have all the materials to hand and you follow the instructions to a tee.

Storage cabinet plans for your garage is full of excellent storage cabinet plans storage is vital and you need to keep tools and equipment safe and out of reach. This website has a good range of plans but you have to be prepared to pay for them before you can see how they work. Becoming a member of this website is not expensive and you do get to choose from a number of different storage units that seem quite unique, but there are other sites online that offer you a bigger range for just about the same price.

Rotating gun cabinet plans

The idea of getting hold of some rotating gun cabinet plans may not have crossed your mind, but it’s something worth considering if you have a lot of guns and firearms but you don’t want  then all on display. Plus if you lack the room, a rotating cabinet may come in very useful. You can buy a book entitled ‘How to build sportsman’s revolving storage cabinet’ right here adn it’s not a bad book,  it is fairly old and it does lack the modern touch and suggests using tools that are not considered to be very powerful anymore, but you can make amendments to the plan and use the tools that you wish. Priced at just under $10 for a previously used book you get a good book for your money and a cabinet that is pretty unique but very functional.

Building a wooden gun cabinet

For those who are not too experienced in woodworking and want to start on a relatively simple project, there is the Slim Curio cabinet plan that will store your guns quite nicely. This cabinet is 74 inches high, 23 inches wide and 14 3/8 inches deep.  You need to be aware that this is not specifically a wooden gun cabinet and can be used as a trophy cabinet or somewhere to display other objects. You can however make the necessary changes to the plan that include taking out the shelves and adding gun racks instead. If you do want to use some of the shelves, you may feel better about replacing the suggested glass shelves with wooden ones, and this can be done very easily. The blueprint shows cabinet in its actual size, so you don’t need to worry about the measurements too much. This plan costs about $12 dollars when purchased from, but you may be able to find it elsewhere.

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