Reviewing Garage Storage Solutions: Different Types, Make Your Own, Overhead Garage Storage, Garden Tool Storage.

Finding the right type of garage storage solution can be difficult, and it can leave you with a mess in your garage or a lot of different types of storage that make the place look just as untidy as before. For a great storage system that is guaranteed to make a huge difference to your garage, I can recommend the UltiMate garage storage system that comes with 10 different units. It is quite expensive and is sold for just over $1,700 but you end up with a great looking storage unit that has so much room you might be hard pressed to find enough tools etc. to fill it. You do have to assemble the unit yourself which could take some time, so you may need someone else’s assistance, but once you have the storage you need you will be pleased with your effort.

The Inter-lock three shelf storage system that includes 3 shelves and 1 large and 1 small cabinet is much cheaper than the UltiMate garage storage system, it is smaller but it can hold a lot of tools and more so you can have a tidier garage that also has a clean and modern look. At a cost of about $390, these units are a lot easier to assemble because they interlock, so the screws and nails you usually have to deal with when you’re building storage systems are non-existent, and it makes the whole unit pretty strong too.

Make you own garage storage solutions

if you need some ideas about constructing your own storage systems then you don’t need to be an expert, you can make garage storage solutions yourself and if you need a bit of inspiration and help then this site might be able to give you what you need. It can help to give you some great ideas, and if you think that it all looks a bit too complicated or that you may not have the time then do not worry, it can help you decide what storage solutions you would like. Remember that it’s important to have a tidy and safe garage and if this means you have to pay cash to get it that way, that’s fine, especially if you end up very happy with the way it looks. is a pretty good website, it comes up with some quite novel storage solutions that you may not have thought about before and it tells you a bit about how the storage systems work, what they do and how strong they are. If you are still looking for ideas then this could be the site that helps you.

Types of garage storage solutions

There are a lot of different types of garage storage solutions and they can all be found right here this website is quite good because it goes into good detail about the specific types of storage you can get and it may help to inspire you if you are a bit stuck for ideas. You may just be thinking about different shelving units and cupboards but you can also find storage systems for bicycles and overhead storage systems too, which can save you even more space. is a good website to check out too, and it goes into quite a bit of detail that may prove to be handy. You should be prepared to be reading for a while as the site seems to go into every aspect of storage, but again, if you are short of ideas, then it’s worth reading it.

Overhead garage storage

Earlier I talked very briefly about overhead garage storage systems, and how they can save a lot of room. If this is an idea that appeals to you then the MonsterRAX overhead garage storage rack, could interest you. For approximately $250 you get a very strong system that can hold up to 600 pounds in weight, and you also have the opportunity to vary the drop, from 18 inches to 33 inches, depending on the amount of room you have spare. Storing something overhead means the material that holds your goods needs to be string and this storage rack is just that, made from industrial strength steel, you can be sure that whatever you store is safe and secure.

For a cheaper solution, the Hammertone 45 inch by 45 inch overhead storage system can work well for you at just $60. It can hold 250 pounds in weight and is made of steel wire that has been powder coated to give it extra strength and versatility. If you want to get the things that you store down easily, then you should think about putting the two shorter bars that come with the system, at the bottom, that way your things are easier to reach. You also need to make sure that you don’t over-tighten the screws as this could cause problems; you just need to find a happy medium and make sure the unit is tight enough, without in damaging the bars, while being strong enough to hold the things you store.

Garden tool storage

If you’re a bit of a gardener then you may be thinking about some garden tool storage, the Rubbermaid deluxe tool tower rack is a particularly good system and it even comes on casters so you can wheel it around if needs be. Holding up to forty tools, this rack can save you a lot of room. You may wonder if this tower rack is strong enough to hold that many tools and I can assure you it is and that the casters make it easy to maneuver around too. At just under $50, you will get a great deal for your money.

The Holeyrail Garage Organizer is excellent if you want to hang your tools up on the wall, not only is this a great way to keep your garage tidy, but it saves a lot of room too. With the capacity to hold up to 600 pounds in weight and a very easy installation process, this organizer is affordable (Sold for about $25) and easy to use, both indoors and out. You should be aware that the required ‘Pegs’ to build this system are not always included with the product, and you may have to buy them separately, so it’s always worth asking if they come with the Holeyrail Garage Organizer that you’re thinking of purchasing.


Reviewing Makita Batteries: Power tool batteries, Lithium Ion, 18v and 24 v batteries.

Makita batteries are essential if you need to keep your Makita tools up and running smoothly, and the Makita 18 Volt 3.0 AH Battery Pack that comes with 2 batteries could do the job quite nicely for you. Priced from $150-$300 depending on where you shop and what offers they have on, you could get yourself a couple of batteries that last a pretty long time. Weighing at just over 1 pound each, these batteries will serve you well while being a lot easier to manage than some and with a fast recharge time, you can be sure that they are good value for money.

The Makita 14.4 Volt 2.6 Ah Battery comes in a pack of two and can be used with pretty much any Makita tool, and they are quite robust thanks to the plastic housing they are encased in. These batteries have proven to be very reliable even though they can be considerably cheaper than some of the other Makita battery models. These batteries have on occasion had a bit of a problem when it comes to the life of the battery, but the fact you are essentially getting them cheaper than others, does help to make up for this. If you are concerned about the battery life, then you may want to think about buying a higher priced product that you know will last longer.

Searching for 18v Makita Batteries

If it’s just a single 18v battery that you are looking for then the Makita 18 Volt 2.6 Ah Pod Style Battery Pack might do the job quite nicely. Even though the name of this product includes the words ‘Battery Pack’, you are just getting a single battery that fits and is compatible with all 18 volt cordless drills that have been made my Makita. It may just work out cheaper for you to buy two single batteries rather than a pack of two, so it’s worth taking a look at the prices on display. This battery is great at helping to reduce vibration, which makes it so much easier to use and you may not getting the dreaded ‘Vibration white finger’ that some people do. Despite a few complaints about the power life being short lived, all in all it’s a reliable battery that could last you a very long time.

The Makita 18 volt LXT Battery is a pretty good and it offers you the chance to have almost 3 times as much battery life and some of the other batteries out there. With a cooling fan built in and weighing just 6.4 ounces, this is quite a remarkable battery that can give you the power you need. There have been a few complaints about the battery not lasting very long and this could make the $166 you shell out for it an amount you regret, but in the majority of cases, the battery has not caused any problems and the manufacturers are always there to help you if it does and may be able to offer you a replacement, Keeping your product receipt will be a great help if this situation does occur.

The larger Makita batteries

The Makita 24 volt battery is quite a large one that is suitable for the sds range of drills. It is an excellent battery that has a 3.3 ah capacity and can be relied upon to give you the level of power that you need. At approximately $115 this is a cheap alternative to some of the other batteries on the market, but it makes up for it being larger and heavier than some. But because of its size it  does limit what you can use it with.

makita batteries 18v lithium ion

if you are looking for an 18 volt lithium ion battery then the 18 volt Makita battery that was discussed earlier is the one that you need, as well  as having a fan and a low weight, it also has a special memory chip that tells the charger when it’s needed again. The price is usually around $166, but you should be able to find it much cheaper if you shop around.

This site  is good if you are looking for some replacement batteries, and it also tells you which Makita products you should avoid, as well as giving you some good tips on how to keep your battery working well for a long time.

The right Makita power tool batteries

Getting the right Makita power tool batteries is important and you can get a whole load of them here  this site is great because it offers you an extensive range of batteries no matter what you want to use them for. The batteries are all competitively priced and you get the chance to read a bit of information about them. You may have to pay a bit more however if you want your batteries shipped outside the United Kingdom, so it may be worth having a look for your Makita power tool batteries elsewhere.

Makita cordless drill batteries is a great website to have a look at if you want to get some ideas about the Makita cordless drill batteries that are available, it will also take you through the range of drills they have for sale too, and this can come in quite handy if you’re not sure what battery you need and whether or not it will be powerful enough for you. Although this is a British site you can get some good tips here even if you live outside the U.K and you may just find a bit of inspiration for an upcoming project too.

Whatever battery you end up buying, you need to make sure that it is completely compatible with you Makita tools. If you’re looking to buy a cheaper battery that is not made by Makita but another company, you should be aware that the wrong battery may damage the charger and the tool, so it’s always worth paying just that little bit more to get the right battery that will last you a long time and give you the amount of power you need so you can get the job done properly.


Reviewing The Hakko 936: Heating elements, Reviews, Tips, and the Weller wes51

When you’re looking for a relatively cheap soldering station that also works well for you, the Hakko 936 is one of the more popular choices; it is a good piece of machinery that meets a lot of your soldering needs, without being as expensive as many others and it only takes about fifteen seconds to heat up. With full temperature control and a reliable output, the Hakko 936 is great for anyone who has just started to solder, or they are looking for a station to help them with some smaller jobs. The downside to this soldering station is that it is no longer manufactured, but that should not stop you from looking to buy one as there are usually quite a few to be found online. The average price for a Hakko 936 soldering station is $80, but it all depends on what the seller wants for it and the condition it’s in. You can however still buy soldering tips that are specifically made to fit the 936 and other similar models, so it’s not all bad.

Time to compare: The Hakko 936 vs. Weller wes51

There are two soldering stations that are pretty similar in a lot of respects, and these are of course the Hakko 936 and the Weller wes51. Temperature-wise it’s the Hakko that gets the hottest and can reach up to 896 F whereas the Weller is limited to 850 F, having said that, they both have a good temperature range and start off some 500 degrees cooler. Both stations have a 24 volt output but it’s the Hakko once again that comes out top with a 60 watt input whereas the Weller only has 50 watts. Depending on your electrical system though, a lower input may be ideal if you tend to use a lot of power for hours on end.

Both stations are quite comfortable to use thanks to their slim handles and neither take long to heat up or cool down, which means they can both be used effectively and quickly. When it comes to pricing, both the Hakko 936 and the Weller wes51 are quite similar, so the real difference between the two is the power input and the temperatures, so for a lower temperature and voltage, the Weller may be the one for you, whereas if you have no voltage issues and prefer a higher temperature then the Hakko might just do the job.

The Hakko 936 heating element

There are still a fair few Hakko 936 heating elements available for you to buy online including the Hakko Heating Element that is suitable for medium to large 900 irons. This heating element is a particularly good one and it can also be used on the 928 and 937 Hakko models. Weighing just 16 ounces and priced at around $20 or less, this element is a reliable one. There have been a few concerns that it could snap because it appears brittle, but this very rarely happens.

If you would like to buy more than one heating element at a time then you will be pleased to know that the Hakko 936 Heating Element does come in a pack of 2, unfortunately you may just have to go wholesale and buy 100 packets of 2’s, but if you tend to get through a lot of heating elements or you have a lot of people soldering for you, then it could work out cheaper. 100 2 packs can be found for just over $51, which is a huge saving as compared to buying them individually.


A fair Hakko 936 review

If you would like to read a Hakko 936 review then you should check out this website it goes into a lot of detail about this soldering station and gives the new and experienced user some good tips. This is a particularly good review because it gives you the good and the bad points to using a Hakko 936, and that should help you to decide whether this is the soldering station for you.

If you are looking for a good number of different reviews then you will find them right here you can always be sure to find some very honest reviews by people who have used the Hakko 936 soldering station and are happy to tell you what they think. It’s worth checking back now and again to see if any more comments have been added in case you’re still unsure.


Where to buy a Hakko 936 tip

Sometimes it’s just not that easy to find the right tip for the right price but at you will be able to find the Hakko 936 tip at a good price. The tips here are sold individually or in packs of 2 or more, and this can be ideal for a team of people who use soldering stations frequently, if not every day. The list of tips is extensive and the good points about each tip is highlighted, plus you also get the chance to purchase your tips from different sellers, which means you may just be able to save a few dollars here and there. It always pays to shop around and it sometimes pays to shop in bulk or wholesale, so if you get through a lot of tips and you can afford to pay the bulk or wholesale price outright, then it’s recommended that you do.

You do not of course have to shop at the above website if you do not wish, but it is a good one that will help you to compare the prices of the tips from a variety of sellers. is a fairly good site that also sells Hakko 936 tips, and they are pretty reasonably priced too.  Where you live may reflect the availability and the price of the tip, but you do have the option to search for a store near you that may sell it. Having said that, you can buy it online from, but it’s good to see a site that lets you choose whether you want to buy it from them, or elsewhere. Because of this, the prices may be kept low so the sellers remain competitive.



Dado Blade Reviews: Inch stacking, Grizzly Dado Blades, Tools and Prices

If you like to work with wood and you’re looking for a good finish to your pieces, then you will need a Dado blade that is going to help you get the results you need. The Freud 8 inch professional dado is a very popular blade that can give you pretty accurate results, this blade can almost guarantee you that splinters will be a thing of the past and its spacers, chippers, steel shims and outside blades work hard for you and ensure you get no or very little kickback. There have been a few disappointments with this blade and some customers have said you cannot get a smooth finish using this tool, but the majority of them are pleased with their purchase and consider paying anything up to $153 for it, value for money.

The Vermont American 7 inch Adjustable Dado is a cheaper option for you, it is however just a single blade that can cut anything from 3/16 of an inch to 3/16 of an inch in depth. This circular saw blade has a lifetime guarantee and is sold by one of the best blade manufacturers around. This blade however is not suited for professional jobs so if you’re looking to make something that is of a high standard, you may need to look elsewhere. However, it is perfect it you’re looking to make something to be used in the home and can prove to be very reliable.

The well-known Grizzly dado blade

The Grizzly make of dado blades are a well-known and much respected brand, if you only want to use a Grizzly dado blade then you will be pleased to know you can find a huge range of them right here. The prices range from $31.95 for a 7 inch 16t wobble dado set to $399.95 for a Dado king 12 inch bore, and there are many products on offer in-between the range. This online store is a particularly good one and you can easily find a huge range of Grizzly Dado blades for sale here, amongst a vast array of other items that are made by the same manufacturer. do a good few reviews about Grizzly Dado blades and they can really help you to get a good idea about a blade that you’ve been thinking of buying for a while. Although this site is not updated very often, you can still find some useful information here about a brand that of blades that is well respected. Plus the site also gives you the chance to make up your own mind, particularly if you have seen a mixture of good and bad reviews.

What about an inch stacking dado blade?

If you are looking to get a great quality cut and finish, but you don’t want to pay the price that some companies are asking for, then the Oshlun 8 inch 42 tooth stack Dado set might be just what you need. This blade will give you a lot less vibration than some other blades and it also has the ability to cut from ¼ of an inch to 29/32 inches when you’re working on a smooth bottom dado. Although the case and the box it comes in leaves a lot to be desired, you do get a great quality blade for about $120, or less, depending on where you shop.

For a very high quality blade that guarantees you excellence every time, the Freud Super 8 Inch Stack that comes with an anti-kickback design, might be worth you shelling out up to $340. This blade lets you cut many different types of wood while letting to cut from ¼ of an inch width to 29/32 inches. The blades have 24 teeth and 5/8 of an inch arbor that can guarantee you will have an end result that is splinter-free. Granted, this is a pricey blade, but it’s one that can give you the quality that you need and many years of efficient service and reliability.

Dado blade tools

You need to look after your Dado blade, and there are a lot of Dado blade tools that will let you do just that, the Proxxon Dado Head Set comes with a guard and a 2 inch blade that allows you to do the smaller jobs such as cutting into picture frames and drawers. Sold for approximately $72, this is quite a useful tool that will cut up to 5/64 of an inch for you, and could prove to be a handy tool to have around the workshop.

The Bosch Dado Insert is specifically made for the 10 inch table saw and is idea for stacks and rabbet cutters. It is sold for about $18 and is not a bad product for its price. The instruction book tends to be a bit lacking and fails to tell you that you need to make sure the blade is raised before you change it, otherwise you may have problems. Once you get to use the dado insert, you should not have any problems and you will have a piece of equipment that proves to be quite reliable.

Help with a dado blade setup

If you are as yet unsure as to how to do a dado blade set up then this website will show you how. This is quite a good guide because it takes you through every step and it’s all explained in an easy-to-read way that helps those who are new to dado blades to understand. This site also tells you how to take care of your blades and is full of a lot of useful bits of advice that will help you learn all you need to know about this very flexible tool.

If you still want to find out a bit more about Dado blades and you’re happy to use a forum where people can post their answers to your questions, then I can recommend This site is frequently updated as there are people asking questions every week, so you may be able to find an answer to your query right away.

Dado blade prices

There is a huge variety of Dado blades on the market these days, and it can make things difficult when you are presented with such a choice. This website compares different blades for you and will give you a good idea about what you can use for the job in hand. Plus it may be able to give you a few ideas about the websites and shops that can save you a bit of cash, helping you to get the right blade, for a lower price.


Bottle Cutter Reviews: Kits, DIY, Patents and Prices

A bottle cutter can help you to create a wide range of crafts that can be used around the home and elsewhere. The Generation Green (G2) bottle cutter is a reasonably priced tool that will let you cut bottles as well as jars that hold up to a maximum of 5 gallons. You can easily score the bottle that you want to cut and the makers of this product have come up with a good way of helping you to easily separate the bottle and the piece you want removed.  The glass cutter attachment has been known to break off or become damaged, but they are very easy and cheap to replace. This product usually costs between $18-25 and could prove to be very useful in helping you to create the crafts that you want.

If you’re looking for a bottle cutting kit then you might want to consider Ephrem’s bottle cutter deluxe kit, as it is not as basic as the G2 bottle cutter, the kit compromises of a strong bottle cutter that is made from metal, a bottle neck adapter than you may or may not want to use, an instruction booklet and a few extra pieces such as a candle, to help you with your designs. Bottle cutters help you to create the pieces that you want and you aren’t just limited to cutting the ends of them and inserting a candle. There are so many things that you can do, and this bottle cutter will help you to achieve your goals. Make sure that you buy this deluxe kit from a trusted website as there have been complaints from people who have paid for the deluxe kit and received the basic one. With a price of about $35, the deluxe kit is a little more expensive than some, but it does come with a few added extras that might please you.

A glass bottle cutter with some added extras

if you’re looking for a glass bottle cutter that comes with a few extras then the Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter might be what you need, this cutter sells for about $27 and with it you will get a reference guide, sanding sheets, two cutting wheels and so much more. This is a good glass bottle cutter that will help you to make use of the bottles that you have lying around, and help you to feel that you’re doing your bit for the environment. There have been a few disappointing customer reviews stating that this bottle cutter does not score properly, but there have also been a few happy customers who have never had a problem. When you come across a negative review or two, it might be worth your while looking elsewhere to see what other people say about the product, so you get a good idea about whether or not you think the Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter is worth the money.

For an extensive look at how a bottle cutter works, you might want to refer to this page as it serves as a guide and can help you out if you are stuck, or you just want to know a bit more about cutting bottles. The bottle cutter used here is part of the Ephrem’s bottle cutter deluxe kit, but a lot of the kits you can buy are fairly similar, so it shouldn’t make too much difference. Because it contains photographs and an easy to read guide, you should be able to determine whether or not bottle cutting is something you are interested in, and it also serves as a bit of an advertisement for the bottle cutter than is featured.

Your new bottle cutter kit

A bottle cutter kit is what you need to help you to get started and the Generation Green Luminary Bottle Art Kit will probably be the kind of thing you are looking for. This kit can help you to brighten up your home, work space or help you to make gifts for other people, and is priced from $9.99 to $19.99 depending on where you shop. Although this is not the most expensive kit, it is a pretty good one; you will however be disappointed if you expect this bottle cutting kit to contain a bottle cutter.  The Generation Green Luminary Bottle Art Kit markets itself as being suitable for bottle cutting kits, and could be a bit misleading at first site.


Safely use a diy bottle cutter

For a bit of help and advice when it comes to using a bottle cutter, you might want to take a look at this site, it shows you how to use a diy bottle cutter and has clear photographs and explanations that make the entire process relatively easy to understand. This site also gives you a list of the tools you will need to do the job and complete it successfully.


Where to find bottle cutter patents

if you would like to have a look for a bottle cutter patent in case you have made one yourself and you want yours to be different from the rest then you should take a look at as this site will show you what patents already exist, giving you the opportunity to fine tune your bottle cutter so that it’s completely unique.


Comparing bottle cutter prices

if you are still serious about buying a bottle cutter and transforming used and old bottles into something quite artistic and helpful, then you may be interested to know that you can compare bottle cutter prices. A good number of products are listed here and you will get the opportunity to see what you could be charged for a wide variety of bottle cutters. Shopping around always pays off, so it’s vital you have a look and compare the prices and the products before you hand over your cash.


The Perfect Woodworking Ideas: Plans, Patterns and Projects

When you are looking for some woodworking ideas, it may come as no surprise to you that you can find a great many of them online. There are perhaps thousands of websites that cater to your need and you are certain to be able to find at least half a dozen instantly that can help you to come up with some great ideas. This website  is full of some great ideas and has anything from spice rack plans to indoor furniture and more. When you visit the site you will see that each category has a sub-category and once you find a topic that interests you, all you have to do is click on it and you will be given a full set of instructions that can help you to effectively make the TV stand that catches your eye or anyone of the hundreds of designs that appeal to you.These designs tell you exactly how much wood you need; the length depth and height of the pieces and of course the tools that you need to use as well while guiding your through every process until you have a finished article you can be proud of.

If you’re not looking to get some woodworking ideas online then perhaps you would like to buy a set of books that tells you what you can do and how you can go about it. ‘The new best of fine woodworking’ set of books that contains 6 volumes will show you how to create some small woodworking projects that also teach you how to design and build a large range of pieces, both modern and classic. The book is geared towards those who are not very experienced with woodworking, but it’s great too for those that are, and if it’s a simple project that you’re looking for, then you can find it here. Although this set of books is quite expensive and has been seen to sell for just under one thousand dollars, you can be sure that you will get a great deal of help and advice that will help and guide you every step of the way.

Woodworking plans don’t always cost money

You should be aware that not all woodworking plans have to cost a lot of money and as you can see from your search online, you can get a great many of them for free. Some of the free plans are pretty basic, and you may want to make a few changes to the designs and adapt them if you feel confident enough to do so. As with anything you want to buy, it’s worth shopping around, and you may be able to save yourself a few dollars per plan if you know where to look. Always make sure the plans are easy to read and you understand them, having a glimpse of a plan before you buy it can help you to determine this.

If you are not sure that a plan will work and you are not proficient enough to make the changes yourself yet, then perhaps you should move on to another project until you are sure you can confidently alter a plan that does not seem to add up correctly. Many plans that you can get online will be fine and drawn out and designed by knowledgeable people who are happy to let their designs ‘Go public’. It does always pay to know what you’re doing when you’re looking for some woodworking ideas, but if you only have basic woodworking skills then it’s probably wise that you start off with a set of plans that have been tailored to your level of experience.

Looking for woodworking patterns

When it comes to looking for some woodworking patterns, is a great place to start, there is an extensive range of patterns and designs for you to choose from and many of them are written by people who have gone and made the outbuilding etc. themselves, which means you’re getting a design that can be made and great tips and advise on how to go about it. This is a great way to start if you are looking for some woodworking patterns and you’re not quite confident enough yet to follow some ‘plain’ instructions that don’t go into much detail. The only downsides to this website are that you’re spoilt for choice and you have to trust people who aren’t necessarily woodworking experts, but who are happy to show you what they’ve done and how they’ve done it.

The weekend woodworker’s project collection is a highly detailed book that is great for those of us who like to partake in a bit of woodcraft when we have the time. This book will teach you how to make all kinds of things using our favorite material, from shelving to storage and frames for mirrors and more, this is an excellent book that will guide you all the way.  Some of the plans do ask you to use specific pieces and components, which may not always be that easy, but they are always adaptable which gives you added flexibility.

Woodworkers blogs and forums

There are a lot of blogs and forums that might be able to help you should you have a problem with the plan you are working on, or any of the tools you are using. These forums and blogs can come in very useful and even though you may not always be able to get a reply right away, you are sure to get some help. Thanks to the internet, we now have access to a great deal of woodworking ideas, plans and more, this means if you have the time and the budget to get working on a project, it is very easy for you to start working on your ideas as soon as you can. There are many forums and blogs for you to choose from, you just need to find one that knows what it’s talking about and is frequently added to and updated, this way you can be sure that you will get a whole host of information about tools, plans and more, whenever you need it.


Gun Cabinet Plans: Corner Cabinets, Rotating & Free Plans

When you’re in the mood to make a gun cabinet you are going to need a set of gun cabinet plans that clearly tell you how to do the job no matter how experienced you are. There are many gun cabinet plans available on the web for you to choose from and this website will help you to decide which one is best for you. It will also help you make sure that you are completely prepared and ready to go, by highlighting the points that you need to considered before you even lift up a hammer or a saw. Making sure that you are ready is a good way to make great progress when it comes to making your cabinet and with any luck you will not need to stop and pick up supplies which could take a few weeks to be delivered.

Recommended Product

You can find an excellent 8 gun cabinet plan right here this plan is tailored towards those who have an intermediate to advance level  of experience when working with wood. The gun cabinet is large and stands 73 inches high, 38 inches high and 14 inches deep. This cabinet can be completely secured and the plan is drawn in actual size so you can measure your timber against it. This is a fairly basic-looking cabinet, but changes can be made to the design if you wish to make them. However at a price of just over $13 for the blueprint, you do get value for money.

Free gun cabinet plans

There are a lot of free gun cabinet plans to be found at, the plans are all tailored to different levels of experience and you will find them very easy to download and print off. Occasionally you will come across a newly-added plan that you may like to work on.  These plans can be quite basic because they are uploaded by those who have woodworking as a hobby, but you will find a good deal of information here and some of it is useful stuff.

Corner gun cabinet plans

If you are lacking the space that you need for a ‘Regular’ gun cabinet, then it might be worth your while thinking about building a corner cabinet. Corner gun cabinets are available from and although there does seem to be a very large range of corner gun cabinets and many other plans, you will have to sign up before you get the information and you will have to pay anything up to $120, but the advantage is that you will have access to over 16,000 woodworking plans and projects. If you are serious about woodworking then you could end up saving a lot of money in the long run by paying to get access.

Recommended Product

You will find in many places on the internet that there are plans for the same Cherry wood cabinet for long firearms and pistols. This cabinet despite being quite popular is also very elegant and it adds a touch of class to almost every home. Making the firearms easily accessible has been one of the reasons why this cabinet is so popular. The cabinet is lockable which is always a priority among cabinet makers and with that you also get the sense that your arms are being guarded well. This is not a plan for those who have not worked with wood before or who have little experience, so you may need to work on another project first; if you do wish to tackle it however, make sure you have all the materials to hand and you follow the instructions to a tee.

Storage cabinet plans for your garage is full of excellent storage cabinet plans garage storage is vital and you need to keep tools and equipment safe and out of reach. This website has a good range of plans but you have to be prepared to pay for them before you can see how they work. Becoming a member of this website is not expensive and you do get to choose from a number of different storage units that seem quite unique, but there are other sites online that offer you a bigger range for just about the same price.

Rotating gun cabinet plans

The idea of getting hold of some rotating gun cabinet plans may not have crossed your mind, but it’s something worth considering if you have a lot of guns and firearms but you don’t want  then all on display. Plus if you lack the room, a rotating cabinet may come in very useful. You can buy a book entitled ‘How to build sportsman’s revolving storage cabinet’ right here adn it’s not a bad book,  it is fairly old and it does lack the modern touch and suggests using tools that are not considered to be very powerful anymore, but you can make amendments to the plan and use the tools that you wish. Priced at just under $10 for a previously used book you get a good book for your money and a cabinet that is pretty unique but very functional.

Building a wooden gun cabinet

For those who are not too experienced in woodworking and want to start on a relatively simple project, there is the Slim Curio cabinet plan that will store your guns quite nicely. This cabinet is 74 inches high, 23 inches wide and 14 3/8 inches deep.  You need to be aware that this is not specifically a wooden gun cabinet and can be used as a trophy cabinet or somewhere to display other objects. You can however make the necessary changes to the plan that include taking out the shelves and adding gun racks instead. If you do want to use some of the shelves, you may feel better about replacing the suggested glass shelves with wooden ones, and this can be done very easily. The blueprint shows cabinet in its actual size, so you don’t need to worry about the measurements too much. This plan costs about $12 dollars when purchased from, but you may be able to find it elsewhere.

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Gladiator Garage Storage Solutions: Gearbox Cabinets, Comparing Prices & More

Having a gladiator garage means you have a garage that is full of useful shelving and storage options that includes anything from flooring, shelving and hanging wall systems. The Gladiator GarageWorks accessory kit is a great piece of kit that you can store a large amount of goods on and let your tools rest on the hooks. Costing over $100, this may seem like a lot to pay for a storage system, but it can save you a lot of room and is quite capable of holding 35 pounds of weight in the baskets and tools weighing as much as 50 pounds each on the hooks. You may find it cheaper to buy some of the pieces individually, but if you want to buy a storage solution in a hurry and have one that lasts you a long time, then this is the accessory kit for you.

The Gladiator GarargeWorks Gear Track Pack is a lot smaller than the accessory kit and is ideal for smaller garages and storage areas. Granted, you cannot store even half as many tools as you can on the accessory kit, but at a price of about $54, you wouldn’t expect to. This accessory kit  includes 2 pieces of tracking that are 4 feet long and are perfect if your walls are straight, but be prepared to have a little trouble if they are not entirely so. You will not be let down by this Track Pack in any case and it works out cheaper to buy the hooks this way than it does individually.

Gladiator Garage Cabinets

For a more mobile form of storage you may want to consider the Gladiator GarageWorks premier series 12 door 41 inch cabinet that comes on wheels. This cabinet may seem to be quite pricey at just under $900, but in this case you do ger what you pay for. If you work in a garage that uses a lot of heavy duty tools and you want to store them as well as keep them secure and out of harms way then this is the cabinet that you will need. With 12 drawers and a capacity to hold more than 1,000 pounds in weight, this is a cabinet that will not let you down. The cabinet can be difficult to move back and forth, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem and you will be able to use it with relative ease.

Another great storage cabinet is the Premier Modular GearBox and is sold for approxomately $450.00, this cabinet can provide you with an extra bit of security thanks to the lock and key, meaning that your prized and valuable tools can be kept safe at all times. This cabinet is not as big and weighty as some but it still manages to hold up to 65 pounds in weight and includes an extendable shelf that may just come in handy.

What about other garage storage solutions?

For a good look at some great ideas for your garage storage solutions, take a look at this website you may not be able to buy things from there but you will be able to get a good idea about the kind of storage solutions that you have in mind. Doing your research can prove to be a great help, so don’t be afraid to have a look.

This website is another great one that can give you some really good storage ideas. There are a lot of different products on display that cater for all types of storage solutions and they seem reasonably priced too. If you do not live in the U.K you may not be able to order anything from this site, but you can grab a few ideas especially if you have a specific budget to stick to. The Gladiator garage range is an excellent one, but if you do not have a very big budget but still need storage solutions then it may be worth your while looking elsewhere. Bear in mine though that you can sometimes get what you pay for, so you really need to be sure that what you buy is going to be strong enough to hold all your tools and keep them safe.

Gladiator garage prices

Depending on what you are looking for and what your needs are, you can find almost everything that you want for your garage at you will find a lot of different storage ideas there from shelving and workbenches to cabinets and hanging wall systems. If you are however looking for a Gladiator garage units and more, then this is the website that you need to take a look at as it has the entire product range and you can even start to design and plan your garage layout using the site. If your budget is not a problem then you will be able to come away with some very high quality products that will serve you well for many years.

Compare Gladiator garage prices

It always helps to compare the price of the products you’re thinking of buying and you can do that here you will be shown different Gladiator products that are sold at different prices all over the web. This can help you to get a better deal on the cabinets, wall hanging solutions and anything else that you want, plus you may be lucky and find a few special offers too.

Gladiator wall gearbox cabinet

For a really strong cabinet, you might want to consider buying the Gladiator all gearbox cabinet that stands at 24 inches high and wide, and has a depth of 12 inches. This cabinet is lockable to help you get that extra bit of security and can hold up to an incredible 600 pounds in weight and comes with an adjustable shelf that can be put in a number of places.

Getting the right storage solutions for your garage is absolutely vital and it means that you can keep your tools and other valuables out of harms way, but they can be easily accessible at the same time. The Gladiator garage range may not be one of the cheapest, but it is one of the strongest and can give your garage a clean and modern look.



Different Types Of Welding Courses Covering TIG, Coded, FAS & Underwater

There are a great many welding courses available right now and it’s vital that you choose the right course for you. There are online courses that you can take but there are also regular classes that you can take too. The regular classes may be more beneficial because you will get the guidance and expertise you need from someone who is in the same room as you as opposed to someone who is simply communicating by email. The Hobart Institute of Welding technology in Ohio has a lot of welding courses on offer and they even offer courses that let you study while you work. There is a course catalog that you can download from the site and it details each course, so you’re bound to find one that will help you get the skills you need.

American Welding Online does not provide welding courses as such, but it does give you the opportunity to view seminars and feel as if you are really there, making learning so much easier and more convenient. You can benefit from the training offered at the seminars even if you are at home or in the workplace and watching what is happening online. You can also schedule the seminar around your busy work life so you don’t have to choose between the jobs you have to do and learning new skills that will inevitably benefit your work.


Coded welding courses

if you are interested in taking some coded welding courses then you may want to take a look at this site as it is full of a lot of very useful information as well as questions and answers that may provide a useful insight into the world of the coded welder and the courses that need to be taken in order for you to get the job you want. This site is updated from time to time so it’s worth checking back periodically.

There is a website that can help you to keep up to date you’re your training if you are already a coded welder. The website can be found here and it acknowledges the fact that it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes that take place and the safety procedures that seem to change from time to time. If you are in charge of a team of people who code weld then you will need to make sure their training is up to date and the coded welding courses that can be found here will do that for you.

TIG welding courses

TIG welding courses are also quite important and they can be quite complicated, there is however a DVD available called ‘TIG Welding Fundamentals’ and it shows you the process of TIG welding and the different techniques that need to be used. It doesn’t matter if you have never welded before or you are an experienced welder, this DVD is sure to help you to gain some, if not a bit more insight into the world of welding and help you to determine whether you are on the right track.

FAS welding courses and top-up skills

The FETAC Level 5 Mounting of Abrasive Wheels Certificate in Manual Metal Arc Fillet Welding is a FAS course that is suited to those who are already welding and just want to top-up their skills so they are up to date with the latest procedures and regulations. This course will take you through manual metal arc welding, how to prepare for work, manual handling and so much more. It’s also proven to be beneficial to those who have been made redundant and wish to further their skills so to increase their chances of employment.

A helping hand

The book ‘Opportunities in metalworking’ by Mark Rowh is great for helping the reader to understand what the life of a metal worker is like and is akin to pipe welding courses due to its thorough descriptions of the work that you will have to undertake. This book certainly is no substitute for taking a course, but it doesn’t claim to be either, it merely serves as an in-depth guide to the metalworking industry and can provide you with some really useful advice that can help steer you in the right direction.

There is a great deal of useful information online that will help you to pass pipe welding courses, you need to do your research and find a site that will guide you through the courses and give you the confidence that you need to succeed . is a particularly useful site that will take you step by step through some of the work that you will have to undertake while you are on a welding certification course. This is not a form of cheating but a way of increasing your knowledge and developing your skills right now so that you have a fighting chance and can get the welding job that you want.

Where to find out about underwater welding courses

Perhaps one of the hardest jobs around is an underwater welder, but it is also one of the most satisfying welding jobs too, and you can easily find some underwater welding courses that are suitable for divers who have no experience of welding. If you work in the construction, marine, shipping, industries and even in the oil and gas industries you may well be considered for one of the welding courses. It is essential that you know how to dive as this aspect is not taught here.

There are training courses that last from one to two weeks and they can be quite intense, but they will help you to get the skills that you need in order to successfully work as an underwater welder. The courses include underwater welding techniques, terminology, quality assurance and control, safe underwater welding procedures and so much more. Training can be found at various commercial diving schools around the world, but you can find a great deal of courses available in the United States that are run by the American Welding Society.


Troy Bilt Tiller Product Review Including the Manual & Pony

Turning over the soil in your garden or the patch of land that you are set to work on can be a difficult and very lengthy task, but life could be made so much easier thanks to a Troy Bilt tiller that can do all the hard work for you. The Troy Bilt TB154E 9 inch 6.5 amp electric garden cultivator/tiller is a very powerful piece of equipment that turns over the soil at a fast rate thanks to its maximum tilling width of 10 ¼ inches. If you like to read instructions carefully then you may be alarmed to see that it’s recommended you clean the tines after every use and that could prove time consuming, but they are incredibly easy to remove and the process won’t take long.

The Troy-Bilt Pro-Line FRT Mid-size rear tine garden tiller is a very popular tiller and has a tilling width of 16 inches.  It comes very easy to assemble with instructions included and will turn over the soil up to eight inches deep. If you have very hard soil then you may need to go over it a few times before it is broken up, but all in all this garden tiller will aerate the soil for you so that you can easily begin planting again and it’s not one of the most expensive, which means you do get value for your money.

Horse power

If you have a lot of land to cover and you need to rotate your soil quickly then the Troy Bilt 1450 series horse forward rotating rear tine tiller could be what you have been looking for. Priced at almost two thousand dollars you will have to be prepared to part with a lot of cash but you will definitely get what you pay for. With 305 cc this piece of machinery is serious stuff and it will allow you to tile up to 12 inches of land at any one time and will make light work of any clay or hard soil that you have. The Troy Bilt 1450 series is guaranteed to make a difference to your garden and you will benefit from having a piece of machinery that works so well if you are prepared to pay the cost.

Finding the right Troy Bilt tiller manual   

We all need a bit of help setting up a Troy Bilt tiller from time to time and it may be the case that you have lost or misplaced your manual. Thankfully there are a few manuals available online right now and some including this one are completely free, all you have to do is download it and print it off if needs be. This particular Troy Bilt tiller manual is for use with the Rear tine tiller model 682 and it comes with some very clear pictures and instructions that help the user to understand how to put the tiller together. The manual also shows you how to use and maintain the tiller throughout its life and will also provide you with some suggestions you should you ever encounter any difficulties.

For an extensive list of Tory Bilt tiller manuals, you may find to be very helpful. This site has date 153 different manuals for you to choose from al you need to do is  click on the manual that you want and then click the ‘View original manual’ button near the top of the page,  you will then begin to download the required manual and print it off too if you wish.


Saving money on your equipment

When it comes to saving money on your equipment, you may be interested to know that there is almost always a Troy Bilt tiler sale on, and you will find these here. always reduces the prices of almost every product they sell and it’s interesting to see how much money you could save when you buy your Troy Bilt tiler online as opposed to in a store. There are likely to be shipping costs but if you have shopped around and are aware of how much each tiller is, you could still save some money. Always make sure that you buy a tiller that is suitable for your garden/area as you may not be able to return the product to the seller if there is nothing wrong with it.

Buying a used Troy Bilt tiller

Once again it is that comes to the ‘Rescue’ when you’re in search of a used Troy Bilt tiller. There are many to be found here and if you find a reputable seller then you can be sure that you will have a good level of customer service. Some tillers may seem cheap but you need to take a look at the shipping costs before you decide to make a purchase.

The Troy Bilt pony

If a Troy Bilt Horse is too powerful or just too big for you to use then a Troy Bilt Pony 12 inch 250 cc 1150 counter rotating rear tine tiller may be the right piece of machinery for you. It is still pretty powerful and you will need a lot of strength to handle this gas guzzling machine, but it is still good when it comes to aerating soil with its 12 inch blades that will give you a depth of 8 inches.

The Troy Bilt Pony 250 cc 4 Cycle 1100 series garden tiller is another tiller that could work well for you and it does promise years of use. It comes with a 16 inch tilling width, and can like the aforementioned Troy Bilt Pony give you 8 inches of aerated soil. There have however been a few unimpressed customers thanks to the quality of welding that they hoped had been addressed. If you have a garden that is less that 1,500 square feet then this tiller may serve you well. You need to bear in mind that this product as with any has happy and unsatisfied customers, so if you are not sure as to whether this is the tiller for you, you could always do a bit of research and see what the reviews are like.



Tools For Working Wood: All In One Tools, Carving Sets, Plans & Projects

Working with wood can be a very intricate process and you will need the right tools in order to complete your task. When it comes to finding the right tools for working wood you might think about the KR tools 19100 pro series 52 piece modeling knife set, this is a very good kit that includes over 30 different razor blades, 5 holders, 6 awls and more. This is quite a reasonable priced kit but it is only really suitable for those who are just starting to work with wood, as those who are a bit more experienced will not be able to get the desired effects that are sometimes needed. Needless to say, the pieces that are found are of a good quality and a great way for you to start out.

The 5 piece wood carvers boxed wood carving set is again suitable for beginners, but this set is a lot sturdier that the KR tools 52 piece set. You obviously do not get as many pieces, but you will find some good quality wood carving tools herein. The measurements of the blade tips range from 5/16 inch to 3/8 inches wide, and each of the tools is easy to use and sits comfortably in your hand.

All in one wood tools

For an all-in-one wood tool you could go for the ultimate machine which is the Shopsmith Mark 7, this incredible piece of equipment is for those of us who almost constantly work with wood and need to have something to rely on that will provide us with more than we currently have. The Shopsmith Mark 7 will help you to lathe, bore horizontally, it comes will a drill press, a shaper and a router, not forgetting a table saw and a disc sander. It’s not necessary for you to have a great deal of experience when it comes to using this great bit of machinery, but in either case you will find that the Shopsmith will save you a lot of time and you can quickly switch between the different tools and get up to 1,000 rpm depending on the tool you are using.

If you are interested in finding out about different all-in-one wood tools then this website will be able to help you. It clearly explains the different tools that are used and what they are specifically used for.

Wood carving sets

There are some very nice wood carving sets around and the Xacto X5175 Deluxe Woodcarving set is one of them, it comes with a great range of tools that will help you work on virtually any sort or project and will serve you well. The set includes 6 different blades, 5 gouges, a knife handle, 4 routers and they all work quite nicely. You will have to make sure that the blades etc. are properly fitted otherwise they may come out, but you do get a very good set of tools for the price and it could help you along the way to becoming an expert wood carver.

The 6 piece wood carving set with palm-style handles is perfect when it comes to working with linoleum, but you can also use the set to work with wood too. With a blade that is 2 ½ inches long and a total length of 4 ½ inches, you will find that each of these pieces is very easy and comfortable to use. This is not an expensive set, so you may need to look elsewhere if you are looking to do some fine and intricate work, but you can save a lot of money buying this set as opposed to getting the pieces separately.


Searching for woodworking plans and tools

When it comes to looking for some woodworking plans and tools, you will be able to find some ‘Packages’ online that show you what tools you will need to use for a wide variety of plans. The Aurora table desk plan is a good example of this and it is recommended for those who have more advanced woodworking skills as it requires different types of joinery and knowledge. The plan is a clear and concise one that has a lot of the pieces shown full-size which will help when it comes to measuring up.  The desk comprises of eight legs and three draws and is made of two different types of lightly colored wood, sold for around $20, the plan will guide you through and you should be left with a beautiful and elegant desk that you can be proud of.

The Roll Top Desk Woodworking Paper Plan will allow you to build a beautiful desk that gets its inspiration from furniture from the 1800’s. It is suitable for those who have a bit of experience working with wood and has highly detailed photographs and guidelines. You will be told what tools are needed to complete the job and you can be sure that this is a great project to work on.


Back to wood carving

A good set of wood carving tools is the Flexcut Tool Co 3 Knife carving set, this set is more expensive than some but you will get what you pay for. The knives are easy to maintain and are comfortable to use, known as a ‘Starter set’ you will get a lot out of them and they will see you through to the more intermediate tasks too.

A wide range of wood working projects

if it is a list of woodworking projects that you are on the lookout for then the INCRA projects and techniques book might serve you well. It will take you through a lot of different plans and every plan thoroughly, while telling you exactly what you need to use in order to achieve your goal, without complicating matters along the way.

This site is ideal if you plan to undertake a lot of wood working projects and it boasts over 9,000 in total with over 2,000 of them costing absolutely nothing at all. There are new projects being listed all the time by users, so you should be able to find something that you like and need.




Sears Air Compressor Product Review Including Craftsman Models & Manuals

Air compressors are a vital piece of machinery and they can come in many different sizes with different levels of pressure and abilities. For use in carpentry in the home workshop or in the work place there is a Sears air compressor available for every job.

The Craftsman 3 Gallon Horizontal air compressor is more suited to home use and comes with a maximum tank pressure of 125 PSI. This particular air compressor is very flexible when it comes to joinery, carpentry and various inflating jobs, but it lacks the power that is needed for industrial jobs, however the relatively low price does reflect this and the Craftsman 3 Gallon Horizontal air compressor is ideal for the smaller jobs and can be found here

The Most popular air compressor is the Craftsman Professional 60 Gallon air compressor, this is an incredibly quiet compressor as compared to those of a similar size; holding conversations when using this compressor is not a problem and can be used with most attachments. Known in the past to leak air from time to time, this particular compressor is usually pretty durable and at half the size of some of the older but similarly powerful air compressors, the Craftsman Professional still manages to be one of the favorites.

Air Compressor Buying Guide

There can be some confusion when it comes to buying an air compressor, as previously mentioned; there are many different types and sizes for a whole range of jobs. If you are unsure as to what type, size etc. of air compressor you need, then you may benefit from taking a look at an air compressor buyers guide. These guides go into great detail about the complete range of compressors and can help to make things a lot clearer, especially to those who are purchasing a compressor for the first time. An air compressor buyer’s guide can be found here and it clearly explains every aspect you need to take into consideration.

The range and power

Another very popular sears craftsman air compressor is the Craftsman Professional 80 Gallon 2 Stage compressor; it comes with an SCFM delivery of up to 175 psi and requires 230 volts of power. Because this particular compressor has such a large capacity it is manufactured predominantly for use in the work place rather than in the home or home work shop. The amount of power that it needs may cause a problem if you use it daily simply because it is likely to need its own power socket.

When it comes to taking a kmart air compressor into consideration you should be aware that this stockiest is unlikely to sell air compressors that are used by contractors. There is a very good range of compressors however and you can find those that hold up to 80 gallons. The TNT 3 gallon air compressor has proved to be very popular and is known as a ‘Budget’ air compressor. Those who have small projects to work on at home will find this compressor very adaptable and although it’s not very suited to working on motor vehicles, it is ideal for other smaller jobs about the home and in the work shop.

The Powermate one gallon Pancake air compressor is ideal for the smaller and lighter jobs and proves to be very easy to move around because it weighs just 14.1 pounds. This compressor will take about fifteen minutes to fill and can refuse to work properly unless you do fill it before beginning a job, but for what it costs, it is a fairly reasonable air compressor that is good to use on small projects.

 The best air compressors

The DEWALT 15 Gallon 120-Volt Electric Wheeled air compressor is one of the most loved air compressors due to its ability to give you up to 200 psi along with the opportunity to use it in a number of places because it is portable. The drain valve does sit quite low to the ground and it could get damaged if you do not work to protect it, but otherwise this is one of the best air compressors around. This highly recommended wheeled air compressor can be found here at a reduced price.

You need to take into consideration the jobs that you are going to undertake, if you buy an air compressor that is too powerful, then you may have problems with your power supply particularly if it does not give you the voltage that you require. If you but an air compressor that is not powerful enough then you may struggle to get your jobs done effectively and efficiently. This is why it is vital that you take your time and make sure you get the right tools for the job.

Finding a manual online

Once you have the correct air compressor you may need some help using it, fortunately you will be able to find a sears air compressor manual online (Found here)that you can download and print off. There are 29 different manuals available and you will also see there are contributions from site members who have given their own advice based on their experience of using that particular air compressor.

A range of compressors from Lowes

If you’re looking to buy a Lowes air compressor for use in your home work shop or garage then the PORTER-CABLE Porter-Cable 1.5 HP compressor may be ideal. It has a 26-Gallon tank and is capable of up to 150 Psi. This air compressor can be louder than some but using it continuously for seven days is possible.

The Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon air compressor boasts up to 200 PSI and can be used to a multitude of tasks. Although the tank just holds 20 gallons it can give you the same air power that a 26 gallon tank does. Another benefit of using this Campbell Hausfeld is that it’s very quiet and durable, allowing you to get on with your work without many distractions. This air compressor is very easy to move around and comes on a good set of strong wheel that supports the unit while you work.


Quincy Air Compressors & Other Models Including, Westinghouse, Titan & Palatek

Air compressors are vital tools when it comes to working in a wide range of industries and when working on projects around the home. If you’re looking for an air compressor that is going to be used a lot then a Quincy air compressor may work well for you. The Quincy reciprocating air compressor model # 2V41C60VC is a very quiet one and will not disturb those around you, it does not have as much power as some of the industrial ones, but neither does it overheat and it is pretty cheap to run, with a PSI of 175, and a capacity of 60 gallons, you will find that it has little vibration and is made to last.

The Quincy air compressor with MAX package model # P2101CS12VCBM is a very heavy duty air compressor that has a motor to match; it comes with 10 Horsepower and a PSI of 175 (Maximum) and a manual or portable drainage system. There is a guaranteed operating life of up to 50,000 hours, which means this air compressor will last you years, even if you do use it every day. Granted, this model is a lot more expensive than some, but it is definitely made to last and you should not need to replace it for a very long time.

The old Westinghouse air compressor

The Westinghouse air compressor is a very old type of machinery and was originally used on locomotives in 1869, it wasn’t however, before the manufacturers of this air compressor were able to modify it and make it suitable for use around the home. There are many videos that give you examples of how the Westinghouse air compressors work and they are worth watching if you’re interested, just so you can see for yourself how air compressors have changed through time. There is an interesting article about Westinghouse air compressors here and how this particular brand and others are used around the home. This article may help to give you a better idea as to how compressors are used, especially if you need to find out a bit more about them.


The Bendix range

You can find a good range of air compressors online and it might be worth your while having a look at a Bendix air compressor or two. There are air compressors sold by Bendix that only fit specific models and makes, for example the Flange Mount Tu-Flo 700 is specifically made to be used with Caterpillar models and may not be suitable for other brands. It has a water cooling system and is driven by an engine, with an inlet port on the left and an outlet port on the left/top. The Bendix range of air compressors are made to be used with industrial machines as they are very powerful and are in need to an expert to operate them.

For some really useful information about Bendix air compressors, you might want to take a look at this website as it explains the difference between the Bendix models and others. You will also be given more information about air compressors which could prove to be handy and some guidance in case you need to do a bit of trouble shooting.

The incredibly popular Titan air compressor

The TAC-2T commercial dual tank air compressor is an incredibly popular Titan air compressor that is suitable for use in a wide variety of places thanks to its ability to be moved around. It is quite a light piece of kit, but that does not mean that it cannot handle the work that you have in mind, and with 5 HP and a gauge that is easy to read you might be prepared to pay out over a thousand dollars for it. you can get up to 100 PSI, which isn’t a great amount but it is reasonable considering the TAC-2T can only hold up to 2.3 gallons.


Loooking at Palatek air compressors

There are many industries that need to use air compressors and if you want a bit of equipment that is suitable then you might consider a Platek air compressor as these are made specifically for industrial use. The Industrial air compressor 5M is very easy to maintain and has an auto drain setting which always proves very useful. There are some optional pieces of equipment that you can have added to the compressor, but you should be prepared to pay extra for these of course. Whatever you decide to add, you can be sure that the Palatek 5M is suitable for all the industrial jobs that you need to undertake.

For a much larger air compressor the Palatek D1600P1CA-D1600P1CA air compressor range is a unique and useful piece of equipment. This compressor is towable and will give you up to 125 PSI, it comes with a Caterpillar or a Cummins engine and dual air outlets. Because of its sheer size and strength, this range is not suitable for use within the home or home workshop; it is very powerful and should only be used by experts who are used to working with air compressors as strong as this.

The Hitachi air compressor

Getting back to an air compressor that can be used in the home as well as other settings, the Hitachi EC12 14.5 amp 2 horsepower, 4 gallon oiled twin hot dog compressor may be what you need. It is noisy however and this Hitachi air compressor could let you down in that respect, but it also delivers its promises and has proven to be very reliable. One of the great things about this product is that it’s not too expensive and you can find that you get great value for your money.

The Hitachi EC119 2.5 HP compressor is another air compressor that is not going to cost you a lot of money; it will give you a good 90 PSI and it is relatively lightweight, but it has proven to be somewhat unreliable after a few months. In this case, you do get what you pay for, so it may be worth looking elsewhere.


Nolreco Replacement Blades Product Review: Including hq9 & hq6 Shavers.

Depending on what make your Philips razor is, you should easily be able to find the replacement blades that you need. You must be aware that not every blade will fit every razor as the razors come in different shapes, sizes and are used for different styles and methods of shaving.

Replacement blades are very widely available but you will need to take a close look at the razor you wish to find the blades for, so you are aware of the specification and model number before you purchase the replacement blades that you need.

The Philips Norelco HQ8 Spectra Tripleheader Replacement Heads are excellent blades that fit the Norelco Spectra Razor and cover most of the 7000 series and the 8800 series of razors. The razors claim to last an entire year without having to be replaced, but if you have a beard that you like to trim frequently then they may need replacing a little more often.

If you’re looking for a quick shave then the Philips Norelco HQ9 SpeedXL Replacement Heads may just be what you are looking for, they are compatible with the SpeedXL and SmartTouchXL  razors and can give you the very fast shave that want. These blades do the job very well with just one drawback and that is because the outer and inner rings have different speeds which can cause frustration and the length of your beard or stubble to be slightly uneven should you not have the time to run the razor over it.

To get more of an idea about the cost of the nolreco replacement blades and which razors they need to be used for, you should take a look at the Philips website as it will go into greater detail.

Personal Care

Finding the right norelco shavers when it comes to your personal care is so important because it can help you get the look that you want. The Norelco Speed 8240 is perfect for a smooth and close shave that won’t take long to get rid of your unwanted hair, but because the blades are shorter than some of the other models it can prove difficult to use at first.

The Norelco 7310 is one of the cheapest shavers you can find in the Norelco range and although it does not promise very smooth or fast shaves, it is a very good razor that delivers its promises. The Norelco 7310 does not look like a cheaper model and although it is considered to be a ‘Budget’ razor it does the job properly and can be somewhat more reliable than the more expensive models.

Norelco shavers replacement blades

The Norelco Hq56/52 Reflex Plus replacement blades are suitable for use with the 6843XL despite being made for use solely with the hq55. If you do not shave every day, you can expect these blades to last a lot longer than the recommended six months, which can save you about $20 from time to time. You can expect the Norelco Hq56/52 Reflex Plus replacement blades to be hard to find however as they fit a razor that has been on the market for a number of years. proudly stock these excellent razor heads and they can be found here at a reasonable price.

A Really Good Shave

For a really good shave the Norelco hq8 Spectra and Sensotec replacement blades promise exactly what you want, they provide the user with a close and smooth shave without them having to replace the blades for a year at a time. These particular blades can be slightly more expensive and put people off buying them, but you get a great shave for your money thanks to the quality of this product.

Another high quality set of blades are the Norelco replacement blades hq9 that like the hq8 promise a close and smooth shave. The hq9 blades however are a bit more expensive but they are somewhat more reliable and shave just that little bit closer providing you with an even shave in a shorter amount of time. These blades work with a few of the 8000 series of Norelco razors as well as the SmartTouch-XL, and the Speed-XL sets too.

A Wide Selection For All

There is a wide selection of Philips Norelco replacement blades for everyone and you can be sure to find a razor that suits whatever style you are looking for and speed you prefer to shave with. There are varying prices and they all reflect the quality of the shave to a degree, you may be lucky and find a lower priced replacement blade that works exceedingly well for you.

There may of course be some difficulties in you try to use a replacement blade with a different razor as they are not all made to fit each and every one, but now and again you may just be lucky. There are cheaper replacement blades that come with a different brand name, but their performance will not be as good and you could in fact, end up damaging your razor permanently. It is therefore recommended that you always tick to using the Norelco replacement blades when you use a Norelco razor and shaving system.

Long And Short Hairs

Because our hair can often be of different lengths the Norelco replacement blades hq6 caters for this and it gives you the opportunity to switch between shaving long and short hairs at different times. After time the effectiveness of the blades is altered and you may need to replace the heads more frequently than is recommended on the packaging if you shave every day, but if you follow these guidelines you will find the Norelco replacement blades hq6 will work hard for you and give you the shave that you need without taking up too much of your time.


Finding the right razor for you is so important so you get the look and the level of comfort that you need and the right Norelco razor replacement heads can easily help your razor last for many years.

Makita Drills Review: 18 Volt, Hammer, Cordless, Tools & Parts

When it comes to doing a spot of work around the home or in the workshop, you need to find a drill that you can trust. Makita drills have become a brand that is trusted through-out the world and there are many different types of Makita drills and other products that will help you to achieve your desired objective. The Makita LCT200W 18 volt compact lithium-Ion cordless 2 piece combo kit is absolutely ideal if you have a lot of work to do and you need to use more than one drill. The kit comes with a 2 speed ½ inch driver drill that weighs just 3.5 pounds but can deliver as much as 450 inch-pounds of torque, and an impact driver that has variable speeds, this weighs just under 3 pounds and has 1,280 inch-pounds of torque. You do not get the greatest battery pack with this set, because of the power that is used when these drills are operational, but that should not deter you because of their power and how lightweight they are.

Maybe a single drill is what you need, and if this is the case then the Makita bare tool BTD141Z 18 volt LXT Lithium-Ion cordless impact driver might just be the drill that you are looking for. Weighing just 1.7 pounds, it will give you an incredible torque of 1,280 which is very surprising, but it is only really suited to light work and is not made for industrial use. If however you just want the Makita bare tool for light work then it will serve you well and has proven to be quite a reliable drill.

18 volt drills

For a tool that won’t let you down, you may like to take a look at the range of Makita drills 18v. The Bare tool Makita BHP454Z 18 volt LXT Lithium-Ion cordless ½ inch hammer driver drill is a pretty powerful tool that will let you drill through even concrete every easily. Priced at a lot lower than some you may not be too sure of this drills power, but it will give you a reasonable 560 pounds per inch of torque that shows this drill is not the strongest, but it will see you through your list of jobs. There is a big downside to buying this particular drill though, and that is it comes with no battery, so you will find yourself having to pay so much more than you originally thought.

For those who have less experience with drilling or are simply looking for a drill that is not that powerful, there is the Bare-tool Makita BHP452Z 18 volt LXT Lithium-Ion cordless ½ inch hammer driver-drill. This drill is a lot cheaper than some and of course it is a lot less powerful giving you only 450 pounds per inch of torque. You may not be disappointed with this drill if you intend to use it for projects around the home as it has proved to be powerful enough in those circumstances; the only major let down is that it does not come with a battery.

Cordless drills

There are a wide range of cordless drills on the market and you need to find a drill that will work well for you and give you the require results. You can find a large range of Makita cordless drills right here that deliver a variety of speed, power, torque and so much more.

There is also a large range of tools to choose from here and you can even view different tools depending on the kind of work you are about to do, which could make things a lot easier.

Makita tools

There is a vast range of Makita tools for sale online and these include the regular home and workshop tools and industrial tools that are used every day. Because there is such a great range you can always be sure to find the right tool for your job. Makita tend to make sure their products are pretty powerful and even some of the lightweight tools can deliver a torque speed that impresses.

It’s important that if you are looking for a drill for example to use in your home, that you don’t purchase one that is too powerful, particularly if you are not used to handling them. The more powerful the tool is, the heavier it is likely to be, so always ensure you get the correct tool for the job.

Hammer drills

Hammer drills help you to get the results you are looking for, but with less effort thanks to the hammer-like effect of the drill. The DEWALT Bare-Tool DCD950B ½ inch 18 volt XRP Hammer drill/Drill/Driver is a very popular drill and has three speeds for you to work with. This is a very powerful hammer drill that weighs less than four pounds, but there is no battery with this drill, so there will be some added weight and cost when you do add one.

The Hitachi FDV16VB2 5 amp  5/8 inch hammer drill is quite a basic drill, it’s lightweight and is described as being robust, but it’s not the strongest and should not be considered a heavy-duty drill either. Nevertheless it is not as noisy as some drills and it is specifically designed so that it won’t overheat, which is always a bonus when you’re using tools for hours on end.

Makita parts

If you like to use Makita drills and other tools then you will be pleased to know that there are many Makita parts for sale online, for example, there are over 500 different parts and products on, not to mention elsewhere. You should always ensure that you get your parts from a trusted seller who has a good reputation. Sometimes it is also tempting to buy parts that claim to be compatible with Makita tools, but you may on occasions find this is not the case and you could in fact damage your tools and the wood, concrete etc. that you are trying to work on. It’s worth shopping around for your Makita parts because you can find some great deals online.


Freud Router Bits, Sets & Amana products

When working with wood, you need to be sure that you have the right tools for the job so that you get a professional looking finish and the job done properly. Freud router bits can provide you with the flawless finish that you need while helping you to cut the wood easily. This particular range of router bits can be expensive but in most cases you get what you pay for and you will definitely get the results that you need with the Freud 13 Piece Super Router Bit Set that comprises of 13 differently shaped router bits that will give you the scope to deal with any job you come across. You can find this Freud router set here. The Freud 6 Piece Double Flute Straight Bit Set has of course fewer Freud router bits but even so, there is still a good range of bits that will give you the opportunity to create the effects that you need. This is a basic range and you cannot do anything particularly fancy but if it’s basic that you are after and you want value for money then this is what the Freud 6 Piece Double Flute Straight Bit Set will give you.

Saving Money

When it comes to saving money on your equipment, you will find that Whiteside router bits are great for your woodwork projects and they get the job done despite being somewhat cheaper. The Half Inch Shank Biscuit Joining Kit is very popular and very hard wearing. You do get what you pay for in some cases, but with this kit you get great value for money and you can view and buy the entire range of products from this website that stocks only Whiteside products.

The Most Popular

Freud routers are perhaps the most popular router bits in the woodworking industry thanks to their reliability and quality. As previously mentioned, they do tend to be a bit more expensive than some of the other makes of router bits, but if you want a finish that is right and tools that last you a long time, then price should not come into it. Buying cheaper router bits may give you the finish that you want for a short while, but if the bit is not strong enough then the quality of the work can begin to deteriorate somewhat over time. It can be more cost effective to pay for the more expensive router bits to begin with as opposed to having to keep buying the cheaper and less effective bits time and time again.

Should you use the router bits infrequently then it could make more sense to invest in the cheaper products, however when it comes to working with wood daily, the tougher the tools are, the better your results will be.

Thirty-One Sets

There are thirty-one different Freud router bit sets available and they range from the three piece round over/Beading bit set to the twenty six piece Artisan bit set. The three piece round over/beading bit set is of a high standard and can give a great look to various pieces of furniture and moldings. These bits can cut three different types of wood and all composition materials. The speed of cut is slower than some but that is Freud’s way of making sure you cut too deep, thereby ensuring you get the look you want and with little kickback.

The Freud twenty six piece Artisan bit set is of course a lot more expensive than the three bit set, but it does give you the opportunity to cut your wood in many different styles and includes different sized  four double flute straight bits, three different sized bearing flush trim bits, two Roman ogee bits and so much more. the only downside to this particular item is the price, but you are guaranteed to have a twenty six Artisan bit set that will last you for years and will continuously provide you with a high standard of work.

Amana Router Bits

Amana router bits are very popular, and there are eleven types of router bits available that have many different uses. Among the most popular is the Amana dado clean out shank carbide tipped router bit that is quite short at only one and five eighths of an inch long, but other than that, this is a good and powerful router bit that does the job properly.

The Amana flush trim/Pattern plunge shank carbide tipped router bit is another popular bit and can be used with table mounted routers and hand held routers alike. This is predominantly a plunge cutting tool and can be used on many different types of wood. If you have a shallow bit if wood to cut then this is perhaps not the right router but for you as it could ruin your template, other than that, it is an effective bit of equipment that is reliable and effective.

Custom Router Bits For A Unique Look

For a unique look to the wood you are working on then custom router bits can be purchased there are many sellers of these custom router bits who will gladly create the tools that you need to get the look you require. Although a custom made bit can be more expensive than buying the more traditional tools, they can help to complement your home, office, pieces of furniture or wherever you decide to use them.

Buying Router Bits Online

You will find there are a lot of router bits on the market but the most trusted is of course the Freud router bits; perhaps the best place to buy them is the Freud website itself because you are guaranteed to get a genuine Freud article. If you’re looking for some cheaper Freud products then you can of course look elsewhere, just make sure that if you’re paying for a Freud router bit, that you get a Freud router bit and not a substitute that will not be up to standard. The official Freud website is here and you will find a great range of high quality products to help you achieve your goal when you begin your woodworking project.



Ingersoll Rand Air Tools: Impact Wrenches, Dryers, Half Inch Drives & Air Guns

When it comes to using an air tool that is powerful and reliable then you might want to consider the range of Ingersoll rand air tools especially if you wish to do different types of maintenance work on any kind of vehicle. The Ingersoll Rand TiMAX 1/2-Inch air impact wrench is an extremely strong tool that can be used for hours at a time. It weighs just under four pounds, yet it can deliver the best ratio that you have seen in its class, an incredible 750 pound torque, which is yet to be beaten. The only downside to this air impact wrench is the price, but you do get what you pay for.

The Ingersoll Rand 2130 half inch heavy duty air impact wrench is another of the favorites in the maintenance industry, although it cannot give you as much torque as the TiMAX model, you may find the 550 pounds sufficient, and it’s certainly cheaper than the TiMAX too. For an impact wrench that does not deliver an phenomenal amount of torque, it is ok when it comes to handling, weight at just over four pounds can be a bit of a disappointment if you are used to the newer and faster models, but it works well for the price.

What about air impact wrenches?

When you are looking to buy or use some Ingersoll rand air impact wrenches then I can suggest you take a look at this website you will see that there is a wide range of air impact wrenches for you to choose from and they come in at different capabilities and prices that deliver a wide range of results. Getting the right wrench for the job is vital; if you choose one that is slow and has a lower torque then you could be wasting your time. Plus you need to find an air impact wrench that is comfortable to use for hours on end and is not too noisy. On the page that I have provided a link to is the opportunity for you to download a vehicle service catalogue that shows you the full range of Ingersoll products.

A range of Ingersoll rand air dryers

The Ingersoll Rand refrigerated air dryer 32 CFM is one of the most popular air dryers and it is appreciated by many because not only is it environmentally friendly by reducing its energy consumption when it’s output is less than the maximum cooling capacity, but it also works hard to ensure that the air is always dry and thus it helps to avoid damp and its associated problems. This is one of the smaller units on the market, and is not as powerful as some, yet it does do the job quite nicely and is self-contained. The small size (18 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 18 inches in height) means that not only is this one of the smaller air dryers, bit it’s relatively cheap too.

If you are looking for some bigger Ingersoll rand air dryers then it may be worth your while considering the Ingersoll Rand refrigerated Air dryer 106 CFM. Although this unit is not too much bigger than the 32 CFM air dryer it does have a bigger and better output and is able to be added to your air supply line and flow restriction can be reduced. This unit stands at 21.5 inches in length, 16.5 in width and 22.5 inches in height, providing you will a reasonably sized unit that delivers the dry air that you need without taking up too much room. This Ingersoll rand air dryer is a lot more expensive than the 32 CFM, but it does have  a better output.


Delivering the goods despite the size

Going back to the air tools, the Ingersoll Rand ¾ inch ultra-duty air impact wrench is ideal of you are looking for an Ingersoll rand ¾ in drive. It delivers an amazing 1200 maximum torque and weighs 7 pounds, making this particular impact wrench one of the fastest and strongest on the market, no wonder it’s so popular. If you are prepared to pay the price for this air impact wrench then you should go ahead, it can seem pricey, but you will receive an air tool that is second to none and even fits into small places which makes it so much better to use.

The Ingersoll Rand ¾ inch super duty air impact wrench is considerably cheaper than the previous model we looked at, but it still manages to deliver the goods. The maximum torque is slightly less at 1100 but and it does weigh an extra 5 pounds (12.4 pounds in total) but it’s still pretty fast and a valuable and reliable tool that should not be dismissed.

How about a ½  inch drive?

When it comes finding a small but powerful air impact wrench then you should consider the to the Ingersoll Rand TiMAX ½ inch, this is a very popular tool and for just under four pounds of weight you will get a maximum torque of 780, which is pretty good. Granted, it is not one of the most powerful but it is pretty good for its size and weight, and what’s more is it’s reasonably quiet too, meaning you can get on with your jobs and not be pestered by the noise that some air impact wrenches give you.

Last but by no means least, the Ingersoll rand air gun

The Ingersoll Rand TIMAX ½ inch titanium duty air impactool is incredibly popular thanks to its reasonable price and its ability to deliver a maximum torque of 780. In fact, it’s known to have the best power-to-weight ratio around and that quite something. This excellent Ingersoll rand air gun can be found here and weighs just over four pounds, meaning you can be sure to find it easy to work with while getting the jobs done quickly. There has been some disappointment in the past with regards to its torque rating, but the Ingersoll Rand TIMAX ½ inch titanium duty air impactool is a relatively small tool and this should be taken into consideration.


Finding The Right Hilti Tools: Drills, Sales, Laser Levels & Reviews

Getting the job done right, whether it is in the home, in your workshop or someplace else is vital and you are going to need some tools to help you achieve that. There is a selection of Hilti tools available to help you with all your drilling needs and that includes the Hilti SFH 18 A Hammer drill/driver 18 volt kit, this kit comprises of the drill, battery and charger, plus a side handle. The name may be a bit deceiving as the word ‘Kit’ seems to insinuate that you get more than just a charger and the battery which usually comes as standard, but you do get a good drill that is strong and reliable; be prepared to pay a lot of money for this particular model . Although some say the SFH 18 A hammer drill is worth the cost, there are those that state they have purchased ‘Better’ drills with a higher torque for less money.

The Hilti TE 70 hammer drill performance package is another great drill, but yet again the name of the product lets you down as it does not come as a ‘Package’ but a single drill. Having said that, the Hilti hammer drill a very good piece of equipment and is tough and resilient, it can be used to drill wood as standard, but also steel and this goes to prove how tough the drill is and can give you up to 280 r.p.m. The downside is the price as it comes at over $1,500, but if you need to use a drill constantly then you can rely on the Hilti hammer drill that is also comfortable to use as you do not need to use as much pressure when holding it.

The right prices

It’s important that you get the right tools, but it’s also important that you pay the right prices too, there are a number of websites that detail Hilti tools prices and this site is a good example clearly displaying the products and prices, it even has some shipping options if you cannot pick the tools up yourself.

There is of course, they sell a very large range of Hilti tools and the prices are all shown clearly without you having to look for them and you are sure to find a suitable tool for the work you have to do. Many of the items sold here have been reviewed by people who have bought the tools, so you should be able to get a clear understanding of how good/bad they are. There are also some great savings to be found on as they tend to slash the prices from time to time.

What about Hilti drills?

When taking a closer look at Hilti drills, you may come across the Hilti TE 7 rotary hammer drill performance package, this is a good drill and despite the fact that it weighs 14 pounds, it is fairly easy to use and comes with a hammering mechanism that will enable you to drill up to 5/8 inch. It’s very easy to get drill bits that will work with this rotary hammer drill and you should be able to get a good number of years work out of it.

The Hilti TE 2-Sd deluxe rotary hammer drill is a very strong and sturdy drill and has been made to be used in concrete and masonry, but it can be used with other materials without causing too much concern. The drill comes with a power cord that is four meters long, a side handle, and a depth gauge. Although the name suggests that it us a ‘Deluxe’ hammer drill, you can get better hammer drills for a lot less money.

Looking for a Hilti drills sale

saving money can be hard if you have a lot of tools to buy, but if you look out for a Hilti toils sale, you may just be in luck. This site has the entire range of Hilti products for sale and there are occasionally some price cuts, so it’s best to keep checking back and seeing what is on offer.

The Hilti laser levels

Gone are the days when you have to rely on a manual leveler to make sure your work is straight, and you don’t have to try hard to get the bubbles in-between the lines. The Hilti 377374 PML32 line laser can quickly and effectively do the work for you. It’s small enough for you to carry around with you all the time but it’s also strong enough to cope with any slight accidents that would ordinarily damage your tools and other levelers. The downside to this line laser is the price, and at over $300 you may wonder if it is worth the money, but it makes work so much easier and you will inevitable use it time and time again.

Another laser level is the PML 42 Self-leveling line laser and it comes with an extra beam of light that makes things even easier than before. Another bonus to having this line laser is the tripod that is part of the package; it makes it very easy to use this tool in all areas and can come in very handy when it’s needed in tight spots and relatively small spaces. As with the PML 32 line laser, the PML 42 line laser is quite expensive, but you do get what you pay for and it’s a piece of equipment that will serve you well and help you to do your jobs effectively.

Finding Hilti tool reviews

There are a great number of reviews online for all kinds of products and it is sometimes hard to find Hliti tool reviews that are longer than a few lines. Fortunately there is a website called ‘Tools In Action’ that has reviews on a wide range of Hilti products, and not just the well-known Hilti drills, but their range of circular saws, grinders, jig saws and more.

Reading a review can help you to determine how good a product is, but you should perhaps explore more than one review so you get a good idea as to how the tools will perform and whether you think they are worth the expense.


Gator Blades: Landscaping & Reviews

Gator blades have proven to be very popular in recent years when it comes to the world of landscaping and lawn mowing; they are excellent tools that get the job done quickly. Knowing which gator blade to use for the job in hand can be tricky as there are a lot of different types on the market, but if you do your research well, you should be able to find one that will do the job properly and last you for many years without causing you many problems

The 2 Gator mulcher 3 in 1 blades is one of the most popular sets of blades thanks to its strength (The steel has been made 20% harder) and longevity. At just over 21 inches long, 2 ½ inches wide and 0.18 inches this, these blades are suitable for use on five different types of lawnmowers and will give you a smooth and fast cut without needing to be sharpened for a very long time.

You can buy the set of three mulching Gator blades that have been made to replace the 152443, 157033, 163819 and 176084 blades used in a variety of lawnmowers. These particular blades are great because they leave a lot of the mulch in the grass and can therefore give you the protective cover that you need in order to keep the moisture in the grass. You will need to use all these blades as a set, so they can do their job properly, but that is the only downside.

Landscaping gator blades

If it’s landscaping Gator blades that you need then the Gator Mulcher Deere LP 396742 blade may be just what you need, it comes as a single blade which may be easier if that is all you need and it is a three in one blade that replaces the M128485, M144196, TCU15881 blades that you may have used in the past. Buying single blades can sometimes work out a bit more expensive, but you will be getting a very strong blade that does the job you want it to.

When you’re about to buy Gator blades

If you are just about to buy some Gator blades for the first time, you may be interested in knowing a little more about them and what makes them so special. You can find a lot of useful information right here. Although this website is specifically targeted at women, it does provide a lot of clear and concise information for everyone and there is something to be learnt from it. Knowing how the Gator blades work and why they are so good can help the user to understand a lot more about them and feel more comfortable while going about their jobs. This website also provides links to a number of other sites that sell a good range of Gator blades.

Gator blades tractor

If you need a set of Gator blades for a tractor/ride on lawnmower then the set of three Gator three in one mulcher blades that can be used to replace Craftsman, Poulan and Husqvarna blades, typically the 187254 and 187256 blades and they could be just what you are looking for. There are ideal for reducing the amount of grass that goes into the bag and will provide you with the cut that you need. Although they do tend to work better when the grass is not wet, they are an excellent set of blades that will prove to be very reliable.

Looking for a Gator blades review

When it comes to choosing the right Gator blades, it may come in handy to read a few reviews on the blades you are thinking of purchasing, you can find some good reviews here you will also see that there is a forum on this website too. The forum is there for people to add their own comments, reviews and suggestions about the different gator blades they use and if they think they are any good. Getting a lot of information about a set of blades you are thinking of using can prove very useful and help you to determine whether they are worth the money you are thinking of shelling out for them.

You will find the most popular shopping websites to have a few reviews on the gator blades that they sell, but they can occasionally be quite limited and few and far between, so taking a look at a site that is specifically dedicated to gator blades is usually a good idea.


For top quality Gator blades Husqvarna is the name to trust

Husqvarna is a very well-known company and it sells anything from chainsaws to Gator blades and everything in between, if you have a lawn mower that requires Gator blades then you might want to consider using the set of three, Gator 3-in-1 mulcher Blades that have been made to replace the Husqvarna blades 187254 and 187256. These blades are typically very strong and they have proven to be an excellent addition to your mowing needs, measuring 18 ½ inches in length, 2 ½ inches wide and 0.187 inches thick, these three in one blades could prove to be very effective for you. Although a little pricey, these blades will provide you with the cut you need and give you those results in a very short space of time.

The Oregon 96-344 18 inch Gator Mulcher blade with a three in one high lift is suitable for replacing Husqvarna blades, so if you cannot get hold of Husqvarna blades or you are looking for a cheaper model then this blade should do the trick. It actually replaces more than forty different types of blades including the Husqvarna turf blades model numbers 100341, 101485, 363055 and 363245. The blades are sold individually however, but their price is pretty reasonable depending on where you shop.

Getting the right blades for your lawnmower or your tractor/sit on lawn mower is vital. If you get the right set of blades then you can get the perfect short grass in a fraction of the time, plus thanks to their strength and longevity, the gator blades will not need sharpening for a very long time.

Finding The Right Used Welders: Lincoln, MIG, TIG, Miller

There are a wide variety of used welders available and knowing which one to buy can be a complicated matter. Before you even begin your welding job you need to take a look at what the welders can do for you and see how they perform. It is essential that you get the right welder for the right job so you get the results that you need. Without having to over your budget you can purchase perfectly good used welders that will help to give you the results that you need.

Welders Of Excellence

When it comes to buying a welder that has a global reputation for excellence, you should consider the range of used Lincoln welders; these welders are of the highest standard and can provide you with some very high quality welds. The Invertec range of Lincoln welders have proven to be extremely popular as they are suitable for any job and can be used for thin metal work or larger and more solid structures. This particular range comes in three models, the 135S, 150S and the 170S, each with their own unique abilities that will help to meet your welding needs. Although the Invertec range of welders is highly adaptable and tough, they are quite expensive, but you do get what you pay for and they are without a doubt some of the best welders around. For a thorough look at Lincoln welders visit the Lincoln Electric site, it goes into great detail about all the Lincoln welders so you can read up on them before buying the used Lincoln welders of your choice.

Fast And Versatile Welding

MIG welding is one of the fastest and versatile forms of welding and is one of the most common forms of welding throughout the world. The Wolf 135 Amp Gas/No Gas Turbo MIG Welder is a popular choice when it comes to smaller jobs such as welding car sills and making the vehicle safe to drive. There have been a few problems with the spool reel not staying in place from time to time but overall it has proven to be a reliable welder that is worth every penny. If you’re looking for a slightly more powerful MIG welder then the 150 Amp made by Jack Sealey could be the right welder for you. It promises excellent performance and the entire unit is of a very high standard. Because this particular welder is made to hold larger bottles of gas, you will struggle to find a spot for the more popular smaller cylinders that are easy to get hold of. Nonetheless, the MIG Welder by Jack Sealey is one of the better used welders that you can find.

TIG Welders You Can Use Anywhere

If you’re looking for some used TIG welders for use in your workshop at home then I can suggest the SWP Arc 120 TIG, it is has a smaller output that the industrial used welders but it is perfect for those who do not have much experience with welding. Although this particular welder cannot weld anything much thicker than 3 millimeters, it is great as an ‘Entry level’ welder for those that wish to take their first steps in the welding world.

One of the most popular TIG welders is the Wolf Combination TIG200 & DC Inverter Welder, simply because it gives you the opportunity to undertake two forms of welding at a lower cost. This welder weighs just under 15 kilograms and is suitable for use on steel and stainless steel while giving you up to 200 amps in power.  For a TIG Welder that gives an outstanding performance the Blue Brand TIG Welder 180 may be just what you are looking for. Although this welder is more expensive that the Wolf Combination welder, it can provide you with up to 4 millimeters of welding and can be used at work or in your workshop at home and it comes with two preset pulse modes and a torch which is vital.

From The Basic To The Most Powerful

Used Miller welders can give you the welding opportunities that you need, no matter where you want to use the welders. There at least half a dozen different types of Miller welders and they all have different capabilities. When you are looking to buy some used welders, this is perhaps one of the ranges that you need to look closely at, simply because of the wide variety of machinery that is available.

The Miller-Matic 140 Autoset is the most basic welder that you can find however, it boasts an ‘All-in-one’ facility that incredibly allows you to weld up to 4.8 millimeters and it can be used pretty much anywhere you want. Although this is what I would call a ‘Starter’ welder and it does lack the key features of some of the more complex models, it is reasonably priced and a pretty flexible piece of machinery.

If it’s a Miller TIG welder that you need then maybe the Dynasty 350 Series is the welder for you.  This incredibly powerful machine can weld up to 15.8 millimeters of Aluminum and steel, making it more suited to the welding industry. The Dynasty 350 Series gives you a lot more power than smaller models do, but it does this while weighing a lot less than some. Take a close look at the Miller range of welders at before choosing the right used welders for you.

The Global Brand

As I have previously mentioned, Lincoln Welder are a brand that are known for their excellency and wide range of abilities. There are seven different types of Lincoln Welders ranging from the smallest of MIG welders that come in at just 120 Amps to the Powerwave C300 Advanced Process Welder that gives you a high standard of welding no matter what jobs you need to undertake. You will be able to find a great deal of used welders that carry the Lincoln name, which means you can rely on them to do the jobs they are built for. Although these welders can be pricey, you can benefit from using a welder that is made by a global company who can provide you with all your welding needs.

Extreme Welding

Miller welders are another well-known brand that promises to deliver a constantly good result time after time. The X-Treme range of welders is a cut above the rest but also come in at a hefty price. The Spectrum  625 X-Treme can weld an incredible 15 millimeters of mild steel while weighing only 9.5 kilograms, but at the same time providing you with the opportunity to meet your welding needs.

Because there is a wide variety of welding equipment to choose from, you may feel stuck for choice, but once you realize what your welding needs are, you can then begin to decide which used welders can work well for you.


Finding The Right Dumpy Level For The Job: Hire, Automatic & Laser,

Using a dumpy level is an important part of construction work and it can help to determine the level of the ground at a specific site or the height of various points within a building. The results that can get gained from using a dumpy level will determine how deep foundations can be dug and how much work will have to be done, amongst other things. Finding the right dumpy level for the job can be just as important as the job itself. Not only can dumpy levels be used on construction sites, but they can also be used within the home; however their use is limited to much smaller jobs and us more suited to DIY and trying to get pictures, for example, to hang straight. Any other use in the home should be left to the dumpy levels that are suited to any mainly used by the construction industry.

The CST/Berger 55 CAL26D 26X automatic optical level is quite a popular dumpy level and it can magnify things up to twenty-six times, meaning that even something that is over three hundred feet away can be easily read, including the numbers on a tape measure at that distance. This is a very strong piece of equipment, but it does not lock and that may cause problems from time to time, but other than that, the CST/Berger 55 is a pretty good dumpy level and it’s not too expensive.

The CST/Berger SAL 24KIT 24X automatic level could almost be considered the ‘Big Brother’ to the CST/Berger 55, and you will be pleased to know that it is lockable. This dumpy level will give you an incredibly accurate reading and fast, making it one of the better levels on the market, yes, this particular model is pricey, but it is worth every cent and is sure to last you for many years while giving you the reading that you need and quickly, so you can get on with the job in hand.

Dumpy level  hire

For dumpy level hire, you need to take a look at this website  it will give you a good indication as to how much you may have to pay for the dumpy level or levels that you need and let you know if a minimum order is required. You may have to look through the site to see what dumpy levels are available in the area that you live, but it will also give you a good idea of the cost of dumpy level hire. It’s worth remembering that some of the smaller hiring companies charge more than the bigger ones, so it can pay to shop around.

Automatic and laser levels

When it comes to choosing between popular automatic and laser levels, you should consider the Black & Decker Bullseye auto leveling laser, this laser automatically sets the level which means you have less work to do. It also works well for use within the home and is fairly easy for anyone to use. The majority of Dumpy levels are made for use on construction sites, but these days there are more and more that are suitable for use elsewhere and are easier to use than a normal leveler that is not always that reliable, especially if the bubbles tend to keep moving on the much older models.

For a top of the range product that will work well on construction sites and function perfectly well no matter how harsh the weather is, the Spectra precision Laser LL300 2 automatic self-leveling Laser level could be the perfect tool for you. It is not cheap and has been known to cost almost one thousand dollars, but with that price you also get an incredibly durable and tough piece of machinery that measures extremely accurately and comes with a tripod and even a remote control, to make things a lot easier for you.

The automatic dumpy level

To save yourself time and get some pretty accurate measurements, why not consider an automatic dumpy level? The Nikon, AC-2S 24X automatic level is ideal for use in the construction and civil engineering industries thanks to its water resistance, clear and sharp images and the fact that this particular model will always let a lot more light in; this means that you are constantly able to see more and can therefore get the accuracy that you need. Even if you need to use the Nikon H, AC-2S in a small spot or on an uneven surface, it will not let you down, and that is why it is quite popular, but this is not reflected in the price, which is an added bonus.

Correct use of a dumpy level

It’s important that you use dumpy level correctly and you can find details of how to do this right here  this site will show you how to set it out, talk you through different points and help you to understand exactly how a dumpy level works.

There is another good website here that explains in thorough detail about how to use a dumpy level and the other names that they go by. The more you read up on how to use a dumpy level, the more you will learn and succeed at getting some accurate measurements.

Laser levels

Going back to a laser level that is suitable for use within the home, whether you are hanging pictures or doing small bits of DIY, the Black & Decker BDL100AV all in one sure grip laser level is a highly recommend piece of equipment that clearly indicates through a change in the color of a laser whether or not something is level. There have been a few problems with the suction cup and people have remarked that it does not work very well on walls that have been painted, but other than that, it is a highly recommended laser level that you can easily leave on for a couple of hours if needs be, without fear of the laser turning off.


Dewalt Air Compressor Review Guide: Portable Electric, Reviews & Shop

If you’re in need of an air compressor that is strong and sturdy while delivering a good range of PSI then you should consider the DEWALT 4 ½ gallon 200 PSI hand carry compressor, this particular air compressor comes with wheels which means it is very portable even though it gives you up to 200 PSI. If you want an air compressor that is quiet then I would again recommend this one to you as it will not leave you shouting in order to be heard. You will need to keep an eye on the valve from time to time that adjusts the air pressure to make sure there are no cracks so the air does not escape, but all in all this is an excellent Dewalyt air compressor that should prove quite reliable.

If four gallons is not enough then the DEWALT 200 PSI 15 gallon 120 Volt electric wheeled portable compressor might just be the air compressor that you have been looking for. Granted, it is a lot more expensive and it does deliver the same PSI as the 4 ½ gallon compressor, but it will work exceptionally hard for you and has a very fast recovery time. This air compressor is ideal for those who need to use a compressor frequently, if not daily and for hours at a time.

Dewalt portable electric air compressor

Sometimes it is just a lot more convenient to have a portable air compressor and you can easily find a Dewalt portable electric air compressor, the DEWALT 1.6 horsepower 200 PSI oil-free portable compressor could be perfect for the job. This model is very quiet and will not disturb you or others who are trying to work hard, it is also horizontal which makes it ideal for using in small places where other electric air compressors may fail to reach.

The DEWALT 1 Gallon 135 PSI max trim compressor is another portable electric air compressor, it is however very small and is not as powerful as the aforementioned compressor. Standing at just 10 ½ inches high and weighing only 24 pounds, the trim compressor really lives up to its name. If you want to use this compressor on your car then you will have to buy separate attachments which may prove costly, but other than that, this trim compressor should be perfect for the smaller jobs and its portability will help when it comes to working in tight places that other bigger air compressors cannot reach.


Compare Dewalt air compressors

if you would like to compare the Dewalt air compressor that you are thinking of buying with other compressors of a similar specification, then you will need to make sure that those you are looking at are suitable for the jobs you intend to use them for. It may be tempting for you to buy the most portable air compressor or the one with the largest amount of PSI, but it’s absolutely vital that you purchase the most appropriate air compressor for the jobs you want done.

If you buy a compressor with a low PSI then you may not be able to finish the jobs on time, if at all, if you buy a compressor that is too strong then you could damage the project you are working on.

When you are about to use a compressor for the first time, then it’s recommended you buy one that has a smaller PSI particularly if you are just going to use it in your home workshop, this will get you used to the feel of it and it won’t be so powerful that you are afraid to use it. Have a good look at the product specifications and see what the air compressor is used for, this way you can be sure that you will buy one that is perfect for the job in hand.


Dewalt air compressor reviews

If you are looking for some Dewalt air compressor reviews that you should take a look at this site  as they have some extensive reviews by customers and experts in the field. These reviews will help you to further understand what type, size and strength of air compressor you need, without making it too complicated.


How about an electric wheeled portable air compressor?

if it is an electric wheeled portable air compressor that you need then the ever popular Makita MAC5200 big bore 3 horsepower air compressor could be exactly what you need. This excellent piece of machinery that has a fast recovery time is very popular due to the fact that it is portable, relatively lightweight and can be used in a wide variety of settings for many different jobs. Although the maximum PSI is quite low as compared to some, the Makita MAC5200 is a very reliable piece of equipment that although louder than some, delivers its promises and will not let you down.

If it is a Dewalt electric wheeled portable air compressor that you are looking for then the 1.1 horse power continuous 4 gallon electric wheeled air compressor with panel could be right up your street. Just as the Makita compressor delivers only 90 PSI, so does this model, despite having more horsepower. You can use a number of tools at the same time when using this compressor, so even though it only has a four gallon capacity, you can have more than one person using it, which sets it apart from some of the other air compressors on the market.


Searching for a shop

if you are convinced  you need to buy an air compressor then I can suggest you take a look at this air compressor shop,  it provides you with a wide range of air compressors to choose from and helps you to understand exactly what type of compressor you need. Another great place to find some air compressors is here where you will also get the opportunity to read some good and some bad reviews on a lot of the air compressors for sale, as with the first shop, there is a wide range of compressors for sale here too.

Devilbliss Air Compressor Review Guide: Coleman, Air Power Company Parts, Generators & Pressure Washers

When you’re looking for an air compressor to help you use any kind of air tool then the devilbliss air compressor EXFAC200 may be what you are looking for, particularly if you do not require one that has a large psi, this particular air compressor has a psi of just 125, it’s ideal if you need to use an air compressor for smaller jobs for around the home and in your workshop, but for use on a daily basis and with powerful tools you will need to find an air compressor that delivers a lot more than this one does.

For a more heavy duty air compressor, the Emglo air power 1.1 HP continuous 4 gallon electric hand carry compressor may be just what you are looking for, it is not up there with the ‘Big boys’ but it does provide a lot more power and will work hard for you and as long as you want it to. The downside to this particular compressor is the weight, but it is manageable and will work well. Even though this air compressor does claim to be ‘Continuous’, you will find that it will need to cool down before you use it again.

What about the Coleman air compressor?

For a lot of information and detail about the Coleman air compressor, you should take a look at this site although it is run by a company that is smaller than some, it does give you a lot of much-needed information and can help you get the spare parts that you need for your Coleman air compressor. There are also detailed diagrams that show you various air compressor models and their ins and outs, making it so much easier for you to determine what parts you need in order to get your air compressor working once again.

Buying Devilbiss air power company parts

When you need Devilbliss air power company parts, you need to find a site that has a wide range of products that will cater for your every need. You can find a particularly good site here that will give you the opportunity to find exactly what it is you are looking for. You will need to select from a variety of options, including the parts menu and then once you are taken to another page you need to select the Devilbliss range of products, but once you have done that you will be presented with the opportunity to buy the parts that you need, dependent on where you live/work.

The Devilbliss airline filter/Water/Oil trap that comes with a 50 Foot hose is a great air tool, it is not an air compressor as such but if you need to find something to clear the air of oil and excess moisture while you work then this product will do that for you. It is quite pricey and that is the only downside. It is however worth the money you pay for it as it never seems to clog up.

The Devilbliss generator

If you need a generator then the Devilbiss GT5000 5 kilowatt generator may just be the right one for you. If you want to use it within the home then you must make sure you are aware of how a generator works and how to use it safely as incorrect use can be very dangerous. This generator is great when it comes to providing you with about ten hours of power and can easily be used within the home or in a workshop or on a construction site. You may need to call a professional in to help you install the generator if you are not experienced with installation, but apart from that, the Devilbliss GT5000 should not cause you many problems and is safe to use in a wide variety of places.

Finding the generators you need

Devilbiss air power company generators can be quite hard to find as there is not a great range of them out there, and the ones you easily come across are not always suitable for constant use, they may in fact just be ok to use in the home or for a short period of time on a construction site, but the Devilbiss name is more associated with power tools and air compressors as opposed to company generators.

A good generator is the Power back 5,250 watt portable generator that can give you up to ten hours of power if it’s running at full throttle, and up to seven if it’s running at half power. With its nine inch wheels, the Power back is quite easy to maneuver. There have been occasional problems with the rotor, but for its price, it is quite a good generator that should serve you well and give you little trouble.

The Devilbiss pressure washer

The Devilbiss air power company pressure washer is a high pressured hose that is able to clean almost anything and very effectively. You will find that just using this pressure washer will give you the level of cleanliness that you need while ensuring that the items you wash are not damaged. If you’re looking for particularly high powered pressure washers then you need to look out for those that run on gasoline, but you will have to be prepared to pay a lot more for these. On top of the extra cost you will of course have to buy the gasoline too, but if you don’t expect to use the pressure washer that often then it will not be too expensive for you. For smaller cleaning tasks, you should look to use an electric pressure washer as these will give you a smaller PSI without fear of damaging your property while still managing to get rid of the dirt.

Always make sure that you select the correct pressure washer for the job, you don’t want it to be too powerful and have it damage your property, but you need it to be powerful enough so that it gets rid of the dirt, grease, mud and so much more.



Chainsaw Sharpening Review Guide: Kit,Tools, Electric, Machines & Equipment

When you are using a chainsaw fairly frequently, it’s important that you know how to sharpen it so that it functions properly for you and gives you the results that you need. Chainsaw sharpening is essential and knowing exactly how to go about it can make a difference to the work that you do and the quality of the cut. For a thorough guide as to how to sharpen a chainsaw correctly take a look at this website, it explains every procedure that you need to undertake and gives you a video that you can watch that explains the sharpening technique for you.

Having the right kit

When you’re about to sharpen your chainsaw, you are going to need a chainsaw sharpening kit, there are many different kits that you can choose from but a particularly good one is the Oregon  Chainsaw sharpening kit, that comes with a 5/32 inch file diameter as well as an assembled file frame amongst other tools. This sharpening kit is great considering its low price and works very well, constantly ensuring your chainsaw works just as well as a new one.

The Eze-Lap sharpeners CSK chainsaw sharpening kit is a little more expensive than the Oregon sharpening kit but this is because it comes complete with a charger that you can plug into the cigarette lighter in your car. With a seven inch cord and a plug, you will have a chainsaw sharpening kit that will go wherever you want to take it, and it can easily be stored inside your car and taken out when it’s needed. The only downside to this chainsaw kit is that it could drain your battery if you use it too much, but as it doesn’t have a very high voltage, the chances of that are quite slim.

Forgetting the kit but choosing the tools

Rather than looking for an entire sharpening kit, you may just be in need of some chainsaw sharpening tools, and these are fairly easy to get hold of. The Dremel 1453 chainsaw sharpening attachment works very well and comes with three different sharpening stones and is compatible with nine different Dremel saws. The bonus is that these tools can be fitted to many attachments so that if you are not able to have easy access to electricity then you can simply add them to a rotary tool that will help you sharpen your chainsaw.

The Milescraft 2001 Chainsaw sharpening bit for rotary tools comes with two four millimeter tool bits so that you don’t have to buy a whole bundle of tools that you don’t need right now. These rotary tools have been diamond covered which means that they last a lot longer than some of the other rotary tools out there thanks to the added durability the diamond provides. These rotary bits make sharpening so simple and a lot faster, but they must be used with Milescraft chainsaws or other saws that are similar, otherwise they won’t do the job properly.

Making life easier

Electric chainsaw sharpening is preferable to sharpening your chainsaw manually, some people like to send their chainsaws away to be repaired and in some cases they may even remove the chain and replace it with a new one. Thankfully you do not have to go to these lengths because you can sharpen your chainsaw and save a lot of time. The Electric chainsaw sharpener 85 watts can be found here and it may give you a bit of an idea as to how much easier it us to use an electric chainsaw sharpener. This sharpener is fairly easy to use and a wide variety of chainsaws can be sharpened without much trouble.

The Oregon bench-mounted chain grinder is an excellent hydraulic chainsaw sharpener, and although it is a bit expensive, you can be sure to get value for your money. This particular grinder/sharpener comes with a wheel that has three different thicknesses and is suitable for chains that range from one quarter of an inch to 0.4 inches thick. Knowing you have a chainsaw sharpener that works as effectively as this one can be somewhat of a relief if you have struggled to find a sharpener in the past, or you have not been satisfied with how your sharpener has worked. A downside to this particular model is not the machine itself, but the instructions that come with it, if you are experienced when it comes to using sharpeners then you should not have a problem.


The right chainsaw sharpening machine

Finding the right chainsaw sharpening machine is essential, particularly if you use your chainsaw frequently and you want to keep it at its best. You can find a wide range of chainsaw sharpening machines here and they are all made by Oregon who sell most of the world’s chainsaw sharpening equipment, simply because of the high standard they insist every one of their products has. Buying your sharpener from here can work out to be cheaper as there are often price cuts.

Getting the angle right

When it comes to sharpening your chainsaw you need to make sure that it is set at the correct angle. Failure to do this will result in a bad cut that you may have to alter again and again. A bad angle can also put strain on your chainsaw and stop it from working effectively. The PFERD 25 to 30 Degree Angle is an extremely cheap product and will work hard for you to make sure that you constantly get the angle that you need. Because of the cost, this angle may not be suitable for all chainsaws and it is recommended that it is only used on those that have a plastic handle, but it does its job effectively and can let you cut the wood that you need without compromising on quality and indeed safety.


Always make sure that you have access to sharpening equipment that works well and lets you do the job in hand. Remember a sharp chainsaw that cuts at the angle you need will save you a lot of time and effort while ensuring your job is well done.

Chain Link Fence Review Guide: Wire Fence, Galvanized, Black Chain & Fence Fabric

Looking for a chain link fence and a price that suits you is a highly important job because these fences can help to keep unwanted guests out, and they help to keep your property and goods secure. When you are on the lookout for some chain link fence prices you need to consider a few options:

Is the type of fencing you require readily available or will it have to be manufactured specifically for you?

Are you looking for the right materials for your chain link fence?

Is the fence going to last you for years without needing repair?

Can the chain link fence stand all kinds of weather and keep your buildings/goods/animals safe?

You need to consider all these options but you also need to consider the price of the fence because this can help to determine the quality of the fencing that you buy. You will find a wide range of prices wherever you search on the internet; it may make more financial sense to buy your chain link fence from abroad because despite the delivery costs it may still work out cheaper.

Popular Fences

The Master Halco Chain Link Fence is quite a popular fence and can give you fifty meters of security while it stands at forty-eight inches high. This is quite a tough chain link fence and has even been galvanized before it was weaved to ensure that it does not rust and it is further protected from damage. While being relatively cheap, this particular fence which can be found here  is only suitable for residential properties so you may need to look elsewhere if you want a fence that is very strong and sturdy.

For a much stronger chain link fence you should consider purchasing the ‘Galvanized chain link Fabric’ from, this is a very strong and sturdy fence that is meant for business or home use. Not only has this fence been galvanized but it has also been knuckled too and that helps prevent sharp edges and burrs. This product is very heavy so you should be prepared to pay for the shipping costs; however there is a limit as to how much fencing you can have shipped at any one time simply due to its weight.

Chain link fence installation

What about the installation process?  When it comes to installing a chain link fence it is vital that you ensure that install your chain link fence correctly as this can help to increase the effectiveness and life of the fence that you have paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars for. You can find a guide on how to install a chain link fence here this will also help you to ensure you have the correct products and tools for the job.

If you someone to do the chain link fence installation for you then you will need to have a look around for some quotes. Doing the job yourself can prove to be tricky but if you have found the right type of fence and you have the tools to complete the job then you may want to give it a try.

Wire fence prices

The Keystone Steel and Wire Red Brand High-Tensile Field Fence is a rather good wire fence that is sold for $186.43 on, and is suitable for use in a field as the name suggests. Because this fence has been made to keep animals in rather than people out, you may not get the security that you need if that is what you are looking for. This is however, an excellent wire fence that will help to keep your animals where they should be while it remains strong and sturdy at all times.

The G&B Econoline Galvanized Welded Fence is considerably cheaper than the aforementioned fence and it is idea for use in areas where you do not need strong wire fencing, but rather to mark a border or to keep smaller animals in. Because the fence has been galvanized it will give you that added touch of security but it may lack the height that you need, having said that, it is great value for money and is sold on for just $39.15.

For A bigger choice take a look at Menards prices

If you would like to take a look at the Menards prices for chain link fences then you will see there is a vast range, the prices begin at $86 and go as high as $692, there are many different types of chain link fences for sale and the price reflects the length and type of fence you buy as well as the quality of the product. The most expensive product is the 144’’ x 50’ Galvanized fence that will provide you with 50 feet of fencing while it stands at 144 inches high, and comes with 2 inch holes. The cheapest fence that you can buy is the 42’’ x 50’ Galvanized fence that will give you pretty much the same level of protection but the holes are a little bigger at 2 and a quarter inches. It does however work out much cheaper to buy the longer fence if you have a lot of ground to cover, rather than a lot of smaller ones.

What about black chain link fence prices?

If you are interested in buying a black chain link fence then you will find a good range of those at there is only one make of chain link fence available, but they do come in four different prices, depending of course on their length and height. The most popular of the black chain link fences is the 42’’ x 50’ vinyl coated fabric that is sold for $124.00. The downside to this product is that it is made from extruded PVC and not galvanized metal; it is however a pretty tough fence that can last for many years.

Buying your chain link fence from popular stores

The Yardguard Gauge Chain Link Fabric can be found at Home Depot, Home Depot prices are lower than some and this particular fencing costs only $219.00 and you will get a six foot by fifty foot fence that is suitable for home and business use, it isn’t the strongest fence but is good for lighter jobs.

If you want a good variety of chain link fences at a reasonable price then you should take a look at Lowes prices and the selection of fences they sell. There are three different colors available at many different lengths and strengths. The downside is the prices that you pay is dependent on where you live and these could vary drastically due to product availability.



Beam Vacuum Review Guide: Central Vacuum Systems, Parts & Cleaners

Using a beam vacuum in the home or office is a much easier and convenient method of helping to keep the rooms dirt-free, and they are proving to be increasing popular when new apartment and office blocks are being built. The BeamQ Power Team Central Vacuum is a very good model and even comes with LED headlights for those hard to see places and a telescopic wand that makes vacuuming so much easier. The cost of this beam vacuum is quite high, but for the price you do get a useful tool that won’t give you many problems and will save you dragging a heavy regular vacuum around.

The Eureka economy power head attachment kit is of course a considerably cheaper vacuum, but at the same time it is also a lot lighter than some of the other more expensive models. Although this power head attachment kit is not as strong and sturdy, it does promise you years of hard work and reliability.

Understanding central vacuum systems

A lot of information about central vacuum systems, how they work and how they can benefit your home, office space, or wherever you choose to use them, can be found here  plus there is also a short video for you to watch that can help you to further understand how central vacuum systems are used.

The central vacuum systems 475 watt deluxe power unit can help to bring your beam vacuum to life, it is a powerful unit that is suitable for homes that have up to 3000 feet and it has a very easy mechanism that ensures you can empty it very easily and this can sometimes be half the battle. The price is not a bad one considering the capacity of the unit, but I would advise shopping around to ensure you get the best deal.

Make life easier

For use with one of the best beam central vacuum systems, you can buy an attachment that you can use in your garage. The AirVac deluxe garage/car tool kit makes life so much easier if your garage is a distance from the house, or having an extra attachment will make your life a bit easier. You can leave your regular hose in your house and use this one specifically for your garage and car, meaning there’s less chance of dirt being carried by foot to and from your house and garage. Although there doesn’t seem to be as much power in the AirVac deluxe garage/Car tool kit, you will still find that it picks up the majority of the dirt that you wish to vacuum away.

The Electrolux central vacuum stretch hose kit is another useful tool and in fact it comes with a few more attachments than the AirVac deluxe garage/Car tool kit, it does cost slightly more but in principal it works just the same. Despite the fact that it can be reluctant to stretch out, the 32 feet hose is still pretty easy to use and can save you having to carry your other hose and its attachments to another part of your home or building.

What about the parts?

From time to time we will all need to replace some of the beam vacuum parts, fortunately there is a wide range of these parts available for us and the Beam Q power brush and wand is a really good one. The downside to this power brush is that it’s not suitable for the round hoses, but it’s very good at its job and is worth the cost despite the lack of attachments. This power brush can be found here and is ideal if you do not need to replace every part of your beam vacuum system.

If the previous power head seemed a bit too pricey for you then the Centec electric brush power head 14 inch may be just what you have been looking for. It comes in at a much lower price and promises to deliver the same standard as the more expensive models. What’s more is that it will even tell you when the area you have been vacuuming is clean, thanks to some excellent sensors that come with this power head. The only downside is that you could find the power cord on your Nutone hose to be too short,  so you will need to buy an adaptor, but this shouldn’t be a problem as you will save a good few hundred dollars when you buy the Centrec electric brush power head.

The complete set

When you’re looking for some beam vacuum cleaners and not just the parts and accessories then you should consider the Beam 012266 BeamQ power team central vacuum as it comes with a power head and hose, plus the LED lights that have helped to make it so popular are also included. This hose is sold at about the same price as the Beam Q power brush and wand which means you get a great deal on a product that is sure to last you a good few years without much trouble. Buying a complete set such as this obviously works out cheaper than buying the various attachments but you will need to make sure that there are some replacement parts readily available so that you can buy those rather than having to pay out for an entire beam vacuum cleaner again.

What about the service?

When it comes to installation and servicing, you need to make sure there are some experts to hand when you need them. There are such experts that can come and fit your entire beam vacuum system into your home, office etc. and do a very professional job while giving you tips on how to look after your beam vacuum system and what to do if and when things go wrong. One such service can be found here and you will see they go into great detail about how they can help you should you need a hand with installation and repairs.


Wood Carving Knives Review Guide: Best Ones, Whittling, Carving, Beginners, Sets & Folding Knives

A piece of wood can be shaped into almost anything. We can carve a wooden block into many different things. Wood carving can help us to unleash the artist in us and we can create many different artistic things from a piece of wood. Wood carving knives are great tools for the expert carvers that help them to carve out almost anything. The knives that are used for wood carving are also used to make the wood pieces smooth, to trim them and to make them round.

A wood carving knife is a very important tool to fulfill the woodworking task, and to carve out useful things and beautiful sculptures. There are various wood carving tools available for the wood carvers. The real wood carving lovers love to have different kinds of carving knives that are available just like a woman who has an insatiable desire for jewelries of latest design.

Types of Woodcarving Knives

Wood carving knives consist of two main parts – the blade and the handle. It is very necessary for the blade to be thin so that it finely cuts and pares the wood to give it a sophisticated finishing. The long handle of a wood carving knife makes it possible to have a better grip of it so that it does not slip out of the hand while doing your carving job. There are different types of carving knives available depending on the kind of job the carver wants to do with it. The types of woodcarving knives include:

Rough-out carving knives– The rough-out knives are great for every type of wood carving. It is designed in such a way that it removes plenty of wood when the wood is hit with the carving knife. The rough-out knives have a pointed and sharp blade that has a straight cutting edge. These knives are not suitable for making fine designs but these can be used to chop of big chunks of wood from the block.

Detail carving knives– The detail knives are used to make fine cuttings to the wood after the bigger parts of wood has been carved out. This type of knife cannot be used to remove a lot of wood with each stroke but it can give a good finishing touch to the sculpture or whatever is made from the wood. The blade of this type of knife is comparatively small than the rough-out carving knife. The blade has either curved or with a straight edge. Both these types have different angles and shapes, and they can be used to do different work.

Spoon carving knives– The spoon carving knives are great for people with a do-it-yourself attitude. They can use it to carve out bowls from a block of wood. It can also be used to make wooden spoons as its name suggests. It is possible because of the curved blade of the knife that helps to scoop out a lot of wood with each strike. The spoon carving knives can be used to carve large pieces of wood but it is specially made to make curved carvings.

Bent carving knives- The bent carving knives are used to complement the spoon carving knives while doing a wood carving work. The blade of this type of knife is straight that can be used to carve out straight carvings. The bent carving knives are so named because their blades are bent at the top which can be used to take out the wood.

Folding carving knives- Among the different kinds of wood carving knives available, there are also the folding wood carving knives available. These knives can be folded and they also come with two types of blades. The blades have both a straight edge and curved tip that allows carving the wood anytime, anywhere.

All these different types of knives are singularly sold but they are sold as part of the wood carving knives set. If you do not want to buy the whole set of the carving knives then you can buy any one as per your requirement. If you want nothing but the best wood carving knives then you must make sure to read the wood carving knives review. The reviews are great to help you to find the best knife for your need.

Wood Carving Knives for Beginners

If you are a beginner to wood carving and you are not sure about the right type of wood carving knife that you need, there are some great options to help you get started.

Before novices at wood carving start carving out the wood, the basic things to look out for when buying a wood carving knife are the blade and the handle of the knife. Every beginner at wood carving uses his mother’s kitchen knife to carve out the wood. This not only upsets his mother but it also does not provide good results. It is recommended for beginners to use wood carving knives for beginners that are custom made for them. A beginner at wood carving should start off with a small carving knife that has a straight edge blade. The blade of the knife should also be comfortable so that the user can have a comfortable grip and the knife does not slip out of the hand.

A wood carving knives set is a great thing for beginners to start off with. As it contains different types of knives, they can try each one of them out in their endeavor. Whittling knives are also a part of the knives set that can be used to cut out small pieces of wood or to remove the pare shavings of the wood. These knives are not used to make refined carvings but they can be used to cut out of the wood little by little. The whittling knives are not termed as wood carving knives because they simply are not. They are used to whittle out the wood and give it fine details.

If you have bought carving knives for woodworking then you must take great care of them. This ensures the long life of the knives so that they can work efficiently for a long time. The knives should be kept in sheaths to protect it from external damage and continue working seamlessly for plenty of projects to come.

Wood Fence Panels Guide: Offers, Buyers, Lowed & Home Depot

There are various reasons why people build fences. The most common reasons for fencing are to serve as a boundary and as a security measure. When people choose fencing materials, wood fence panels are most favored by people among the other options available. The reason why people choose wooden fence panels over plastic fences is because it does not look artificial. The wooden ones are also favored over metal ones as they are cheaper and can be easily repaired if the need arises.

There are different styles available for the wood fence panels buyers. The different styles of fences are made from different kinds of wood. The common kinds of wood from which the fence panels are made are cypress, pine, spruce and cedar. Some panels are installed without being treated while the others are treated using chemicals so that the insects cannot damage them easily or they do wear off due to weathering. When the wood fence panels are chemically treated, its longevity increases and it can last for a longer span of time. For treating the wood fences, preservatives are used and the panels are pressurized so that it has the resistance to withstand fungi and the termites eating through it.

The fence panels made from pine and spruce trees can be treated easily and the panels made from cedar tree works well even without being treated. They have a better resistance power as compared to other wood so they cannot be easily affected by fungi and termites. However, the fences made from cedar can be treated to further enhance their ability and their tolerance to damage. But this is done very rarely as they are naturally resistant.

Styles of Wood Fence Panels

There are different styles of wood fence panels available that can be used but the three styles that are commonly used are as follows:

Solid Style- The fence panels of solid style are meant to be used for those who want total privacy of their containments. These fences are commonly installed between the boundaries of properties and around swimming pools. The height of this style of fences varies between 4 feet and 6 feet. If a house is built along the main road and it is to be concealed then this type of fence serves the purpose best by hiding it from the public eye. This way the privacy of the people living in the house can be taken care of. There are no gaps in the pickets that are used in solid style fence panels but they are close. The top portion of the fences of this style may be pointed or might be in the style of dog ear.

Spaced Picket Style- The Home Depot wood fence panels that are of spaced picket style are great to serve as a boundary to a house or the yard. The fence panels of this style is not suitable if one wants his share of privacy but it is great for those who have little kids who play around or restless pets that are constantly looking to move out. The spaced picket fences panels can help to keep both the pets and the kids within the set boundary so that they do not slip out. So it works as a means of security, and it also looks appealing to the eyes because of its distinct beauty. These fence panels are not longer than 4 feet; they are either 4 feet tall or less than 4 feet. It is best for those who want both security and the possibility to watch what are going behind the fence.

Shadowbox Style- The fences of shadowbox style are best suited to be used to increase the air circulation apart from working as a containment fence. The panels of this wooden fence can be alternatively used at the front and the back so that on both the sides the fence has a similar look. The fence panels of this style have an aesthetic appeal not only for the owner of the house where the fence is used but also for the neighbors who see it. The fences of shadowbox style are taller as compared to spaced picket style of fences. The average height of these fence panels is about 6 feet.

If you want to fence your house, yard or plot of land, you must inquire about the different styles of fence panels that are available on the market and choose the one that fits your requirement. You must also understand the different functions of each type of fence. Alternatively, you can also look out for some wood fence panels offers so that you get best fence panels at a bargain. You might also look out at wood fence panels Lowes if you want some proper guidance on fencing apart from acquiring the desired fencing materials.

When you have installed your fence panels, you must care about its durability so that it lasts for a long time. To increase the longevity of your fence panels, you must use the fencing materials that have the ability to withstand changes in temperature, can be safe from pests and other physical damage. The fences can be painted to both protect it and to make it look appealing to the eyes. They can be waterproofed too so that they cannot be damaged if water fall upon them. The screws and nails that are to be used should be resistant to weather so that they can last long too. It is also important that they do not get rusted.

The wood fence panels Lowes are ideal to be used for the privacy of the residences in the United Kingdom and United States. Apart from the privacy, the residents can also use it to make their dwelling places look more beautiful and safe and secure because of the presence of wood fence panels UK.

Wood fence panels come in different forms and shapes. Each of the forms has their own benefits for its user. Privacy, security or simply making your estate look beautiful – the wood fences are great!

Garage Storage Units Review Guide: Gladiator, Rubbermaid, Bike Storage & Coleman Garage Storage

Garage storage units are waterproof, sturdy containers that allow your items to be protected from the elements. Some are made of transparent, plastic, allowing you to see what you have at a glance. Others are designed to store a particular type of item, such as a bike storage unit. Some have shelving, making the most of a tight space. Selecting the right number and types of units you should purchase for your own garage storage needs, however, requires knowing not just what’s out there, but also awareness of your own habits of use and storage.


List the items that you normally store in the garage. Sort them into categories of frequency of use. Holiday decorations would go into a different category than items used for lawn care or regular car maintenance. List any items that require special kinds of storage in a separate category, such as items that are fragile or need protection from excessive heat or cold. Note items that are used together.

Look at the potentially available space in your garage. This includes space currently occupied by things you are planning to put into a storage unit, but would not include space occupied by something that cannot be made more compact, such as your car. Check the walls of the garage to see if a pegboard or other wall storage unit might be secured, and check the ceiling of your garage to see if items can be stored in hanging baskets. If you have a tight space and many items to store, you will need to think beyond conventional storage solutions.


For items that you use regularly, choose a storage unit with shelves or drawers. This will allow you to take advantage of vertical space while keeping items accessible. The Sterilite 4-Shelf Shelving Unit is sturdy, easy to assemble, and each shelf can hold up to 150 pounds. And should you decide to pare down the number of items you have stored in the garage, the design of the Sterilite Shelving Unit can fit easily into a pantry, laundry room, or home office.

Bins for Small Items

For small to medium sized items such as nails, screws, rolls of tape, small tools and other items, a storage unit using drawers or bins is a good choice. Drawers should have a clear plastic front, so that you can see the contents at a glance. Open bins are a good choice for items that don’t require protection from the elements like Gladiator garage storage units.  The Gladiator GarageWorks GAWESB6PSM Small Item Bins unit is made of heavy duty plastic and includes labels for each bin. This can be crucial if storing items of a similar size in different bins, such as sorting drill bits by size. Each bin has a weight capacity of 5 pounds, so small items that are heavy for their size should be distributed among several bins. The looks of the Gladiator GarageWorks small item bins are perfect for a garage or workshop.

Tool Storage

For garden tools, snow shovels, and other items for the outside of your home, a rack is your best bet. A garage storage rack will keep those long handles steady and separate, so you can grab what you need, when you need it. Rake tines can be particularly delicate, so if you have a metal rake, a storage rack will keep the tines from being bent by heavier tools or even the weight of the handle.  The Rubbermaid brand has been known for producing reliable, durable plastic goods for the house and garage, and this is especially true for Rubbermaid garage storage units. The Rubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters can hold up to 40 tools and has casters for easy mobility. Two of the casters lock for when you need the rack to stay put.

Bicycle Storage

Storing all your transportation methods can be a challenge if that includes cars and bicycles. A poorly stored bicycle can cause damage to your bicycle, cars, or other items in the garage. Keep your bicycles safe with a rack that can store them compactly. Bicycle storage units can be wall-mounted or free-standing to make the best use of a limited space. Some can store two bikes, but many can store up to four bicycles at a time. The Racor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand can be wall-mounted or freestanding. The vinyl-coated cradles hold your bikes firmly without damaging the finish and the bike stand assembles quickly.

The Coleman brand offers a variety of garage storage products. From their Garage Utility Organization Kit to several garage cabinetry products, you can rely on Coleman to provide products that can meet all your garage storage needs. Their Bike Storage and Organization Kit screws into the garage wall for a secure fit, and their 18-Gauge Tool Drawer makes quick work of organizing most tools and supplies. Coleman has Storage and Organization Hook Accessory Kits in two sizes, which makes it possible for you to store many tools on the walls, right where you can see them. Coleman garage storage units come in several sizes and configurations, so if you need to store a little or a lot, Coleman has a product to serve your needs.

Once you have selected your storage units and filled them, the key to staying organized is to return each item to its proper place once you have finished using it. If you find that you keep leaving an item out, that may be a sign that it needs to be in a more accessible spot, as its frequency of use may demand that it be stored in a manner where it can be more easily retrieved, so getting it when you need it isn’t such a chore. Label all opaque drawers, so that items are not misplaced. While it takes a little longer than simply dumping the item where you can, it streamlines your tasks when things can be found easily.

Organizing your garage can take some time, however it is well-worth the effort when you see the finished product.

Sheet Metal Guide: Aluminum, Car Sheet Metal & Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Gauges

Sheet metal is one of the most widely used materials in the world today. You can find them in your cars, houses, furniture, appliances, basically everywhere you look you will find one application or another of sheet metal. This versatile building material comes in different types and in different thicknesses, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different kinds of sheet metal gauges or thickness, and every one of them has their own specific uses.

Sheet Metal Definition

By definition the term sheet metal refers to rolled and flattened sheets made of either aluminum or stainless steel. Sheet metal comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, though the extremely thin types are not referred to as sheets but as foil or leaf, while those that are more than 6mm thick are called plates. Basically, sheet metal, in the usual sense of the word, is all of the ones that are in between plates and foils.

Types of Sheet Metal

If you say sheet metal nowadays you are basically referring to either galvanized iron, aluminum or stainless steel sheet metal, though sheet metal can basically be made from any kind of metal, these three are the most widely used. Though they look similar these two types of sheet metal have their own specific uses.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal – This kind of sheet metal high tensile strength, it is also very hard and durable. But this hardness of stainless steel sheet metal means that it is not that easy to shape or bend, it can only be formed up to a certain degree, before it will show signs of stress and eventually crack. Because stainless steel sheet metal is highly corrosion resistant it is usually used in making water tanks and kitchen utensils.

Aluminum Sheet Metal – Sheet metal made from aluminum is a lot more flexible and malleable than its stainless steel counterpart. You can stretch aluminum sheet metal into various shapes and it will not crack so easily. You can deep draw (press the metal into shape) or hammer aluminum into any shape you can imagine, and it is also lighter than stainless steel, making it the perfect material for making automobile parts.

Galvanized Iron – This type of sheet metal is often used in the construction industry. Galvanized steel sheet metal is usually used in manufacturing roofing materials, gutters, downspouts, and others. It is highly weather resistant and does not corrode easily, which is why it is the sheet metal of choice in construction sites. But like stainless steel, galvanized iron sheets cannot be shaped easily, even the thinner sheet metal gauges easily break when bent.

Understanding Sheet Metal Gauge

Unlike lumber, which is measured in feet and inches, the standard way to measure sheet metal is through sheet metal gauge. Sometimes spelled as gage, sheet metal gauge is the thickness of one panel of sheet metal as compared to its weight, this makes it easier to estimate the amount of material used.

Sheet metal gauge will depend on the type of material used, the higher the gauge number the thinner the sheet metal gets.

Applications of Sheet Metal

Industrial Applications

You can find sheet metal used in almost every factory or manufacturing plant you visit, they are used in storage tanks, the metal workbenches, steel cabinets, lockers, even the manufacturing tools and equipment all have sheet metal in them.


Almost the entire body of your car or SUV is made of sheet metal. The hood, roof, trunk and doors, almost everything in your car started out as a flat piece of sheet metal. Car sheet metal gauge is usually thin enough that it can easily be formed into different shapes, but thick enough that it can be welded without burning a hole through the sheet metal. Because of the versatility of sheet metal (specifically aluminum sheet metal) even thick sheet metal gauges can be formed into virtually any shape that car designers can imagine.


Most steel pipes are rolled pieces of sheet metal. The larger capacity pipes are made from thicker sheet metal gauge, usually galvanized iron, and the smaller ones from the thinner sheet metal gauge because they are easier to roll into smaller diameters.


Sheet metal is one of the primary components in almost every HVAC system, the most noticeable of which are the air conditioning ducts, which are basically pieces of sheet metal welded and crimped together. Aluminum sheet metal is the medium of choice here because it is light enough that it can be hung from the rafters, it’s also flexible so it can be formed to go around even the tightest corners.

Construction Materials

Sheet metal can also be found in your home. Wood is not a really viable construction material these days; you need to use a lot to make a sturdy enough frame, and it’s also very expensive. Sheet metal on the other hand is light, easier to form, and costs less than lumber. Sheet metal can be formed into deckings, purlins, beams, and other construction materials; you can actually build a house using mostly sheet metal if you wanted to.

Household Items

Your knives, spoons, and forks, all of them are actually made from sheet metal. In the old days cutlery used to be forged and hammered into shape one at a time, which makes manufacturing them very time consuming. But now, they are all just stamped out of slightly thick stainless steel sheet metal and pressed into shape using large hydraulic presses, making it possible to manufacture thousands of pieces in a day.

In Closing

The entire world is practically dependent on sheet metal in one form or another. Sheet metal made the manufacturing process faster and more efficient by providing a versatile material that can be turned into practically anything. If you think about it, sheet metal actually made modern living possible.

Styrofoam Cutter Guide: Products, Manufacturers, Machines & Simple Designs

A  Styrofoam cutter is especially designed to cut and shape Styrofoam, an all-too-familiar material which is commonly used for commercial products and even decorative items for home improvement.

Styrofoam is used in food containers like cups and takeout boxes as well as in packaging – these can be seen every day.  Little is known though that Styrofoam has a host of other uses in architecture, construction and in certain forms of art and design. It is a highly versatile material. It can hold water, absorb shock, block out sound, and insulate an item from heat.  Light-weight, Styrofoam is used to protect products when manufacturers ship items from one location to another.  Because it is flexible and multi-featured, regular people can certainly find lots of uses for the Styrofoam for their home improvement projects and decorative items.

There’s just one little problem: cutting and shaping Styrofoam is difficult. Using a knife or paper cutter cannot achieve the ideal clean and straight edges.  What people get with unspecialized equipment are rough edges and unwanted Styrofoam crumbles.  This is where specialized Styrofoam cutter products come in.

Samples of Styrofoam Cutters

Companies which make Styrofoam cutters have made them in various sizes and types for different job scales. Obviously, commercial manufacturers use a larger heavy-duty Styrofoam cutter machine ideal for mass production. But for smaller jobs, there are Styrofoam cutter products best for home or office use.

The Proxxon Thermocut 12/E Hot Wire Cutter

The Proxxon Thermocut 12/E Hot Wire Cutter is one such product. It was designed for the free modeling of Styrofoam, which means people can shape Styrofoam into any form they like with the help of this tool.

Unlike a mechanical sharp-edge cutter, a hotwire cutter is an electric tool which cuts Styrofoam at varying temperatures. The temperature – ranging from 300-660 degrees ºF –can be easily adjusted at the turn of the knob and can be switch on and off with a trigger. According to the manufacturer, the heating time is one second.

To keep the wire firmly in place while cutting at any desired angle, the Proxxon Thermocut 12/E Hot Wire Cutter features a top pivotal fixture for stability.  The bottom wire fixture is extendable to as long as 7.9 inches or 200 millimeters. The cutting wire meanwhile is 11.4 inches x 20 gauge or 285 x 0.85 millimeters in size.  This package comes with five shapeable cutting wires.

On top of the above technical details, users of the Proxxon Thermocut 12/E Hot Wire Cutter must remember the voltage requirement which is 12v, 60w, 50/60Hz.

The Proxxon Hotwire Cutter Thermocut

Great as the free hand hot wire cutter though, there is something better for hobbyists, designers, architects – those who use the Styrofoam and the Styrofoam cutter more often.  The Hotwire Cutter Thermocut also by Proxxon is not only a cutting machine, it comes with a board or working table for laying the material.  It is a very simple design for a styrofoam cutter actually.  Although it is bulkier than the Proxxon Thermocut 12/E Hot Wire Cutter being 15-3/8″ x 11″ (390x280mm) in size, it offers more features and greater working stability thus making this type more suitable for frequent use.

With the Proxxon Hotwire Cutter Thermocut, work pieces are easier to push around because the surface is made of Alu Corbond.  Like many other types of cutting boards, the surface is printed with a grid and protractor to guide the user in measuring the areas to be cut. Based on the Proxxon official website, other features of this Styrofoam cutter include: solid aluminum over arm; lockable feed bar/fence for angle cuts; and a holder and wire spool, which may be adjusted to allow miter cutting.  The wires are 0.008″ x 98 Ft in size.

This equipment also cuts with the help of heat so it comes with a LED indicator to remind the user that the devise is turned on.  The hotwire if accidentally touched can lead to cuts and burns.  Just like its hand held counterpart, it can easily be switched on and off and the temperature can be adjusted from 210 – 390 ºF.  The voltage requirement for this equipment is 110-120V AC, 60 Hz.

FloraCraft Styrofoam Accessories Styro Cutter Tool

Those who do not want such bulky equipment may prefer a Styrofoam cutter, which may have fewer features but is easier to carry around.  Styrofoam cutter manufacturers do make Styrofoam cutter in different styles to provide the market more options.

The Flora Craft Styrofoam Accessories Styro Cutter Tool is great for those rare occasions that window or wall displays for events.   Its design makes it easy to hold and control, and thus be used to form custom shaped. Unlike the more heavy-duty hotwire cutters, this one is cordless and is convenient to bring just about anywhere.

The size of this equipment is its inherent advantage; it is also cheaper (if not the cheapest among all) than the previously mentioned Styrofoam cutter products, however it does present several disadvantages.  First, this is not suitable for those who constantly make item models out of Styrofoam (hobbyists, artists, architect and so on).  Second, there have been some complaints online regarding its quality. Several disappointed users say this hotwire cutter stopped working after several uses. It just wouldn’t heat up anymore.  While the design of the equipment seems to make it a good purchase, the maker isn’t the most reliable in terms of quality.

Buying Styrofoam Cutters

Regardless of the job scale, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a Styrofoam cutter online. Styrofoam cutter manufacturers include Proxxon, Demand Products, Woodland Scenics, Floracraft and others.  Their products can be purchased either straight from the website or in other accredited online stores. The important thing is to always check the reliability of the manufacturer.

As an additional tip – and this is especially true for beginners – it is also wise to check out videos showing how the equipment is operated.  This is will help users identify which Styrofoam cutter machine is actually easy to use.

With the help of the Styrofoam cutter, just about anyone can say goodbye to messy crumbles during the reshaping and modeling of this very useful material.

Thatch Rake Review Guide: Rolling, Power, Dethatching, Lawn Thatch, Vigoro Thatch & Bamboo Rake

A thatch rake is an implement used to remove dead grass in your lawn.  Dead grass and other small leaves tend to settle in-between the healthy grass and if left alone, it will destroy the healthy grass in the process. Thatch or dead grass and moss usually accumulate when the grass was trimmed earlier and left uncollected.  They tend to impede the flow of water into the soil thus depriving the grass of the much needed nutrients. That is why the use of a rake that is especially designed to remove thatch and moss is important to maintain a green and healthy looking lawn.  Raking the thatch and moss from the lawn is easy and does not need technical expertise because even a child can do it with proper instructions. There are a variety of rakes available in the market and even online stores and we will try to focus on some of the more popular types available.

The Rolling Thatch Rake

An improvised version of the usual rake is what is popularly called as the rolling thatch rake.   It is called such because it has two rollers on the sides which make it easier to push and pull and aids in thoroughly getting rid of both thatch and moss.  The types offered usually come with hardened blades that no longer need to be sharpened.  Because of the wheels, it becomes lightweight and can be handled by children with ease.  A lot of households use this type of rake and its popularity is ever growing over the years despite the introduction of other modes of dethatching rake.  It is a bit more expensive compared to ordinary ones without wheels and rightfully so because the added comfort given by this type of thatch rake more than compensates for the additional price.

The Power Rake

If the lawn to be dethatched is quite big and an ordinary thatch rake is not enough to do it, unless you want to end up having aching shoulders at the end of the day, it is better to use a power rake to do the job. It is faster and more economical especially if the time spent raking would be considered. When using a power rake for the first time, it is best to follow the guide or instructions very well before actually using it.  Since it is engine powered, you may need to check the fuel and oil beforehand to make sure that the work will not be interrupted.  An earplug may also be needed especially if the machine is already quite old and will be used for longer hours.

For some, renting a power rake is what they prefer because it is not always that you have to use it anyway.  There are also individuals or small businesses that offer dethatching services so there are many options available.  Others on the other hand, prefer to buy their own machine and this is the most preferred mode especially in cases of large estates in affluent neighbourhoods.  Some prefer to buy brand new while others go for the second-hand ones and both options are also available even in online stores catering to such equipments.

The Vigoro Thatch Rake

Perhaps one of the brands that have the most variety of line-up for a lawn thatch rake is the Vigoro Thatch Rake.  They have rakes available in different sizes and features and also available at different price ranges.  They have those with fiberglass handle, the all-purpose 19-Tine thatch rake with adjustable features, and other value for money models and varieties for a lawn thatch rake.  There are other brands available of course, but the rave reviews received by Vigoro from some of those who earlier purchased it are a living testament to the ease and comfort attendant to using it.  The same is true when it comes to product durability as it is expected to stay with you for many lawn raking seasons.

The Bamboo Rake

It is not an over statement to say that the bamboo rake is one of the oldest tools used for raking leaves.  A lot of tools and equipments were invented over the years but the use of a bamboo rake has not really waned.  Even the onset of leaf blowers and other similar tools using plastic materials has not diminished the popularity of this unique implement because it is much easier to use, no need for electricity or fuel, almost no maintenance needed and can be easily stashed away in one corner.  It was a handy tool before as it still is today.  Evidence of the undying popularity of this type of tool is its availability in many online stores and it is also offered by different manufacturers.  It may not belong to the high-tech class of tools but it surely is still very much able to do the required job of cleaning and collecting dry leaves.  A lot of people actually prefer using bamboo rake as compared to other tools with the same services.

The bamboo rake must not be confused with those that are used to dethatch and remove moss from the grass.  Because of its design, it can only rake on the surface and therefore good only at cleaning the lawn or garden from dry falling leaves.  Too much dried leaves covering the grass will prevent sunlight from reaching the covered grass and will eventually lead to drying up so leaf raking must be done occasionally especially if it is the Fall or Autumn season.  There are those who use a broomstick to collect dried leaves off their garden and this is applicable if the area to be cleaned is small but when the area is quite big, the use of a bamboo rake is more ideal in many instances.

So for those who have a lawn to be cleaned either from thatch, moss or dried leaves, remember that there are tools that can be used to help in making the task easier and convenient. Many brands and models of thatch rakes are available online and you just have to choose which is most suitable for your particular needs.

Nail Gun Reviews: Framing Guns, Nail Gun Compressors & Finish Guns Guide

When it comes to building ventures, make certain that you use the right tools to ensure efficiency and quality into your work. It is true that superb equipments can be costly. However, it is always better to invest into something that is expensive but constructive rather than settling into something that is cheap but ordinary and will not fit in your needs. That’s like putting your money to waste and not in good use.

Now, with regards to these apparatuses, a large variety of these useful hand tool collections is available on the market for you to choose from. One of the most commonly purchased and utilized by customers is the one we call the nail gun. Although hammers are still sought-after these days, we must admit that it only works well in completing small task unlike the nail guns which is capable of accomplishing hefty jobs in an instant; for example, creating makeshift beds. So, it would really be a practical move to consider buying one.

Types of Nail Guns

There are two basic types of nail guns: the stick and the coil nail guns. The difference between the two is based upon the ability of each to hold nails for bullets. The stick nail gun can hold a total of twenty to forty nails seized collectively in a straight line. On the other hand, the coil nail gun can supply a rounded stash of 3000 nails at once.

Nail guns can also be classified according to purpose. For roofing works they are called roofing nail guns. Finish nail guns, though, are the ones use for construction purposes of cabinets and other furniture. For larger projects which require bigger materials such as concrete or steel, framing or industrial nail guns can be used. Also, there’s one called the pneumatic nail guns which need an air compressor to operate.

Safety Precautions

When handling nail guns, safety should always be your first concern. Some injuries can be minor like wounds in the fingers, hands or even feet. But then, others can be severe which might involve internal organs of the body which can be fatal. So for protection, always let the muzzle of the nail gun touch the area of your aim. Never use it as a projectile weapon because this can be very dangerous to you or to someone around you.

Popular Brands of Nail Guns and their Reviews

Just like any other product reviews, a worthy review of nail gun brands gives you information about the tool: its price, specific features, manufacturer’s name and some testimonials of customers who have already experienced using the product first-hand. Make sure that before doing your shopping you need to know exactly what you want for a nail gun. Home Depot and Lowes both have nail guns readily available and are more than willing to assist with questions regarding their operation. Here are some of the most popular nail guns for sale:

The Stanley TRE550 Electric Brad Nail Gun

The Stanley TRE550 Electric Brad Nail Gun has a dual powering system with a high and low setting, which are used for the hard materials and soft materials. One of its features is its flush nose that enables to access even in tight places. There is a small clip which attaches directly on the ejection slot of the nail gun to disable the gun’s ability to fire if the clip isn’t lowered down; and the only time that it will go down is when the gun is point at the desired material to be nailed. This is a great feature that reduces the chances of having a misfire or an accidental fire. The product is both a staple and a nail gun so it serves dual purposes.

Reviews from consumers who purchased this product are mixed; some claim that it is the best nail gun on the market, whereas others have issues with the construction. One operator claimed too much pressure is needed to apply on the gun in order for it to pierce through certain materials.

Dewalt Bare Tool 18-Volt Cordless Nailer

If you want to work on remodelling or framing then this product will work great for you. The Dewalt Bare Tool Cordless Nailer is one fast nailing gun with some unique features. The power of this gun is very significant, it can drive a nail even in the toughest materials, which enables you to work on sheathing, trussing, and all kinds of jobs that involves driving a nail. This nail gun also features prevention of blank fires, as there is an integrated nail trip lockout feature in the trigger.

Nearly all consumers who have purchased this nailer were satisfied with its performance, stating that they finished their job quickly and with ease because they didn’t have to put any effort into driving the nail through the given material. This is a favorite among nailers on the market for that reason alone!

Hitachi 5.5lb Roofing Pneumatic Nailer

This particular product from Hitachi offers an impressively lightweight 5.7 pound nailer with a driving power suitable for use of roofing works. It is designed for easy movement, and even the bottom loading magazine is famous for easy refill. With the device having an unrestricted complexity power controls, it surely adds to the convenience of using such a nail gun.

Many consumers are turning to pneumatic nailers such as this because of their strength and durability. Many users also appreciate the fact that replacement parts for this model are easily found in hardware stores, or through the Hitachi site, that is if you ever need to replace anything. Additionally, not only is this model durable, but it is affordably priced compared to other nailers on the market, just another reason why it is popular.

Whether you are searching for a professional nail gun, or merely something to help you with your home projects, there are nail gun reviews which can be more then helpful when deciding what you should purchase.  After all, trusting the word of your peers and fellow professionals is better than trusting a salesman.

Upholstery Staple Gun Review Guide: Pneumatic, Electric, Upholstery Staples & Staplers

With the ever growing economic crisis stirring nowadays, it is fairly practical for each one of us to save money as much as possible. We often hear people saying, “If you want to do something then do it yourself.” In this way, you won’t need to hire a worker to do some construction or repair jobs for you. As a result, you’ll be able to save yourself a significant amount of money.

Accomplishing a project you want to do by yourself is by no means easy. To make it less challenging, you must see to it that you have the right tools needed. One of the most useful equipments to own, which will help you manage your work faster and easier, is no other than a staple gun. With the help of a staple guns, which utilize metal staples as bullets, attaching different kinds of material such as wood can be done immediately without any struggle. It doesn’t matter which type you have for it all has the same usage. These staple guns can really come in handy, especially when dealing with upholstery or repairs of furniture or building tree houses for kids. Roofing, wiring and other renovation works can also be completed by using it.

Now, the first thing you have to familiarize yourself with when dealing with staple guns are the two types. This information will help you understand how to deal with your staple guns. Such apparatuses come in manual, electrical or battery-operated types and some work through the use of compressed air.

Manual and Battery Operated Staple Guns

Both manual and battery operated staple guns work similarly, but the simplest one works like a stapler. There is a latch on the back of the gun and it is usually silver so you won’t miss it. You will have to press and hold it for the body to open. Once it is open you can now apply the staples inside the tray. Once all of these are done you can now point on the desired area you want to attach into then squeeze it. Manual and battery type guns have a quick forward action when you push their handles down, it is the thrust that is necessary to apply force to the staple.

Electrical and Compressed Air Types

If you want to effortlessly staple and attach some materials, you can use staple guns that run with the use of electricity or compressed air. With these types of staple guns you need to press hard or apply pressure on it to make it work steadily. Usually, the guns only have short cords attached and so you will need to use extension cords for you to be able to reach every place you need the gun to go into. Prices can be a little expensive compared to manual and battery types but is sensible enough because of its effectiveness and convenience in accomplishing tasks.

Safety Tip

Having staple guns should be accompanied with great responsibility. With all the numerous safety precautions that you need to remember, the most important one is to securely place these things in areas where children won’t be able to reach them. These guns can be very dangerous even the manual type as it wields plenty of force that can harm. If you have children at home, it is advisable that you buy a staple gun with a safety latch just to avoid accidents from happening. Safety latches should always be turned on when the gun is not used.

Also, make sure to never aim the gun to anyone for fun or simply for a joke. Don’t place you hand or fingers in front of the ejection area, for the same painful reason. Yes, stapling can be very easy and fun when doing projects but bear in mind that it can likewise be very dangerous if you’re not careful.

Popular Brands of Staple Guns and their Reviews

Actually there are various brands of staple guns marketed these days and they differ based on their features and prices.  Here are some of the popular brands of staple guns and product reviews from customers that were able to handle such equipment:

Stanley Sharpshooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun

One of the many well-known and affordably priced manual types of staple gun sold as it requires minimal squeezing and driving energy to operate. Such brands of staple gun can work out with both hard and soft materials, and it has the flat and stretched muzzle design that makes it possible for you to work on constricted spots. It also contains a lockdown lever which secures it for storage.

There is rarely any negative feedback about this product; in fact customers even praise it as finely created and assembled tool. Many rave that it is easy to use and doesn’t exhaust your hands easily in pulling and squeezing the trigger. No reports of jamming or malfunction have been noted.

The Surebonder 9615

One example of a great quality gun is the Surebonder 9615 upholstery staple gun. The Surebonder 9615 is one of the best sellers on Amazon and other marketing sites. It is a pneumatic staple gun that has a 60-100 PSI; PSI is actually the unit used in measuring pressure. The P stand for Pressure—the force applied in an area. All of these are important facts that can help you when choosing the right kind of staple guns. Such type of staple gun has a mechanism which reduces the risk of misfires; thus, providing additional safety and accuracy. Along with these features, it has rapid-release magazines that will help ease up the loading of the staples and has a stapler viewer which shows if the magazine has limited staplers in it. Each of the magazines can hold up to 165 staples.

Arrow Fastener Co. ET100 Heavy Duty Electric Nail Gun

Widely used in works of molding and framing, this type of electric upholstery staple gun is designed to lessen physical exertion and distress experienced by handlers, which in turn increases the adeptness of works. A dry and soft handle for easy control is established and the gun is angled specifically for accuracy of work. Aside from comments of being a little heavy compared to other guns, there are no other undesirable feedbacks from purchasers of such products.

Before you decide to purchase a staple or nail gun be certain that you are getting the product that is right for you and the projects that you will be completed, especially because not all staple guns are created the same.

Makita BHP451 Reviews, Spare Parts, Comparison & Makita LXT202

Makita, a highly esteemed and world- renowned Japanese Power Tool Company founded in 1995 has yet another top notch gadget that won trust and confidence of both users and product reviews. This tool is the MAKITA BHP451, a model that sprouts from the new breed cordless power drills.


Reviews show that MAKITA BHP451 is a fantastic tool; in both being a hammer and a drill. It can be used from drilling holes to sinking nails, bolts and screws on concrete, wood, or metal. One of the features that show to be favored in reviews is its three (3) variable speeds. The user can choose three different speeds depending on the use and the surface it is used for. Reviewers add that this wider range in speed allows the user to use the drill and hammer in both the most delicate and roughest job. Here are the speeds and their corresponding beats/revolutions per minute:

For the drill:

Slow speed-     renders 0-300 RPM

Med speed-      renders 0-600 RPM

High speed-     allows up to 1,700 RPM

For the hammer:

Slow speed-     4,500 beats / minute

Med speed-      9,000 beats / minute

High speed-     25,000 beats / minute

Another feature that many users like about the Makita BHP451 is its easy access switches. Two of the switches are strategically positioned on top, while the other one can be accessed just above the grip. The top switches are used to select speeds 1, 2, or 3, and to choose whether to use it as a driver drill or hammer. Since they are clearly marked, it is just easy for the user to switch modes and change speeds without the help of another person. The switch above the grip however, is used to choose forward or reverse motion of the drill.

This product also comes with 2 LTX Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah batteries and a 45 minute optimum charger. It is a wireless tool and all that powers it is its Lithium-Ion battery. Since it has two batteries (one already attached to the device, and the other a spare), the user can continue working without getting interrupted. The 45-minute optimum charger is a cool innovation that comes with the tool. Using a built-in memory chip in the battery and a CPU chip in the charger, it analyzes and decides the best charging method and time for the battery.

Battery charging and replacement is very easy to do. Battery life depends on the use of the hammer drill. When used on concrete, battery extends up 30 minutes of nonstop usage, while it reaches up to 45 minutes on masonry. However, when used on wood or installing hardware, one does not have to change battery all day.


When you compare Makita BHP451 reviews with its counterparts, you will see the advantages of its design in all areas. Compared to other hammer drills and even the earlier Makita models, at 2.2 Kg, BHP451 is lighter yet more compact. It is among the top-5 compact and light weight drills in its class. This tool only weighs 4.9 pounds which is only about 10% lighter than average hammer drills in shops today. The battery is also top notch; among the top-5 battery run-time. Its Lithium-ion batteries can power the hammer drill by 15% longer than the regular batteries out there.

Power is one very important factor to consider when choosing the best hammer drill. By its size, Makita bhp451 generates up to 560 in-lbs of torque which is very powerful for its size. It is expected to perform with high resistance to stress because of its transmission and external motor brush. With these strengths and a few more, bhp541 scores 4.5 of 5 stars by satisfied customers.

More product reviews from satisfied customers can be found on the following sites:

The Makita lxt202

Makita lxt202 is a combi-pack which composes a BHP451 LXT Lithium-Ion Combi drill/driver, a BTD140 18V Litium-Ion Impact Driver, battery charger, and a plastic carry case. This powerful set of versatile tools is a wise buy at about £285. The BTD140 is a perfect addition to this set. It also has a forward and reverse action, electric brake, electronic power control, integral job light and it only weighs 1.5 kg.

When you need spare parts

Aside from the hardware stores near you, spare parts Makita BHP451 are available on the net in various websites. These sites offer 3-7 shipping days and sell genuine parts by their suggested retail prices. Always ensure that you replace defective parts only with genuine ones. If the tool is still under warranty, it would be best to take it to the nearest Makita accredited repair center. Though under-warranty defects happen rarely, Makita ensures to replace your under-warranty defective parts without any charges.

For a piece by piece diagram of the Makita bhp451 hammer drill, together with a list of spare parts and their prices, checkout this page:

Things to remember when drilling

ü  Do not press the tool excessively when drilling. It will not speed up the drilling process. In fact, putting too much pressure on the tool will only damage the tip of the bit, decreases the tool’s performance and significantly shortens its service period. Use moderate pressure only.

ü  At the time you break through a hole, there is a tremendous force exerted on the bit. When the bit is about to break through the other side of the material, hold the tool firmly and steadily to prevent injury or damage to the tool.

ü  Do not pull a stuck bit. Stuck bit can be removed by simply reversing the rotation of the bit. Just apply a gentle pulling force and the bit will pull itself out through its reverse rotation. Also remember to hold the tool firmly because the bit may back out abruptly from the material.

ü  If you are working on small pieces, do not hold them by hand. Always use a vise or any similar hold-down device to secure the material that you are working on.

ü  When the battery has completely discharged due to continuous work, do not replace it with a fresh battery yet. Allow sometime for the tool to rest and cool, say 15 minutes.

ü  For best results, use wood drills equipped with a guide screw when drilling in wood.

ü  When drilling through a metal surface, make an indention first by using a center-punch and a hammer to guide the bit to drill in the exact point and prevent it from slipping.

Sushi Knives Review Guide: Japanese, Sashimi, Masamoto Knives Reviews & Types

Who would not remember sushi when thinking of Japanese food? Sushi, a Japanese dish made with rice and either vegetables or sea foods, is definitely the most famous Japanese dish outside Japan. People from different nations around the world enjoy this very unique delicacy. Sushi is mostly served on special occasions, gatherings, and celebrations around the world.

Using the correct sushi knives, fish is cut into the right size/thinness that adds to the palatability of the dish. Sushi knives differ from the western knives and even from other Japanese knives. In the west, sushi knives would refer to the collection of cutlery used for preparing sushi, from cutting vegetables to slicing fish meat into their respective sizes. Further, sushi knives can be separated from their western counterparts and even from other Japanese knives by their material and the way they are sharpened. Unlike regular knives, sushi knives are made of harder and higher quality steel that are sharpened on one edge only.

To properly sharpen your Japanese sushi knives, checkout these videos:

The traditional composition of sushi knives is carbon steel, the very same sort of material used in making the world-renowned katana, a traditional Japanese sword. The average knives out there however, are made of high-end stainless steel. Best sushi knives today still depend on the high quality carbon steel.  You can find a variety of high quality sushi knives on as well as on this site:

Sushi knives reviews indicate that sushi knives are ideal for slicing sushi, sashimi, and other soft raw fish delicacies. It is also used by some to cut meat and poultry for various delicacies that need very thin slices. These knives are extremely sharp and are specially designed so that they do not bruise, damage or cause untidy cuts on the fish. This is a very important factor when cooking world-class sushi. There’s a descent collection of high quality sushi knives featured in

Sushi Knives Types

Sushi knives are generally divided into three categories. The first is the heavy duty cleaver. Heavy duty cleavers are mainly used to do tough jobs like slicing through thick and relatively harder fish meat and filleting an entire fish. The second category of sushi knives is the sashimi knife class. Sashimi knives are used to handle cutting jobs that involve raw blocks of fish and fish fillets. Almost all sushi dishes use raw fish cut with this type of knife. Obviously, this is the same type of knives used to cut sashimi, another Japanese raw fish delicacy. The third type is the vegetable knife. This type of sushi knife is valued for its razor-sharp blade that enables cutting of food in super thin pieces. Vegetable knives are also good for chopping and mincing. These knives come in both single-edged and double-edged blades.

More about Sashimi Knives

Though sashimi knives are made for sashimi, another famous Japanese delicacy which consists mainly of fresh raw salt-water fish, they are also used by chefs in preparing sushi. Traditional sashimi knives can be distinguished by their typical face sharpened edge. A particular side is sharpened more for a much sharper cutting edge.

Sashimi knives come in a variety of styles with varying blade designs. Yanagi, the most popular sashimi knife has a long slender blade, pointed tip, and one sided blade. Yanagi is also called yanagiba. Another popular sashimi knife is the one called tako. Unlike the yanagi, tako has a blunt end. A lot of high quality sashimi knives are sold in

Masamoto Knives

Masamoto, famed as the leading sushi chef knife maker in Japan, has been making sushi knives for over 150 years. They are so popular and trusted that most chefs in Japan have at least one knife with the name Masamoto on it.

Among Masamoto’s featured knives is the HC Series, a collection of high quality Japanese carbon steel chef knives. The blades of these knives consist of pure Japanese carbon steel that is extremely hard. By a skilled smith, these blades can be made into extremely sharp-edged cutting knives. Due to the hardness of the material, the knives can retain their sharpness in a much longer time. HC series Masamoto knives come with a Black Pakkawood handle and with solid bolster. The only problem with these knives is their vulnerability to rust when not used or not properly taken care of. However, despite this, professional chefs still prefer using HC series especially for cutting jobs that require longer retention of sharpness.

The ST series is a collection of high carbon stainless steel western style chefs’ knives. The blades are an alloy of carbon, molybdenum, chrome, vanadium, and iron forged in extreme heat and quenched into sub-zero Rockwell hardness with HRC 58 for toughness and long lasting edge retention capacity. This line of knives also comes with full tang handles that are permanently riveted with black wood and welded with a solid bolster that adds water and bacteria resistance to the knives. These knives are particularly a choice for those who do not want their knives to get rusted even when not used or put in a damp corner for a long time.

The KS Series is a top-notch among Masamoto sushi knives. These knives are made from forging traditional steel cutting edge of Hitachi steel (Shiro Ko) paired with iron to achieve a very efficient cutting machine. Its handle is made of traditional Japanese Magnolia wood with water buffalo bolster. What is special about these blades is in the way they are sharpened. The blades are sharpened using the “Hon Kasumi” way. “Hon” is a Japanese word which means “real”, while “kasumi” means “mist”. Thus, a blade sharpened the hon kasumi way has a mist-like pattern on it. Unlike the other Masamoto blades, KS Series knives are sharpened, polished, and finished only by the most skilled workers.

Whether you are a professional sushi or sashimi chef or just trying it out for the first time, the Japanese knives you use can make the difference between gourmet and average sushi.

Wood Projects For Kids: Small, Plans, Beginners, Kits & Woodworking

Wood projects for kids are one way of harnessing their talent and creativity.  The younger the child, the better to introduce them to ideas that will teach how it is to be creative and  productive at the same time, and making something out of wood is one of those effective means to focus their energy into something useful.  It is given as a basic assignment for pre-schoolers using popsicle sticks and glue.  For grade school children, it can be made as a project like making a medicine cabinet, a simple book shelf, book stand, and many other basic wood working concepts.

It is a sure-fire way to teach kids the value of creativity, patience, cooperation as well as to teach them the importance of group activity.  For simple and easy to do projects, there are ready made and available on the market wood kits for kids and since it is readily available, even parents can use it to teach their children the basics of building something out of the given wood materials.  It is also another way of diverting the attention of young ones to the many distractions that hamper their productive learning process.

Wood Project for Beginners

When it comes to the right kind of wood project for beginners, it is important to take into consideration the age of the child.  Children below seven years old must not be given a project that would require them to use hammer, saw, and nail.  Even with adult supervision, it is still very much possible that they will get hurt in the process so small wood cuttings like popsicle sticks and a wood glue wood be enough in many cases.  The project can range from building a small bird house, a wooden basket, and many other small wood projects that can easily be found in the internet and other online stores.  What is important is to make sure that kids will learn and enjoy at the same time.  Guide them into finishing the task without much intervention or getting in the way and let them bask in the glory of being able to build something afterwards.  Positive reinforcement is very much a part of the learning process so always make sure to give them a tap on their shoulder or reward them with something after a project is completed.

Wood Project for Kids

As for kids who are above seven years old, who are allowed to use hammer, nail and saw, the parent or instructor must see to it that proper handling of tools is taught first.  For parents, it could be a joy to watch your kid do the measuring, cutting and later on hammering the nail onto the wood.  It is fun and a morale booster to the child as it is also a joy on the part of the parent to watch the child learn something new.

To come up with woodworking projects for kids, especially for parents, there are also available online a lot of sites that offer plans on how to come up with a finished wood project.  So there are a lot of possibilities available when it comes to finding the ideal project for your child.  The project could be one of those that require nuts and bolts to assemble and this is one way to avoid hammer and nail requirement and this is especially applicable if as a parent, you don’t want to see your child in pain when his finger is accidentally hit by a hammer.  But it is still a part of the learning process and the child will also definitely learn something from it.

Small Wood Project for Kids

To come up with ideas about wood shop project for kids, it important that the project, when finished, will become useful to them in particular.  This is because a project that will only be made for the sake of building it and then be left in corner will not elicit a positive impulse on them in many cases.  Consider a project that will be useful to them after it is finished and they will surely enjoy not only the process of building it but also its use later on.  An example of a useful project can be a play house.  After building a play house, they get to enjoy it also and this will encourage them further to build on other projects.  The ideas when it comes to wood working projects are almost limitless because just about anything can be assembled using wood.  It can be a dog house for the pet dog, a mail box, garbage bin, shoe rack, multi-purpose wood tray, book-enders, and many others.

Free Plans for Wood Projects

If the given ideas above are not enough and especially if plans and sketches are needed to make sure that the right measurement is achieved, the internet is a rich source of information when it comes to available free plans for wood projects.  Hundreds of ideas are introduced and the kids will have a field day with the many types and kinds of wood projects available and offered for free.  Having a plan will also make sure that there will be no wastage when it comes to materials because the plan usually includes the number of wood pieces needed as well as the size and dimension of the project to be built.  It is also an important part of the learning process to teach kids on how to read plans and build something out of the directions given.  Watch them as they slowly learn to read the diagram and build the wood project given to them.  For all you know it could be the start of something big for your kid and could lead to making them become an engineer or a real estate builder later on.  If you want to get free ideas and even download woodworking plans for kids, you can try many online sites, like the following:

So go on and harness your child’s creativity! It will not only build his self-esteem but it will instil his self confidence knowing that he can accomplish something almost by himself and by his own hands.

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Guide: Industrial, Used, Food Sealer, Sealer Bags & Food Sealer Machines

Commercial vacuum sealers can do more than just preserve perishable items such as fresh and cooked food for a longer period of time. The benefits of a using commercial vacuum sealer translate to energy preservation and more controllable waste management processes. It goes way beyond simple food preservation; it can give virtuous benefit and advantage to all of us in the long run. Wastage is minimized, resources are preserved and energy is conserved. So whether it is for home use, hospital and commercial restaurants, using a commercial vacuum sealer is one of the best and most practical ways of keeping food fresh and safe for consumption for a longer amount of time.

There are different types of commercial vacuum sealers, with each type designed for specific requirements of the customers. The chamber vacuum sealer is considered the top model in its category. It can seal a faster compared to other types and it is designed to withstand even heavy loads required by big restaurants and packaging jobs in commercial meat shops. It is also very cost efficient because it can seal regular plastic, unlike others which can only used on textured and thick bags. There are chamber vacuum cleaner models like Vac Master VP325 which effectively removes the oxygen inside the bag, and results to perfect vacuum packing. It can keep the freshness and quality of the food for an extended amount of time and preserve the nutrients as well. Other types of commercial vacuum cleaners are nozzle style sealers, suction style sealers and impulse sealers. Table top models are also available which can efficiently do sealing jobs in volumes up to 16 x 20 inches sized bags or plastic.

Industrial Vacuum Sealer

Industrial vacuum sealers are the same as commercial vacuum cleaners only certain models have industrial capacity and strength. Usually they are used in government hospitals, drug manufacturers, large meat processing and packaging shops, and other companies with global exposure. Both the chamber vacuum and external vacuum sealer can remove air and seal in precise manner within a few seconds.

Heavy duty models like MVS 45 XII have a dual-bar chamber sealer and include an inert gas kit in the package. This inert gas kit adjusts the level of gas depending on what product or item you need to shrink pack. This model is user friendly and can be set up easily. You just need to put the item inside the bag, get it inside the machine and it will do the rest of the job for you.

Another user-friendly model of industrial vacuum cleaner is the Mini pack Cyclone 30. It has an incorporated basin which collects moisture and the control system is designed for a speedy but precise sealing job. The largest model for the Cyclone series is the Cyclone 50. It can seal to a maximum length of 21 inches wide sealer bag and used for products that can be stored for a months or even longer period. Aside from food items it is also used for packing and sealing clothes, specimens and other products.

Used Commercial Vacuum Sealer

For practical reasons, there are many customers who are looking for used but quality commercial vacuum cleaners. Scouting and searching for reasonably priced but in good working condition units is a very sensible thing to do. If you are looking for reliable products you can click on  and

Many online stores are carrying reliable branded used and surplus commercial vacuum cleaners. There are several models to choose from at very affordable prices. Price markdowns and shipments can be negotiated and some even offer a limited warranty period.

Vacuum Food Sealers for Commercial and Home Use

For home use, one of the most recommended brands of vacuum food sealer is Debbie Meyer Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Food Storage System. It can preserve food from freezer burn and damage. This item needs minimum storage space and very ideal for small tasks like kitchen and meal left over. Most food experts and critics prefer this brand because most of them have actually used it and got satisfactory results.

There are good commercial grade vacuum food sealers available such as Cabela’s food sealer.

With a stainless steel body and large sealing bar of 15”, it can protect small and big fish and large roasts such as whole turkey in your freezer up to five times longer than the conventional storage practice. Its features include computerized control system and digital display. It is also known for its durability and strength even after long years of use.

Prior to purchasing a vacuum sealer, identify your requirements and needs so you will be able to get the best value for your money. Carefully choose which models suits your needs best. A very cheap price is not always a good basis of getting the best deal, but the quality and the performance that your vacuum sealer will be able to deliver matter the most. There are several online stores where you can research for good models at very reasonable prices.

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Bags

Different types of commercial vacuum bags which are compatible to all vacuum sealers can be bought from your favorite stores. These are available in different sizes, texture, thickness and colors. There are printed, plain, clear, glossy and snowy shades. The industry standard thickness is 4 mm and all are highly resistant to abrasions and punctures. These freezer safe sealer bags are boilable, microwaveable and guaranteed to keep your food’s freshness and nutrients. It also protects your food from contamination.

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machines

Commercial vacuum sealer machines include nozzle type vacuum and gas flushing packaging machines. These are used in industrial and commercial settings which require a huge amount of vacuum sealing jobs. There are sensitive products like medicines and chemicals that require the most precise vacuum sealing procedure which can be provided by these sealer machines. For detailed features, specifications and proper operation, you can click on

Whether for home use or for commercial purposes, using vacuum sealers proves to be very useful. It can be considered as one of the most practical and functional modern innovation. It is very simple and very basic equipment and yet its benefits are for long-term.

Mantis Tillers Reviews: Stihl, Garden Tillers, Mini Tillers, Parts and Reviews

A garden tiller is a machine that is often referred to as a rotary plow as it electronically plows through fields or gardens using a rotating device. They have been around since 1912 and were invented to provide a hassle free method of tilling your garden or farmland.

Although there are huge plowing machines for farmland now, tillers are still vastly used by those who wish to plow out the land in their gardens for planting. Those who want a garden, and a nice looking one, must realize that it doesn’t come without some tilling work, but luckily with a tiller it is not as much hassle as it used to be.

The Mantis Tiller

Mantis is a company that specializes in making tillers, although they do make garden products of all sorts from composter to yard call products, their specialty is the one outdoor tool. They have a vast number of tillers and a wide range of products that are very popular among avid gardeners, including the Mantis mini tiller.

All of their tillers have a five year warranty for defects and are warrantied for life against ordinary breakage during ordinary work, which proves that they are confident in their product and sure that you will not have any problems getting even the toughest tilling done. Also, they give you your full money back if you do not like it within a year of you purchasing the Mantis tiller, so they must be extra sure you’re going to love it!

If you are seeking more information regarding the Mantis garden tillers, or any of their products, the Mantis website has the answers you seek as well as all of the products that they produce.

Types of Mantis Tillers

Mantis has a lot of different types and models of tiller, and it is important that you choose the one that suits your tastes and needs most. The following are some of the popular and recent models that Mantis has released.

Mantis 9 inch (2 or 4 cycle)

This is the original Mantis tiller and is by far the best known. It has a lot of great features that rival all other companies who try to beat it. The quality of this tiller is outstanding!

It weighs twenty pounds and has variable speed throttle, it also takes a mix of oil and gasoline for the engine and has a cool recoil option. They have standard grips, which are both comfortable and ensure you will not get paint on your hands from prolonged use. The motor spins at an impressive 240 rpm.

This is a really good tiller for all garden enthusiasts. It will loosen up extremely consolidated ground with no problems whatsoever for the user! It is also very good for mixing fertilizers for your garden plants before you use it. Definitely a good buy for any gardening enthusiast.

Mantis tillers reviews of this product claim that they are built to last. The warranty and customer support make the Mantis the best product on the market.

Mantis XP

The Mantis XP is a bigger version of the previous Mantis design. It is 16 inches and weighs 34 pounds. It doesn’t take a gasoline and oil mixture for its engine, but other than that it is essentially a bigger version of the previous model.

It can do all the same tricks and tasks the nine inch can, only bigger and some people will claim that bigger is better as you can see if you read some of the reviews on Amazon.

Mantis Electric

This model is an electric tiller, meaning it needs no fuel whatsoever and is handily battery powered. This might be easier for first time users as they don’t have to be purchasing fuels at all and can simply recharge it.

It has a push button to start it up and comes with three speed settings. It is double insulated in the battery and has a 540 watt circuit breaker. This tiller can equally loosen up the hard ground just as well as the others.

Mantis deluxe 9 inch (2 or 4 cycle)

This model is the newest of its kind in the Mantis tiller family. Along with all the brilliant functions such as the variable speed throttle and the special recoil, they now have a lot of brand new features that the previous models and no other market tiller posses.

These new features include a flush mounted throttle, height adjustable handles, comfortable handles and a front bumper handle. A great product, made better!

Other Mantis Products

Mantis provides much more equipment and services than the main tillers mentioned above. In fact, they also have mini tillers which are smaller, more compact versions of the first 9 inch Mantis tiller and easier to use for first timers and for smaller plots of land.

Also, they have many attachments and Mantis tiller parts to go with it, such as the plow attachment which allows you to plow as you till. There is also the planter and furrower attachment, which lets you dig holes to put your seeds in as well as till. There are many more parts which are listed on the Mantis site.

There are also a few accessories you can get, such as a debris bags and oil cans. They also sell the oil you can use for the tillers that use it, such as the 9 inch and the deluxe in a handy list on their site.

Stihl Tillers

Stihl tillers are probably Mantis’s biggest rival in the tilling market. There are many forums arguing over which one of them is the better company. There have a rather even front and there is no denying that Stihl is a good company, so it is important that you consider all options when selecting the right tool for your garden.

Well, now that you know all you need to know about tillers from Mantis, you should have no problem choosing the right tiller for you and all your home gardening needs.

Kukri Knives Review Guide: Cold Steel, Machete & Gurkha Knives

The kukri knife is a Nepalese knife in which the edge of the knife that does the cutting is distorted and turns inwards. It is used as both an ordinary knife and a weapon for people from Nepal who serve in the army.

The knife was also used in many important rituals of the Nepalese people, such as marriage where the groom must wear it on their person on their wedding day. These knives are often called gurkha knives on this day however.

Kukri knives are designed so that they are ideal as a weapon and for cutting purposes as well. The curved blade of the kukri knife is deadly sharp and is easily able to cut through both flesh and bone. The design of it means you can stab and chop at something or someone without having to angle your wrist in odd positions. Now and again, it was used as a throwing weapon, but not as often as the latter uses. There is a small notch in the bottom of the blade; it is said that it was so blood didn’t go onto the handle and merely dripped off instead. They are used by a fearsome military force in Nepal known as the ‘Gurkhas’.

Although, originally the gurkha knife was not used as a weapon and still is mostly used for utility in Nepal today. It can be used for chopping firewood and vegetables, cutting meat, hunting animals and even just to open tins. It is quite the versatile tool.

Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Knives are one of the biggest names out there when it comes to knives. They have some of the best kukri available to you for just about any purpose. While numerous models and styles of kukri knives the only decision you will have to make is what features you want readily available to you.

Here are a few of the kukri knives that are sold by Cold Steel Knives:

Kukri Machete

The kukri machete is probably the most famous of all the types of knives the company offers. It is shown to be versatile and easy to use with a rounded off edges that cut deeper than nearly all other knives on the market. Not to mention most owners are surprised at the quality and durability of these knives, especially at such an affordable cost.

There are two versions of this knife: the original and the magnum model. The only difference is the size. The original weighs 16 oz while the magnum weighs in at 18 oz and the overall knife length for the original is 18 inches to the magnum’s 22 inches. They both have durable polypropylene handles and are both 2 and three quarters millimeters thick.

Two-handed Kukri Machete

This knife is ideal for cutting down all sorts of forestry you might come across, such as vines or bamboo or thistles. It is also very handy for hunting as you can throw it up to ten meters and still get a clear hit of any animal.

It comes at 33.75 inches overall and roughly 33 oz in weight. The handle is also durable and made of polypropylene like the other two, and the blade length is 13 inches. It is a good knife to own if you are an explorer, outdoorsman or nature enthusiast at heart.

San Main III

This is the general kukri knife that Cold Steel Knives sells. It is the usual sharp gurkha knife that can be used for all the utility designs and any other activities you might engage in. It was inspired by the company’s president’s partnership with a renowned martial artist. With this martial artist’s teachings, the president realized the true potential of the kukri and so this knife was born.

It measures at 17 inches overall with a blade length of 12 inches. It’s 5/16s of an inch thick and it weighs 22 oz. and is accompanied by a Secure-Ex sheath. Out of any of the other knives, this should be your first choice as it is a general branch that is easy to use for beginners and rather short in size. It is perfect for learners who want to have a go at using a kukri knife in the future. It is one of the best kukri knives on the market.

Where Can I Buy Kukri Knives?

You can buy kukri knives in any good knife retailer! Hardware shops and chain stores with outdoors links should all have a few different types of knives. Pricing knives at various retailers is important prior to purchase in order to ensure you are not paying more than you should be. Not to mention, it is nice to hold and get a visual understanding for the kukri knives before you purchase one, so a local store with various options is always helpful.  If you want to try out knives you can do so locally and find one that suits your needs and operates well, then you can take your price comparison online.

Perhaps the best place to purchase Cold Steel Knives is straight from the manufacturer themselves at their in-depth website. If you are not the online shopper the site also features assistance in finding the right retailer near your home which has the knife you are looking for so that you can try it out firsthand.

Kukri knives are also available at other retailers, like Kukri house, whose website contains several popular models of the knife. They also give you a lot of information concerning the Nepalese culture surrounding the kukri knives, which is very interesting to know before you buy the knife. They also carry a wide array of other popular knives on the market and can help you make a solid comparison as to why a kukri is appropriate for your needs.

While there has been an in-depth past surrounding the kukri knife in Nepal they are certainly destined to have an undeniable future in other areas of the world, and the uses are certainly neverending.

DR Stump Grinder Reviews: Costs & Grinders for Sale

Removing a tree off from your property is not an easy task; it is not enough that you just cut the tree down, you have to remove the stump as well. There are different methods people use to clear the annoying tree stumps, some are very simple, like digging a trench around the stump and uproot the tree, while others are so extreme that they are spectacle to behold, like ripping the stump off the ground using a big and heavy 4 x 4 truck. Though these methods work most of the time, they are not really very efficient means of doing the job. But thanks to modern technology, there is now a power tool that can make short work of the stubborn tree stumps, the DR Stump Grinder.

Recommended Product

15HP Gas Powered Walk Behind Stump Grinder
List Price: $1,999.00
Price: $1,544.00
You Save: $455.00
Price Disclaimer

What’s a Stump Grinder
A stump grinder is a landscaping tool that has a row of large steel teeth set around a fast-spinning wheel. This machine works basically like a wood chipper, the only difference is that in a stump grinder the teeth goes towards the wood, not the other way around like with a wood chipper. The teeth grind into the stump, chipping at the wood one huge chunk at a time until the entire stump is cleared. The DR stump grinder is up there with the best of them.

What Makes the DR Stump Grinder Better than the Others?

There are several features of the DR stump grinder that places it above the competition in terms of performance, and here are several of them:

Carbide Grinding Teeth – The DR stump grinder utilizes carbide grinding teeth in both the 6HP and the 9HP models. Carbide is usually reserved for mining equipment, because of their extreme hardness, carbide grinding teeth can easily go through solid rock. So if it can easily chip away into solid rock then wood will not pose much of a problem; your DR stump grinder’s teeth will go through hundreds of stumps before it needs replacing.

Large Off-road Style Wheels – The DR stump grinder rolls on huge tires so you can easily transport it over rough terrain, which is often where the problematic tree stumps are located.

Electric Starter System – While the other grinders require the use of a pull-string to start their motors, the DR stump grinder only requires that you push a button to start the powerful Subaru motor and you are ready to go.

Powerful air-cooled engine – The DR stump grinder is powered by either a 6hp or 9hp Subaru air-cooled motor. These are powerful and efficient motors made by the same company that created championship rally cars. And being air-cooled, the DR stump grinder has little risk of overheating, even after long hours of heavy use.

Recommended Product

15HP Gas Powered Walk Behind Stump Grinder
List Price: $1,999.00
Price: $1,544.00
You Save: $455.00
Price Disclaimer

Pros and Cons of the DR Stump Grinder


–        Carbide grinding wheel makes short work of even the hardest tree stumps. What used to take hours of backbreaking labor now only takes minutes with the DR stump grinder.

–        Because it rides high on large diameter wheels, the DR stump grinder can maneuver even on rugged terrain.

–        Compared to other brands, the DR stump grinders are considerably lighter, making it easier to manipulate and move around.

–        It can actually grind the stump into the ground. Being able to grind the tree stump well below ground level means you only need to fill up the hole left by the stump.

–        The carbide grinding teeth combined with the powerful Subaru motor completely pulverizes the tree stump, leaving only sawdust behind, which you can use as mulch for your other plants.


–        Being so lightweight it cannot bear down on tougher varieties of wood. You may need to put in some weight when you are dealing with hardwood tree stumps.

–        Because of the limited reach of the portable stump grinders you need to cut the tree stump as close to the ground as you can.The DR stump grinder attacks the tree stump from the side, and can only go as high as the terrain permits you to tilt it back and upwards.

–        Having 9 separate grinding blades and a powerful Subaru motor means that the DR stump grinder will produce noise, and a whole lot of it. So use ear protection while using it to clear your land.

–        It is expensive, the average DR stump grinder cost is over $2000, which is a pretty hefty investment.

DR Stump Grinder Reviews and Reactions

It is actually pretty hard to find people who bought a DR stump grinder that has anything bad to say about the product; the ratio is almost 1 unsatisfied customer in 100 users! Almost all DR stump grinder reviews you come across on the internet rarely has anything bad to say about the stump grinder as a whole, there are some people who found one or two little problems about the DR stump grinder but overall they are pretty satisfied with their purchase.

Where to Find DR Stump Grinders for Sale

You can buy a brand new DR stump grinder from the official website of DR Power Equipment and also from most gardening and home improvement online stores. The 9hp DR stump grinder will set you back $2,100 for the manual start model, and about $2300 for the one with the electric starter.

If you cannot afford to buy a brand new stump grinder, you can always find a secondhand DR stump grinder for sale on eBay, or you can buy a reconditioned one straight from the factory. Reconditioned stump grinders work like they are brand new but at a discounted price, often 40% off the original sticker price.

Why would you want to punish yourself with hard labor just to clear a tree stump? You may think that it’s alright as long as it’s just the one tree stump, but what if you have to clear out a dozen of them? Save yourself from all the pain and suffering, get a DR stump grinder and easily get rid of those pesky tree stumps.

Recommended Product

15HP Gas Powered Walk Behind Stump Grinder
List Price: $1,999.00
Price: $1,544.00
You Save: $455.00
Price Disclaimer

Concrete Bollards Guide: Steel, Concrete Traffic, Security, Precast & Concrete Lighting Bollards

Bollards are one of the most overlooked items that people come across every day, and yet they do not know how important these short, robust posts really are. In this article you will learn about these inconspicuous little posts that have different purposes, from protecting establishments, controlling traffic flow, and other practical uses. You will also know the different types, from the usual concrete bollard to the hi-tech retractable bollards. After reading this article not only will you learn about these usually ignored security devices, you will also get a new found respect for them and the job they do.

What are Bollards?

The term bollard was once only used to describe the hitching post on the bow of a boat where a line from a tugboat is tied around on, it also holds the line that moors the boat on the docks tied to another short, thick wooden post that is incidentally also called a bollard. Now the term bollard usually pertains to the concrete bollards that line the sidewalks along busy streets, and almost all of the other waist-high posts jutting out of the pavement.

Different Uses of Bollards

For Managing Vehicular Traffic

Yellow-colored steel bollards, sometimes even steel bollards are used to direct traffic. Since these short posts are right at eye-level of most drivers riding in cars, bollards are perfect for mounting traffic signs. And sometimes the bollards themselves are the traffic signs, some cities actually use illuminated plastic bollards to direct motorists to their correct lanes at night.

For Guiding Vehicles into the Correct Parking Slots

Steel bollards are usually used in these cases; the bollards are placed in between parking slots so that the cars are forced to park in between the posts. These will ensure that there is ample space in between vehicles.

For Security Purposes

Security bollards are placed in front of important establishments to protect them from surprise vehicular attacks. These strong steel bollards can withstand strong impacts from cars and even from large trucks. These bollards are often used in conjunction with concrete traffic barriers to provide extra protection.

For Aesthetics

Decorative bollards are often placed along pathways or in front of buildings as a part of the architectural design. Oftentimes cast iron bollards are used for this purpose but there are also some precast concrete bollards with intricate designs that serve the purpose well. These bollards sometimes have lights placed inside them so they can also light the way at night.

For Controlling Pedestrian Traffic

Steel or concrete bollards are sometimes placed along the edges of sidewalks and chains are strung in between them to discourage people from walking on the street or jaywalking. Bollards are also used as a barrier around historical monuments, so people would not be able to go too near the structures and possibly damage them. The bollards also protect the pedestrians walking on the sidewalks; in case a car goes out of control it will just hit the bollards and not climb up the sidewalk and run over pedestrians.

Bollard Structure

The constructions of bollards actually differ from one type to another, depending on their purpose. But they all share the same design characteristics, just in a different scale. There are basically just two components that make a good bollard; the foundation and the post.

The Foundation

The foundation of the bollard needs to be very secure, and planted deep underneath the ground. The foundation needs to be very secure because this will determine the total strength of the structure. If the foundation is not embedded deep enough the bollard will just fall over or get uprooted if a strong force, like a speeding vehicle, gets applied on it.

The Post

As a rule bollard posts are short and thick all around. This is so the center of gravity of the bollard is very near to the ground so heavy forces acting onto it will get transferred into the foundation and spread out into the earth below. If a bollard post is longer than the prescribed height there is a good chance that it will break of at the base, thus defeating the purpose of the bollard as an effective crash barrier.

Types of Bollards

There are basically three types of bollards: the fixed, removable, and the retractable bollards.

Fixed Bollard

Like the name states, fixed bollards are those that are put in their place permanently. These are usually concrete bollards that are cast in place, though sometimes cast iron bollards are placed in the same way. These are usually used as protection for commercial establishments located along a busy street, in case someone loses control of a vehicle and heads straight for the establishment. The bollards will absorb the impact and protect the property and the lives of people inside.

Removable Bollards

These bollards are used in some cities to cordon off traffic in some avenues during certain times and then removed when they need to get opened for vehicular traffic. These bollards are usually made from cast iron or stainless steel, and temporarily yet securely fixed onto a concrete base that is permanently embedded in the pavement.

Retractable Bollards

These are technically fixed bollards, but since the can retract into the ground to allow access, these steel bollards are given a separate type. Often you will see these kinds of security bollards in high risk facilities like embassies and state prisons. These are more effective than removable bollards because they can allow access instantly at just a push of a button.

The Lowly Bollard

Now that you have had a brief introduction as to what bollards are and what they can do for you, you must have had a new found respect for these little steel or concrete traffic barriers. Now you know that these steel or concrete bollards are placed there for a purpose, and one of them is to protect you from harm. So the next time you pass by one just give it a quick glance and appreciate all the things that this simple little post does for mankind.

LED Flashlight Reviews Guide: Tactical, LED Light, Surefire & Maglite Reviews

LED has been around for quite a while but had very limited uses. As technology develops however, LED is likewise slowly expanding its use to include lights for the homes and vehicles. Used to be for tiny indicators in gadgets only, LED has come a long way from that in terms of innovation.  Those who rave about its advantages say it will soon replace incandescent bulbs and they are beginning to do so.

LED flashlight reviews are very persuasive drawing in more people to make the switch. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of LED over incandescent bulbs to see whether it is good enough for you and your household.

LED Flashlights: Overview

LED flashlights didn’t used to be effective at reaching greater distances with its light.  In terms of how far the light reaches, incandescent flashlights used to be the dominating player. Today however technology has changed the score. LED has not been developed to reach as far as any incandescent light with its distance. Some even say it is better but this remains to be a subject of debate.

The problem with LED is that it created a sort of blue light, which was odd for home use; people have been used to the yellowish light of incandescents.  But today, LED light is looking more white than blue.    The brightness is also improving significantly which makes it good for gadgets like the flashlight. Based on LED flashlight reviews, customers are happy with the brightness provided by some of the better brands of LED flashlights.

The main reason why manufacturers are investing in research and development for LED is its inherent advantage in energy consumption. It uses up far less energy than incandescent bulbs and can thus stretch battery life longer – making it cheaper to use.  Energy efficiency is a big thing. So if LED can be improved to work just as well as incandescent bulbs for something as useful as a flashlight then it will surely be the better choice.

As mentioned earlier, constant innovation is underway. Here are some of great examples of new LED flashlights.

LED flashlights: Some New Products and Leading Brands

If we are to believe LED light reviews, then so many people apparently prefer it incandescent these days. Surefire reviews, for one, are pretty positive.

One good product from the brand Surefire is the E2DL LED Flashlight which doubles as a flashlight and a tool of self-defense now commonly known as a Tactical Flashlight. In tactical LED flashlight reviews and product descriptions, the E2DL Defender LED Flashlight touts itself as being virtually indestructible with a tactical high mode of 200 lumens.  With bright light, it is designed to overwhelm an attacker at night.  It is equipped with a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to concentrate light into a powerful beam which can be quickly activated by a push button.  The scalloped tailcap is said to be an additional weapon too.

Satisfied users in tactical flashlight reviews commend the durability of the E2DL LED Flashlight in terms of covering or casing as well as LED light runtime. Built from hard aluminum, it is said to be shock proof and can be dropped with no damage incurred. The light has been found to last long too in terms of battery life and resistance to shock and other damages.

Some products also come in small packages to make it handy and easier to fit in the purse. One such product is the Mini Maglite LED which also boasts of brilliance in the dark and excellent light-focusing features.  Just by twisting the head, you can conveniently turn it on and off and focus the light. Based on Maglite reviews, another good feature of the Mini Maglite LED is its options for 100% power, 25% power, blink and SOS.  This way, you control your light output depending on the purpose.  If you purchase this Maglite flashlight, it will also come with a holster making it easier to carry around.

Although both Maglite and Surefire are pretty reliable brands, they aren’t perfect yet. When it comes to focusing the light, LED flashlights do not perform as well as incandescent bulbs.  Considering what it used to be, the brightness of LED flashlights from both manufacturers are impressive but flashlights using incandescent bulbs are still better in this respect.

LED Flashlights: Conclusion

The Internet has a wide array of brands and products to choose from. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, the choices will make your head spin. So before buying a flashlight, LED or otherwise, make a mental list of how you want it to perform, as different products have different strengths. Do you want it small and handy? Or do you want it to be powerful or weapon-like? Remember that LED isn’t as bright as incandescent bulbs but the reviews are looking good all the same. If you don’t need to light up the entire parking lot or one huge football field, the current brightness of LED flashlights will actually do just fine.

As for buying, before settling on any particular brand, go through the long list of LED light reviews and tactical flashlight reviews available online and see if the product is of reputable quality and comes with warranty.  The service of the shop you are buying from is especially important too.  You wouldn’t want to end up with damaged goods on your doorstep and wait forever for a replacement.

Finally, before making that purchase, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it bright enough?
  • Will it last long?
  • Is this flashlight going to die on me in just a few hours or is it great for long hours of use?
  • Is it energy efficient? Can I save on batteries with this model?
  • Is it easy to carry and is designed with firm grip?
  • Will I be able to effectively focus the light if I need to?
  • Is this the cheapest I can find for the qualities I demand?

Once you’ve researched the above criteria, you would probably be ready to make an informed and wise choice as to whether or not you need an LED flashlight.

Garden Fence Ideas Guide: Vegetables, Edging, Decorative, Landscaping, Deer & Picket Fencing

While most of us would never think of fencing as being something of intricate detail, it actually is for a homeowner and avid gardener.  In selecting the appropriate types of fence to protect your landscaping the possibilities are endless.

Chain Link Fencing

The most common type of fencing material –and also the cheapest– is the chain link or sometimes known as the wire netting, chain-wire fence, cyclone fence or hurricane fence.  The fence itself is not very decorative but it has several advantages.  For one, chain links are easy to install and it lets light and air get through. Allowing you to see through the other side also widens the space and you don’t get that claustrophobic feeling or create a yard that seems enclosed

Wondering how to decorate the chain link fence though? You can add some evergreen vine plants to your landscaping design.  If you can’t imagine how this looks, you can try checking out pictures online for decorative fence ideas.  Many homeowners use ivy, wisteria and trumpet vine which tend to crawl into nearby structures like your chain link fence.  The green crawling naturally on those interlinked metal will add some softness and color to the look of your fence.   Planting shocks of clumping bamboo, which grow tall and sway gently in the wind, will also create a similar effect.   Finally, if you don’t mind partially blocking the view of the outside, you can line your garden with shrubs and hedges like dogwood and hydrangea.  There are so many other garden edging ideas you can try to either decorate your chain link fence or distract viewers from it.

Wooden Picket

Although they do not match the level of security of other materials like metal grills and although they require greater upkeep, wooden picket fences are classic, traditional and simply beautiful.

Some of the more popular picket fence ideas for landscaping include lining the fence with seemingly wild flowers or black-eyed susans which –if allowed to grow naturally –will peek through the pickets randomly and give the landscape a “countryside” look and feel to it.

Because wood is difficult and expensive to maintain though, many homeowners go with the PVC picket fencing option.  PVC or plastic picket fencing or vinyl picket fencing is the material which will spare you from expensive and laborious treatments against termites and constant repainting. It is also sturdier against the wear and tear of the elements like rain, wind and sunlight. Once installed, PVC picket fences will not peel, corrode and rust and they will never need painting or treating.

Not only will PVC picket fences save you time, money and hassle, they are also environmentally friendly as using wood does have an adverse environmental impact.  They are also non-toxic and fully recyclable.

Landscaping fence ideas specifically for wood or PVC pickets can be searched online.  You can even mix them with other materials like stone and again line the perimeter with shrubs to create that charming and homey look.

Aluminum Fences

Yet another great option is aluminum which is typically powder-coated with acrylic finish. While being great in terms of security, it is gives your home the stately elegance of wrought iron.  Plenty of garden fence ideas can go well with aluminum fences because this material allows for flexibility in terms of design. While other homeowners prefer simple and straight vertical lines to edge the perimeter, others prefer curvier shapes or more intricate designs.

Unlike the cheaper chain links, whose appearance must be enhanced or covered with creative landscaping fence ideas, aluminum fences actually add to the beauty of the area.  It can line your home, garden or your pool for added safety. Contrary to popular belief, it is also easy to install and requires little maintenance.  There are pre-assembled panels available online for you to be able to do the fencing yourself.

Why Fence Your Property?

Landscaping and fencing isn’t just about design though.  Before any other aesthetic consideration protecting your home and garden should be on top of the priority list.

For some people, putting up a protective fence is simply about keeping animals like deer off of the garden.  Deer love to eat shrubbery and can do a lot of damage to any type of garden. If this is also your problem, ask the local nursery for deer fence ideas. Vegetable garden fence ideas are specifically planned out to protect plants, fruit beds and landscaping from being ransacked by hungry cattle.

For example, make sure that your fencing goes up as high as seven feet and is made of high woven wire. Barbwire may be used on the upper portion to really keep cattle away.  If this is not enough, have an electric fence system surround your garden and place temporary netting to specific plants like strawberries.

Going Shopping For Your Garden Fence Ideas

If you have determined what type of fencing material and design best suit your needs as a homeowner, it’s time to go shopping!

Chain links are readily available at retail and do-it-yourself hardware stores or they may be purchased online.  The standard heights are 42″, 48″, 60″, and 72″ tall.  They also come in several colors, the most common of which are black, green, brown and white.  Be sure though to check that your chain link fencing comes with a warranty and is manufactured with a 1 ¼” mesh, which is the BOCA swimming pool code standard. One great feature of online shops which sell chain links is that it now comes with an online calculator, for you to better estimate the length you need to cover your perimeter.

If you have decided to go with wooden pickets, you can go shopping online for suppliers of Cedar, Redwood and Southern Yellow Pine.  Cedar and redwood are probably the wiser choices because these materials resist moisture, rot and insects naturally with little treatment needed.  Better yet, you can try looking for composite fencing, which is made from recycled wood fibers in a resin base.  Its surface may still come in Cedar, Redwood, and Tuscan Walnut but this type will require less maintenance especially against cracking.  Again you can make use of free online calculators as you get started.

The Internet is particularly a great place to buy aluminum fencing because it allows you to choose from a variety of designs.  As mentioned earlier, aluminum grills can be a very lovely addition by themselves and online there are more stores and designs that you can choose from.

With diligent research and canvassing, you can recreate the lovely garden fence ideas you have planned.

Resurface Concrete: Slab, Steps, Overlay, Stamped & Quickrete Concrete

If your driveway is getting a little worn, your sidewalks are starting to get grooves or your patio simply needs a little sprucing, there’s no need to break out the excavator and build all new concrete surfaces when you can simply resurface the concrete quickly and easily. The beautiful thing about concrete is that it’s not a solid piece of material that needs to be completely removed and replaced when it’s been worn by age, weather, or the daily grind of constant use. You don’t even have to wait until wear and tear has broken down or cracked your concrete to perform the overhaul; if you’re just plain tired of the drab appearance of the concrete surrounding your pool, for instance, you can resurface the area with a new colorful or otherwise decorative concrete. Rather, you can easily resurface concrete with a few easy steps, and have your sidewalks, driveway or patio looking brand new again.

Resurfacing concrete slabs, is an easy process but it does involve several steps, not the least of which being determining how much concrete you’ll need to resurface and how much concrete you’ll need to complete that task. Next, you’ll need to determine what you want to do as far as the resurfacing; will you go with the original slate color, or adventure out with a colored or stamped design. The possibilities are virtually limitless by resurfacing your concrete or adding a concrete overlay. You can create nearly any design, from forming the appearance of a stone pathway or faux circle inlays. If you can think of it, you can probably think of a way to do it.

Resurfacing Concrete Slabs

First of all, as with any home project, personal protective equipment should always be worn. Protective gear for your eyes and waterproof gloves are the minimum of safety measures to be undertaken. Furthermore, you’ll need to check the weather forecast reports for the day you intend to complete this project; you’ll need temperatures to remain over 50 degrees for a minimum of 8 hours, although longer would definitely be ideal; temps must remain above freezing for the entire 24 hours after you’ve resurfaced your concrete to ensure properly set and secure concrete.

Before applying the resurfacing concrete, the first thing you must do is thoroughly clean the concrete you’ll be resurfacing. Using a super high pressure washer, such as 3500 psi, is necessary to ensure the concrete is free of dirt, grease, debris or any other inhibiting materials. Fill in cracks or seriously concave spots on the concrete. After cleaning and filling, thoroughly soak the concrete you’ll be resurfacing; you’ll want it saturated, but ensure that there is no standing water remaining by sweeping it off the surface, or mopping it up if necessary. Tape off any edges you don’t want the new concrete to sit or slide onto. Like sanding and priming surfaces to be painted, these steps are taken to ensure that the resurfacing concrete adheres thoroughly to the concrete below.

You’ll want to immediately start mixing the resurfacing concrete, because the sooner it’s laid down, the less chance of debris ending up on the concrete slab you’re resurfacing, and the less chance the priming saturation will evaporate. Once the resurfacing material has been mixed, according to the directions, pour it out onto the concrete in foot-wide sections; scrub and level the resurfacing concrete out onto the slab and spread it as evenly as you can make it. After a short period of time, like five minutes or so, apply a non-slip finish to the resurfaced concrete. If temperatures remain below 90 degrees for the next few days, it will dry properly on its own. However, in temps above 90, you’ll want to maintain a fine mist of water, known as a moist cure, on the concrete for the next 24 to 48 hours.

Resurface Concrete Steps

The process for to resurface concrete steps is similar to that of a concrete slab: cleaning, pressure washing, taping off, and application. You’ll want to add a second coat of concrete, with a slightly wetter, slurry like consistency, in order to provide a smoother, more finished look to the steps. Work concrete into any pores or pits the aged concrete has accrued, then add a skim coat over the entire resurfaced area of the concrete steps. For edges, you’ll need a nose tool or nodder, and a cove tool to mold the sections where the steps meet one another, for a finish that is smooth and neat looking rather than unkempt or shoddy.

Resurface Stamped Concrete

When you want to create a whole new atmosphere for a certain area, be it your driveway to stand out from the neighbors, your patio to finish off a theme, or any other area in which the ground is concrete, it’s a simple thing to do while you’re resurfacing these places. Like staining, finishing or texturizing concrete, this is a process that should be done quickly, before the concrete has a chance to dry completely. Steps similar to resurfacing slabs or steps are undertaken, but it’s important to remember that because stamping must be done within a certain amount of time, you should work in smaller sections of concrete, and therefore adjust your steps accordingly.

Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer

Quikrete concrete resurfacer is available at most home improvement stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot as well as online at A blend of sand, polymer modifiers and Portland cement as well as other materials, Quikrete is a popular concrete resurfacer specifically designed to withstand a high volume of foot traffic and moderate vehicle traffic, and make repairs to concrete. It can be used for:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Pool decks/surrounds
  • Patios
  • Flooring
  • Curbs
  • Steps
  • Virtually anywhere that needs a layer of concrete resurfacing

Resurface Concrete

It’s so much easier on your wallet, your time and your energy to simply resurface concrete rather than remove and replace it. Whether the areas you need repaired are cracked or grooved from every day wear and age, as long as they’re in sound condition, you can resurface concrete to look fresh and new. And with the many different ways to add character to concrete, you can take advantage of your resurfacing project to create a visually aesthetic complement to any area, be it your pool deck, your driveway or your patio.

Stanley Tape Measure Review Guide: Parts, Markings, Metric Tape, Digital Tape, Carpentry & Woodworking

Stanley tape measures can be found in the garage of almost any craftsman, be they professional or hobbyist. These tape measures are wonderful tools that can measure pieces of material merely inches long, or those that are a couple dozen feet in length. And with their distinctive, easy to understand and use markings, you’ll never have to worry about miscalculating a measurement. After all, while it’s true that you should measure twice, cut once for every project, it doesn’t matter how many times you measure something if you don’t do it right; you’ll still make a mistake. That’s what makes Stanley tape measures so popular, since not only are they easy to read, but they’re accurate and come in a range of styles and sizes to fit any project you might come across.

Stanley Tape Measure Parts

While Stanley does have a lifetime warranty on their tape measures, this only covers equipment that is undamaged by improper use or handling; in other words, if it didn’t come from the factory messed up, the warranty probably doesn’t cover it. It also only covers your tape measure for the span of the ‘useful life’ of the tool, so if after 50 years it stops working, they probably will not consider that warranted. While it never hurts to try, if your measure isn’t covered any longer, you don’t have to give up and buy one new; you can simply replace the part or parts (as necessary) that need to be replaced. Here is a brief list of some of the Stanley tape measure parts they have for replacement:

  • Long Tapes hub assembly for 34-350 and 34-400; hub assembly for 34-250 and 34-300; hub assembly for 34-095 and 34-096; blade 3/8” x 15m/50’ for 34-153
  • Belt Clips – adapter plate; matte black powerlock belt clip fits all one inch and one and a quarter inch tape rules (FatMax, Maxsteel, Contractor Grade);  chrome belt clip for all one inch tape rules (Powerlock, Leverlock); chrome belt clip for all half inch and three quarter inch tape rules
  • Slide Locks – black and yellow, wide variety of tape measures
  • Replacement Tape Blades – 3/4” x 3m/10’ for 33-328; 1” x 12’; 1/2” x 12’ for 33-212; 25mm x 7.5m/25’ for 33-428; 1” x 30’ for 33-430; 1/2” x 10’ for 33-210; 3/4″ x 10’ for 33-310
  • Tape Caddy – black and orange

Stanley Tape Measure Markings

If you’re unfamiliar with tape measure markings, or just want to ensure that you fully understand those on your Stanley tape measure, it’s a pretty simple system. The tape blade itself, a bright and easy to see yellow, is emblazoned with black lines and numbers for the easy deciphering of lengths. When using a tape measure with foot and inch markings, the first thing you need to know is that everything is marked in increments of 1/16 of an inch. The smallest notches are 1/16 of an inch; the longest are 1/2 of an inch. As long as you remember that the smallest ticks are 1/16, and you can work your math from 1/2 to 1/4 to 1/8 to 1/16, you should be okay. It may seem tricky at first, but the more you work with it, the easier it will be to understand your Stanley tape measure markings.

Stanley metric tape measures, of course, are marked to metric increments, not feet and inches. So if you need to use metric measurements, you can either buy a metric tape measure or, if you don’t use metric measures often enough to warrant the purchase, you can look at the bottom of your Stanley tape measure blade. The markings and numbers on the bottom half are in metric measurements. They’re also fairly straightforward, marked in millimeters for the smallest increments, the centimeters, and then meters. The best thing about using metrics is that rather than saying 1 and 11/16 of an inch, you can simply read out 4.2 centimeters. It’s convenient, but as we still use feet and inches in the US, we just don’t work with metrics that often.

Stanley digital tape measures are probably the most convenient and accurate tape measure you can find. Digital tape measures mean you don’t have to count out the little 1/16 ticks on a tape blade; the digital measure tells you exactly how long the length is on a digital readout. That can save you time and trouble, as you’ll never miscount the ticks again. Laser tape measures are also convenient and accurate; by simply pointing at the target to be measured, up to 100 feet, and the distance will appear on the LCD screen.

Carpentry and Woodworking

Stanley tape measures are an old standby in carpentry and woodworking. Although digital and laser tape measures have gone to put most reel tape measures into obscurity, you’ll still probably find an old Stanley tape measure on the workbenches or in the toolboxes of carpenters, woodworkers, and anyone who requires measurements in their projects. Not necessarily out of tradition or sentiment, but because it’s always reassuring to know that you can measure something and know the exact length or size with your own calculations. Furthermore, no matter how accurate a digital or laser tape measure may be, there’s always room for human error. But, because there’s no reason not to take advantage of modern technology, you’ll more than likely find Stanley’s digital and laser tape measures in their tools as well.

Stanley Tape Measure

Whether you’re a craftsman with decades of experience, or a novice just breaking into a woodworking or crafting hobby, there’s no tool you’ll rely on quite as much as your Stanley tape measure. With a reputation for quality and accuracy, not to mention a warranty that covers damages not caused by misuse or damage, Stanley provides tape measures that professionals and hobbyists alike can rely on for years of work. And, if you’re more comfortable with digital and laser measures as opposed to good old-fashioned reel tape measures, Stanley measures are among the best in the industry. With several different lengths and widths of tape measures, and different features for their more techno-savvy ones, there’s a Stanley tape measure for everyone to use.

Micro Fasteners Review Guide: Micro Nylon Screws, Machine Screws, Jewelry Fasteners & Micro Socket Screws

Fasteners are used to join objects together so that the object can hold onto each other. A typical example of a fastener can be a screw which can be used to connect to metal objects in an assembly or two wooden part of equipment. Fasteners are of immense value in the assembling of equipment, furniture, machines, etc.

Micro fasteners or typically called as screws are finding their place in almost every piece which needs to be joined together. For example when we consider a small machine having various parts, the assembling is done using the micro fasteners in such a manner that the machine parts remain intact and can sustain the shocks during the operation of the equipment. Attention must be given while choosing the fasteners as the quality of the metal being employed while making the fastener will make the fastener last longer and won’t rust or breakdown due to prolong exposure to shocks. The fastener being employed in assembling are checked and only after passing the required quality checks, it is being taken into use for the assembly purpose.

Nylon Screws

We have variety of micro fasteners available on the market of various shapes and sizes such as the micro nylon screws. The nylon screws are used in plastic assembly of certain equipments where metal screws can’t be employed. These screws are manufactured using nylon and are typically lightweight, durable and do not add to the weight of the equipment .The micro nylon screws are required in electronic appliances where durability matters the most .The home appliances which are typically made of plastic consist of these nylon screws as they can be manufactured per the requirement of the assembly team. Thus the micro nylon screws have immense value in the home appliances industry and the computer industry where the nylon screws are required to assemble parts of the electronic machines.

Bolt and Washer

Another typical fastener is the machine screw which is being used along with a bolt and a washer. They came in varied shape and sizes as per the requirement and are used in assembling of machine in various industries. The machine screws are largely required in the construction activity, automobile industry, heavy engineering sector, power plants, manufacturing industry. The machine screw finds their importance in almost all parts of the industry. The machine screws provide more strength as well as holding power to the joint. They can be easily removed with the help of screwdrivers and hence they are employed in assembling so that the joint can be dismantled very easily which is not possible in case of use of nails where the nail might break down.

Machine Screws

In the power plants typically we find machine screws being used everywhere where the machines are being bolted to a surface. It is imperative that the surface should be able to hold the part of the machine to make sure that it will not move from its position during the operation of a machine. A quality check is done to ensure the stability of the machine in case of sudden shocks and this is when the strength of machine screw comes into picture. If the machine screw breaks down or becomes loose during such situations the machine will vibrate more there by damaging the operation and other parts of it. So regular checking should be done to ensure that the machine screws are tightly fitted on the machine as this will protect the machine and will help in prevention of damage as well.

Micro Socket Screws

There are also micro socket screws which are used in industries where size matters the most .Owing to the small size of certain machines the parts of it require tiny socket screws that can hold the parts together and offer the adequate stability .Hence these screws should be manufactured with acute precision as the error in their manufacturing might damage the machine during operation. The manufacturer of micro socket screw has to keep a close attention during the manufacturing process so that the screw produced can be employed on the part of the machine for which it is designed. Lots of design modifications are done in the manufacturing of small screws as they have precise requirements and even minute error after the manufacturing is not tolerated. The design checks should be stringent and the manufacturing check must be done to ensure quality. If the required level of quality is not offered by the screw manufactures the assembly unit might look out for changing the supplier of the screws.

In the micro fasteners, we often come across designer or decorative fasteners which are used in making belts or purses. Such articles require fasteners that can complement the product and this is where the designer fasteners come in to picture. They are often termed as micro fasteners jewelry and being used a lot in designer products where the regular screws can’t be used. Thus it is very important to understand the use of micro fasteners in industry as they find huge application in them.

The Making of Micro Fasteners

The micro fasteners are available in typical shapes and sizes .With the advancement in technology, the manufacturing process of micro fasteners is becoming error free delivering high quality results .The screws produced are of excellent quality and they ensure the maximum protection wherever they are being used. Micro fasteners UK are of high quality and should be used depending upon the availability.

The micro fastener industry is growing with the increasing demand for small size equipments and machines and hence there is enough scope for everyone to enter into this industry .The micro fasteners are being designed using technology tools so that the time can be saved in manual designing .Also with the help of computer aided manufacturing, the micro fasteners of the requisite shape and size can be easily manufactured.  Quality checks must be done to ensure the protection of the machines and hence it is imperative to pay attention to all the stages of manufacturing. Post manufacturing care must all also be taken to ensure that the fasteners are protected from chemical and solvents which reduces the strength of the metals. All these will ensure protection of the machines during the course of operation.

How Much Does Concrete Cost? Calculator, Per Sq Ft, Per Yard, Countertops and Ashphalt

The construction of a house is a costly activity and a lot of factors are taken into account before the actual construction begins. It is therefore imperative to do a detailed analysis of the cost of the materials involved for construction. The most important element in the construction is the concrete and how much does concrete cost is a question in front of an individual as he decides to construct the house.

The raw materials required for concrete are cement, crushed rock like granite or lime stone, fine sand, water and certain chemicals .Concrete is nothing but the mixture of the above components in the right proportion and adequate care needs to be taken mixing all the raw materials. Nowadays concrete is prepared in machines which are mounted on big trucks so that the concrete mix can be made during the transportation phase.

The concrete mix machines are mounted in a such a way on the trucks that whenever the concrete mix plant receives a request for a concrete to a certain construction site, the raw materials required for the concrete mix are poured in the right proportion in the machine and the concrete mix machine constantly rolls till the time it reaches the construction site. This is done to make sure that the raw materials of concrete are mixed and the mixture does not become solid.

The concrete mix plant has a laboratory where the raw materials for the concrete are taken in small proportions and mixed together. The resultant concrete is allowed to solidify and then stress is applied on the solid concrete to check the breakdown strength .The results are tabulated by doing such test on the solid concrete slabs so that it can be useful in the calculation of other civil engineering parameters in the construction activity.

How Can You Learn the Cost of Concrete?

There are lot of online tools available to check how much does the concrete cost. These are often known as a concrete calculator. This calculator asks for certain inputs such as for the construction of a slab it asks for thickness, width & length. Once these inputs are entered the concrete calculator gives the output and tells the user how many bags of cement are required and to calculate number of cubic yards. It’s a great tool which can also be used for calculation of raw materials required so that estimated cost of the construction projects can be calculated. Depending upon the estimated cost measures can be taken to reduce the cost by using the raw materials in proper proportions so that the losses can be minimised.

Professional Construction Planners

It is imperative for the construction planner to know how much raw material is required for the entire construction project so that he can order for those raw materials from the suppliers and have it available at the construction site .This helps the construction planner to create the requisite amount of concrete on a daily basis requirement as the concrete solidifies if it is not utilised within certain period adding  to the cost of the project as the raw materials get utilised and their stocks go down.

The role of the construction planner is estimation, purchase of the raw material and to complete the construction project within deadline. The planner keeps a checklist of materials with him so that he can make accurate calculations of the required raw material for concrete. During the construction planning utmost attention is given towards the cost as any ignorance in the estimation may lead to the increased cost of the project. So the questions such as how much do the concrete cost per sq.ft. , how much does the asphalt cost, how much does the concrete cost per yard ,etc are being asked by the construction company to their construction planner and engineers so that the capital can be kept aside for the purchase of the raw materials required for the concrete . The construction company makes sure to have adequate stock of the raw materials as the cost of the raw materials may increase subject to market volatility and the construction firms wants to play safe with the cost of the project. The construction firms are risk averse and they make sure that the market volatility does not increase the cost of the project.

The construction firms have mechanism in place to check the raw material inventory and it is always maintained to a threshold level as the cost of the raw materials might increase owing to the rise in the fuel cost.

Concrete Cost Estimation

The concrete might cost around $100 per square yard and since the yard consists of 27 square feet the cost per square feet goes for around $ 3 to $4 depending upon construction site. Companies are always on the lookout for getting the raw materials at cheaper prices from their suppliers.

The estimated calculation is done for how much does concrete slab cost and how much does concrete countertops cost. The concrete slab cost can be reduced by making a bulk buy of the raw material from the supplier and the concrete countertop cost can be reduced by customised concrete countertop. This helps in bringing down the cost of the construction activity. The granite countertops in kitchen might cost around $4000 whereas the custom made concrete countertop may cost the individual around $1000 .This saving can be better utilised in other construction expenditures.

Therefore before taking any construction activity, planning and estimation of the total cost is imperative as it gives the complete idea about the cost involved in the project .This helps in keeping the capital aside for making necessary purchase of the raw material. The construction activity is a costly affair and surely every small aspect must be taken into consideration. The raw materials should be of a good quality or else the construction project will not be strong enough to sustain the load. It is very important to do the lab testing of the raw materials to check the strength of the concrete mix to ensure quality. A quality check should be done after the construction project is over and the project should fulfil the required the parameters before getting the final approval for use.

Wooden Plans Guide: Houses, Toys, Projects, Chairs, Fences & Door Plans

If you are thinking of making woodworking your hobby then you should be aware of the fact that it isn’t as easy as it seems. Woodworking is not a Do-It-Yourself job that you can do on your own. But it isn’t impossible either. If you follow the right wooden plans then it will help you do the work and you can continue enjoying your hobby of woodworking. If you are thinking about the fine craft of woodworking then you must obtain the wooden project plans so that you can carry on your work easily. If you do not have excellent woodworking plans then you will have difficulty in completing your job. If you want to build amazing toys for your children then you must follow wooden toys plans.

Woodworking is hobby for some people while for some others it is a good way to save money. You can save on the costs of your furniture if you can make your furniture at home, not to mention you can sell some of the pieces that you make. It is not simple to make your furniture without proper planning and guidance. As you are not a pro in furniture making, you will face with many problems if there are no plans to help you out. There are some simple wooden plans that you can follow to make your furniture and it will help you save a lot of money. Take the step by step approach to it so that you do not miss even the smallest part of it. If you are a beginner in woodworking then you should start off with making simple wooden objects. If you see that you are able to make the simple ones then move forward to a bigger, more complex project. Move forward little by little and then one fine day you will be able to make even the most complex furniture. Follow the advanced plans and make furniture like the professionals do. While you do all these work do not forget to keep things for your safety. It may accidentally happen that you hurt yourself. So it is better and wiser to take care of your safety. Put on the safety glasses and take extreme care while working with sharp tools. Even a small distraction may hurt you. So pay a lot of attention.

When you are good at making wooden things then you can work on a big project of making your own house. Making your house yourself is something that you will cherish throughout your life but it is not a layman’s job. However, if you have access to wooden house plans then you will thoroughly enjoy making your dream house – piece by piece. That feeling when you make your house yourself is irreplaceable: nothing can ever replace that unique feeling. Before you start making your own house you should start constructing some small items like tables or chairs. You can follow the wooden tables or wooden chair plans to help you accomplish your task and let you move forward towards creating your dream house. When you are making your own house, you can also make the doors and windows of your house. And for that you can follow wooden door plans. Security is very important for your house no matter where you live. So you should install fence around the boundary of your house. Even though fences are readily available, you can make the fences of your house yourself by following wooden fence plans. The plans provide you with a step by step guide so that you can complete your work with proper guidance and ease.

If your child is keen on making toys for himself then you can fulfill his wish. By following the simple wooden toys plans you and your kid can together work on wood. Here are some steps that you should follow if you want to do woodworking with your child:

ü  When you are working with your kid make sure that you choose simple wooden plans as the complex ones will be hard for him to grasp.  Do not choose big projects like making a chair and table set.

ü  If you are running short of ideas then you can ask your child what he wants to make. You will be surprised with the ideas that he comes up with.

ü  The child should be old enough to hold up a hammer and pieces of wood so that he can work on his own project.

ü  After you have decided on the plan and your kid is mentally prepared then collect all the materials that are needed to accomplish the task. The kids are very moody and it does not take much time for their interests to transition. So you should keep all the things handy so that there’s no pause in your work.

ü  Help him to complete his task. Cut the wooden boards into parts of different sizes as per the need. If he wants to make a kennel for his beloved Labrador Retriever then drill holes in the wood so that he can easily put the nails inside the wooden plank.

ü  The painting time comes after both of you are done making the wooden object. Let the child do the painting as kids love to paint. Let his imaginations run wild. Give him paint and brushes so that he can paint different designs, shapes, or animals.

ü  After it is finally done, applaud the kid. Make him feel that he accomplished a great job. He will be encouraged to take bigger, better project next time.

ü  Another project that you might consider, which your kid will love too, is making puzzles out of plywood. Take a square piece of plywood and cut it into different shapes of different sizes. Next let your child paint it with his favorite colors. After that mix up the pieces and let your child enjoy his new play set.

There are many people who are afraid to make their first wooden project. They feel that they might mess it up. Even though woodworking is not an easy job but once when you do it the right way then you will love the fruit of your labor. You can get plenty of wooden plans that are available online, and if you want an alternative to that then you can get some of them on the woodworking magazines.

Welding Hats Review Guide: Custom, Watson, Pattern, Jackson & Comeau Welding Hats

There are many people around the world who do welding for their living or make a hobby out of it. Welding is the process of joining two or more pieces of metal, like stainless steel, brass, steel, aluminum or other things like polymer and plastic. A good welder is the one who possesses technical knowhow of the welding process and is able to accurately join the materials with dexterity. He has to pay a lot of attention in order to perform his job properly and ensure his personal safety. In the process of welding the potential for accidents is always apparent, so using welding hats is important to the safety of the welder and those who are in the vicinity.

In today’s modern society most people are striving to always look different or stand out, so they are constantly on lookout of fashionable accessories. The same is the case with the welders. There are many accessories available for welders and there are also various welding hats pattern available on the market today. Welding hats are not only stylish and cool but they also serve their purposes. A welding hat keeps the sweat from dripping into the eyes of the welder apart from being fire absorbent and retardant. There are different patterns of welding hats and there are also custom welding hats available.

There are many welding hats for sale by different manufacturers, including Watson welding hats, Comeaux welding hats and Jackson welding helmets. The products of these sellers are listed below:

Comeaux Welding Hats

Comeaux welding hats are one of the most popular welding hats available on the market and they come in 9 different styles. Each of the styles has been listed below:

1)      1000 – Single Sided Soft Brim Comfort Crown

The caps of this style have super soft brim with deep crown to cover the ears and even neck of the welders. It fits great with its 6 panels. This welder’s cap comes with custom prints of Comeaux. The entire welding hats pattern is unique and designed by the manufacturer, and they are double-checked before being sold. The makers at Comeaux are so confident about the quality of their product that they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. Their warehouse is fully stocked with hats so there’s no chance of you being turned away when you order a cap or a dozen of them. These caps are made of 100% cotton and they come in different colors, sizes and a wide variety of patterns.

2)      2000 – Reversible Soft Brim Comfort Crown

The caps of 2000 style are much like the caps of 1000 style but the difference between the caps of these two styles is that the caps of 2000 style are reversible and they have custom print on one side and solid color on the other side of the hat. These caps are available in black or white apart from the different colors and patterns.

3)      3000 – Black Quilted

This style of caps is black quilted with red stitching, and it has a flat crown that is hard brimmed. These caps are also made of cotton. The quality if these caps are thoroughly checked before being shipped off to the sellers.

4)      4000 Crazy Cap – Single Sided Stiff Brim Comfort Crown

To give that baseball fit, the caps of this style are hard brim and have medium crown. The fabrics that are used to make these caps are designed by Comeaux and they stand for their uniqueness. As different people have different tastes, the caps are made in different colors and patterns.

5)      5000 Polka Dot – Single Sided Stiff Brim Comfort Crown

With the medium crown and hard brim, the 5000 style caps are made to look like a baseball cap and it fits like that too. These hats are available in three different colors: red, green and blue. These caps look distinct with white polka dots on them.

6)      6000 Striped – Single Sided Stiff Brim Comfort Crown

These uniquely designed caps by Comeaux look beautiful as they are printed with assorted stripes. The 6000 style caps are made to cover the neck and ears of the welder. They are comfortable to wear as they are made from 100% cotton.

7)      7000 – Doo Rags

The doo rags fits well on the head of the welder and it also covers his neck and ears. The single-sided doo rag, surgeon’s cap, or scrub cap is printed on the custom pattern of Comeaux. The doo rags are tied to the back of the head and it has one size that fits most of the welders.

8)      7000SB – Sweat Band Doo Rags

These doo rags are similar to the ones of 7000 style but the only difference is the addition of sweat band to it. The head band is placed on top of the head and it has an elastic band that helps it to fit around the back of the head. The caps come in different types like the red bandannas, royal bandannas, comeauxflage and solid black.

9)      8000 – Skull Caps

The skull caps of 8000 style have no brim. These caps have custom prints that are designed by Comeaux. These caps are deep crowned to cover the head of the welder. It comes in different colors and assorted patterns.

For those who are seeking an alternative to Comeaux welding hats you can also select from Watson or Jackson welding helmets.  While their options, features and designs are different they all serve the same general purpose. Each manufacturer features their own hats and helmets, so it is all about personal preference when selecting the right one for you and your safety as a welder.

A welder should know and understand the risks that are involved with their hobby or profession, and for that reason it is important to take all precautions and always wear a hat and helmet when welding. Such small safety measures can make the difference between a safe project completed, or a serious injury to oneself or someone else around them.